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hile I’m on a little break and suffering at the beach 🙂 I decided instead of leaving my blog all empty and alone, I’d invite a few blog friends over to share some of their wisdom and projects.  I’ve met SO many wonderful bloggers out there in the last 2 and 1/2 years and these ladies are just a sample of the talent and creativity that is out in the blogosphere.  So get ready to be inspired this week.  You’ll hardly miss me! 🙂

First up, welcome Joy, from Joys of Home, as she shares with us a little about her decorating philosophy, one that I adhere to myself.  Don’t wait until everything is just perfect to begin decorating your home and personalizing it for your family.

Get started now, it’s a journey and half the fun is in the process of that journey.  Welcome Joy….

Rhoda, I adore you and your blog! I truly appreciate this opportunity to do a guest post. Thank you!

What if you could have the HOUSE OF YOUR DREAMS in the home you’re living in.  How would it look?

Most of us have a list of things we’d like to do to improve our home. But, do you find yourself saying “If only…”

If only I had hardwood floors, then I would be happy with my home.

If only my appliances were new stainless steel, then I’d have my dream kitchen.

If only our furniture came from a high end furniture store instead of a thrift store and hand-me-downs, then I’d love to entertain.

If only my walls weren’t decorated with children’s hand prints and the floor with toys, then I could fill my home with beautiful things.

If only we had enough money to make home improvements, then. . .

The problem with the “If onlys” is that you choose to delay your happiness and miss out on JOY you could be having right now.  I think that every day we should do a little something to find the JOYS of our home. That’s my goal. Let me illustrate with photos of my own home.


Our main bathroom looks picture perfect. It’s not! The tile floor has cracks, the top drawer falls out if you pull it too far. The cabinets are low end wood laminate and the sinks have rust stains that cannot be removed.
I could have chosen to live with the “If only’s.” Instead, I painted the cabinets, replaced the hardware, and stocked the linen closet with fluffy white towels.


The flooring in our home was not pretty, at all. If I lived in “If only” land, I would not have torn out the ugly carpet and tile, painted the subflooring and personalized our stairs. Would I love to have beautiful hardwood? Of course! But look at the creative opportunities that I would have missed.


The kitchen has the same cheap cabinetry as the bathroom and the appliances are white. It had the ubiquitous U-shape of the 1970’s until we decided to tear it apart and make improvements on a budget of a thousand dollars. The “If only” attitude would have robbed us of wonderful memories of working together and of preparing our turkey on top of the washing machine because hubby was installing the sink on Thanksgiving morning.


Our beautiful fireplace is still not finished. It’s missing the surround on the firebox. No one notices because I painted the whole thing black and loaded it with pretty candles. Would I love to have a finished gas burning fireplace? YES, but I can enjoy it this way until our finances allow us to finish it.

With an “If only” attitude I would never have discovered the depth of my creativity. I would not have had the opportunity to help others design their homes, and I certainly would never have started to blog.

Don’t let the thief “If only” rob you from the JOYS of home that are at your finger tips. Please stop living with the “If onlys”and do what you can, with what you have, to find the JOY in your home.

Thank you, Joy!  If you’ve never visited Joy’s blog, go on over and take a look at all of her projects and you’ll be inspired too!

- Rhoda


  1. Rhoda -NO thrifty Treasures today??

  2. Fabulous guest post!!!! 🙂

  3. I really needed to hear all of that. I “if only” way too much instead of appreciating the ” what I have”. Thanks… great guest!

  4. Great guest post! How true! I say “if only” a lot!

    Can’t wait to check out Joy’s blog!


  5. Great inspiration for us dwellers of old houses..LOL
    I love the two topiary trees over the mantle..did you create them yourself?

  6. Are you adding thrifty treasures? I so agree with this post! Not having everything you want forces you to be creative! Sure it might be nice to have it all done and top end everything. On the other hand, the joy is in the process and finding a great treasure or two at a bargain price! Cindy

  7. Awesome Guest Post, and soo true!

  8. What a delightful post Joy! We should never let the “if only’s” get in our way. I always LOVE visiting Joy’s blog and seeing her delightful home.

  9. No matter who posts you will be missed but I hope you’re having a fabulous time!

    I totally agree with Joy’s philosophy! I find that living frugally challenges my creativity in so many ways…from decorating to shopping to cooking and beyond.

    Great post Joy!

    I believe Rhoda said last week that Thrifty Treasues would be suspended until she got back?


  10. A great and very timely guest post! I have really been working on curing my ‘if onlys’. I am finding that each little thing we do, each day I relax and enjoy our home, makes me feel so much better.

  11. Now that is just darned inspiring! Thanks to you both!

  12. If only i had known! I love this post! Great post and attitude from the Joys of Home! She is a fav now!

  13. Great guest post, Joy! Even with my house on the market right now, I’ve been saying, “When I get into a new house” not “if only”. I’m planning things and they are not things that will cost a lot or that I’ll have to hire someone to do. So “when” I move, I have plans and it will just be a matter of which room do I tackle first.

  14. This was a great post and very inspirational. A house is never perfect. We are determined to enjoy our home as best we can and make the necessary changes and updates as we go along. Thanks for reminding us to enjoy and to know it will never be “perfect”!

  15. Great guest post! Thanks for sharing.

  16. enjoyed the post and the photos

  17. Great post. It’s so true. I have lived in “If Only” land for too long! It’s time to get on with it. Thanks!

  18. Loved “Joys of Home!” Everything she said was so inspiring and it was something that I myself needed to hear!
    Thank You!

  19. Thanks for sharing. I have been stuck in the “if only” phase lately. I spend so much time working on projects for clients or my shop and I’ve been looking around at my own house…down about not having the money or the time to make it exaclty like I want it to be. Thanks for the encouragement to find joy in what I have. 🙂

  20. Thank-you for inviting Joy to be a guest host, I’m pretty sure she was talking straight to me. . .It’s sort of the glass is either half full or half emtpty, which ever YOU decide it will be! I will try and look at my older home and yard a little differently now!

  21. This is inspirational, as well as practical. It really encourages us to have an attitude of grattitude, do the best with what we have, and live! Thanks! Linda

  22. This is a fantastic post. You lovingly gave us very important advice and used pics to back it up. LOVE IT!

  23. Enjoy the beach! Loved the guest post.

  24. you have no idea how I needed to hear that today…………..
    thank you……… I just have to remember it and keep tell myself not to miss the joy in my quest for the “perfect” house
    when our home is all I need

  25. What beautiful photos. I love those numbered stairs. Nice to “meet” you Joy!

    Rhoda – have a fabulous week you lucky girl!

  26. GREAT decor in all rooms!

  27. Thanks Joy! Love your attitude! It’s so important to make the best of what you have even if it’s not your “ideal”. And I think you’re right that it makes us more creative too!

  28. Thanks Joy! Love your attitude! It’s so important to make the best of what you have even if it’s not your “ideal”. And I think you’re right that it makes us more creative too!
    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

  29. Hi Rhoda!
    This was such a thrill to be invited to host while you’re away! I hope you’re not suffering too much while relaxing on the beach. Enjoy your time away!
    I’ve loved meeting all of your friends/readers. Thanks again for the opportunity!

  30. I loved this guest post. Inspiring to enjoy my house as it is. Thanks so much.

  31. Excellent reminder to enjoy the here and now–no matter what it looks like! Trite, but true: Life is too short to put joy on hold. (By the way, I love the mantle and the vignette on top.)

  32. Fabulous post and I follow Joy’s philosophy. We are renting our house but that doesn’t stop me in my attempt to make it our home!
    Happy Monday all.

  33. Oh yes, I find I if only a lot. I was just doing a lot of that this morning and had to giggle when you were talking about hard wood floors, I if only my floors a whole lot.

    Im going to have to work on that

  34. Hope you’re enjoying your week off!! We will see you when you get back! 🙂

  35. Love this post Joy! You are such an inspiration!

  36. Lady Hawthorne at Canterbury Cottage recommended your blog and I am so glad she did. I lived in the South for 26 years before returning to Maine this past May. Your ideas and those of your guest blogger are a breath of fresh air scented with dogwood and magnolia. I am an avid decorator on a shoestring and I appreciate your philosophy. Keep up the good work y’all. (I can still say that because I live in Southern Maine)

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