Kitchen Vignettes: Lime and Red


I’m so excited to be hosting the Vignette Party of 2010 with my girlfriends and fellow bloggers.  This is the 2nd party of the series and I’m happy you stopped by.  Vignettes are such a fun way to share your Holiday cheer and a great way to let your personality shine!

I’m definitely a vignette girl. Love putting pretty things together on a table, sideboard, sofa table, or really any flat surface is fair game for a vignette to be born.

My Christmas fun continues into the kitchen where once again, lime green and red rule the room. I’ve had fun over the last couple of years adding some pretty sparklies in these fun colors to the little tree in here. Lime green and red are a perfect combo this time of year.  As usual, I’m more is more when it comes to adding some sparkle and cheer for Christmas.

We’ve had some dreary weather this week, so it’s a challenge to come up with great lighting and get all the colors just right.  My olive green walls are a good backdrop to the lime and red.This little tree makes me so happy every time I put it up!  There are more and more things out there in lime green for Christmas.Yep, this makes me very happy to look at every morning. I assembled these Christmas mugs with pretty green napkins (yardsale finds, of course) and they will be handy for coffee or hot chocolate during the season. Hope, one of my favorite words to remember, especially this time of year.  I added some pretty red balls to one of my white yardsale bowls.  This is one of the easiest ways to bring in a little sparkle to any room.  Just pile those pretty balls up in a big bowl.  Found those glittery green birds in the after Christmas sales last year.Cute Santa salt and pepper shakers came from a gift exchange last year and look great with my motif. I piled on plenty of sparkly picks to the top of the tree for that WOW factor.   I happen to love a little WOW, don’t you?Some oversized balls for the black shelf.And a little red tulle ribbon and hanging ornaments on the lantern fixture add just enough bling over the breakfast table.And remember, you definitely don’t want to pout this time of year! 🙂 Another find after Christmas last year.Red bottlebrush trees on the corner cabinet. And there you have it, Christmas in the breakfast nook this year.One more of the tree all lit up at night.  There’s nothing  prettier than a house lit up by Christmas lights, is there?

Over the sink on the little shelf, Joyful Tidings are fun to look at every morning over coffee.  I’ve had so much fun with this little shelf, a perfect display spot for so many things. These colors are so happy and cheerful.

Those are faux paperwhites I found last year at a neat floral store here in Birmingham.  They look so real sitting in faux cranberries.Hello skinny Santa! He’s also a yardsale find that I couldn’t pass up sometime last May.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  It’s your turn to sign up for the vignette party, so just add your link and let’s get this party rolling!  If this is your first time by here, please look around.  I have a lot of fun projects and lots of things that might inspire you too!

Please be a pal and link back to the party, so that all of your friends can join up too, as well as get inspired by all the festiveness that will surely be shared here!  I’ve given up on being the Linky police, but it sure is nice when everyone is courteous and links back to the parties they join up with.  Thanks in advance!

If you haven’t already signed up, don’t miss out on the V-8 V-Fusion $100 giftcard giveaway which ends soon.

- Rhoda


  1. Oh wow, Rhoda! I love the fun in these vignettes! I’m still decorating so I shared some of my past ones. I appreciate y’all doing these linky parties to provide inspiration. Thanks for hosting!

  2. I love lime green and red together. Your Christmas vignette is wonderful!

  3. you do have the WOW factor!

    the red is wonderful BUT that shade of green is the best!!! love it.
    your little quotes & words displayed here & there make it so fun.

    thanks for having us over!

  4. Hey Rhoda! Love the red and lime green together, so festive! I was so excited to be number two on your linky party..woo hoo! 🙂 I agree with you totally, a house lit up for Christmas is the best…just can’t get any better!
    Hope you have a great “rest of the week” and I’ll see ya on twitter!
    My Cottage Charm

  5. Very pretty! I love the green, red and white color scheme. Everything is so festive and fun too!

  6. Wow! I want to come over for some hot cocoa. What a whimsical, fun, happy place….you’re so right, that red and lime green look awesome against the olive walls!

    And that shelf….totally great spot to froufify each season 🙂 Thanks for hosting this shin-dig, and I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with 🙂

  7. Yowsa!!! I didn’t know what I was expecting (I knew it would be great!), but this really wowed me. Loving the lime green too. You’re awesome! Can’t wait to see everyone else’s links also!

  8. These are two of my favorite colors for Christmas lately! I started with lime and red years ago on the wreaths on our home with ribbons. I think its so whimsical and fun, and just a little different ; ) Beautiful decor!! Thanks so much for sharing, I need to get my photos in!

  9. Rhoda, I just love all of your decorations! The colors are stunning.
    Your home is gorgeous. You sure can put together a vignette!
    Thanks for hosting this party! I’m a new follower, will be keeping up.
    Becky C

  10. I also hang ornaments on our chandelier. Your vignette looks so festive and fun!

  11. Your kitchen vignette is adorable. I love the pretty china and all your colors. Everything you’ve done looks so sweet! Oh, and I love what you’ve done with the over the sink shelf as well! The little kitchen tree is so cute. I always have a “frog” tree in my kitchen but I’m letting my daughter and grandson use it this year. I’m going to miss it.

  12. Love the lime! My favorite picture is of the lantern with the heart ornaments… looks like it’s straight out of a magazine!

  13. Thanks for hosting!! I love your red and lime green colors – so fun for Christmas!

  14. Love the color combination! Great job – Everything is SO pretty!
    I have seen a lot of the lime green used this year.
    Thanks for hosting – You are appreciated.

  15. I love it! Everything looks so pretty!!

  16. I just love how you girls all coordinated these parties together this year. So creative and fun!

    I’m with you–LOVE the lime green and red. Such a fresh take on Christmas decor. This makes me want to re-think what I’ve got going on in my kitchen (I’ve got the darker greens this time of year).

    Thanks for hosting this fab party, Rhoda! 🙂

  17. Rhoda,

    This is the third year that I have used lime and red in our main living area and I’m still in love with it too. I love all of yours. Using the zebra print under it makes it even prettier.
    I’m lovin’ this 4 part progressive party. Great idea.

  18. Beautiful! You have so many fun items to look at… I love the skinny Santa, too! Thanks so much for hosting.

  19. Very festive, Rhoda. Thanks for hosting.

  20. Wow! It’s all so festive! The one element I love the most is how you have freshened the look of your classic pieces with the lime and red. It makes me realize that Spode can look modern and fresh again! Thank you so much for hosting – I can’t wait to see all of the great displays!
    xo, Andrea

  21. Rhoda, This look is just clean, fresh, and contemporary and I love it! It’s cute without being kitschy- is that a word? Using your b/w zebra print table runner is such a good counterpoint, too. How fun, fun, fun! And yes, ya gotta love that you thrifted some of it! 🙂
    ~ Sue

  22. Hi Rhoda-
    What a pleasant way to wake up each morning – to greet all the holiday cheer. I love the little tree, it would make me smile, too. I haven’t gotten anything done in my house except the mantel so far. You have gotten me inspired to get myself into full Christmas dec mode now. I will be linking hopefully sooner than later.
    My best- Diane

  23. Hi Rhoda…your post was so very inspiring. I need to get a move on it. I posted some snippets of vignettes, hope that is OK, I am a little behind in the decorating this year. I enjoy your blog and your ideas. I do not believe you have ever been over to my blog. Although I joined your thrift party many times and enjoyed that as well. Happy Holidays! Thanks for hosting.

  24. Hi Rhoda…
    Love, love, love your Christmas decor! The lime green is sooo much fun paired with the red. Your tree is adorable! And I love that the mugs are so handy for hot chocolate and cider this holiday season! Merry Christmas to you!

  25. Hi Rhoda,
    I love the lime and red combo. I would LOVE to use that combination somewhere…but if I bring home anymore Christmas decor I may get shot…LOL.
    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. Just to let you know the white bottlebrush trees used to be green. I was tired of trying to find the white ones, instead I bought a 21 pieces pack from KMart for $12.99 and threw them in bleach for half an hour. Tada!!! I had my white trees. Thanks for hosting this GREAT party.

  26. Thanks for a smashing good party! 🙂 What a lovely vignette…I love the hanging ornaments!

  27. Wow… so many gorgeous vignettes! I love the little shelf over the sink. So cute! Thank you for hosting this fantastic party!

  28. Rhoda, your kitchen has put a smile on my face!!! Your lime and red are favorites of mine. It just looks like a fun place to hang out. I know it would be loads of fun hanging out with YOU, Merry Christmas sweet friend, Kathysue

  29. Your house is so beautiful! You are most certainly the queen of vignette’s! Thank you so much for hosting!

  30. Oh my, love love love this! Just eye candy!!

  31. I am so happy to have found your blog due to the link up! So much inspiration to be found. Thanks so much for hosting!


  32. Love, love, love the lime green and red. I think my favorite is the joyful tidings vignette–what a great reminder everyday! I’m working my way through the other vignette party posters and hopefully will get motivated to get decorating!

  33. Your home looks LOVELY!! I think you have the magic touch in decorating Rhoda! It will be nice when my daughter is a tad bit older and I can think about decorating without “what will break and what will she grab!”

    Thanks for hosting!

  34. Hello Rhonda…visiting your fabulous party via Layla. Although I know Ive visited your blog before on my own. I have to tell you that your red/lime displays are adorable….I love those colors. Your displays are out of the box and filled with surprises. I too love the “its never too much” theory. Wonderful job! I posted a few vignettes of my own, still working on some things for future posts. Happy Holidays!!

  35. Wow Rhoda! You never disappoint. I LOVE your more is more approach. You have a style that simply cannot be matched. 🙂

    I’m so with you on that wonderful tabletop tree. That thing is sweet!

    Sorry I have nothing to link up. Yet. 🙂 It’s still a little early in the season for me. I’ll come play if I can whip up something in time.

    Thanks for hosting!

  36. You accomplished the WOW factor. Looks great! Lime green & red is my favorite Christmas combo. I like what you did with your shelf over the sink. What a happy, cheerful Christmas kitchen. Thanks for hosting. 🙂
    P.S. We have had yucky weather too. It is hard to get good pics without the natural light!

  37. Fun kitchen decorating Rhoda. I love the color combination.

  38. Rhoda,
    Now that “Better Not Pout” sign is just so dang cute!!!! Love all you red and lime…I love using it too!!! Thanks for hosting…I’m having a fun time looking:)


  39. Lovely vignettes! Fun, festive and the color combination is whimsical! Thank you so much for hosting. I’m enjoying checking out everyones holiday home…

    😀 Lynda

  40. Hi Rhoda!
    Found you by way of Stories of A to Z, and am participating in your Vignette Party! What a beautiful blog you have and I love your oodles of ideas! 😉
    Your kitchen is just festive and fun!
    Thanks for hosting this great party!!

  41. Rhoda! It’s so lovely!
    The lime green is FABULOUS! You always have such great ideas, and you have such a feel for how to place lots of color together, where it’s not obnoxious, but beautiful and cohesive 🙂
    WELL DONE, girl!
    ~Shelley Smith

  42. Oh do I love this!!

    m ^..^

  43. Thanks for hosting such a fun party. There’s nothing better than Christmas decorations. I love your acorn ornaments and all your glittery fun picks. The bottle brush trees are adorable. I think my favorite area is your joyful tidings shelf. So lovely!

  44. Your kitchen looks great. I love red and lime green together. Thanks for hosting the party.

  45. I’ve only got the one I linked up photographed; I’d hoped to have a post with a few vignettes, but it’s been raining and cloudy here. Your looks great, Rhoda! I love your tree and the color scheme is one of my favorites.

  46. Your vignette is adorable. I love the colors. You have made me smile this morning, Rhoda!

  47. Love your blog – blogher not so much! Comments a little time consuming. But here goes. My first time here found you from Amusing Potpouri party link up. The animal print runner is so wonderful with this display. I am amazed how that trend has survived time. I still like the use of any kind of animal print. Great photography too.

    You have a jump on decorating… I hope to start and finish this weekend. Lori

  48. Beautiful!! Love all the bright pops of color! That is my kinda Christmas!

  49. Rhoda I adore your tabletop tree and color scheme!! Beautiful!!

    Art by Karena

  50. Beautiful Rhoda! Love your little tree glowing, it looks great. Thanks for hosting and Merry Christmas!

  51. says:

    Rhoda, it all looks gorgeous! Thanks for having this party. It’s so much fun seeing what everyone has done. Merry Christmas!

  52. Hi Rhoda! BEAUTIFUL Decor!!! You are so talented! On a personal note…THANK YOU for having that Bible Verse for me to read…our family is going through a VERY difficult situation right now and I needed to see that! So, Thank you for that! I put a daily scripture on my blog, however, I needed to read THAT ONE!
    I would BEYOND ADORE YOU to visit my Blog…I have done 14 days of Christmas trees….One of them is in YOUR COLORS! Im linking up to your party for the 1st time, YAY!!

    Have a Super blessed day!

  53. Rhoda, your home is absolutely beautiful, I love you reds and limes and you are the queen of layering, a true southern Christmas.

    Thank you so much for hosting a fun party!

  54. Rhoda, love your kitchen! The lime green is one of my favorites and I use it in my den. I love the tree! Thank you for hosting 🙂

    I am gathering much inspiration!

    Lou Cinda

  55. Beautiful, Rhoda! So inspiring.

  56. I love all the colors!
    So cozy and inviting! 🙂

  57. That tree is stunning!!
    And I love the colors! Those are the colors I chose to use too & I think the lime green just POPS!
    But I think you could turn a cardboard box,some toothpicks & a little ribbon into a gorgeous display..LOL

  58. Hi Rhoda! Your vignette was so gorgeous that I had to go very slowly, scrolling up and down just to take it all in! So fun and festive and perfect for the kitchen!
    Thanks so much for hosting this fun party!

  59. Rhoda, I absolutely love your buffet display! It is just breathtaking to me! I saved the picture just so I can watch for bargains to buy and make something even close to as pretty!! I’m not ready to post any Christmas vignettes yet but wanted to comment! Love it!!

  60. Your home looks awesome!! So pretty and festive! Thanks for hosting such a fun party!
    Merry CHristmas!

  61. your cranberries look more like radishes

  62. It all looks so pretty, Rhoda. It’s so colorful and festive! 🙂 Thanks for hosting. And your cranberries look like cranberries to me. 😉

  63. I’m a sucker for vignette’s, too! Yours is beautiful–traditional with a splash of whimsy!

  64. Love all the bright festive decorations Rhoda. Thanks for hosting the party! It’s so fun to be able to find so much creativity in one place! Merry Christmas!

  65. Hi Rhoda, Thank you for hosting such a fun party. It really helps to inspire me when I link up and see what everyone else is doing for decorations. I love your red and lime color scheme, your home looks so jolly and festive. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  66. Oh, Rhoda, I just LOVE the lime green and red in your kitchen! Such fun, cheerful colors–just right for a Christmasy theme to enjoy every day!

    Thanks so much for hosting this fun party!

  67. Hey Rhoda! Your kitchen looks so amazing in all it’s lime green and red glory. Just beautiful. The tree is such a delightful touch with all the fun elements that you used in it. Thanks so much for hosting this linky party, looking forward to seeing all the inspiring ideas from all your readers! 🙂

  68. I’m in love with your lime green and red, Rhoda! The cute little candy ornament in the lime green wrapper is so cute. 🙂 I have a few lime green and red things this year…my Blessings Unlimited line has some cute “Happy Birthday to the King” stuff, and it’s got that color combo. I think it’s so fun…different from the traditional stuff. 🙂

  69. Wow just what I needed…..I need to get my act together…going to come back to night and peek around….

    Thanks girlfriend….

    Kathy 🙂

  70. Loving your color combo, Rhoda! So fun for the season. The lime green is such a fun twist on the tradition forest green. All the little details in your house sure make it special. I can’t wait to link up to this party once I’m home from school. I just love decorating with my mom (: And we have lots of cute vignettes! Thanks for hosting the party

  71. Hi Rhoda; I just enjoyed finding your blog and spending a few minutes looking it over! I love it 😉 I’ve become your latest ‘friend’ on friend connect. Hope you’ll stop by and see mine too when you have time! Love the wallpaper in your nook by the way – I’ve been dying to do that to my office space below my basement stairs (truly in a nook) with wallpaper and someday I really will do it!


  72. Love the Lime and Red! The “Better Not Pout” sign is excellent..need that for my house!
    Thank you for hosting the link party!

  73. Just started a new blog. Would love you to drop by and see what you think. I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Richard

  74. guess should tell you how. Sorry.Richard.

  75. I’m late to the party but excited to be here! Your houe is over the top-fantastic-amazing!!!! So wonderfully festive!!

  76. Rhoda, your kitchen is stunning! I love the red and lime color combo – so fresh and festive. Thank you for hosting a fabulous party!

  77. Wow! You are definitely a talented women! Beautiful!

  78. I got to get me some lime green! I love the mix of lime green and red. The beads and ornaments hanging from the lantern are pretty. I like that idea. You have a beautiful home. Thanks for having this link party.

  79. Rhoda
    Thanks for hosting in this fun series! I love all the ideas, and it’s eye-candy, truely! Your vignette is so pretty, too. Love the lime and red combination, looks so cheery!

    Cindy( mine is vintage sparkle!)

  80. Thanks for hosting. Great projects. Love your pictures and display.
    Bavarian Christmas linky party is now open-won’t you come and join us at and while you are there join the give-a-ways going on.

  81. Hi Rhoda,
    I appreciate you taking the time to host the party and give us all an opportunity to showcase some of our holiday decor.
    Your kitchen looks so festive. I love apple green and red together. Just beautiful!

  82. Gorgeous! I love it all. And, I’d love to go yard-saling with you…

  83. Rhoda … your vignettes are beautiful !! I LOVE the color scheme … the tree is fabulous! And, how you’ve splashed Christmas all around your kitchen is stunning. You are so sweet to host such a fun Christmas gathering … I love it so much that I’ve crashed your party twice … sharing both my Christmas kitchen and mantel vignettes! LOL. I’m off to drool over everyone’s festive additions. *Becca*

  84. I like your joyful tidings shelf the best! So much cheer here–I guess you’re just a natural for a linky party! Thanks for the fun!

  85. Oh Rhoda,
    Your home is always so much fun and all of the whimsical elements that you infuse are just precious! The wall color in this room just makes all of your decor pop…gorgeous…just gorgeous!
    Happy Friday Pretty Lady xOxO Nerina

  86. I love the lime… It adds SO MUCH FUN!!!! It all looks beautiful!

  87. LOVE it all ! Reminds me so much of the Christmas’s of my childhood in the ’60’s !!!!

    thanks for sharing,

  88. Rhoda, what an awesome vignette, love the raspberry, it’s my colour this year!

  89. Rhoda, that is absolutely beautiful!! Love all the details, and the colors are so fun. You are so good at this! 🙂 Sorry it took me so long to link up!

  90. Your home is beautiful, Rhoda! I love the red and lime green together. It is so fun, bright and festive. The striped bucket your tree is in is wonderful. You did a great job!

  91. Hi Rhoda, thanks for hosting. Your kitchen — I absolutely love it! I love the whimsy, the colors, the salt and pepper shakers. The tree is over the top and it’s just fantastic. It’s fun to see whimsy for a change! Thanks again.

  92. Hi Rhoda! Oh, your kitchen looks darling! I love your addition of the lime green! That little tree! Too cute! I’m also loving your dangly green pinecone ornies you have hanging down from the green ribbon. Oh, I love this – can I steal, um, borrow that idea? I have a window over my kitchen sink with an olden wooden cornice thing and I could do this too! I wish I could have joined your party – my tree is up but that’s all. I had my daughter and little grand daughter for a visit and I’m way behind! 🙂
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  93. Rhoda, everything is gorgeous! I especially love those green acorn ornaments, but then I’m partial to acorns…. its all so bright and sparkly! Thanks for hosting the holiday party, I just added my mantle… Happy Holidays!

  94. Such beauty!!! The lime and red are STUNNING. A beautiful spin on traditional colors.
    Thanks for this great party for us! LOVE it!

  95. Rhoda, as you can see I love lime and red too! Your vignette is beautiful! Thank you so much for the party!

  96. Oh my! What a gorgeous vignette! You have beautiful items in your collection there – love the red & green striped vase!

  97. I love all the fun colors and everything about it!!! It’s fabulous!!! You must smile every time you look at it all!!! Such a happy place.

  98. Thank you so much for hosting such a great party! I’m having a great time visiting the different vingettes. I’m also your latest follower,

  99. I am beyond words….your room is just lovely. Thank you for the forum to share our spaces.

  100. Just beautiful and so festive!

  101. Thank you for hosting this fabulous party! Your decorations are so pretty and cheerful!


  102. Hi Rhonda,
    Thanks so much for hosting this amazing(and very popular party)! Everytime I come there are more people joining in the fun.

    Your kitchen is amazing, I love the tree and the fun container it is in. I really like the pinecones hanging down on the shelf and the faux paperwhites and the little salt and pepper shakers…oh and the oversized green ball in front of the milk glass plate. It all looks so wonderful. You did such a great job.

    🙂 Michelle

  103. I LOVE ALL YOUR DECOR!!! Wow, talk about gorgeous!!! So glad I found your blog via FiFi, I will def. be back!!
    I also have linked up. I am also having a Home Tour Tuesday, I’d love to have you link up also:)

  104. Hello Rhoda! Merry Christmas! Thank you for hosting this merry linky party! I’ve joined in and are sending my peeps your way! Your home is so beautiful, sparkly and festive! What a happy place to be and what a blessing to your family! God bless you sugar…hope you can stop by for ” Christmas pie” at my place…I’ve got my home twinkling too!
    Sugar Pie Farmhouse

  105. Hey Rhoda! I linked up holiday mantel as my vignette! I missed the party at Layla’s, but wanted to participate! Thanks for having this fun party!

  106. Thanks for hosting! I love, love the green and pink tree! So fabulous!

  107. LOVE the red and green pot the tree is in. Such creative touches and so whimsical.

  108. “lime and green on the kitchen tree | Southern Hospitality”
    was in fact a fantastic blog post and also I actually was really satisfied to discover
    the blog. I appreciate it-Noreen


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