How do you stay hydrated? Crystal Light Giveaway Post #1

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For the next few weeks, I’m participating in a campaign with BlogHer and Crystal Light and you’ll be hearing from me several times on staying hydrated in the summer.

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Here in the South, it’s really difficult sometimes to stay hydrated and cool in the summer.  So, how do we beat the heat and stay hydrated and fresh?

I do try to drink a lot of water, but then again, I get tired of water.  And I actually sometimes forget that I need to keep water handy all the time.  Anyone else?  Earlier this year, I made the decision to not keep a lot of soda at home.  As much as I love it, I know it’s not that great for me, so the Diet Dr. Pepper that I used to bring home is staying at the store now and I only drink them occasionally. {Yes, I sometimes miss them very much!}

So, what do we do for some low-calorie beverages in the summer?  I have turned to Crystal Light over and over during these hot summer months and have for years.  I have Raspberry Lemonade in my cupboard right now and it is one of my favorite beverages to serve up with ice and enjoy during the dog days of summer.

How about you? What are you drinking at home to beat the heat and stay hydrated?

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  1. Sweet tea all the way!

  2. Good old water! Cold. With ice or fresh out of the refrigerator in an old fashioned metal glass…makes everything colder.

  3. I’m a big water drinker myself, but we always have the classic Crystal Light lemonade on hand. I get tired of plain water all the time, too, so I like to have something else on hand to mix it up.

  4. I too have given up Soda and have switched to unsweetened Iced Tea.

  5. Mami2jcn says:

    I like Crystal Light iced tea to stay hydrated. I also enjoy Aquafina FlavorSplash Strawberry Kiwi.

  6. I drink a lot more water than usual!

  7. Crystal Light Peach Ice Tea…yum! Another favorite is McAllister’s Sweet Tea.

  8. I drink Crystal Light Wild Strawberry!

  9. Since I’m trying to drop a few pounds, I’ve had to leave my sweet tea alone. I’ve switched to water and when I just can’t take more water, I add a twist of lemon. Perfect.

  10. I love the Crystal light strawberry banana I always keep them and bottled water on hand!

  11. I love squeezing fresh lime or lemon into a glass w/ a bit of sugar or sweetener and top it off w/ club soda instead of water. Very refreshing!

  12. Crystal light and unsweetend tea. I am from the midwest so sorry about the un sweeten thing 🙂

  13. Plain ol’ H2O for me!

  14. Iced tea for me, not too sweet.

  15. I love the Crystal Light raspberry lemonade, as well. It is really good! I enjoy lemonade in the summer! And I also love iced tea, but I try not to drink it that much, since my favorite happens to be sweet tea. Thanks for hosting a wonderful giveaway. Love & blessings from NC!

  16. I love the Crystal Light Peach Tea mix. My cousin introduced me to it about a year ago. I love anything peachy.

  17. Strawberry, orange, banana! The kids love it!

  18. Marianne G says:

    Mostly ice water, but an occasional Mt. Dew hits the spot.

  19. Call me southern! Love me some tea! I start with it in the morning and finish up at bed.

  20. Summertime..summertime…nothing like sweet iced tea for us in the south!!! And for some refreshing changes I like the Crystal Light Peach tea. I LOVE sittin’ on the porch with a cold glass of iced tea and a good book to relax after a long day…although I will have to say, I don’t get to do that often enough!!

  21. Lorelei Mathews says:

    I am enjoying unsweet tea with Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade added.

  22. soda, too much soda…

  23. Rebekah says:

    As a Southern Girl, I love some sweet tea mixed with Lemonaid Crystal Light! Arnold P. knew how to make a good drink 😉

  24. We increase our water intake in the heat of summer and spend a lot of time at the rec pool or the lake.

  25. I do not buy pop in our house so water is pretty much what we always drink. I do buy the Crystal Light Peach Tea and we love it…in fact I have a pitcher of it in the fridge now!

  26. Andrea Watts says:


  27. My city has very tasty tap water. So I guzzle that down daily but mix it up with a little sweet tea and the flavored drinks that CL offers. Lemonade: the taste of summer.

  28. halloun charles says:

    My husband is a diabetic and crystal light quenches his sweet tooth.

  29. We’ve had an awesome spring and summer here in Alaska, so we’ve had some pretty warm weather. I’ve been drinking lots of water and in the evenings a gin and tonic or margarita has really hit the spot!

  30. I drink a lot of water, I also make a lot of iced tea including Crystal light’s ice tea blend. It’s a great way to hydrate and pick beverages that are low in sugar and calories!

  31. Deb Anderson says:

    Crystal Light Peach Tea! Love love LOVE it! I usually drink plenty of water anyway, but when I need a thirst quencher AND something cool and delicious, I reach for Crystal Light Peach Tea.

  32. Jill Davenport says:

    Lots of water, and also iced tea with splenda.

  33. I love Crystal Light, I drink their Iced Tea with lemon all the time, and have for years. Love their lemonade, too, for a change during the summer. It’s one of my stock-up items, I watch for coupons for it go on sale, then buy 6-10 packages at a time. I love the little packets to go in bottled water, too, I use that when I travel.

  34. I have a 24 oz tervis tumbler that I fill with water every time I leave the house. I try to drink the whole thing before i get home, no matter how many errands I have to run. The Crystal Light raspberry lemonade looks great, though, so I might jazz things up with that when the dog days hit!

  35. Jeanette Huston says:

    I stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. I carry a water bottle and I try to aviod really hot weather.

  36. water is my choice – always water – no ice – room temp!

  37. I like water best, but the kids love to add the crystal light packets to their water bottles.

  38. 216amyc says:

    I carry my water bottle with me at all times- or I at least have one stashed in the car. Eating lots of water filled fruits and veggies helps too!

  39. Lots and lots of water. I mix it up with a little crystla light or iced tea but the only thing that helps is water.

  40. Jennifer Reda says:

    plain water with a splash of lime does it for me!

  41. I try to keep lots of water in the frig in reusable bottles so the kids can have plenty of water while they play outside.

  42. I keep ice cold water in a pitcher on the kitchen counter, and have sliced lemons in it. Having it front and center makes it so readily available for all of us to stay hydrated all day long.

  43. Tina B. says:

    I’ve been drinking tap water and iced tea to stay hydrated!!!

  44. I will stay hydrated by keeping a filled water bottle with me at all times. Thanks for this giveaway.

  45. I drink water and iced tea

  46. I am drinking Crystal Light, the sunshine flavor, right now and I absolutely love it! Normally, I am a diet coke fanatic because I like the fizz but I have found that CL actually does a much better job at keeping you hydrated. It is 103 today in Florida so we definately have to be careful here not to get dehydrated. So to answer your question, Crystal Light is how I plan to stay hydrated this summer definately. TY for the giveaway!

  47. I try to drink mostly water, because it’s good for your body and skin, and keeps you hydrated. I do sip the occasional diet Coke with dinner, though. And when I want something both refreshing ~and~ tasty, I mix in some Skin Essentials Pomegranate Lemonade Crystal Light with my water. That’s my current favorite flavor.

  48. Johannah B says:

    I am drinking crystal light iced tea!

  49. I’m not a fan of plain water but I usually have a gallon pitcher in my refrigerator that has a 1/2 Crystal Light Iced Tea and 1/2 Crystal Light Lemonade mix…I usually put that into a water bottle to take to work with me in the morning.

  50. I use plain ol water although I hear Lemonade is supposed to be good for people who create kidney stones(and tea is a no no).


  51. jennifer horn says:

    We drink a lot of water, gatorade and sweet tea.

  52. Being from the South also, I grew up drinking sweet tea..My granny made THE best and I learned how to make it from her…These days though, I pretty much drink WATER all of the time..prefer lemon in it…..I think nothing can refresh you and quench your thirst the way good ‘ole H2O can lol

    thank you for the chance to win!


  53. We keep reusable bottles with us and drink packets around all the time to use drinking fountains when we’re out!

  54. I just drink a lot more plain old water, I do use a lot more ice in the summer

  55. eunice b says:

    we drink plenty of water!!! 🙂

    ~eunice b
    rsmile2u @dejazzd .com

  56. Having pitchers of iced tea and water with lemon on hand is our favorite way to keep hydrated. We also have reusable bottles for when we are on the go. In Arizona it is a must! 🙂 Thanks


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