Making a Chalk Board Wall with Frogtape

One of the projects from the recent children’s home renovation in Decatur that I took part in, involved painting a huge chalkboard on the wall in the kitchen. When I saw my friend, Jennifer who blogs at Vreeland Road, taping it off with Frogtape and painting that big ole’ chalkboard on the wall, I knew this would be a fab project to share with all of you too and Jen was great with me sharing it.  Jennifer used Frogtape to tape off the edges of the chalkboard, freeforming it around those curved corners.

She then went back and added a stenciled scripture verse on there, which I loved.

This could be done in any number of places and the stencil is optional.

Jennifer painting chalkboard paint

First, she taped off the square with Frogtape, leaving a gap on each corner to freeform the curve.


Chalkboard paint and Frogtape, great combo!

Chalkboard paint with Frogtape

Freeform corners

corners and Frogtape chalkboard project

Bottom corner with a swipe of chalkpaint.  Once it was all painted on with a couple of coats of chalkboard paint, the Frogtape was pulled off.

painting finished

And you’re left with nice crisp black lines.   Season the chalkboard paint by rubbing chalk all over it and then wiping off.  That will keep an image from staying on there longterm.


Last step, was adding a pretty scripture verse with craft paint and simple letter stencils.  Love this touch!

Jennifer taping and painting island

There’s Jen!  Next project she tackled was taping off the wood base of the island.  Nice wide stripes in black and white did the design trick in there of adding some extra pizazz to a utilitarian piece.

removing tape

Tape off and paint and then pulling back the tape to reveal those nice crisp lines.

Frogtape stripes

Taping stripes really isn’t hard to do and not that time consuming either.  I’ve got plans for a striped floor in my laundry room.

Island After

And here’s the island all finished after painting those stripes.  Great job, Jen, I love it!

Numbers on fridge

Another freeform painting feat was numbering each refrigerator with chalkboard paint too.  What a graphic way to add some fun to the kitchen.  I know those boys are loving their new space now.

Thanks, Jen for letting me share your fabulous Frogtape project.  If you need to paint lines and you want a really crisp finish, you can’t beat Frogtape.  Good stuff!

Note:  This is a sponsored post from Frogtape.  All ideas and content for this project are shared by my friend, Jen, and she gave me full permission to use her project and take pics. 

- Rhoda


  1. I really like that chalkboard wall. We may put one in our kid’s playroom eventually. Perfect shape. Great idea!

  2. Numbering the fridges is a great idea. What a nice way to jazz up a plain old fridge!

  3. Rhoda – Those are all great projects. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Love these ideas! I love that chalkboard too! I am about to do one on our kitchen wall. I need a calendar to help me be more organized. 🙂

  5. I LOVE all the different ways she used the chalkpaint! Fantastic!

    Thanks for sharing,

  6. Sweet Rhoda! Thanks for featuring me and our kitchen on your awesome blog for all your awesome readers. I so appreciate it! I cherish that week hanging out with you and the crew at UMCH. Lunch is on the calendar for Nov. 27th. I’ll send you details.
    Have a great day love!


  7. I love love love the big numbers on the refrigerators. Are those freehand numbers? The stripes and chalkboard wall rock! Much cheerier atmosphere for those kids. It was a wonderful thing ya’ll did (I’m a southern girl too and I just couldn’t type you all – it didn’t feel right). Thanks for sharing!

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