Lantern Love

Have you fallen for lanterns yet?

Well, I definitely have and this lantern story actually ends over here with CSN Lighting, an online site that carries table lamps, outdoor lamps, and all sorts of lighting.  I’ve browsed over there before and they have a vast assortment of lighting at pretty reasonable prices.  Not my yardsale prices, of course, but reasonable nonetheless. 🙂

One of my friends in the design blog world, Lauren, with Pure Style Home,  shared a beautiful hanging lantern that she installed over her dining table and another one in a nearby spot in her home.  If you haven’t visited Lauren, you must go over and take a peek.  She’s a young interior designer and mom in Virginia, with  fantastic taste and the cutest house that she is fixing up on a budget.  I love her style! Oh, my goodness is that a beautiful lantern.  I fell in love with it!  I had to have it.

And this one is a little smaller, but the same lantern, looking equally as good in this spot.

It came from that online site, CSN Lighting and after drooling over it for a few weeks, I’m getting it!  It will soon be mine and this little beauty will now replace the old yardsale fixture I found that hangs over my breakfast table.

This is still a pretty fixture to me, but I’m just in love with the lantern style and have wanted one for this space for awhile.

Besides, my hubby never liked those dingleberries that hang off it. 🙂  His words to be exact.

At $20, my yardsale fixture fit the bill for the last 3 years and now the new one will be the finale.  I’ll be selling the old one at my yardsale coming up soon.

Last year, blog buddy, Joni with Cote de Texas, did a whole post about her lantern love too.  Reading all about these lanterns really made me yearn for one too.  They are just so classic and traditional, but modern at the same time. Now my wish comes true!

Of course, I’ll share all the details with you as the changes all happen and I even have a fun surprise that you will not won’t to miss coming up later in September.

How about you? Have you fallen for lanterns too?

- Rhoda


  1. Rhoda,

    I love lanterns and have for some time. I think the one you are buying is amazing. I loved the price too! Can’t wait to see how pretty it looks in your home.


  2. YES I love them……I have a few that I put outside when we’re on the backporch…one is the battery operated kind….love it !!!

    But I did want to get one for the kitchen, I happened upon a fantastic chandy at Home Depot of all places….it was in this banged up box….so I peek inside and it’s this cute little rooster thing… even had extra lamp shades. .red plaid ones and white ones….so I change them up with the seasons……and I paid drum roll pls….15 bucks….Rhoda I thought for sure when I got to the checkout the gal would tell me “no Miss that’s 115.00 ” I can’t believe you didn’t hear me squealing all the way down to AL LOL So if I do see a lantern that catches my fancy it won’t KILL me to give my roosters a rest…..

    I thought for sure I was going to win the one Joni was giving away, I had everything crossed !!!

    Have a great week-end….
    Kathy 🙂

  3. I love your old ys chandelier…even the dingleberries. I would save it. They are great for hanging necklaces and bracelets.

  4. I’m with you! I found one recently — a real statement piece. I’ve got it pictured on the sidelines of my blog. I’ve got a few smaller ones on my front porch. They lend a romantic touch to my rocking chairs (smile).

  5. Rhoda,
    I love lanterns too! I actually bought a brass on at a yard sale for 5 bucks recently. I think I may paint it black, but it doesn’t look to bad brass. It’s the beautiful, old, tarnished brass. You would love it. Can’t wait to see the lantern you pick out!

  6. Marilyn Holeman says

    Oh! I love those “dingleberries”–but I’m sure my husband would have the same opinion as yours! Too bad I live on the West Coast, so I’ll miss your yard sale. I know it will be a great one!

  7. i bought the same one for my mother in law.
    dingleberries? hehe. omg!

  8. You might find this sort of interesting:
    (This is one of our family websites)

  9. Love the lantern light fixtures! I would love to have one in my kitchen and have been keeping my eye out for one that is priced right!

  10. Hi Rhoda!

    My first time to visit to your site, and I subscribed – you have excellent taste and I’m enjoying your posts!

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