Madison, GA Spring Tour of Homes

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!  We are celebrating today as we usually do with mom.  Lauren is home with the girls again, so I’ll be sure and do a recap post of Mother’s Day and all the fun we are having this weekend with those babes.

Looking back, it’s amazing to me that I’ve never traveled the mere 1 and 1/2 hours from the Atlanta area and my side of town to the charmingly gracious Southern town of Madison, GA, but somehow I had not made it there until recently.  Let me tell you, it’s everything I thought it would be and just might be the perfect small town to land in if you’re looking for that sort of thing. Looks like a great place to retire to if you want a small Southern town.  It’s only about 60 miles east of the city and is such a peaceful and serene place to visit feeling like you are worlds away from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta, which believe me is a welcome place to be.  Mark and I went to the recent Madison Spring Tour of Homes and it was such a pleasure to be there and take it all in.  I don’t know how long this tour has been going on, but probably for many years and it focuses on showing off the best of Madison on the tour.

We were on the Saturday tour and this stop was Broughton Hall (circa 1850).  I asked about taking pics and some houses said yes and some said no. I’m hoping they don’t get mad at me for sharing their beautiful homes on my blog.  I won’t do a lot of chatting, but enjoy the gorgeousness.  I’ll identify each home when it changes.  Otherwise, the pics below each home is inside that house.  We did hear that this house had additions added on, but it was hard to tell because it looked so authentic.

I did love this porch, such a dreamy place.  I’d love to have a front porch like this with a swing. Reminds me of my grandma’s house.

A fellow bunny lover!

Stovall-Vaughn House: circa 1915

Another nostalgic porch swing.

Loved this potted plant dough bowl!

Icehouse Condominiums:  Circa 1910

Near the downtown area of Madison, we toured 2 lofts and an open house for a loft for sale.  Very interesting to see how they’ve converted this old icehouse into loft condos.  I loved how creative this one was. The homeowner, a retired woman really made this place feel homey and welcoming.

Her sweet dog wasn’t even fazed with all these folks walking through the house.

Paulett-Hanson House:  Circa 1843

The backyard was really pretty.

Mad House:  circa 1910

That’s the Madison Spring tour of homes for Saturday that we did.  It was so much fun and I can totally see us doing this again.  We got a flyer for their Christmas tour which is very similar to the Marietta Square Pilgrimage Christmas tour that our town does too.  Those are always a treat!

I hope you enjoyed seeing these houses of Madison, GA.  I took a lot more pics and will share a few more stories with you along the way.  There were so many beautiful old homes lining the streets it was hard not to gawk over all of them and there was an open house for one that was for sale that we toured, so I’ll share that with  you too.  So fun to peek inside these historical beauties!  The red brick Madison-Morgan Cultural Center is housed in an old Grade school and it was totally charming too, see above pic.  I’ll share all of that later as well.  The old school was filled with historical exhibits and had such a neat feel, so glad they preserved that piece of history.

- Rhoda


  1. Beautiful homes in a lovely,win. I’m copying the bread bowl. My favorite is the loft. (So far). Thank you for bringing your readers along on the tour. Tell your mom one of her fans wishes her a Happy Mothers Day.

  2. Rhoda, Hope you had a wonderful day today! I love home tours! Thes homes you shared are beautiful! I’m looking forward to seeing more of what you will share from the tour. My mom and I used to go on historic home tours all the time. Boy do I mee her. She’s been gone 7 years now.

  3. Fun tour! I really love many of the framed paintings and prints in the public spaces of that first home, and all the brick leading to the downstairs walk out! Also love the lofted condo and many of its features – great use of black accents throughout. I’m a big fan of black.

  4. Most of the homeowners were present when we toured and were so gracious and welcoming (it rained Friday, and there were hordes of wet people tromping through their homes). The beautiful yards were an extra treat!

  5. Oh, such beautiful pictures, Rhoda! I’m so glad you finally had the opportunity to see the town of Madison. I live in Montgomery, Alabama and have made the trip over twice for their Christmas tour of homes. I have not gotten the chance to see a Spring tour yet. All I can say about their Christmas tours is that they are absolutely amazing!! Just breath taking! I absolutely love home tours and try to go to as many as possible, when time permits. Thank you for sharing your photos. I can never get enough of seeing the old homes. I grew up in a small textile mill town and in an older home that was built in the late 1800’s. A single story mill house. I guess that’s why have such a passion of the older homes. When my husband and I built our home twelve years ago, I tried to design it to look similar to an older home. I think we did a rather nice job, specially on a tight budget. Our front door is the original door that I was able to salvage from our homeplace when it burned in a fire twenty five years ago. I saved it until I could build our own and have a little part of my history still. I do hope you can go for their Christmas tour of homes in Madison and again, thank you for sharing it all with us.

    • Beverly, I really enjoyed reading the story about your home. What a treasure to salvage your front door. I think we Southerners are the most sentimental people on Earth. My friends and I have made the Christmas pilgrimage to Madison several times from Clemson, but this was our first spring tour. Hope you have a joyous day!
      … Roxanne

    • I think your are right Roxanne. We are sentimental people here in the South. I seem to have become more so the older I’ve gotten. I guess, I’ve learned or realized the importance of our past, the older I’ve become. Age changes a lot of thing, doesn’t it. 🙂 One more quick thing about my house; our old house didn’t have columns on the front porch, we had wrought iron rails. I saved the old rails and my nephew, who is a welder, welded them into an arbor for me. I have them at the side of my homes as an entrance way to the back. It is now covered in Confederate Jasmine. Loving the South! Have a great week!

    • Hi, Beverly, what a sweet story, I loved hearing about your home. If I ever build a new home, I want it to have the character of an old home,that would be the ultimate. I don’t think a really old home is in my future, but I sure love the character they have that you just can’t find in new ones now.

  6. Cheryl Johnson says

    I want to move to Marietta, Georgia! Thanks Rhoda!

  7. Madison is about the prettiest town in Georgia….shhhh…we don’t want it spoiled 🙂

    Were any of the lofts at the Icehouse on tour? Don’t miss eating at Adrian’s Place next time (open M-F, 11-2) and one of the best Meat and Threes anywhere!

    • HI, Rachel, yes I have Icehouse Condos here in my tour post, such a fun day in that sweet Southern town.

  8. Glad you had great time with your family…..I have been to Madison and found it to be a most charming town!!!

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