Leaving on a Jet Plane with Atlantic

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I’ve always been a traveling girl.  Put me on a plane and send me somewhere I’ve never been and I am one excited gal.  In fact, in just 2 weeks, I’ll be flying up to New York City for the BlogHer conference and I can’t wait.  I’ve only been to New York one time (in 2010 for the Nate Berkus show) and that was quite the experience for me.  I’ve always wanted to go back and now I get the chance to explore the Big Apple even more.

Fun times!

So, just in time for my upcoming trip to NYC, I also got the opportunity to review a piece of luggage from Atlantic.  They sent this cute little suitcase to me and asked me to fill it up, so I did.  It has some great outside pockets, perfect for stuffing in small items and tucking away all those things we need when we travel.   See those zipper pockets above?  They hold a lot of stuff!


Like socks and underwear.  And this suitcase is just the right size to roll on the plane and stow away.  I try to pack lighter these days, so I don’t have to pay extra to check a bag.  This size is perfect for that and at only 6.5 lbs. it’s lightweight too.

I stuffed it full and still had plenty of room for more, so this small suitcase should easily hold all I need for a 3 or 4 day trip.  I pack a LOT lighter than I used to in my younger days.  I’m looking forward to using this lightweight Atlantic case on my trip to NYC in August.

How about you?

Do you have a trip planned this summer?   Are you a heavy packer or light one?

There’s a fun sweepstakes going on too with Atlantic Luggage and Legoland Sweepstakes.

You’ll have a chance to win a 2 day vacation for two adults and two children to Legoland in Florida.

  • Prize includes a hotel for 2 nights (one 4 occupancy room)
  •  Car voucher
  •  Meet and greet with a LEGOLAND Master Model Builder
  •  And a free set of Atlantic luggage

Did you know that Legoland has a new waterpark (opened May 2012) with a wave pool, tube slides, and body slides. Families can also imagine, design, and build a unique LEGO vessel and set it afloat on the 1,000 ft long lazy river.


How about that prize for you and your kids? I don’t know a lot about Legoland, but I sure keep hearing about it, so it must be pretty awesome.

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  1. Have fun in NYC…such a wonderful, exciting town…you must be over the top excited!…I will pop over and check out the sweepstakes…I have been to Legoland in Florida with our granddaughter and it is fantastic…we enjoyed it just as much as Disney World…it is such a fabulous and fun place!….

    • Hi Rhoda,
      We hope to go to San Francisco to see our son. I don’t enjoy flying or packing. This lovely suitcase might make both a little easier!


    • Hi Rhoda,
      We hope to go to San Francisco to see our son. I don’t enjoy flying or packing. This lovely suitcase might make both a little easier! Thanks!


  2. Have fun in NYC, I love that place. I have been there many times and the last time I went I took my granddaughter. She and I are ready to go back.

  3. New York vacation sounds fun! Would love to win the prize. Enjoy reading your blog and look forward to each update on your renovation.

  4. That is one awesome suitcase! Love it and it carries so much.

    What/when/where are you coming to NYC? How exciting. That’s MY city.

    • Hi, Linda, I’m going to the big BlogHer 12 conference August 1-5 & will be there 4 days. Can’t wait to go back & this time, I hope to get to see more of the city. Want to come meet up with us?!

  5. Sandy Bass says

    Luggage looks great. Not too large to handle in a crowded airport. I would love to own this. My grandchildren and kids keep borrowing mine and sometimes I never see it again.

  6. Paula Romer says

    Hi Rhoda… Your new blue Atlantic suitcase is lovely. I’m a big luggage hoarder… I love suitcases, but have never tried Atlantic. Have a blast in NYC. I’m so glad that many wonderful opportunities are coming your way.
    We would love to go to Legoland now that our little boy is old enough to enjoy it. I hear it’s amazing. I’m loving watching your house reno and can’t wait to see it all come together!

  7. My daughter wants to take her niece to Legoland. It looks like a lot of fun. Your new suitcase is perfect for short trips. Have a blast at the BlogHer conference!

  8. Oh I know you’ll have so much fun in NYC! The suitcase looks awesome…I need a new carry on. It’s funny that you say you pack lighter now that in the past, because I’m doing the same thing these days. Seems like I just don’t need so much stuff these days.

  9. The great thing about a carry on besides the obvious…is the airline can’t give your beautiful new suitcase that big ugly badge of flying honor. A few years ago I flew to West Palm Beach with a brand new red suitcase. When I picked it up at the luggage carousel it was sporting a huge black mark (badge of honor) across it’s front and several small ones on it’s backside. One flight. It’s made many flights since with more honor badges. Wish I could find a way to clean the marks off that works.
    Have a great time a Blogher!!!

  10. Thanks soo much for sharing! You are an inspiration to those of us who have only just begun to blog! Have a awesome time at the convention and a safe trip as well. Enjoy the Big Apple.

    Safe Travels,

  11. Rhoda, I love that new blue suitcase, but I’m really admiring those green shoes that I saw in the suitcase! I hope you have a fabulous time in NYC. Leo and I honeymooned there, but we haven’t been back since. Can’t wait until we return because we both love the city.

  12. delores leboeuf says

    Have a safe trip and pack it full of fun………….will be awaiting all the sharing you’re gonna do, will enjoy it with you…Love & Blessings, Lady Delores.

  13. Hi Rhoda!!

    I wish I was going with you!!! You’re going to have a great time. I’ve never been to New York. California is the State which I’m use to visiting. We are planning a great trip for next Spring to California. Interested?

    We go to Seattle 4 times a year and we have a great time!!

    Thank you Rhoda for sharing with us your life!! You’re a lovely person and it’s great to be on your adventure called “Life”.

    Take care and have a great time!!


  14. Hi Rhoda,
    I enjoy your blog on my homepage and meant to write this the day you published the post, but somehow got distracted, they forgot. Can you imagine! Anyway, I live in CT so I don’t meet fellow bloggers. I just thought of this, if you have time and inclination, I live 2 miles from Bradley International Airport (Hartford of Hartford/Springfield destination listed) if you’d like to visit up here. First I was thinking of meeting somewhere in southern CT if you’d be interested. If my email doesn’t come through to you, it’s Christianwifemomcrafter@gmail.com.

  15. We have two little grandsons that love legos and are talking and talking about going to Legoland. I could sure use some new luggage myself.
    Have a a great trip!

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