Leggings and Tights and Boots

I’m all over the leggings and boots love this time of year and have several pairs of boots and leggings.  No nonsense recently gave me the opportunity to try out their new legging and tights and I’m sharing some fun ideas for legs over on this page.

Hope you’ll join me.  I love feeling stylish in leggings and boots!  Ignore the iron and ironing board chaos in the background.  I was ironing my new drapes which I’ll be sharing really soon.  Love them!

And check out the Tony Llama cowboy boots I bought myself for my birthday last month.  Aren’t they fun?!  I’m loving wearing these this year.

- Rhoda


  1. You are so cute in leggings and a sweater dress! I recently bought two pair of (what I call) rider boots. I love them 🙂

  2. I too love wearing leggings with a bug, chunky sweater and boots. Comfy and warm.

  3. You go girl in those boots!!!!

  4. Hello! I’ve just started enjoying your blog! Looking forward to catching up on your posts! And might I say… You are plucky! Loved the line GRITS. I guess I’m GRIN (girl raised in North)
    Carry on, you’re doing great!

  5. I love leggings and boots! You’re Georgia cowgirl boots are the bomb!

  6. You go girl! Love the self portrait and I love wearing leggings and boots too! I need a pair of cowgirl boots though. Just catching up on your blog. Love what you’ve done with your new home!

  7. Love, love your blog! So enjoy learning your cost effective means to decorate so beautifully!
    Love the boots!!! Knowing how you shop for the BEST prices, I just wondered if you were able to find your beautiful Tony Lama boots at a bargain. Blessings to you…

    • HI, Josie, I bought them at a local cowboy store, Horsetown, and they weren’t cheap at $165, but probably not too bad for good leather cowboy boots. I saw boots in all price points & much more expensive, so I was happy with the looks and price of these.

  8. You are too cute Rhoda!! I love your cowboys boots too. I haven’t been to Horsetown in ages but grew up just a mile from that store 🙂

  9. Indeed, you are adorable!

  10. Leggings and tights and boots…oh my!
    Leggings and tights and boots…oh my!
    But seriously, I love this time of year and I love to incorporate all three accessories into my winter wardrobe. By the way, you look marvelous, darling, in all three! Melinda

  11. Rhoda…love the leggings and boots…and really love the birthday present to yourself!…Happy belated birthday!!!…

  12. I love wearing leggings. I just started wearing them after getting a pair for Christmas and now I have 4 pairs.

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