Lattice & Gate Under the Porch

We had just a little more trimming out under the porch and that project was my dad building a gate for one end of the porch, so I can store things under there and have it all look nice and neat now. I know how much ya’ll love seeing him work, so wanted to share this little project with you.  We’re also working on staining this wood and hope to get at least one coat on before it turns too cold to work outside. We’ve still had some nice 70’s days lately, so it’s ideal for working outside.  But, that won’t last forever as we know.


So, dad came over and measured and began building a gate to fit on the side of the porch.  He made it pretty big so that I can get large things in and out easily, but it will all be hidden.


It’s not a fancy gate as you will see, but it should get the job done.


Here’s the end of the porch that he’s trimming out with exterior wood that will hold the gate and all of this will be stained a pretty gray stain.


So back to the gate, after he nailed it all together, I helped him hold it in place and add the hinges.


He put a zillion nails in this thing so it shouldn’t fall apart.


The backside is SO not fancy with nails coming through, but he whacked them all down with the hammer so they shouldn’t poke anyone now.


All finished and ready to hang!

hanging the door

We put a piece of wood underneath to hold it up and in place and then dad added the hinges.

installing hinges

Looking good!

finished door

And all finished with a cute gate hiding all the extras under the porch.  Can’t wait to get this all stained in a nice medium gray stain.

silver handle

I stopped by Lowes and picked up a silver handle and latch to hold it shut and installed those myself.

door with handle

And that’s a wrap on the lattice and gate project.

gray stain

Now for the staining, I picked up a couple of gallons of Cabot solid stain from Lowes in a pretty gray, Driftwood Gray. I really like it and it’s less blue than the house color. Next spring, I’m planning to get my house repainted in a medium to dark gray tone with white trim.

gray stain on stairs

This gray stain should contrast nicely with a darker color on the house and it’s not going to be gray/blue but a true gray. I’ll be hunting down the perfect shade of gray for my exterior siding. Can’t wait!

- Rhoda


  1. Love seeing your dad’s handiwork! And can’t wait to see your house when you get it repainted in the spring. Love the gray stain color too.

    Just a thought though, if you are planning on storing anything of value under there – lawn equipment, extra wood, whatever – you may want to put a latch that you can lock with a padlock. We store a few things under our house in the crawl space but have a padlock on the door/gate. People just steal everything and anything nowadays unless it is locked down!

    • Hey, Christina, I’m not planning to put anything under there that is really valuable, like my lawn mowers. NO way!

  2. What a blessing your dad is, I love him!

  3. Adding my sentiments to the pile — Your dad is the best! I love your posts that show him hard at work. It’s a testament to how much he loves you, I’m sure. 🙂

  4. This Iowa girl absolutely LOVES to see the posts featuring your dad. I lost mine a couple of years ago when he was 71 and I have a lot of pictures of him working but don’t have any close ups of his hands. I see your dad’s pictures and imagine how my Dad’s hands would have looked as he aged. Just gives me comfort on days I’m really missing my daddy! 🙂 Sharing your life helps people in more ways than you can ever imagine!

  5. He does great work. Do you rent him out?

    Anonymous (Behr) is a great dark grey without any blue.

    • Thanks, Jan, I will check that out! Sorry, he’s not for hire. We have to keep him close to home. 🙂

  6. That looks terrific. Your Dad is an amazing man and so very capable. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Constance McQueen says

    That is so sweet of your father, you and he will have all these wonderful memories of working together on all the projects that you do together, it’s just so precious.

  8. Your dad is so cute! I love the color. Cabot Stain is a great product. I use to deliver cabot stain here on the east coast. I would go up to cabot in the morning, load my trailer and peddle cases of stain to local hardware stores off the back of my trailer. I would run NY Conn MA RI. Boy, what a physical workout that was. The people at Cabot were the nicest people you could meet. Don’t make your dad work too hard.

  9. Yay, Rhoda’s dad is baaaaack! Love him! And your mom looked awful cute too at the previous baby shower post.

  10. Love your dad’s hands. I know that sounds silly, but his hands look just like my own dad’s hands and he was a hard worker too.
    NOW…..your home is all complete, your porch, your stairs and underneath the porch is complete, so my question is… what is next??? I love all your projects and look forward to something you will come up with to fix or make pretty. Also looking forward to seeing your beautiful home all decked out for Christmas and I know it will be beautiful.

    • Hey, Kathy, thanks so much, I love my dad’s hands too! I’ve got the entire outside and landscaping to work on next. That is coming next year, so I’ll have plenty to keep sharing!

  11. I, too, love the pictures you share of your family. Your dad is a jewel. Just love him. Your mom too.
    I appreciate you posting them on your blog.
    I have a question, do you have a garage that opens into the house? Also, I can picture a long porch across the front of your house, someday. Blessings to you all, Paula

    • Hey, Paula, thanks so much! Yes, I do have a double garage on the right side of my house so I’m grateful for that space too. Gets the cars out of the weather. I won’t be doing a long porch, just a pretty small portico that is about to go up in the next couple of weeks. Since I have my screened porch, I really don’t need a huge porch out front. I just want it to be stylish and pretty though!

  12. Hi Rhonda….The porch looks wonderful. Your Dad does excellent work. He’s a great man. I don’t think they make them like that anymore. You are blessed.

    Happy Thanksgiving a little early. Leaving for Dallas tomorrow to spend it with my daughter and her family.

    Smiles, Patricia

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