Introducing My Paint Saint

Do you ever watch that show, Shark Tank?  Love it!  Don’t you see some of the ideas on that show and smack yourself and say, “why didn’t I think of that?”

These entrepreneurs/inventors come on the show and try to talk 5 millionaires into investing in their fabulous ideas, so that they can get their brilliant products in consumer’s hands.  Getting products off the ground is not an easy task and there are a lot of brilliant ideas that don’t make it.  Today, I’m showing you one that is trying to get off the ground and I do think it’s a pretty great idea.

I’m joining some other bloggers who are on the bHome app with me and we’ve all agreed to share this innovative product in a Kickstarter campaign, My Paint Saint.  It’s not really cheap, but it’s a great idea.  Think about your main colors of paint you have around your house.  I came up with 3 that I could use these for.

My Paint Saint is a canister that allows you to store away touch-up paint with a screw on lid with a built-in paint brush attached. Doesn’t that sound pretty neat?  Inventor Mark Lacy calls it “a 21st century solution to an age old problem”.  

my paint saint

These neat little canisters can be filled with your extra paint, labeled with a Sharpie and you are good to go on all the touch-up painting around your house.

my paint saint 5

See the built-in brush and the screw top lid?  That keeps the paint protected and the brush wet, so you shouldn’t have to wash out the brush ever.

my paint saint 3

I pulled out my top 3 paint colors around my house:  My main color, Moderate White;  Trim color, Pure White; and the Porch paint, Alabaster.

my paint saint 4

One by one I filled them up to the fill line and screwed the cap back on tightly to seal the paint and brush.

my paint saint 6

This, this is why we need a better solution.  Do you have a lot of these nasty looking paint cans sitting around?  I have way too many and they end up looking like this after a few years of neglect and sitting on a shelf.  It’s really not a great way to leave paint that you’re going to use again.

my paint saint 7

I stirred up all the paint well and then transferred paint into My Paint Saint and now they are ready to use.

my paint saint 2

Get a Sharpie to label them so you know what you’re grabbing.  I didn’t have a Sharpie handy and mine smeared, so heads up on that.

This is called a Kickstarter campaign and here is how it works.

This is a brand new prototype product that hasn’t come to the market yet.  The inventor, Mark Lacy, is trying to raise $20,000 so that he can get these produced and out to the public.  That’s where we come in, we are helping him to spread the word.  I’m not getting paid to share this, but we all thought it was a really neat idea, so I like to see people succeed at something they are passionate about and I think Mark is that guy. You can read his story over on the My Paint Saint campaign page.  Scroll down to see it all.   If he raises $20,000, then these will be produced, if he doesn’t then no one is charged anything and nothing is lost. If you like the product, be sure and scroll all the way down the page and read how the product fits together and why it doesn’t get dried out over time.

It’s a great idea and I am excited to have 3 of these on my shelf to use at my house. I’ve got quite a bit of touch-up painting inside my house that I’ve ignored for 3 years. This will definitely make it easier for me to get that chore done.  Now I don’t have to open that nasty paint can every time I want to touch-up a spot.

If you’re inclined to support this Kickstarter campaign, all the details are over there on the above page.  Here is the breakdown of purchase prices/packages.  Now, at first glance it might not sound that cheap, but imagine the time it will save you over the long run.

1 MPS $20 including US shipping

2 MPS $35 including US shipping

3 MPS $50 including US shipping

4 MPS $65 includes US shipping

Credit cards will be accepted, but no Paypal and shipping will be in November, if the Kickstarter is successful and $20,000 is raised.

We have a special offer for you, if you purchase MPS from 7/1 – 7/6 and come back here & leave me a comment that you did, you will receive 10% cash back & delivery in October! So a can that costs $20 now will only cost $18 & you will get it a month earlier than everyone else. This offer is limited in quantity & duration so get over to the MPS page ( link to KS page ) now & get one, or better yet, a set for yourself! Then pop back over & tell me your name & that you bought MPS. When your MPS arrives open it up to find your discount inside.

Just like Shark Tank success stories, My Paint Saint just may be landing on the shelves of your favorite home improvement store one day soon!  I wish Mark Lacy much success with his product.

At least go and check it out and see what you think!

Update:  Here’s the Amazon link to My Paint Saint

Note: This is a sponsored post by My Paint Saint.

- Rhoda


  1. Rhoda~
    What a great idea, I just threw out about 10 large old, rusty cans of paint. No way to save any colors. I love Shark Tank, on so many levels. Good Luck Mark!

  2. I am so excited about this! Ordered two yesterday. Best idea I’ve seen in awhile! 🙂

  3. Nancy from RI says

    Shark Tank is one of my favorite shows on TV.

  4. Simon Kutz says

    No offense intended, but I do think that the pricing is a little high (as you alluded to as well). There is a decorative effect that looks very clean, but I don’t tend to store or display my paint cans in such a way that that would justify that price. This also means paying for a brush that is dedicated to be stored alongside one single paint potentially for years without getting any use.

    A cheaper alternative is to use Folgers plastic cans with a screw lid. If you drink coffee, this is a good option. The paint is sealed and stays wet for a very long time. You are also upcycling a container that would otherwise get recycled. An added benefit is that the Folgers cans have a grip, which helps when having to hold the can up.

    Since you mentioned Shark Tank, I’ll mention a product that made it big after being on that show (and being bought into by Lori) called the Paint Brush Cover ( The price is much lower than the product you mentioned and has received good reviews. Personally, properly and often cleaning a good paint brush and using it for multiple paints provides the most value to me, but this is a good option.

    • Simon, I’ve heard about the paint brush cover and think that is a neat idea as well. I wrap my brushes with plastic wrap when I’m in the middle of a painting project, so this is a good invention.

    • Simon Kutz says

      Hi Rhoda,

      That’s what I do, too. I put brushes and rollers in Zip Lock bags or equivalent while still in the middle of a project. Anything to save brushes and paint is better than nothing. =]

  5. Recently my husband and I painted the entire inside of our home. Lately, I’ve been re-opening paint cans to do touch-ups by pouring some paint in an old coffee can and then cleaning the brush. “My Paint Saint” is a great idea. I especially like the attached brush. If the idea catches on (which I’m sure it will) each paint company can have these available along with cans of paint.

  6. I forgot to say that I wrap up my brushes with wet paper towels when I have o stop a while for lunch, etc. I usually lay it in the kitchen sink. Works great.

  7. I love MY PAINT SAINT. I’m now looking for areas that need touch up just to use it!
    You have chosen great paint colors for your home, Rhoda!

  8. Janet St. says

    I love an entrepreneurial spirit but I think they missed the mark with this product. The container with brush is too bulky to store. I prefer the idea of touch up paint kept in small (stackable) containers with disposable foam brushes stored nearby. Unless I’m missing something, for $20.00 I am saved having to unscrew a jar and dip a brush. I paint all the time and the value here isn’t obvious to me.

    • I’m with you on this one. When I finish a paint job, I pour some of the paint into jars I save for this and I also have a pile of foam brushes for quick touch ups. I’m recycyling old jars and saving space. I also print out the label for the room and date on my label maker….
      Money saved!

  9. Peggy Ann says

    Hey Rhoda, I would love a version of this for hair color touch ups! You could leave the salon with a jar of premixed color so you could touch up those greys that peek out between color appointments!

  10. sylvia clark says

    Rhoda, I just ordered four. I think it is a fantastic idea, and I am trusting that it will be a reality. Thank you so much for sharing this great idea. I am tired of yucky paint cans!!!!!

  11. I too think this is a little pricey. I recycle pint and quart glass jars and seal with canning lids to store extra paint. Just label the lids. Saves on storage space and the glass jars allow you to tell when the paint is mixed thoroughly before opening. Inexpensive foam brushes work great for touch ups without leaving brush marks and can be rinsed and reused.

  12. Janet St. says

    A tip I think is worth mentioning is this …

    When you purchase your gallon of paint ask the paint dept. clerk to print out a second sticker (the same as the sticker adhered to the lid of the paint can) so that you have the color “recipe” label to attach to your touch-up paint container in case you ever need to order more paint.

  13. Thanks for the great post Rhoda! I love My Paint Saint – the ease of use, the convenience & ’cause it enables me to keep my house looking its best without the hassle. No dragging out cans, prying them open, stirring the paint, hoping it hasn’t oxidized ( changed color ) then finding or buying a brush & then CLEANING IT ALL UP for a bity mark on the wall!
    I bought 6 more for our new house!

  14. Thanks for the great post Rhoda! I am still amazed at how professional this team of bloggers writes about MPS and explains how to use it. I am flattered by all the positive comments about my “second child” LOL Thanks for this and the pic on marble slab is beautiful!


    Mark Lacy
    My Paint Saint

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