Making a DIY Christmas Grapevine Wreath

As part of our Lowes Christmas challenge this month, one of the things we could choose to make is a wreath, so that’s what I did.  Using an old grapevine wreath that had seen better days, I shopped at Lowes and found some pretty and sparkly things to bring this wreath to life.  And wow, does it look so much better now! Lowes has some ready made Christmas things on the shelves and you can find plenty to decorate with in the stores.

grapevine wreath and sparkly picks

My grapevine wreath wasn’t being used for anything else (and my sister was going to throw it out!), so I thought I’d spruce it up again, using just some pretty sparkly leaf fronds and that pair of white pinecones (ornaments) that already had the lime green ribbons attached.

layer picks on wreath

I began layering the leaf branches, by tucking them into the grapevine and using my hot glue gun, made them lay down and in place, moving around the wreath and filling in the gaps. I think I used 5 fronds on this wreath to fill it all in.  Then I simply tied on the ornaments to the top of the wreath, so they hang down in the middle.

The leaves are wired, so they are bendable and you can make them do what you want them to.  They sit up from the wreath in a 3D effect.

Lowes Sparkle Wreath

I love how simple and pretty it is, yet classic too.  Understated sparkly!   I had this hanging on the inside of my door for awhile, but now it’s been moved to front and center of my front door from the street side.  It’s going to greet my Christmas guests this year.

Lowes Sparkle wreath 2

I just love those pretty white pinecone ornaments and they are just the right touch for this wreath.

green sparkle wreath

So, if you’ve got a spare grapevine wreath hanging around, head out to Lowes and find some fronds to decorate it with. This took all of 10 minutes to complete and I love it!

front door wreath

Here it is behind my storm door, looking pretty on my stain glassed door.  I used a clear suction cup wreath hanger for this.  Those come in handy during this time of year when you want to hang wreaths on glass or mirrors.

Are you making any Christmas projects this year?

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- Rhoda


  1. Leaded glass, not stained glass

  2. It’s beautiful, Rhoda! I love the simplicity!

    During the 1980’s, I gathered wild grapevine and made the actual wreaths. Decorated them and sold them, special order. It was a nice little cottage industry, but oh boy, making the wreaths was a tad rough on the hands.:-)

  3. Pretty wreath and pretty columns…I see in the reflection your new porch??

  4. Nanci Lewis says:

    I, too, love the simplicity of it. Actually, I think it would be appropriate to leave up all winter. Pinecone ornaments are my fave. Have them all over my tree. Think I’ll head to Lowe’s and check those out…. : )

  5. Love the simplicity of the wreath, even I can do this! Looks stunning on your beautiful door.

  6. DEFINITELY love – sometimes, the simpler the decorations, the more beautiful they are. I see so many overdone things this time of year…

    I wonder if I have any old grapevine wreaths lying around…hmmm!

  7. So elegant! I love the simplicity of it and yet needs nothing else.

  8. Love that wreath! It’s so adorable!

  9. I love that wreath! and it looks just so pretty on your door. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  10. I am heading to lowes tomorrow:-)

  11. Rhoda I love this wreath and I have a lot of old grapevines laying around…. great transformation!

  12. I love that wreath. I hope I can duplicate it. It is just what I was looking for. Thanks.

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