How to Paint Diamonds on the Floor

The porch floor is done and I have officially moved my furniture out there as of Saturday.  You will have to wait a bit to see it all,  since I’m still spray painting things and getting it all accessorized, but I’m one happy girl!  In the meantime, I’m sharing how I painted diamonds on the floor.

I have long been a fan of painting diamonds on the floor and when 2 of my friends did it on their screened porches ages ago, I knew that I wanted it on mine too. In fact, I painted years ago the floor of my tiny porch at my old house here in GA.  That was my first screened porch and I’ve wanted one ever since.  Now I have an even bigger one, not huge, but certainly adequate.  My porch now is about 10 x 14 feet and plenty big enough for my needs.

I just love diamonds on the porch, it gives the feeling of spaciousness and whimsy and just makes a nice statement under rugs.  So, I took the time and effort to add diamonds to my new porch and boy, am I in love all over again!

painting diamonds on the floor

Here’s the finished product and I’m going to share how I did it!  It’s really not hard and you don’t have to be a math genius, because I’m certainly not that.  Math is not my strong suit, but with a little planning, you can get a great look with squares or diamonds or what ever you want to call them.

So, get ready and I’ll show you each step I took to paint my porch floor.


First, I took a cardboard box and cut it apart, making sure it was big enough. I wanted 18” squares, that’s a good size for my porch.  I took my dad’s square and made sure I got it square for my template.

18 inch cardboard template

18” square cardboard template.  It is not perfect around the edges, but you just want to draw a pencil line with this so it’s fine.  You could also get an 18” square piece of tile, but that is a lot bulkier and heavy to work with. I’ve also seen it recommended to snap chalk lines and intersect them for your diamonds, but I decided the template was better for me.  I did use a chalk line in my laundry room stripes project.

center of porch

I found the center point of my porch floor and marked it with pencil.

template on diagonal

Then I placed my template right on that mark with the mark in the center and turned the template on the diagonal.  I love diagonal squares, it just gives more movement and looks better.

pencil squares

I began tracing the first square with pencil marks, then moved the template out and kept marking until I had one corner of the porch all covered with pencil lines. As long as you keep lining up your sides and keep the corners fairly straight, you can just keep moving the template out and marking all the pencil lines.  That part comes together pretty fast.  Starting in the middle also keeps your squares pretty even all around the edges of the room.

taping with Frogtape


Then, I got my Frogtape and began taping off the long lines.  This part gets a little tricky so stay with me.

corner with Frogtape

I taped off all the straight lines and then went back and started on the diagonal lines.

Frogtape on floor

The tricky part is that you will cover some squares that you want to paint and you will have to move the tape to get to all the squares.

Frogtape in corner

All taped off and ready to paint.

Sherwin Williams Porch and Floor paint

I used the same paint I used in my laundry room, Sherwin Williams Porch and Floor paint. This color is a nice gray called Cityscape.  I had already done 2 coats of Sherwin Williams Alabaster on the floor earlier.  One tip too is to try to paint down in the cracks if you are painting an old deck floor. It does take a little more time, but looks more finished. Mine isn’t perfect but it’s pretty well covered in the cracks too.  I used a small foam roller and a small paint brush for this project.

one coat squares

I began by painting my middle square and working out from there, always mentally looking ahead and skipping white squares to the next gray square, every other square will be gray, working up and out.  Now this is the tricky part. You always need to tape outside the pencil line of the square you are going to be painting and when you start taping like this, you are not going to be able to paint every square.  I had to go back and fill in the edges of some squares that I had covered with tape. There’s no way to completely get around this part.  You could do one row at a time and then move over and tape and paint the next row after the first one has dried, but I was trying to cover more area at one time (as usual, I try to take shortcuts!). So, I skipped around and painted as many squares as I could with the tape I put down, going back and painting 2 coats (the first coat dries fast).  Once 2 coats were complete, I ripped up my tape, so that I could continue with the squares I had missed.

I would caution here to probably only do one row at a time with this method as it does make you go back and retape some squares to move things along faster.  I did make it all work even if I did have to go back and tape the edges of some of my squares in order to paint them.  Work in sections and get both coats painted before you rip up the tape.  It starts to dry fast so you can keep working a row at a time until you get one section done.

taped off

With an uneven floor like this, the boards are not completely flat and the cracks make it impossible to get the tape down completely flat and as great as Frogtape is, there is no way to avoid some bleeding and dripping in the cracks.   But, the Frogtape certainly saves a lot of time! I would highly recommend taping, it’s a lot easier to tape first, roll with a small roller and then go back and touch up your squares.

One Square painted

Here’s a square after the tape is removed.

corners smeared

You can see bleeding especially on the curved parts of the boards.  There is no way to avoid this part using a roller, which makes things go faster.

one corner painted

My first day of painting squares, I got this far, with 2 coats on each square.

small paintbrush

At the end of day 2, I took a small craft brush with my white paint and went back and touched up any areas that were really standing out.  Once you touch up with white, things look really good then. You can be as particular as you want at this point, touching up all over.  When you stand back and look at the finish, it will look fantastic and no one will see all those little imperfections.

diamonds on porch

And here’s the finished product!  I just absolutely  love it.  It was a few days work to get it all done, but well worth it.  Touching up all the diamonds was one of the most time consuming part, but it really looks great now.

finished porch floor

I’m so glad I took the time to do this project, it’s going to make a huge difference to the feel of the room.

painted diamonds on porch

And it’s a project that anyone can do! I promise, it’s not that hard at all. Just takes patience and time to finish.  Taping and using the foam roller is a big time saver too, so definitely do that if you are going to tackle this project.

What do you think?  Would this be something you would try yourself?  It’s a great bang for your buck project!

I’ll share the finished porch as soon as I can.  Still working on bits and pieces of it and I want to show it all done!  I’m absolutely loving it so far, this is like having a whole new room on the house.  We still have some finish trim to do on the stairs and outside the screens, but the screening is up and finished too.  I was waiting for that to be done to move my furniture on the porch.


Disclosure:  I’m a Brand Ambassador for Frogtape and am compensated to share my projects using FrogTape. All opinions and methods of using the product are all my own. 

- Rhoda


  1. Can’t wait to see the finish deal! I ‘ve been a fan of yours since the days of Great Impressions.

    Are you putting in a ceiling fan? If so ,what kind?

    • HI, Lan, thank you so much! Wow, GI has been awhile. No, my ceiling is too low for a ceiling fan. I may do one on a stand, but right now I’ve got a little tabletop fan and it’s fine for now.

  2. Hi Rhoda-
    I love the way your porch has turned out. It is so delightful. I know you will enjoy entertaining, relaxing and visiting out there!! I am going to pin this post to use the same technique for the craft room floor in the new house. It is so fantastic!! Thank you– Tracey

  3. You know how much I envy your porch, Rhoda! My next house MUST have a screened in porch. 🙂 I love everything you’ve done so far, and I’m sure I’ll love it even more when we see the whole thing. You’re amazing!

  4. It looks fabulous Rhoda. I was inspired by some striped wallpaper in a house I am going to feature soon. I decided I may paint some horizontal wide stripes in my entrance and hallway but wondering how on earth I can keep the tapes straight when running such long pieces down the hallway. Vertical stripes might be easier for me but I wanted to give the appearance of a longer hallway and thought it would be a little different.

    Lee 🙂

  5. Susan Hunter says

    WOW! Love it, very excited for the Big Reveal.

  6. Rhoda, I love this! Would love to do this on a porch floor one day…what a great look! Thanks for sharing how you did it…you made it look so easy!

  7. did a wonderful job and I so love the diamond pattern on the porch floor!!…Looks amazing…looking forward to you decorating your porch!

  8. It really does add a WOW factor!

  9. That is awesome – wish I had a porch floor to try that on … love it….

  10. Amanda bowers says

    How long did it take u to do this

    • HI, Amanda, I worked on it for a few days, a little at a time. I’d say around 6 to 8 hours total. You have to let it dry in between.

  11. Robyn Guinn says

    Thanks for the tutorial. I am in the process of doing this right now!! I am trying blue tape as I’m saving the frog tape for more precise painting like on a wall and not the floor. Is that bad? I love the frog!!


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