Making a Fall Door Pocket

Today, I’m sharing how I made a Fall door pocket for my sister’s front door.  It’s really just a matter of collecting a few Fall items from the craft store and putting them all together.  I’m definitely not a floral expert, but I think anyone can put together a pleasing door arrangement with a few faux floral picks from the local store.  We got all of ours at Hobby Lobby (on sale, of course!).  I prefer florals that at least have a somewhat real look to them, so we opted for golden fronds and some natural elements to round out our arrangement.

Biltmore Inspirations door pocket

I started with the Biltmore Inspirations metal vintage grape bucket and it is a wonderful way to change out your front door look.  Change it up with the seasons!

Fall florals

Take a few of these….

Fall berries feathers

and these…..


and these…..put it all together and you get this!

Fall Floral Wall Pocket

For all the details on how I made this one, head over to DIY Newlyweds, where I’m sharing this for her Fall Crafts non-football guest posting. 

A Fall door pocket.

It’s nothing too fancy, but a nice way to greet guests.  She can keep this up all the way til December and then she may opt for a Christmas look.

Do you make door arrangements each season? 

- Rhoda


  1. Elizabeth H says:

    Good morning Rhoda. Yes I do fix a seasonal wall pocket thingy for my door. I try to follow your directions and it always looks good and different from my neighbors. Thanks.

  2. Lovely! And will last up until Thanksgiving without needing to be ‘tweaked’. I like this type of arrangement as well. Best of all the florals can be used again!

  3.! Thanks for the inspiration, I know I’m late, but was going to start putting together one today. If you sister doesn’t like it, can I stand in line for it?

  4. Beautiful! Your blog is also beatiful with some great design ideas. I am following.

  5. Very beautiful. Your sister is so lucky to have you! Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Your arrangement is too too faboo. You really have an artistic gift and I’m so glad you share it here. Thank you for the tip on the Hillstreet Warehouse. I’m heading to Atlanta tomorrow and plan to check it out Monday.

  7. I meant to say that, yes, I decorate the front door seasonally, too. The wreath on the door now has a little artificial bird on it and several times I’ve seen a live bird that lands on the wreath face to face with the artificial bird and tries his best to get him to visit. He’s so cute but I’ve not been able to snap a pic of the conversation without frightening him away.

  8. I love how the bucket hangs on the door 🙂 The flowers look great!

  9. I do tend to change a lot according to the season and now we actually have a front door again :@)

  10. Hi Rhoda, I’m loving that beautiful container and all the lovely items you selected for the arrangements. It looks like it jumped off the cover of a magazine. It surely would be right at home on a cover…or on my front door! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. I love your door pocket! I like the idea that the container can be used year-round with different flowers and greenery!

  12. Hi Rhoda, love your door pocket and love that it’s different from a traditional wreath. Pretty way to change it up!

  13. Great job Rhoda!


  14. Love the fall door pocket made with all natural items! Find some metal wall pockets to display your arrangements at under category Wall Art/Wall Grills.

  15. That’s beautiful! Love it. That’s one lucky sister you’ve got sista!

  16. Hey Rhoda,
    I just stumbled upon your blog and absolutely love your ideas. This pocket door idea is stunningly beautiful and looks like a “lay”person such as myself could actually handle it. I don’t know how it’s actually hung on the door but love the idea that it could hold any season. I love wreaths and the homey touch they add. Yours certainly adds that touch especially being homemade. Checked out several of your other ideas and am in love with your creativity and the way you display the photos and techniques for making them. Thank you for having this site and allowing others to share in your passion. I will become a solid fan for sure.

  17. Lovely! I think I have just the “pocket” for my door. Have a great day.

  18. I just love your fall door pocket. How do you hang it, by nail or command hook? Thanks!

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