LaZBoy Design Dash!

Today, I’m back with the rest of the LaZBoy Design Dash competition.  I’m sharing a teaser video with you today and the actual LaZBoy design competition starts November 11th, so I’ll be reminding you about that too and send you over to vote for my room (pretty please!).  Here’s a sneak peak at all the bloggers who were there:

So, we left off with me in a blank space at the design showroom, Kreber, where I worked a few hours and got my room all put together.

Ready to see the final design?  I’m really happy with the way it all came out and was relieved that I wasn’t embarrassed at my room compared to all the others. You know, when the word competition is involved, you always think, “what if my room really looks lame compared to everyone else?”  That’s always my fear on something like this.  But, I’m happy to say, that didn’t happen and I was proud and excited when my room came together much as I had envisioned it.  I really thought it was so pretty.  In fact, I thought more than once, I could totally move into this space.  If I could pick it up and move it to my den here in Georgia, that would be even better.

Room before

Again, here’s the room when we got there, a blank slate ready for lots of pretty things.   I was happy to have those built-ins and made sure I got plenty to go on them. We all had to decide the angle we wanted our rooms photographed, so after looking it over and talking with my designers, we decided to have the angle of the shot go into the corner, so all the furniture was angled from the sofa to make the most of the space.

pile of accessories

I actually got way too much stuff, but better that than the other way around.  I actually picked out 2 of those slipper chairs on the far left that are blues and yellows and picked accessories accordingly, with a pop of orange as an accent.  I ended up not using those chairs after all, but the houndstooth chair I picked became the focal point, along with the rusty orange chair that I didn’t remember tagging.  That was a happy accident when that chair showed up in my stash, along with all the accessories and other furniture pieces.  I was relieved when it all worked out.  We began working on our rooms that morning, had a lunch break and then after lunch, we got an announcement to come outside for a surprise. Oooooh, I love surprises!

fresh flowers

They had a truck of fresh flowers and we all got to go in and choose our faves. I picked some with orange and green to accent my space and they were beautiful.

So, now are you ready to see the whole room shot?!!!  I just love it.  By the way the wall color is Sherwin Williams Halcyon Green.  I debated whether or not to use a color on the walls and I’m so glad I did. This one was serene and calming, but added a lot of vibrancy to the room.

room pro shot

This is the professional photo shot and then I took a whole bunch myself with a tripod, so I’m happy with how my detail shots came out too. This one looks dark to me.

sofa pro shot

This sofa pic is also the pro shot, but stay tuned for a whole bunch  more. I got all the details for you!

By the way, my sofa is called the Poet and the fabric is Bisque, a beautiful chevron/herringbone tone on tone fabric that I really loved.

final lazboy room Rhoda

Here’s my photo of the whole room!  I just love all the color, so fresh and happy and vibrant, don’t you think?  I ended up mixing up all the pillows and I really think that made so much difference in the final feel of the room, so that’s one tip I would give you. Don’t be afraid to mix up those pillows.  I need to do that more in my own house and will definitely be taking notes on that.

We had to do videos too talking about our rooms and when asked how I would describe my room, I said coastal, casual, elegant. It actually really reminds me of Better Homes and Gardens magazine, one of my fave magazines.

houndstooth chair

This houndstooth chair was beautiful and I loved the colors in it so it became one of my fave focal points to the room too.  Adding an orange throw and the backside of a graphic pillow added just enough contrast to the chair.

orange chair

On the left side of the room is the orange/rust side chair which really added a much needed pop of color in there and I sprinkled that orange color around the room too.  The rug I liked a lot. It wasn’t too busy but added my wall color to the floor.

orange chair 2

This small round side table was just enough here, along with plant.  I love how the black and white pillow plays off the striped black and white vase I added to the mirrored side table back there with the dragonfly prints.

mirrored side table

Here’s that space closer. Love the glimmer of the mirrored side table here and I fell in love with the colors in the dragonfly prints and thought they were perfect hanging in a group above this table.  The black and white striped vase just added a fun pop of graphic pattern here too.

vignette side table

We had another designer who worked for Kreber helping us out too and Christy helped me pull in this tray and glasses/bottles to the space to make this table even more fun. She was a big help giving me ideas of what I could bring in here, including a fake fireplace!  That was a big focal point too.

coffee table 2

Coffee table and tray arrangement with fresh flowers.

side table

Side table with lantern below and small bottles with lamp.

flowers coffee table

Those fresh flowers really made a nice touch in the room for the photos.  Loved that & sign too.

chair and side table

One of the other bloggers had picked out that large botanical back there on the wall, but ended up not using it, so I snagged it for my room and  love how it looks behind the plant.

built in 2

I styled both sets of built-in bookcases and used books and all the things I had pulled from the LaZBoy showroom.

built in 1

Liked how they turned out.  I asked my LaZBoy designer if she thought any of this should be tweaked and she said NO, it’s perfect as is.  I was glad to hear she thought so.

faux fireplace (2)

That pretty gold mirror was passed around to and I ended up with it. The perfect touch of burnished gold on the fireplace. This is a faux fireplace that I was able to bring in from the studio. They set up all sorts of rooms and have the neatest props and this added much needed height between the bookcases and gave me a focal point back there.


Loved the accessories and flowers, which I arranged myself.

Rhoda and Tia (2)

So, that’s my room!  I hope you are inspired by it as much as I was.  Tia, my LaZBoy designer and I, taking in my room.

Rhoda in space

It was so nice to be finished and relaxing about this time.

At the end of the 2 days, we were all excited to get our rooms completed and really, every single room looked great. This competition is going to be a tough one because seriously, all were so good. Mine is definitely the most traditional room of all, but it also represents my style.  I love the mix of colors and textures in here and could definitely live in this room.

Rhoda in room

Me doing my video.

group in chairs

We were surprised at the end of our time there with a very exciting announcement.  We were allowed to pick something from our room to be sent to us for our own homes and guess what I chose??


I chose my sofa and I can’t wait to get it. It’s going to go in my den. I would love to get my den looking more like this room, so we will see how that goes.  I would definitely need to change out my recliner fabric and go with something more neutral there.  I got really inspired after doing this room to make some changes in my own, so hopefully I can do that along the way.  I want to mix my pillows up more too, I really like how that looks.

Rhoda Beckie

They took lots of pics, so I added a few from the photographers there.  It was so nice to hang out with some of my blog friends, like Beckie, from Infarrantly Creative.

group relaxing

At the end of our designing time, we hung out waiting for the videos to all be done and it was a very rewarding day.

I’m so honored and blessed to be invited to these sorts of events and always excited to share them with you. Thanks for hanging out with me!

I’ll be back next week and share all the other rooms with you as LaZBoy kicks off the design competition on their Facebook page.

NOTE: LaZBoy paid all expenses for my trip to High Point, but we were not told what to write or what to say. 

- Rhoda


  1. Your room is AMAZING, Rhoda! Love every detail! Enjoyed following along via instagram while you were doing it all too. I never knew that LazBoy sold accessories and all that beautiful decor and furniture in their stores. Looks like I need to take a shopping trip 🙂

    Can’t wait to see everyone’s rooms and vote!

  2. Elizabeth Burton says

    I absolutely love this room! I have been looking at this particular sofa as well. In the showroom, the sofa cushions don’t look as puffy as yours does and I can’t find one with the nailhead trim. Are these changes you made? Love, love, love this room!

    • Hi, Elizabeth, yes the seat cushions were order with the upgraded down blend, so that is why they are puffier and the nailhead is an upgrade too.
      They told us to do whatever we wanted.

  3. Donna Jo Smith says

    I just saw your design room on CNN (on line) featuring the orange chair. It was exciting to recognize your room from your blog. Congratulations!

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