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Unless you’ve been living under a rock and I know none of my readers have been, no doubt you have all heard about the hit mega-show Fixer-Upper that is on HGTV, with Chip and Joanna Gaines!  It’s the hottest show going, with Joanna and Chip magically making over fixer-upper homes for their clients in Waco, TX. I love watching the show and get inspired every time I see one of these makeovers.  It makes for great TV watching and makes me want to do another fixer-upper myself.  And it doesn’t hurt they they are SO hilarious together.  Chip is a nut and does the craziest things. Did you see the one where he ate a roach?

They’ve just introduced a new paint line called Magnolia Market Paint.

fixer upper hgtv show001

For example this episode, called He Said She Said, taking this lovely traditional brick home and turning it into this….

fixer upper hgtv002

Classic and still traditional style beauty of a house.  I love painted brick and wouldn’t hesitate to update a house like this.  It just ups it to a whole new level to me.

fixer upper hgtv001

I’m sure this couple was thrilled with the outcome after Joanna created her magic touch inside the home.  She has a creative knack for putting a home together using vintage and reclaimed items to totally transform the inside of these homes.

fixer upper hgtv004

The bachelor in this series, which I just watched for the second time, got a wonderful ranch home transformation with this home.

fixer upper hgtv005

He flipped over all the details she added into his home, like the reclaimed wood on the double islands, as well as inset inside the ceiling.  She has that magic touch, no doubt about it.

I got a press release recently and have seen this news all over the internet, but Joanna has just released her own brand of paint in collaboration with Kilz, called Magnolia Paint and she curated all the colors herself.  It’s a beautiful collection!  It’s only available online at the moment at Magnolia Paint, so check it out for yourself.

magnolia paint001

I have no doubt that this paint collection will be well received by home owners all over the country.  The colors are yummy and look like they would all be great to work with.

magnolia paint003

magnolia paint004

{All above photos from or via PR firm for Magnolia Home}

Aren’t these pretty colors?  From soft to deep and moody, she’s has some real winners here in terms of appealing to so many people.  The PR firm offered to send some paint for me to try out and I’m going to help out Andrea with her bathroom project and we’ll be using the new Magnolia Home Paint in here!

1950s house before034

I’m excited to try these out in Andrea’s house and we are going to pick a couple of colors, one for the walls and one for the vanity.  Time to get rid of the pink in here!

1950s house before035

magnolia paint008

I’ve got a few ideas for changing up this bathroom and we will be painting the old vanity and also the walls. This Shiplap shade is very pretty, soft and creamy, with a touch of gray.

magnolia paint007

These colors look like they might work in there, so I’m going to take swatches over there and check it out in person, but I’m leaning towards this deep shade like Garden Trowel for the vanity and a lighter shade on the walls.

magnolia paint006

Weathered Windmill is also pretty.

magnolia paint005

Love Wedding Band too for a soft gray.

Decisions, decisions!  I’ll let you know what we decide and this will be one of the next projects we tackle at Andrea’s house!

Thought y’all might enjoy hearing about the paint if you haven’t already, but of course it’s been all over the internet.  I love their Fixer Upper show and really enjoy watching them transform those sad and tired homes in Waco, TX into beautiful homes for fresh living!

- Rhoda


  1. Judy Clark says:

    I love those paint colors. Andrea’s bathroom is going to look so pretty when you finish with it.

    We love Chip and Joanna. Chip is the typical mischievous, funny loving TX boy. We will head up to Waco when you come to visit me. It’s right up the road.

    Can’t wait to see the rest of Andrea and David’s house.

  2. I am a Fixer Upper devotee. Did not know about the new line of paints. The colors are beautiful with a depth that delights the eye! Do you know where the paint can be purchased?

    • Hey, Sandra, meant to add that it’s only available at Magnolia market online at this time, but maybe it will expand later. You can click that link to Magnolia and it goes to the paint.

  3. I love the gray colours especially in a kitchen. I like to keep the big ticket items a fairly neutral colour which can sound boring but then I can add in my lime green pillows etc. and I’m happy.

  4. Patricia says:

    Will you be changing the counter as well, or will that work with the new paint colors? Just removing much of the current decorations will go a long way towards refreshing this room. Do you have plans to frame the mirror as well?
    Using your bathroom as inspiration, I framed my large plate glass mirror and updated my bathroom lights and brought it into this century. It’s amazing how much that updated the room.

    • Hi, Patricia, we will be changing out the countertop. I don’t think they are going to try to do 2 sinks, since that will require extra plumbing and changing things. But painting the vanity and getting a fresh new countertop will go a long ways to making it all feel better. She loves the old tile and I do too, so we will be keeping it all and using paint to make it all work together. A new shower curtain will be in order too. And yes framing the big mirror out too.

      • I have a vanity similar to this one with one sink and a makeup area. I’m eager to see how you change it up.

  5. I’m sure you will work your magic in Andrea’s bathroom–adding an extra sink will go a long way in terms of function and resale value…but I hope you keep the floor tile? LOVE it!

    • Sofia, we are keeping the floor tile. But I don’t think adding another sink is in the budget right now. That would require plumbing expense.

  6. Virginia says:

    I can’t relate to your blogs anymore. They seem to be an advertisement for products you have been given. Today it’s paint. If its a fashion post, it’s to promote clothes a manufacturer has sent. If it’s yard work, it’s time to promote the plants or furniture or whatever that you’ve gotten free. I used to enjoy reading about you and your life but I don’t anymore.

    • HI, Virgina, I’m sorry to hear that you feel that way. I make my living as a blogger and sharing products is part of that. I really strive to only share products and companies that I’ve worked with and like the products myself. It goes along with being a blogger and doing this for so long and part of that is sharing products and companies along the way. Most of my readers get this part of blogging and understand and support me in this. If you don’t enjoy it anymore, then of course you don’t have to read.

      Today’s paint post is a topic that I thought my readers would enjoy anyway, because of the Fixer Upper TV show that we all love. When the PR company sent me the press release, I asked them if I could try some of the paint. Of course, I’m going to use it and try it out!

  7. I love Chip and Joanna Gaines and looking forward to trying the new paint. Benjamim Moore is my go to for paint but Kilz is my go to for primer so interested to see how Kilz performs next to BM.

    • Shanna I use the exact same thing…Ben Moore paint and Kilz primer. I’m also eager to see how it compares to Ben Moore.

  8. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Love Fixer Upper. Funny: I have watched Fixer since the first episode; in fact, after I watched it for the first time, I was telling my husband how much he would enjoy watching it (he has family in Texas). Originally it came on at some ‘off hour’ on HGTV and I had to search for it weekly, but from then on he also watched. We are devotees to this couple who love people and are not afraid to mix in the Gospel and Family Values with their programming. AND they do great makeovers!

    • BEcky, I know…I love that about them too! It’s refreshing to hear about their faith in God and their family values.

  9. We just spent a couple of days in Waco exploring. It is only a little over an hour away. Have been to the shop 4 times, as we pass by it on the way to visit family. Last time, they had the goats there. So cute! I use several things from the shop at our lake home. Those paint colors are subdued and beautiful. Thanks for showing them!

  10. I love Fixer Upper and knew about the paint and love the fact that she named some of the colors after her children. I have also noticed that Joanna is using a lot of whites now when she used to use a lot of greys. That seems to be the trend anyway. By the way, I don’t mind you promoting your vendors you work with, I understand that is a necessary part of the job. Love your blog, it’s always the first thing I read when I open my email.

  11. Julie from Michigan says:

    I love Fixer Upper, and have watched it from day one! The talent the Lord has given that couple, is awesome! And the humor between Chip and JoAnna is so fun. The fact they are Christians makes it more appealing to me. I don’t mind you promoting things on your blog, that is part of blogging, and I have discovered many useful and fun things because of the promos that I may not have known otherwise. Thank you for all the time and effort that goes into your blog! Blessings, and Happy Weekend!?

  12. Marianne A. says:

    Love Fixer Upper! For the record, I actually appreciate you sharing your product reviews. It’s a fun way to learn about new products, websites, books, etc. In fact, I pre-ordered Mary Kay Andrews’ book. I like, too, that companies are reaching out to bloggers. It’s a new and interesting marketing strategy.

  13. Love your blog! Love your fashions! Love your decorating ideas!

  14. Courtney says:

    Please tell me you are keeping that arabesque tile!! It’s GORGEOUS!!!! Cannot wait to see the finished bathroom.

  15. I am looking forward to your review on the Magnolia Paint Line. I am so impatient, it would be wonderful
    to eliminate a primer stage if it happens to be an all in one type of paint. Thanks for being our Ga version of Consumer Reports. Keep up the good work………..we all love & appreciate all that you do! 🙂

  16. Love your blog and appreciate you trying out new products! If you like something, I know I will as well because I know you wouldn’t promote anything bad. Saves a lot of searching and trial and error for us!

  17. Love Chip and Joanna and her blog. Her style is one I enjoy seeing played out in the fixer upper shows. Will definitely try the paint.

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