Laundry Room Updates and A Lutron Giveaway

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The winners are:  #64-Renee; #93-Maryellen; #224-Staci  Congrats, ladies, you’ve been emailed!

When I last shared my laundry room with you, I had just added a Lutron Occupancy Sensor switch which I totally love, by the way!  Now, when I open the door and walk in that room, the lights automatically turn on and when I walk out, they automatically go out 1 minute later.

So, after getting the backyard all cleaned up with the Bagster, it’s time to move on to the next little project on the list:  adding a new wall in the laundry room.  This long bowling ally laundry room of mine has lots of space and I’m so happy to have it, but to really utilize it well, I needed to add a wall for storage, since most things in storage are not meant to be seen all the time. That’s where we want to hide things, right?  Plus, the toilet that I added in that space sits in the corner, so it only seemed right to add a door and a wall to that end of the room.  That way all those things that I don’t want to look at all the time will be hidden from sight.  Perfect solution, that wall!

floor boards added

First things first, we got 2 by 4’s to start adding wood to the floor, walls and ceilings for nailing up studs which are needed for framing up a wall. Dad used special screws in the concrete to get them set in place.  He’s so good at knowing how to do this stuff.

2 x 4

All the 2 x 4’s are in place and ready to go. We decided to bring the wall out 1 foot from the right wall and frame the door there.  The door will open into the storage closet right in front of the toilet and I’ll be painting this interior door the same green as the door that’s already in here.

overhead 2 x 4

Framing up the ceiling for studs.

studs in place

Adding the 2 x 4 studs in place so we can then start the drywall process.

wiring in place

Studs are all in place and ready for drywall now.  I did have my electrician come in and add a light switch and separate overhead light in this room, so that I would get plenty of light in there. I just did a bare bulb light socket overhead since this room is just storage.  Nothin’ fancy!  A new wall outlet was added too, since you can’t have too many of those.

light in storage room

There’s the bare bulb overhead light.  Since the ceiling in here isn’t finished and I painted it black, I didn’t worry about doing anything fancy, just functional.

cutting drywall

Now, we’re ready to start adding drywall, so piece by piece my dad measured and cut, adding it inside and then outside the studs.

cutting drywall 2

He used a utility knife to cut out some notches and for the wall outlets.


We had several cutouts to  make around the pipes and all.

first drywall in place

And you can see the first piece nailed in place and ready for the next piece.

cutting holes in drywall

We got busy cutting, fitting and nailing each piece into place, one by one.  I was helping with the nailing too and didn’t get a lot of in progress pics, but it went pretty fast and about 2 hours later, we were finished with putting it up.

drywall up and finished

And now it looks like this!  It’s fun to see a wall go up, ready for taping, mudding and sanding next.  Then the door frame and door will slide into place and we’ll finish off this wall with baseboard trim and lots of paint, like the rest of the room.  It’s going to be so great to have this storage area away from the main room with all that stuff hidden away.  It will end up being a 5×9’ space and I’ll have room to add some utility shelves for all my Christmas stuff.  Nice!

Striped laundry room

That’s the latest update on the laundry room space.  I can hardly believe how far this room has come since we started renovating this house last year.  When I look back at the before pics, it blows my mind!  It’s gone from SUPER UGLY to really functional and half-way pretty now.  Getting this room completely organized and cleaned up is going to thrill me and it’s getting there now.  Organizing and cleaning up this room and my garage is on my short-list of projects to do soon.  I want this laundry room to be very functional, but also very pretty too.  Even though it’s sort of industrial looking, there’s no reason why it can’t be pretty too and one end is already there. The other side of the room will soon be catching up, can’t wait!

Part of my update was adding the Lutron Occupancy Sensor in here and it’s been a great addition. I love walking in and having the lights FLIP on just like that.  CLICK!  ON!  With movement in the room, they stay on as long as you’re in there working, then when I leave, they click off again in one minute.  I’d highly recommend these sensors and can think of a few more spaces to put them.  Got kids?  Get yourself one of these.  Here’s a chart showing how much energy they save and I can imagine they would if you have kids around leaving those lights on all the time.


I’ve got THREE more Lutron Occupancy Sensors to give away, so if you’d like to win one of these for yourself, please leave me a comment saying which room you’d put this in.  I think you’ll enjoy it too! 

If you don’t win and would like to purchase,  here’s a coupon code for you!

25% off Maestro occupancy/vacancy sensor dimmers and switches on PLUS one free Claro single-gang wallplate ($4.90 suggested list price) with each qualifying item.


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Sunday, Oct. 31, 2013


Note: This is a sponsored post by Lutron. I was compensated to try this product out and share it with all of you, my readers.  All opinions and how it was installed are all my own words.  I happen to think this is a really cool product!

- Rhoda


  1. I’d love to have one in the foyer/stairway to light the way when going upstairs.

  2. I would love to have a Lutron Occupancy Sensor. I would use it in my laundry room, because I am in & out of there so often, and most of the time my hands are full of laundry. Your laundry room looks amazing, glad you got it complete.

  3. I’d put one in my laundry room as well! Mine doesn’t look nearly as good as yours does though…

  4. Karen McCullough says:

    I definitely would put one in my laundry room. My husband would be so thankful because he always is reminding me that I left the laundry room light on !!

  5. I would love one for our laundry room – perfect solution for when your arms are full with laundry so you don’t have to juggle things to put the light on. Our main bathroom would be a good choice too. The kids are always leaving the light on in that bathroom.

  6. I would love to put one in my kids playroom in the basement!

  7. I think the laundry room is a great place for a light sensor!

  8. I would put one in our storage room/secret hoarders room-my arms are usually full of “stuff” and it would be so nice to have the added convenience!

  9. I’d love one of these in our laundry room, which doubles as a mud room. I feel like we are in and out of there constantly and someone is forever leaving that light on!

  10. First I thought Laundry Room…then Ding! Ding! That’s exactly what’s needed in our walk-in closet! Thanks for sharing this.

  11. This would be a great answer in my craft room in my basement. I have to walk in the room in the dark and walk a few feet to the wall switch. Sometimes, I walk into the projects I am working on. I need one of these!

  12. A sensor in our office/mudroom would be great. We only have one light switch but multiple entrances and typically have to cross the room in order to turn on the light.

  13. Really need one of these for the garage. So many times the light is left on for days! The laundry room would be a great place to place one as well. I should go purchase several. Thanks for the coupon code.

  14. The laundry room is my first thought…but the hallway! And stairway! It seems no one can walk down the hall or up the stairs without flipping on a light, which of course stays on until I walk by. This sensor would be perfect!

  15. I would love to put it in the upstairs foyer. My daughter never shuts that light off and most times it’s on all night!

  16. I would definitely put one in the kitchen. Why do I constantly leave the light on in there?

  17. I would put one in my laundry. I’m always juggling something. We just repainted our laundry. I’m trying to make it pretty. Your laundry is looking great. Great job to your Daddy.

  18. Mona Leggett says:

    I would love to have one in my kitchen, so when my husband gets up every morning at 3 to make coffee he wouldn’t bump into anything. 🙂

  19. I really need one of these for my son’s bathroom. He never remembers to turn off the light. It drives me crazy! This is just what we both need for sanity purposes!

  20. I would put it in my kitchen.

  21. Sallie Baker says:

    Definitely my laundry room. What a great idea!

  22. I would love it in our Master Closet and my son’s walk in closet even more. Ours would be for convenience, his sensor would be more for efficiency. He leaves on lights a lot! Your daddy working brings back precious memories of my daddy and projects. LOVE seeing your helper in the pictures! And enjoy these special times together…..

  23. I live in an 1855 house with scant electrical amenities, like light switches. It is hazardous to enter a dark room to search for a lamp to switch on. A product like this would be a great help and I am glad to learn about it in your blog. Bloggers might not realize that their tips and recommendations could impact the lives of so many people in so may circumstances, like the handicapped and elderly.

  24. Lauren Ashley Lewis says:

    I think I would love to put a Lutron in our Laundry Room as well because it’s really an all purpose laundry/storage/mud room and leads out to the backyard where we let the dog out and the kiddos play. It would be so nice to be able, when your arms are full, to just walk in and have the lights come on! Thanks, Rhoda!

  25. Francis C. Moore says:

    I would put it in the garage.

  26. Wow, Laundry room, Garage, and Front porch, I would love to win one of these lights.

  27. I would use this in my laundry room also. However I could also see its use on my kitchen. A great giveaway.

  28. My newly retired husband leaves lights on everywhere! I would start in the kitchen!

  29. Hi, Rhoda, The laundry room for sure. I leave it with a basket full of clothes , juggle to hit the switch with my elbow before I head up 2 flights of stairs. You can guess who’s always leaving the lights on.

  30. I would put the sensor in my mud room. Your laundry/storage room looks great! Thanks for the give-away offer.

  31. Andrea Harless says:

    Definitely in our utility/storage closet! Thanks so much for sharing.

  32. I would love to put one in my walk-in pantry!

  33. I would like one in the garage. Someone leaves it on. Maybe it is one of the grandchildren? Thanks for this opportunity. You are the best!

  34. I would use one in the garage. We are in and out a lot and it is a light that gets left on way too often.

  35. I’d love to have one for our kids bathroom! I am always having to go in there to turn the light off or constantly reminding them to do it!

  36. I think I would use mine in the laundry room also. That way, when my hands are full of laundry, I don’t have to worry about finding the switch.

    ~ Lisa ~

  37. I would definitely use it in my upstairs hallway…I can’t tell you how many times I’m leaving my driveway when I look at my upstairs windows and see that I left my hallway lights on! I hate to say I’ve actually left them on all day because I was running late and didn’t have time to run back into the house to turn them off…this would be a great solution for sure!

  38. I have one on my pantry and LOVE it! I’d definitely add another in my laundry room.

  39. I would put it in the pantry. I am always saying I would like a “refrigerator light” in there.

  40. I would put this in my laundry room. My arms are always full coming in and going out. It souls be so helpful.

  41. Cathy Johnson says:

    These Lutron Occupancy Sensors are such a wonderful idea. I would love to win one!! I would put it in my bathroom. My husband is always leaving the light on in there!!

  42. Sharon Avinger says:

    I’d love to put one in our laundry room/pantry. I usually have my hands full with a laundry basket or pantry items to put away and I think this would be a fantastic addition! Thank you, Rhoda.

  43. I would use the Lutron sensor in our bedroom closet. What a luxury that would be! Thanks for the update and offer.

  44. Def. the laundry room! Would love to win!

  45. Would love to try out this new product!

  46. I would install it in my kitchen. Thanks for the opportunity!

  47. Jacqualine Freeman says:

    Definitely the laundry room!

  48. Jean Anderson says:

    I’d put it in our basement. We have a 4,220 sq ft house daylight basement house. My mother-in-law has lived with us for over 20 years and she originally had the lower level until her health forced her upstairs with us. So it is completely finished and lovely. My very nice laundry room is down there. I would put the light down there because as irrational as it is, it scares me when I turn off all the lights downstairs and start up the stairs. I keep seeing monsters. Okay, I’m retired and should be afraid. I am and I want to the thing to stay on for a few minutes downstairs while I get upstairs. If I don’t win one, I’ll just go buy one. LOVING all the projects, wondering if you’ll ever be done. Wish I had your parents.

  49. Gloria Yates says:

    I am so impressed by the projects that your dad does, how wonderful that he is so active! I’d place the sensor in the upstairs hall way. This hall way has a couple turns and it seems we are always forgetting to turn this light out.

  50. I would put this in my kitchen – I’m in there a lot and always forget to turn out the light.

  51. I could use a Lutron sensor in my storage closet under our basement stairs. When the door is shut to this closet it’s not easy to tell if I’ve left the light on or not!

  52. Would love one of these for the laundry room!

  53. I would love one of those for my garage since the light is always left on in there!

  54. I’d love to have one of these for my laundry room as well.

  55. I need one in my laundry room and hallway!

  56. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Great post and progress on the laundry room! I’d put one of the lights in my kitchen! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  57. Dee Ann Allen says:

    I would put the Lutron in the downstairs basement. I have to reach behind the freezer and find the light switch. Then, when I have both hands full, I have to set something down and do the same to turn it off. It would be great.

  58. I would love to have a Lutron Occupancy Sensor. It would work wonderful in my long dark hallway.

  59. Would love one for my bathroom. When the little grandboys are over, they never remember to turn out the light!

  60. Love your blog! So many great ideas. I would put one for our steps to our basement. With our family room and laundry room being down there my hands are always full and it is difficult to turn on the step light.

  61. goodness! I would have to say my daughter’s bathroom or bedrooms. They are FOREVER leaving the lights on and this would eliminate some of the nagging in my house ha ha.

  62. I could definitely use one of these in our family room since it’s downstairs and I’m always running down to turn the lights off.
    Now if they only made one to turn off the TV!
    Love your laundry room! Thanks for the giveaway.

  63. I can’t believe how great your laundry looks. You’re right, the progression has been amazing. I love the close-up picture of your daddy’s hands. Hands that have worked, and helped, and loved, and comforted, and are still going strong, in spite of the age that shows on them. Would like to have one of the Lutron lights for my laundry room, also. It’s in the basement and would eliminate my little juggling act of balancing the laundry basket on my knee while flipping the old light switch!

  64. Sandra Strickland says:

    I would certainly put one in my laundry room. I think it would be great because I usually have my hand full with laundry to put in the washer; so not having to turn the light on would be fantastic.

  65. I need about 4 of them. Retired people seem to forget to turn off lights.

  66. I’d love one of the light switches in each of my kids’ rooms…can’t even tell you how many times a day I turn off their lights!

  67. Hi Rhoda,

    Your laundry room looks amazing. I have to say that I am adding cabinets in my laundry room bc builder grade means hook ups only. But bc my hands are ALWAYS full when I walk in, having a sensor would be AMAZING! I hope I win one.

    Thank you and love your new laundry room
    Mirna Hill

  68. I would have to put one in our master bath. Thanks for the opportunity.

  69. It would be perfect in my laundry room which I go through to my garage.

  70. I have three small children, need I say more? 🙂

  71. Marisha Thompson says:

    I think every room in my house needs this! But I would start with the bathroom. It uses the most light bulbs and is left on the most by my kiddos…..okay…..I leave them on too 🙂

  72. Melesa Garrison says:

    I can think of a number of places, but probably the hallway going down the stairs to basement. My grands forget to turn that light off.

  73. What a neat idea! Would put one of these in my master bedroom closet and one in my main hallway to the back of the house! Thanks for hosting, Rhoda! Nice work on that utility room!

  74. my daughter’s room…she never shuts off her lights!!!

  75. I’d love a light sensor! Where couldn’t I use one? My daughter leaves on every light, everywhere she goes. So, her bedroom and bathroom would likely be at the top of list of places I would use one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. My master closet!!

  77. I would put these in the bathrooms because my grandchildren who live with me are notorious for leaving the lights on. This would definitely end a lot of nagging on my part to turn the lights off. . lol.

  78. These would be handy in so many rooms but that comes to mind first is our laundry room so whether you enter from the garage or kitchen (usually with groceries or laundry baskets) you wouldn’t have to be hands free. Thanks for sharing!

  79. Basement closet. I walk out with my hands full and three days later, the light is still on…

  80. I would love to try this switch in my sewing room. I often walk out and leave the lights on with intentions of returning. They end up staying on for hours with no one in the room.

  81. I love following you,Rhoda. You have so many great ideas. I would love one for the laundry room . Of course, I can of others places tharpr would be great too.

  82. Laundry room:)

  83. Candy Thayer says:

    I would put mine in the garage. I am in and out a million times a day, but the light only gets turns off half a million times! I usually have something in my hands when I come back in and then forget to go back and turn it off.

  84. In the kitchen because 4 teens don’t know where the light switch is!

  85. I could use a LUTRON OCCUPANCY SENSOR in my sewing room. I am in and out quite a bit and oops, sometimes I forget to flip the lights! Thank you for this offer.

  86. Would love to have one, they seem so very neat to have. I’d put mine in the basement, I always walk out and leave the light on…sometimes for days because we can’t see it:) Thanks for the chance to win and what a wonderful father you have!

  87. I would add it to the laundry/mudroom as it is always a pain to turn on and off the light there. Seems like I always have my hands full coming in from the garage and also when leaving the laundry and fighting with the light switch and our pocket door while not letting the cat in/out.

  88. April was in CT now CA says:

    I’d definitely put one in our laundry room so when I’m walking out with my hands full of basket I don’t have to try and use my elbow to turn the light off!

  89. I’d use it in the kitchen!

  90. Tammi Mitchell says:

    It doesn’t matter how old the kids are,they always leave the hall or kitchen lights on! So, hall and kitchen for those midnight munchers!

  91. The switch would work great in my laundry room as it is windowless.

  92. I’d put one in out laundry room. It’s a walk-thru from the garage, so it’d be great to have an automatic light when carrying in stuff from the car or entering at night.

  93. Laundry room for sure! Seems like my hands are always full, coming and going!

  94. The Lutron sensor would go in our master cloet as my spouse can’t seem to remember to turn that light off &
    I’m not a whole lot better.

  95. The room looks great! I’d put a light sensor in the stairwell in my foyer.

  96. What you have done in the past year to your house is amazing…it is beautiful.
    Having a Lutron in my laundry room would be more than wonderful, it would be awesome!

  97. I would have my hubby install one in our laundry room/spare bathroom.

  98. I could definitely use several of those! The laundry room is perfect for one, but also our office too. The light switch is behind the door, so it’s pretty inconvenient, and the sensor is a great solution…thanks for the idea!

  99. I’d put one in my hallway upstairs…always worried about someone getting up in the middle of the night, and not being able to see.

  100. Lindsay James says:

    Having one of those Lutron Occupancy Sensors in my laundry room would save us a ton of money too – when you’ve got your arms full of laundry basket, it’s hard to hit that light switch too and working in the dark isn’t an option…

  101. I would love to win and would have my husband install it in our laundry room. This is a great giveaway. Thanks for sharing.

  102. Laundry/storage room

  103. laundry room!

  104. Teresa Heller says:

    I’d too love to put one in my laundry room!! Or my dark hallway where everyone seems to leave the light on!

  105. I saw the before, Rhoda! It is such a nice sized space! It is looking wonderful!

    I would put a Lutron light in my lower level craft room/office! Love the concept!

  106. Rhoda – Again, wonderful work you and your daddy accomplish together! Will look forward to seeing the next phase. Would love the Lutron sensor in my dark laundry room. I am constantly flipping that light on and off. Thanks for the opportunity to win one 🙂

  107. Hallway, definitely.

  108. Love your blog and the progress you’ve made on the house, its looking good.
    This seems silly, but I would love a sensor to put it my closet under the stairs. It’s deep, so I can’t find anything in the dark!

  109. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says:

    Upstairs Loft – not only would this be a safety bonus because it is dark before you can get to the light switch but really it is no fun going back upstairs again because the light was left on….thank you so very much.

  110. I too would put it in my laundry room. The kids go in and out as much as I do and they frequently leave the light on!

  111. Your Dad is amazing…you are a blessed girl!

  112. We have a ‘Narnia room’ in our home – a play room that you access through our boys’ closet door. I would LOVE one of these in there. That light is always on…

    • Oh! I wish that you had been my mom! Now that i’ve read your note, I want create one in my house. And I don’t even have children………..

  113. Den, laundry

  114. Laundry room looks great! What a change!

  115. We are in the process of building my craftroom. Walls are up and sanded and waiting for paint!!! Would LOVE a sensor switch for lights!!!!


  116. I’d love to install one in my laundry room since we have to walk through it to get to out half bath. Thanks and your laundry room is looking great!

  117. Either the hallway or the laundry room would be a great place to put this switch in my house. Or maybe the light to the basement-that would make the cat happy when she is downstairs!♥♫

  118. I would love to have the Lutron Occupancy Sensor installed in:

    1. Guest Bathroom: It amazes me the number of guests who leave the light on, and I don’t discover it for days because I use the master bathroom

    2. Garage: Like the guest bathroom, sometimes the light in the garage stays on for days. Who knows how much additional electricity this has cost us.

    3. Laundy Room. As others have stated, hands and/or arms are nearly always filled when exiting the laundry room, so it is difficult to turn the light off.

    4. Closets. All of us are always forgetting to turn the lights off in the closets. The sensor would be wonderful for the closets.

    I hope to win one of these, but am also glad you posted a code for purchasing them

  119. I would LOVE to win one of these for my pantry!!!LOVE all the work you have done and love seeing your sweet Daddy’s hands and all the work he has done. Those pictures are priceless!!!

  120. I would definitely put it in my laundry room.

    Thank you!

  121. I’d love one for my bathroom

  122. I would definitely love to put one of these in the kids bathroom.

  123. I’d either use it in our laundry room or our pantry under the stairs.

  124. Your dad is so handy! He seems to enjoy helping you too! With 7 children I could have used several of these sensors throughout the house ~ even now, they’d be quite nice to have! Thanks for your blog!

  125. Wow! That would be great in the laundry/mud room – for some reason that light is always being left on…probably because our hands are usually full when we leave the room.

  126. Since I’m usually loaded down with loads of clothes/laundry baskets, etc., I would definitely put this in the basement/laundry room. Thanks, Rhoda and Lutron for the giveaway!

  127. I would LOVE to put this in our garage! It seems to be the one light that we turn on when we walk out to find something, and then I don’t realize is still on until its midnight and time for bed.


  128. I would probably install it in the laundry room too.

  129. I would put one in our bathroom, the kids always leave that light on. Thanks!

  130. I think this would be great for my garage. I always seem to have my hands full going in and/or coming out, so an auto shutoff would be awesome!

  131. I would use it for my basement laundry room light switch. I usually have my hands full coming & going in that room so having a motion sensor light switch would be IDEAL!

  132. The living room. We can’t seem to get those lights off.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  133. This would be great in our laundry room. Great giveaway! Thanks!

  134. Your laundry room is really shaping up! I would love a Lutron switch for my own laundry room!

  135. Master closet and bathroom!

  136. I could use several of these! But I would especially like one in the guest bathroom, that light always seems to be on!

  137. Tonya Vakser says:

    I would put it in my laundry room as well! My switch is in an inconvenient location so it would be quite handy! Love your blog by the way! 🙂

  138. the kitchen, and my kids’ bathroom. 🙂

  139. I need one in my garage- it’s so dark where the door to the inside is located.

  140. The bathrooms AND basement. I could use a few of these!

  141. Not half-way beautiful house! All the way beautiful house!

    Same area needs a light like that. The basement laundry room. Husband and child always leave it on and I’m always schlepping myself down there to turn it off. ALL.THE.TIME!

  142. I’d LOVE to put one in my front bathroom.

  143. Robin Canter says:

    I’d go with my laundry room. Since my hands are full coming in the room w/dirty clothes and full going out with clean clothes, the sensor would be perfect for this room.

  144. Oh, your new laundry room is so awesome! Your dad reminds me of mine. He is such a blessing and loves helping you, I’m sure. 🙂 I’d love to win one of the Lutron Occupancy Sensors. I would put it in a hallway at the top of our steps. When we were building, we left out a light switch for turning off the light once you reach the bedrooms at the end of the hallway. You either have to walk all the way to the end in the dark or remember to go back and turn it off.


  145. Would really like to have one of these for my bathroom : ))) thanks!

  146. I’d love to put one in my attic so when I climb up there the light automatically comes on. The garage would also be great and my front foyer when I come in the door at night. These look easy to install.

  147. Your wall looks great . . . your Daddy is a treasure!!

    I’d love one of those switches for our guest bathroom, hubby seems to use it often and forgets to turn off the light! (No kids left at home to blame!) LOL

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  148. Love your laundry!! I would install in the guest bathroom.

  149. I love your laundry!!! I would install it in our guest bath.

  150. garage!

  151. Would love to try one of these sensors. Laundry room or perhaps stairway hall.

  152. I would love to have one of these, & it would be great to win one — I would put it in the laundry room. It is also where we come in from the garage, so that would be nice when bringing in groceries — no using the elbow to find the

  153. This is so cool…and the laundry room is perfect for this! Got my hands full going In or coming out.

  154. Lutron sensor is wonderful. Now if we could just get the kiddos to flush all would be well with the world. At least our little corner. Love those sweet little kiddos. I could use several more for my walk-ins.

  155. This is a wonderful giveaway!! Thank you! I would love to have this in my master closet…would be fantastic!

  156. I would love a sensor in my laundry room as it is the entry from the garage and the light switch is on the opposite wall from the door. I guess there must have been a reason for this design decision but it escapes me.

    On another subject, can you share where you purchased the shelf over the sink?

  157. I would like this for the master bedroom.
    Your basement is looking great!

  158. Laundry room/half bath! I’m helping raise my very active toddler granddaughter, and she is my shadow, going every place her Gigi goes. That would be a perfect fix to that room as it’s off our enclosed porch & I usually have a wiggling toddler in my arms, or loads of laundry.

  159. Rhonda Petruccy says:

    I love the idea. I would install one in the bathroom, seems no one can turn out the light when they are done. The laundry roon idea is great also. Thanks for sharing this awesome product. Rhonda P.

  160. I would like to put it in my parents bathroom. They are getting older and it would help them at night if they get up.
    Thanks Debbie

  161. Pamala Taylor says:

    My laundry room which is the room I enter from garage. Very spooky without window.

  162. My husband wants me to win about a dozen, but I would say the three main culprits are in the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. Oh, but then there’s the closet and the office too! We’ve been fighting about me leaving lights on since before we got married.

  163. Our main hallway! At least there is where I would start! Thanks.

  164. Gwen Callahan says:

    For sure the hall bath!!!

  165. Maybe I’d put in the laundry room, but then maybe the kitchen???? Not sure. Thank you for the giveaway.

  166. Wow! Great progress. If I had one of those switches, it would be in the laundry room too!

  167. Absolutely perfect for our kitchen … the most used room in our home. Love the idea and the technology.

  168. I would also use it in my laundry room! My husband always turns the light on down there and never remembers to turn it off!

    Jenna @ Wife in Progress

  169. Chrysanthe Vassiles says:

    Mudroom/laundry room

  170. I would use it in my laundry room. Your is looking snazzy.

  171. This sounds perfect for our storage room. Thanks for sharing.

  172. I would love to install one in our walk-in pantry. Everyone seems to forget to turn off the light when leaving that space!

  173. Hi Rhoda, Thanks for the giveaway! I’d love to put one in my walk-in closet.

  174. The laundry room. I love visiting and seeing all of your updates!

  175. My hubby is always (sweetly) after me to turn off the kitchen lights after I’m done working in there! This is exactly what I need. =)

  176. Vicki Nuckols says:

    I would love to win,although I would take it to my momma’s farmhouse,she will not leave there for now even though she is by herself since my daddy passed away last year.We worry about her so much and she keeps a flashlight in her bed to go through the house at night to the bathroom,this would be a wonderful idea for her to have it come on instantly.God Bless!

  177. Karen asbell says:

    Bathroom/laundry room:))

  178. I SOOO need one f these for my laundry room also! When we are not in there doing laundry, it is the go between the kitchen and garage, where my husband spends ALOT of time. It’s not like the laundry room is big bad and dark, but he ALWAYS turns the light on EVERY time he goes through. CONSISTENTLY.EVERYTIME. He has NEVER turned it off at the other end when he is one food in the garage. drives me crazy. I so need this.

  179. Home Office

  180. Marty Philpot says:

    What a relief it would be not to have to try to handle a full laundry basket while turning the laundry room lights on and off! Genius!!

  181. I would put one on my sons’ bathroom. At 15 and 17 the lights never get turned off!

  182. My kitchen is like Grand Central Station! The light is always on and, oddly, no one ever turned it on! lol This would help us save so much energy and money!!!!

  183. Leigh Ann S. says:

    I can’t decide if I would put it in my master closet or the laundry room!

  184. Lorene Crisalli says:

    Love your laundry room… Love your whole house!! It looks wonderful! I would put one of these in my Granddaughters room for sure! I am always reminding her to turn her light off or running behind her to shut it off! What a wonderful product.

    Thank you,

  185. I would love to have one in the bathroom, I’m not sure why but no one every seems to remember to turn that light off.

  186. I would to put it in our office

  187. Susan B. Jones says:

    Wow I would love one of these for my laundry room as well!

  188. This would be great in my basement windlowless laundry room!

  189. The Lutron Occupancy Sensor would be wonderful for my butler’s pantry. I usually only need to go in for a few moments to retrieve something and I am forever leaving the light on as I come out with my hands full! Having this installed would be terrific!

  190. Oh gosh, either my son’s bedroom, or the laundry room.

  191. We have a mudroom (aka “closet”) that has no light. This would be perfect.

  192. I would use it for my stairwell to the basement/garage. I hate it when we go to bed and don’t realize that light was left on. Thanks for the chance to win!

  193. This would be terrific in the kitchen–what a great idea

  194. I would love to win a Lutron Occupancy Sensor and volunteer my husband to install it in his choice of garage, laundry room, or attic. We are in Texas, it was 92 today, I’m pretty certain he won’t choose the attic! Thanks for the great giveaway and the coupon code. Your laundry room is looking fantastic!

  195. Either in the garage or upstairs hallway.

  196. Blessie Nelson says:

    I am so glad to see your review on a Lutron! How amazing it will be to see our electricity bill coming down with this! I would install this in kitchen as that’s where our family keeps forgetting to switch off the lights when not needed!

  197. Denise Upton says:

    I would put it in the laundry room. I can think of a few other places. I would have to see how it actually works to figure out appropriate places.

  198. When I grow up, I want to be just like your dad.

    Psalm 71:18

  199. I enjoyed the review on the Lutron products! I would put the occupancy sensor in the kitchen…it’s the last room we are in before we all dash out the door! Thanks for hosting this give away!

  200. Every room in the house! But if I had to pick just 1 it would be the bathroom.

  201. Love your laundry room! I am going to veer from most responses about where I would put the Lutron sensor. I would put it in my long hallway from the bedroom wing. The floor is old reclaimed pine, with lots of dark spots in it. I always fear that I might step on a “palmetto bug” when I get up in the middle of the night to go to the kitchen! I know this is awful, but I live around oak trees and moss! Thanks for the chance.

  202. Love the laundry room/storage. It is looking so good. I would put one of these in the downstairs hallway. Usually I have an armload of things to take upstairs and am fumbling around for the light switch. This would be great!

  203. Linda miller says:

    Just thinking about a location got me counting how many I would purchase……a lot! But I would start with my closet first.
    Your laundry room looks great and that storage area is wonderful.

  204. I can’t think of a room where I wouldn’t want a sensor but I could really use it in my foyer, it’s dark and I’m always fumbling around for the right light switch there.

  205. Love your utility room! Thanks for the giveaway–I’m constantly forgetting to turn off my closet light. That’s the 1st room I’d choose…

  206. I would put on in my walk in closet- I am notorious for leaving the light on in there all day long!

  207. I’d put one in every room of the house….my kids are completely unable to locate light switches!

  208. I would put mine in the hallway and my kids bathroom. Love the rug in your laundry room!

  209. I would put one in the stairwell that goes down to our basement garage. The freezer is in the basement, too, so I’m always going up and down the stairs with my hands full and trying to juggle things while feeling for the light switch. This is a great solution!

  210. I would like to put it in our walk in closet and office. Thanks for hosting he giveaway!

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

  211. Thank you for giveaway 🙂 If I were you and I had three spare lutrons I’d be greedy in a way and would give it to a friend of mine or relative. But I am not you, so I just tell my idea. I’d install them in my kitchen and piano room. Oh, as for the third I’d leave it for my sister’s room (that would be cool anyway)…I love the way you speak about super ugly -> very functional. How much do you think the lutron will work?

  212. I would probably install one in the garage as I use mine a lot for storing various items. Also, one in the laundry as you sometimes have your hands full walking in there and an “auto” light would be fabulous!
    Thanks for the giveaway and I’ve really enjoyed how everything in your home is coming together.

  213. I would also add it to my laundry/storage room! Perfect room considering we are always coming and going from there with hands full of laundry, holiday decor or storage bins.

  214. I think the kids need these in their rooms, for sure!

  215. My laundry room and half bath need those sensors!

  216. My craft closet…that’s all I’m going to say! 🙂

    Thanks for offering this giveaway in addition to all the ideas/inspiration you share!

  217. Janice Careins says:

    My first place to install this is our bedroom. We have came home twice to the lights being left on. I keep forgetting to turn off the light. Guess it comes with turning 65.

  218. The master bathroom in our house. We’ll get ready in the room, and sometimes we’ll be in such a hurry we’ll forget to turn off the light.

  219. I would use this in the laundry room also. 🙂

  220. Andrea Watts says:

    In my laundry room

  221. Probably in my laundry room. (Mine is not as pretty was your laundry room, however)!

  222. staci torgerson says:

    I’d love to have those, one for my master bedroom as well as dining room. Thanks for the opportunity.

  223. Stephanie O says:

    Loving your laundry room. Love the floor! I would like to put the light in the entry way, carrying groceries and not have to turn a switch while juggling three kids.

  224. I’d put the light in our master closet. Somehow that light ends up staying on much more than it needs to!

  225. I would put it in the upstairs hallway.

  226. Currently painting my floor in laundry room with stripes too! I’d love this light option in my kids bathroom. Let’s just I always end up turning it off hours later- what an energy waste!

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