Installing New Door Knobs and Hinges

After we renovated this house, I realized just how bad the hinges and doorknobs were in this house.  They were antique brass, which I really didn’t mind, but the hinges had gotten primer on them while we were painting and so did the door knobs.  They just didn’t look fresh like the rest of the house did, so I decided to check around and see about changing them out.  My friend, Shannon, passed on an online store that she found cost effective in changing out door knobs, so I checked them out too and was pleasantly surprised to find that I could change out all my interior doorknobs and hinges for around $160.  Not bad!

I chose Antique Brass finish on them all, cause I really like the look and didn’t want oil rubbed bronze since my doors are so dark and they would blend right in.  Levers are also nice to have as we age to help with opening those doors.

New lever antique brass doorknobs

So, I’m going to share how I did it!  It’s really not hard, just takes a bit of time.

oil rubbed bronze

You can get a look here at the existing hinges.  Many had primer like this and some were rusted as well.

antique brass hinge

Here’s another look at the hinges.  It was going to be impossible to get all the primer off these hinges, not to mention the doorknobs didn’t all match either, I had a mix of antique brass with one shiny brass.  I really needed and wanted to start over and get all new lever doorknobs and might as well change out the hinges while I was at it.  New hinges are very cost effective.

new antique brass hinges

Here’s a look at the new hinges and I’ll share how easy they are to change out.  Make sure you get the same exact hinges that you already have on your doors.  These apparently don’t change over time, since I’m sure my doors original to this 1979 house and some of the standard hinges they sell now are still this same size with 6 screws.  At first, I thought I might have to take the doors off to change out the hinges, but no, you don’t.  My friend, Jill, shared how she had changed out her hinges and you just do it one at a time and nothing will come crashing down.  Unscrew the old hinges and then place the new one right back in the same slot and screw it all back in.  You will definitely want to have a cordless drill for this, that makes it so much faster.  It took me the better part of a day to change out all of my hinges and doorknobs, but well worth the effort.

lever knobs

When you get your new doorknobs they will come with all the screws and plates you’ll need, including the strike plate, which is that piece that goes on the door facing to catch the latch on the doorknob.  Hinges are sold separately, so count up your doors (x3) and order your hinges accordingly.

take off old doorknob

I went around the house and one by one changed out all my hinges and then tackled the doorknobs.  Take out the screws on the old doorknobs and they will slide out of the hole.

door part

Place back in the new plate  on the edge of the door and screw that in with 2 screws provided.

Here’s a tip for you:  Make sure you point the rounded edge of the little latch towards the strikeplate on the other door facing.  You’ll find out (as I did) that if you put it in opposite, the flat part will not catch the door.  The rounded part has to be pointed towards the other door frame and then it will catch on the strikeplace and hold the door closed.  Make sense?  It will when you try it.

Also, there were a couple of doors that I had to move the strikeplate up or down slightly so that they would catch correctly.  One I even had to slightly chisel out a little more wood to make it catch.  So, just be aware that even though the parts are exactly the same size as the old, you may need to adjust a little to make it all work.  But, I got all of mine working perfectly.

lever door knobs

Once that face place goes in, then it’s time to put on the levers.

one side

Place the locked side in (if you are working with a lock) and place the non-locking side of the lever outside the door.

both sides

They will lock together and then you simply screw the 2 screws back in place and the door lever will be set.

Also, another tip on left handed levers vs. right handed.  They can be switched really easy, since there is an Allen wrench included with every lever.  I pointed the levers down (kept trying to figure out the right direction, but it was pictured down in the drawing), so if you have a door that swings the other way and you need to change the lever direction, all you do is unscrew a tiny screw in the round part with the Allen wrench, slip off the lever and turn it over and insert the screw again.  Easy, after I finally got that part figured out.  The drawing didn’t mention that part.

old strikeplate

Changing out the strikeplate is simple too.  Take the old ones out and insert the new one.

new strikeplate

Like this!  Make sure the door latch catches properly and then you are done.

installed lever

I was so happy to get this little job out of the way and my new antique brass door levers look so fresh now.  This might not be a new house, but I’m making it look as good as it can.

I purchased my new door levers and hinges online at  EBuilder Direct.  They have no clue I’m blogging about them, but I’ll give them a shout out because I liked the price of their products compared to the big box stores.  New door levers would have cost twice this at the other stores.  These antique brass levers are the ones I ordered  ($160 for all, but I only had 9 interior knobs to change) and I couldn’t be happier with the quality and price of all of these products.

Just wanted to share how easy it is to change out old hinges and door knobs.  If you’ve got some less than desirable doorknobs and hinges, you can change them out for not a lot of effort.   Someone asked to see a pic of the hallway, so I’m adding it above.  It was hard to get all the levers to show up, so I showed 3 of the doors off the hall.

I’m so happy to have this one done!

- Rhoda


  1. Thanks for sharing Rhoda! Changing door knobs is something I’d love to do, but it has always spooked me. You make it look so easy! The news ones are gorgeous as well. x Julie

  2. Great timing – I’m looking to change out all the door knobs, hinges, etc. in the house (mine are original to this early 70’s house as well – ick). I have all the hinges, knobs, and pulls for the cabinets but was hoping to find good prices for the doors. Thanks for the link – they ARE priced far below anything else I found.

  3. Great job! I spray painted my ugly builder brass knobs black. They have held up really well but I knew it was only a temporary fix. I also spayed the hinges taking them off one at a time. Looking at the prices on the website where you got yours, I am going to now order my new ones. Best prices I’ve seen! Thank you!

  4. Same here ! I have wanted to change out all my ‘builders’ fake brass”‘ knobs and hinges but was afraid I couldn’t do it. You are a mine of information, and an inspiration !! I’m going to do it now !

  5. Wow, I’m surprised they cost so little. We changed out our exterior door knobs as soon as we moved in, always a good idea since you don’t know who has keys to your home! I’ve been wanting to change out the rest, but haven’t yet. Thanks for the resource, will definitely be checking them out!

  6. Wow! What a difference a little thing like that can make. And I just counted my doors, only six regular doors in this house. Yah!

    Thanks for the post, good job!

  7. Thank you for posting the link to eBuilderDirect! I have been switching my door hardware out to ORB one piece at a time, because they are $30 at the local big box store. They are HALF that on eBuilderDirect! Now I can order everything I need to complete the job. It’s amazing how a little money spent on small details like this can make a house feel fresh and new! Yours look beautiful!

  8. Thanks for the post! I have been meaning to switch out door knobs and hinges, but I have been afraid to. I need new door hardware, since my fron door’s handle is a cheap brass, while the accents on my door (door knocker, etc.) are black. Also, in my home’s master bathroom, the builder installed gold hinges, but silver knobs! What a mess.

  9. They look great! Thanks for the link! I just told DH that I want to change out all the hardware on our interior doors…he said, “We could do that.” I said, “No really, we are.” LOL

  10. Barbara (WA) says:

    Goodness, I had no idea – thought this job would be too hard! Now I am itching to change out all the old shiny brass hardware.

  11. Me too! In the process of changing out all my knobs. Well, actually, it’s been a 2 yr long process for me, lol. Two years ago, when I had other construction done in my house, I had them change out all the decades-old-cruddy-fake-brass hinges to oil rubbed bronze. This was in preparation for the ORB knobs I knew I would get eventually. Well, I have been totally withOUT knobs for two whole years (!!) but “eventually” is finally here! I installed my first knob recently and was amazed at how easy it is. Good job with the hinges and knobs, Rhoda…all those little things really do make a difference!

  12. If you carried a little pot of paint as you switched these out, you could touch-up under the edges of the new parts and the doors would look brand-new. A little OCD, I know, but it’s the tiniest details that really “make” a project!

  13. I have go to say….I think your BLOG is my favorite…I know its the one I look for first every day….This past year has been so much fun and inspiring watching you buy your “new” home and remodeling it…I, too, bought a fixer upper 6 years ago and did most of the same things you have done to yours…I love the whole process of imagining a new space and bringing it to life…I love your home, pics, advice, etc. I also recently shared your BLOG with a girlfriend of mine that wants to re-do her kitchen… we happened to be at IKEA so I told her about you and she has been checking out your kitchen re-do….IKEA will now get another great sale because of your BLOG. Merry Christmas Rhoda!!! The Lord bless you….

  14. Pretty pretty! I love how new hardware can really make such a statement. It’s seriously one of my favorite things in our house – so subtle, but so pretty. I like the new, polished silver ones and then the dark brass ones. They look great against tan walls.

  15. Great tutorial, although I would love to see a long shot showing the installed hardware in the hallway. I’m sure the effect is amazing. One caveat, however…I might retain the original screws as the new screws are very cheap these days. Not so important on the door knobs, but if holding up a heavy door it could make all the difference. Ask me how I knowl
    I’ve run into this repeatedly on drawer hardware and even my old refrigerator hinges. The imports do not hold up to hard use and will often shear off. I almost lost my foot when my fridge door flew off! Better to buy stainless replacements. Your doors appear to be hollow core so it probably isn’t an issue.
    Your holiday decor is the best…reminds me of the effort my mom used to go through. Charming. CTD

  16. Hi Rhoda, Thanks for sharing! We have shiny brass door knobs and half of them don’t even work. I’m thinking they are sub-builder’s grade…is there such a thing? LOL


  17. They look great. Levers are not just for the old. Great for opening with your elbow when you have a kid or bags in hand. I’m older but still have the kids and the book bags.

  18. We are definitely on the same wave length but your wave is shared with many. I know that your creativity and fine tuning makes your house a home and is an inspiration to others.

  19. Just a funny aside. . .I had the same kind of lever door knobs installed in my home. Didn’t take long until both of my dogs figured out how to open the door. . . .

  20. They look very nice. I probably would have taken the door off to do the hinges, so thank you for that information.

  21. Rhoda, thank you for sharing. I’ve got a slew of doorknobs that all match and are shiny brass that I want to change out and I just didn’t feel like priming and painting myself. I will definitely be buying some knobs from EBuilder. Wishing you a Merry Christmas. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  22. Your home is looking great! Taking care of things like old door knobs, switch plates, etc., can make a huge difference. Those little details are the sprinkles on the icing on the cake!

  23. Very helpful! Thank you!

  24. Thank you very much for the blog post, Rhoda! We appreciate your business and good word!

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