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In spite of the fact that I was a major tom-boy growing up, makeup has been a huge part of my life since I was around 14 years old and began experimenting with those lip glosses and blushers from Woolworth’s. Oh, how exciting it was to pick up those shiny containers of makeup and start using them on my youthful face.

(Thrifty clothes finds from yardsales:  Chico’s skirt and Ann Taylor shirt, shoes from TJ Maxx, necklace from yardsale).

I wasn’t officially allowed to wear much makeup until I turned 15 or so and boy, did I have some fun then!  I didn’t go overboard with makeup (until those over the top 80’s hit, then I confess I got a wee bit carried away), but I remember how it made me feel to get that color on my face.  My eyes glowed and came alive.  Mascara made those blonde lashes of mine come to life.  Blusher on the cheeks gave me a rosy glow.  Oh, how I fell in love with makeup back then.

It’s been a love affair ever since.  Without a doubt, makeup is the single biggest transformation a woman can do to make herself feel good.  Like she can conquer the world with the right shade of lipstick.  Gather courage with artfully applied blush and highlighter.

Evening out skin tones comes first, along with applying coverup under the eyes.  Those undereye circles can be ugly you know. 🙂  Get the face primed with makeup and then you have a face ready to add color.  I use eye liner to bring my eyes out front and center, usually a gray or blue/gray or even brown.

I finally came to the conclusion that brown shades on my eyes actually make my blue eyes bluer, so now I alternate between browns and grays.  Three shades of eye shadow are always added, with the darkest shade contouring the eyelid to show it off to the max.  Mascara is the final touch, making those eyelashes extra long and lush, the better to flirt with you know?!  Oh, how adept I became at putting on the makeup and making myself the best that I can be.  Not that I’m an expert, I’m not.

Yep, as mentioned above, here’s a funny pic of the girls in my family, circa 1985, Mother/Daughter banquet.  Big hair ruled and apparently I thought that more makeup was the bomb back then.  Heavy handed any?  I definitely took that tight skin for granted.  My sister will probably kill me for putting this up, she was still a brunette in those days. 🙂  Wasn’t that Lauren a cutie-pie back then too? And our sweet mama has always been a pretty lady.

So began my journey with makeup.   And it hasn’t stopped to this day.  Now, my young and dewy face is a thing of the past and middle-age has arrived (uggh, when did that happen?!).

What’s a girl to do? 

Well, for one thing, makeup still covers a multitude of sins.  I don’t care how naturally beautiful a woman is, makeup definitely enhances that beauty and not one single woman I know looks better without makeup.  Not a one! Have you see Oprah without her makeup?  Or any Hollywood celebrity for that matter?   Sort of makes me smile when I see a celebrity without her makeup and looking so plain and normal. Yep, they look just like you and me.  Makeup helps us all and I’m a huge proponent of cosmetics to make me look and feel better about myself.

Talking about this subject is easy for me.  These days, working from home, I often go a couple of days without putting my makeup on, but I can tell you I sure don’t feel pretty without it.  And if you saw me, you’d most likely agree! 🙂  I can totally look like a hagatha some days.

Makeup enhances and just gives me that inner security that I need to get out there and face the world.  With my face made up and dressed in some stylish threads, I’m a new woman.

Back in June, I went to a college reunion along with about 100 people who graduated from the college we all went to back in the 70’s. It was a lot of fun.  Getting dressed up and feeling good about how I look at this stage in my life was a big part of the experience.  We all want to look our best at a high school or college reunion.  We still want to feel cute and matter.  I did feel good at my reunion and here I am with a couple of my long-time friends from college, Susan and Chris.  We all felt good for that matter and yes, we are all wearing makeup. 🙂  (if you click on that link above to a post about the college, you can see what me and Chris looked like from the yearbook photos that year).

How about you?  Don’t you feel SO much better when you have your full arsenal of cosmetics on the face and a cute outfit on?  I know you do! Being made up just does something good for a woman.

So, when I was asked to try out the new COVERGIRL LashPerfection™, I was thrilled to accept.  Try out new makeup?  I don’t need my arm twisted for that.  I was sent a new package of Black/Brown and started using it that very day.

I used to be a snob about makeup and only shopped at the department store counters.  You know, the pricey stuff.  I’m not that particular anymore.    I’m just fine with inexpensive mascara, as long as it performs well.

Can I just tell you this?

If you really want to humble yourself, ask your practically flawless now-29 year old niece to take close-up pics of your eyes all made up and try to get a decent one without showing all the sags and wrinkles.  She will be happy to oblige, all the while looking at the after pics and your eyes in person, with an equal mix of pity and I’m-so-glad-I’m-still-young smugness on her face.   🙂

Love you, Lauren!  As much as it seems to be in the way distant future, this aging thing will happen to you too one day.

Cropping helps!  This will do nothing for your self-esteem, but I’m keeping it real and showing you anyway.  🙂  Look you can see my contacts floating up close and personal.  I’m blind as a bat without my gas perms.

COVERGIRL LashPerfection™ in Black/Brown performed very well and got my stamp of approval!  It went on smooth, didn’t do much clumping (which I hate) and wore very well.  I hate when I get a new mascara and the wand is so clumped up with mascara that it’s hard to brush it on without it clumping up my eyelashes.  Did that make sense to anyone but me?  Clumpy mascara is not my friend.  This one did a nice job and I would definitely recommend it.

So, tell me girlfriends…don’t you just feel better when your face is all made up and you have on some stylish clothes?

While we’re on the subject of make-up and looking great, you might want to check out the “Looking Your Best” posts in the Life Well Lived section of BlogHer.com. There are some great application tips and ideas for switching up your look for fall!

I’d love your take on makeup!  Do you love it as much as I do for a self-esteem booster?

Great news!  I’m giving away a $50 gift card from Drugstore.com

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- Rhoda


  1. Love that perfect Donna Mills look you had going on in the 80’s!
    I do feel better with makeup…I’m coming up on 50 so coverage and moisture are important. Couldn’t live without my gas perms, either. And looking in the magnifying mirror is scary, isn’t it? I’m kind of amazed at all the lines and sags…like a science project. LOL
    You look fantastic. : )

  2. I MUST have lip balm with me at all times. It’s pretty much required, I’m addicted.

  3. I tweeted the giveaway! https://twitter.com/#!/RUaDSarah

  4. Mascara, without a doubt! I don’t feel awake until I have it on!

  5. Yes, I feel so much better with makeup on! I have always been a girly girl and I felt like I always had girls that I got flack from for wearing makeup. I never really understood it, but some women who don’t wear makeup like to put women down who do. Now, that I’m older I don’t really care what people think about that, but back in high school and college it really affected me a lot. I was always a little insecure and makeup made me feel more confident.

  6. My mineral powder makeup!

  7. I have to have foundation… just not too much or it gets caught up in all my “life lines”.

    You look wonderful now! Growing into a beautiful young woman 🙂

    I will be back with my post url as soon as I get my Bunny Hop Party posted this afternoon.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday’s Bunny Hop Party!

  8. I can’t live without my mascara!

  9. I feel like I am missing an article of clothing if I forget to put mascara on!

  10. I could not live without my mascara!

  11. Rhoda~ you are just as beautiful now as you were in that photo! I could never be without my mascara! Thanks.

  12. I gotta have mascara but I also need my under eye circle cover. Both are essential…

  13. Tube mascara is my “can’t live without” item! It forms tubes around your lashes and does not come off without water and gentle tugging! No under eye smudges for me.

  14. Lynda Cormier says:

    Definitely mascara!! Gotta have it!

    You look fabulous!!

  15. My new favorite product is my lip stick-pink pout. I can’t live without foundation. Still fighting acne, so this is a must to even out my complexion.

  16. I can’t like without liquid foundation. I never leave the house without it!

    I also enjoy my mascara too. I accidentally went to work without putting it on today and I feel naked!

  17. I also provided my email in the alternate entry method.

  18. I couldn’t live without lipstick. Put on some sunglasses and lipstick and your good to go!

  19. i could not live without mascara!

  20. I always feel better with lippy and eyeliner on. I also don’t think I’ve left the house without sunscreen and tinted moisturizer for the last 20 years. If you don’t have pride in yourself then no one else will, eh?

  21. Foundation most definitely…ever since I found a foundation in my shade it has been a miracle! I prefer more natural cosmetics and it makes my skin *a lot* better. 🙂


    I’m super happy my preferred brand of mascara finally re-started doing waterproof!

  22. Heather Spooner says:

    I absolutely can’t leave the house without wearing some concealer. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Rhoda, this is a fun post! You look so pretty in your 80’s picture. I must say I loved that time of big hair and lots of make-up. I am very pale, so really need to wear lipstick, blush, and mascara to look alive. Your new mascara looks very nice on you!

  24. Lipstick! Love the color it adds and it keeps my lips moist.

  25. I can go without base makeup and blush if I am in a hurry, but I never go out the door without mascara. Even working out and at the swimming pool. I feel nekked without it.

  26. I’ve got to have my liquid foundation and blush. Those are my top two with mascara a close third.

  27. hmm..only one thing??? Bronzer! (I wasn’t allowed to wear any makeup till maybe around age 19…now, I never leave the house without it!)

  28. Must have the moisturizer and foundation! Wrinkles are taking over!

  29. Lip color of some kind. Love all the different types of products available and they keep my lips from drying out!

  30. I have very light eye lashes and I could not go out without my mascara.

  31. Mascara, I really don’t feel pretty at all without it.

  32. I must have brow pencil!

  33. tracylynne says:

    I have only used one kind of fdn my whole life and I never leave home without it…

  34. It would be a toss-up for me between brow powder or mascara–without them my eyes disappear! I’m totally with you of the subject of make-up. I even put it on if I’m just staying home for the day. I don’t feel dressed without it!

  35. foundation to cover those lovely “liver”spots. Why do you suppose they call them that?

  36. That would have to be mascara! I have long eyelashes but they are red! Ugh.

  37. a new make up routine helps me get through the times when i hate my hair

  38. Lip gloss is what I can’t live without.

  39. Lipstick girl here is my favorite!

  40. Karen R in CT says:

    I love two products: tinted moisturizer and a good primer! I’m with you on the mascara – haven’t bought a big department store brand in a long time. Love Covergirl mascara in particular too.

  41. My number one make-up necessity is a good foundation with SPF.

  42. Having the brows done is an instant face lift. After that, def lip color.

  43. elizabeth normandin says:

    Wow as I age even my eyelashes are getting gray! I couldnt live without mascara!!!!!!Fun giveaway, Thank You, Beth N.

  44. Rhoda, I am in total agreement with you. My eyes don’t stay open without mascara! I do enjoy makeup but don’t spend a fortune on it. I’ve been a Cover Girl since my teens and will stay that way.

    I’m 48 now and am very aware of how I look and age. I want to age gracefully. 🙂

  45. Great post Rhoda! Oh I can relate to the aging thing. Where do those lines come from. My fav must-have right now is moisturizer with eyebrow powder running a close second. Seems like my brows are disappearing as fast as the wrinkles are appearing.

  46. Mary Feagley says:

    I cannot live without my creme/powder foundation. I’ve been wearing it for almost ten years…and it has never let me down!

  47. Mary Feagley says:


    @feagley4 on Twitter!

  48. I absolutely can not live without lipstick. I hate naked lips!! But to be perfectly honest — I can’t leave my house without all of my makeup on – I just don’t feel dressed without it.

  49. I love makeup and have since my early teens. I don’t leave the house without it. I love mascara and brown shadows. I don’t go for the expensive dept. store brands anymore either. I recently started using skin care, foundation, blush and lipstick called No. 7 from a UK company. Sold at Target, the UK company has a consultant in the store to do mini-make overs. I love this stuff.

  50. I love this post! And you really do look beautiful! I am a HUGE believer in concealer! I use it every day of my life….just a little under my eyes but what a difference it makes! Thanks for the giveaway! I could use this! ♥

  51. Rhoda,
    What a cute post! I feel soooo much better with make-up. I think I look better with it too! Your eyes are so pretty….love seeing them up close!

    xo Renae

    time for a get together girl!

  52. I just loooove a quick swipe of black eyeliner…as well as mascara & some chapstick!! Perfect 1 minute make-up that makes me feel “ready enough” when I don’t have a ton of time to get ready!

  53. Here’s the link to my twitter…I tweeted about the give-away! 🙂

  54. Jennifer T says:

    Mascara and an eyelash curler, for sure! My lashes are thin and light, and without those two things my eyes would disappear!

  55. Ummmmm….. eyeliner and mascara. Cool giveaway!

  56. Angela Wells says:

    Foundation to even out my skin tones and cover those imperfections.

  57. Concealer, mascara and blush are a must even if I dont have time to fully get ready!

  58. April was in CT now CA says:

    What a pretty outfit, Rhoda! I know most people must have mascara, but I don’t even wear it and my absolute MUST have is eyeliner. I feel naked without it! lol

  59. I became fascinated with makeup at age 12 and have never looked back. I have a much simpler routine these days, than when I was in my teens and twenties, but I have to have mascara and eyeliner on or I feel naked. I am so washed out without them.

    Oh, and you look wonderful. I love the photo of the girls, too!

  60. Love the old family photo. You and your sister looked like you could be on Designing Women back in the day! ;o)

  61. Way to go Rhoda, taking that close-up, you have nothing to worry about. I’m sure your niece hopes that’s how she will look when she is your age. I cannot go without my lipstick, just brightens the whole face – always love to try new colors out!

  62. I used to be one of those no makeup gals. Just an eyelash curler and I was ready to go, but age has been kicking my tail. Now I need foundation to leave the house. Thanks for hosting this terrific giveaway!

  63. Stephanie C says:

    I can’t live without a good body wash. I need a rich lather & great scent to start the day!

  64. Lipstick! Must have lipstick as my fair skin and light lips make me quite transparent.

  65. My bronze colored eye-liner. It was recommended as to play upon those baby blues and I absolutely love it. Matter of fact I just had to run to the drugstore to buy more before work.

  66. Lipstick!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to have it!

  67. Rhoda you look fab in those pics!
    I got lazy about putting mascara on everyday and now have my lashes died. Love it. Can’t go with out my lip gloss and moisturizers.
    Got to have them.

  68. Patti Bailey says:

    I’m 68 with very good skin…EYELINER is my absolute must!!!!!!! Also a pair of really big sunglasses hide a multitude of sins…..patti

  69. I’ll admit I’m relatively new to wearing makeup but I love how much nicer my eyes look with some mascara.

  70. I should wear more makeup, but most days I just wear eyeliner. This growing older deal is weird. When I look in the mirror I expect to see my 20 year old face, not the middle aged version.

  71. Rhoda….love your blog! You are a beautiful person inside and out!!! Never go without lip gloss! Hope you have a very blessed day!

  72. Mascara for me.

    Love your blog!

  73. I have to have mascara. My eyelashes are super blonde so you can’t even see them without mascara.

  74. Mascara for me, definitely!

  75. Eyeliner for me. You are too cute. Love your blog.

  76. Felicia Woodward says:

    I can’t live without mascara!

  77. Felicia Woodward says:
  78. We both grew up in the 70’s during those wonderful gotta have a perm days. Boy did we think we were the bomb. The pictures are great. You are a beautiful gal and I enjoy reading your blog.

    Above all else I have to wear lip gloss.

    Lisa 

  79. I’m torn between mascara and a good powder to even out my skin. If I could pick just one I think it would have to be some powder.

  80. Followed link to enter giveaway.


  81. I have to have my SPF lip balm. My lips got burned once and that was painful. I wear the SPF lip balm all year round because I can get wind-burned too!

  82. My 79 year old mama faithfully goes to the beauty parlor every week for her bouffant hair do and must wear lipstick to the mail box. Bless her southern heart! Like Mama, lipstick is my “must have” beauty product.

  83. Like my Mom, I can’t leave the house without my lipstick! Like Mother, like daughter!

  84. Oh Rhoda…….it’s so nice to hear others say they LOVE make-up, me too !!!! I won’t go to the mailbox without it LOL, well if I do I will not stop and chat….no way Jose !!!

    Hubby will say ‘you don’t need make-up” nice to hear but OH so NOT true…..Little House of Horrors here with out it !!

    My daughter can go without, she is such a natural beauty, sure does not take after her Mamma lol

    All the best,
    Kathy 🙂

  85. lip gloss!
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  86. Rhoda, I looove makeup….I used not to feel this way, but I wouldn’t leave home without using an eyebrow pencil….I’ve noticed as I age my eyebrows have really become nonexistent…….

  87. FOUNDATION! I would look like a scary ghost without it.

  88. Moisturizer is a big one for me! I am in my 60’s and my skin looks so much better when I put some on. When I go out , I use cream foundation and blush and I am in desperate need of a non-clumping mascara for my thin lashes. I just don’t have the knack for eyeshadow so I don’t wear it. I do love a sheer colored lipstick when out for the day. I think make-up is a woman’s right!

  89. Must have mascara and lip gloss

  90. Powder foundation! Just a dusting with a powder brush to even things out a bit&not be so “heavily moisturized”. 😀 A little brow powder if I over-dusted&made my light brows lighter. Used to be mascara&lid primer in taupe,but as my allergies&dry-eye got worse,had to shift priorities (sigh).

  91. Becky in SC says:

    Rhoda, Rhoda, Rhoda, don’t be ashamed to show your wrinkles. They all have a story to tell. You are a very, very beautiful woman…wrinkles and all. There is nothing wrong with having wrinkles. Sure, we would all like to look as young and vibrant as we did in our 20’s and even 30’s…but, you know what? Life jumps all over us and wrinkles happen.
    When we all are 70, 75, 80, or even 90, we will all look back at pictures taken today and wish we still look like that. Embrace those wrinkles…they are gorgeous!!
    Just remember, you are so very beautiful…just exactly the way you are!! 😉
    ♥ Becky in SC ♥

  92. Rhoda, you’re beautiful! 🙂

  93. I love makeup too. I think I’m fine without it despite the imperfections but it’s fun creating a look and enhancing features. It makes me feel glam! 🙂

  94. Andrea Skeens says:

    I love a good, smooth lip balm. It feels good and keeps my lips moisturized and looking great.

  95. Rhoda, you are an absolutely beautiful woman who looks fantastic in every picture I have ever seen. As a 50-year-old myself, I think you’re aging very gracefully! I hope I am, too. A positive attitude and inner beauty is what really makes us beautiful. Yours runneth over.

  96. I think you always look so stylish and attractive… don’t sweat a few lines. You are beautiful.

    I can’t live without mascara. I’ve been fortunate to have pretty good skin over the years… but my eyelashes are blonde. Without mascara it looks like I don’t even have any. LOL

  97. I’ve always loved makeup as well, although I, too, went through a tomboy phase. If I can only pick one beauty product I couldn’t live without (aside from sunscreen), I think I’d have to say mascara. Even though I have fairly dark lashes, they just don’t have the impact like when I put very black mascara on them. I don’t even really care if it’s clumpy. I’m all about dramatic lashes. (Probably because it helps draw people’s attention away from all the other flaws 😉

    Love love love your pictures. Gorgeous you!

  98. There are many Saturday mornings that I just put on liner, mascara and lip gel and head out the door – knowing that since I did not put “full face” make up on, I’ll run into 10 people I know. And, I do. I’m not scary, but certainly don’t look my best without the foundation/blusher/shadows.
    When you did yardsales on Saturday, did you do full makeup before heading out that early?

    • Hey, Mimi, I did try to put on some makeup before I left the house & most of the time I did. Not the full arsenal, but the basics on eyes and lips.

  99. I used to think mascara was my must have makeup. But now, I believe it’s foundation. Yep, definitely getting older!

  100. If I wear nothing else on my face, I try to wear mascara. It makes me look awake and polished!

  101. Susan Smith says:

    I always wear lipstick when I leave the house.

  102. Susan Smith says:
  103. Lipstick is a must for me!

  104. Well, I have to have moisturizer or my face feels like sandpaper. I’m not luck enough just to do mascara and lipstick and be done. I have to have an eyebrow pencil or I look weird with no eyebrows since mine are so sparse. So I would have to say a little foundation mixed with moisturizer, eyebrows, lipstick and mascara is the minimum!!
    By the way, I think we all look better as we age. You, for example, are in your prime based on pictures I have seen!!

  105. Burt’s Bees colored lip gloss:)

  106. concealer for my dark circles under my eyes!

  107. unfortunately it’s moisturizer due to this ole dry skin but if that doesn’t qualify it would have to be mascara!

  108. Kathy in Michigan says:

    May sound boring but lip balm. Good for lips, eyebrows and all sorts of other things!!

  109. Well…..I had my eyeliner, top and bottom, and my eyebrows tattooed for my 50th birthday. I have to have lipstick, if nothing else. I love to put my makeup on everyday. Maybe not all of it, it depends on whether or not I want to wear my glasses or contacts. If I wear my contacts, it is all out. Glasses, my eyes are hidden, so face makeup, blush, lipstick. Just can’t help it, I like to look nice when I go out. Heaven forbid, I should run into someone I know without my makeup, it just won’t happen.

  110. I rarely wear makeup. I wear it for occasions like job interviewing when it can really boost my confidence!

    thanks also for a chance to win!

  111. I don’t go a day without powder!

  112. Simply Sara says:

    Fav beauty product, would have to be lip gloss!

  113. Simply Sara says:
  114. What a great giveaway? will be perfect for my bday.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  115. makeup gives me confidence every day!

  116. I wear very light makeup daily (tinted moisturizer and little bit of blush). It makes me feel confident and pretty. The makeup on my wedding day was fabulously gorgeous and got lots of compliments.

  117. Janice Cooper says:

    I love mascara. This is one piece of makeup I love to wear on a daily basis if I’m going out even to the store.

  118. Janice Cooper says:
  119. Always gotta have just a little bit of eyeliner. Especially in the morning it makes me look more awake!

  120. Andrea Watts says:

    I can’t leave the house without eyeliner!

  121. I love mascara. I have always loved Cover Girl products from the time I first started wearing make up. Cover Girl was the First brand I ever used. 🙂

  122. I definitely couldn’t live without mascara. It’s so quick and easy to apply, and it has such a HUGE effect!

  123. I love the new fat lash mascaras!!

  124. My current favorite makeup item would be the new Lipstains called “just bitten” due to the vampire craze of today!

  125. mascara !!!

  126. Tammy kinsey says:

    A chance to reflect, The only makup I have not changed in my 30yrs of wearaing makeup is my cover girl mascara,(you know the one with the pink and green tube). It would take some doing to try something new,I would trya new formula of Covergirl.I love that they have partnered with Olay!!

  127. I’m not sure if I could say one thing is my favorite but I always have to have lipstick! I carry it around in my pocket, I can slap that stuff on without ever having to look in the mirror. I always have to have my full arsenal on if I plan on leaving the house otherwise its a no go!

  128. I rarely wear make-up (except tinted lip gloss) anymore, and I don’t know why since it always makes me feel more confident

  129. Please don’t talk about wrinkles – I’m 80 and have a face full. But even so, make up always gives me an extra sparkle

  130. If I were on a deserted island and could only have ONE item of cosmetics, I think it would have to be foundation– to even out my complexion. I do agree; makeup DOES help improve our looks! 😉

  131. Mascara and eye pencil…I have those blonde eyelashes like you do….and next thing on my list to afford is Latisse. It seems pricey, but you can actually just use a q-tip to apply it and they grow crazy long. So instead of just lasting 3 months, it is 6 months….

  132. I need some blush.

  133. sherri crawford says:

    i love stay-all-day lipstick

  134. Mascara is a must for me!

  135. My favorite would have to be my moisturizer witch contains SPF15 and is tinted so it does three jobs all in one!

  136. I am always on the look out for a new and better mascara – that’s my must have!

  137. Makeup gives me confidence when I sing in public.
    Thanks for the contest.

  138. I can’t live without my eyebrow pencil!

  139. I remember getting my makeup done professionally for prom and feeling like a princess!

  140. I can’t live without eyeliner.

  141. beveanne mckinley says:

    the best thing about covergirl is if you cry at your wedding i did it wont make you look like a raccoon it didnt

  142. I don’t actually wear any makeup, aside from my lip balm addiction! LOL I use it several times a day and sometimes in the middle of the night when I wake up to go to the bathroom!

  143. Absolutely! There is something about knowing you look good on the outside, that makes you feel good and confident on the inside!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  144. I use makeup more as an accessory to what I’m wearing.

  145. I can’t live withour mascara!

  146. I wear makeup everyday and it always makes me feel polished, confident and pulled together.

  147. Much more so in my school years than now.

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  148. Tweeted here


    gmissycat at yahoo do tcom

  149. swedenesefamily says:

    Lip gloss is the quickest and easiest and cheapest way to put a little pep in your day.

  150. swedenesefamily says:
  151. ANGEL JACKLYN says:

    YES, I SURE DO! It’s amazing what 10 years can do lol. I didn’t need makeup 10 years ago, but now it’s an absolute must. My complexion is so ick. Lovely photos by the way. Liked your “niece” tip =)

  152. ANGEL JACKLYN says:
  153. I can’t live without mascara.

    runningmatey at hotmail dot com

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