Marshall’s/TJ Maxx Giveaway!

{Giveaway is Closed}

The winner is:  Kim H. #319

For many years, I have been a fan of shopping at TJ Maxx and Marshalls.  I’ve bought plenty of clothes, shoes, socks, sunglasses, and accessories.  Not to mention, all the home stuff that is in abundance in both stores.  You never know what you will find at any given time in TJ Maxx or Marshalls.  I just know I find bargains and get a lot of bang for my buck!

So, how far will $25 go?

Let me tell you how far.  When TJ Maxx and Marshalls contacted me about doing a giveaway with them, I was excited.  Sure, I shop there all the time, why not!

They offered me a $25 givecard and one to give away to ONE of you.  Doesn’t sound like a lot, does it and at first I was a little bummed that they didn’t offer more?  But really I love the stores so much, I agreed to do a little giveaway with them.

$25 at TJ Maxx and Marshalls will get you a GREAT payoff.

On my list of things to buy this month:  Undies

Is it just me, or do any of you let your underwear completely wear out before you throw it out?  Say it’s not just me, pleeeeease!

My underwear drawer is a sad, sad place.  Stretched out elastic, droopy drawers, fallin’ apart, ole’ worn out unmentionables.  So, my plan was to head to TJ Maxx and Marshalls (not kidding, that is where I usually buy my underwear, including bras!) and stocking up on a few pair of undies.  I already knew that most of them are priced at about $3 each, so you can really and truly buy a whole slew of panties for $25!

And I’m happy to say, I stocked up on 9 snazzy pair of undies!

Wanna see?  I normally wouldn’t show off new underwear, but for the sake of this blog story, I’m over sharing! Bear with me.


With brands  like Jones New York (who knew they made undies too?), Warners (my own personal fave brand for many years), Rene Rofe, Vanity Fair and many other brands, I’m all stocked up now.   Aren’t they pretty?!


Some are sold in pairs for $5.99, but most are priced at a frugal $3. And you know how I love a deal.  Now I can throw out the ugly stretched out, no-elastic, worn-out, miserable excuse for underwear that is currently sitting in the drawer and now I have these pretties.

You know, just in case I get in an accident (God forbid!), I won’t embarrass my mother.  🙂

Just in time for the white sales, TJ Maxx/Marshalls is letting me give away to ONE of you a $25 giftcard too.

So, tell me.

What in the world are you going to buy with your $25 if you happen to be the fortunate winner?

Do you need new undies too? or do you have something else in mind?

Those duo stores have so much to offer from clothes, shoes, hair products, jewelry, purses, not to mention home stuff too.  You will have a ball spending your giftcard as much as I did!

TJ Maxx/Marshalls is such a good way to stretch your bucks to the max.  I’m excited about sharing this with you. Even though $25 doesn’t sound like a lot, it got me 9 NEW PAIR of of pretty undies and that makes me very happy!

Are you laughing yet, that I actually posted my new underwear on my blog?  I hope no men stop by today. 

{I was given a $25 giftcard from TJ Maxx/Marshalls to keep and one to give away to one of my readers.  Thanks TJ Maxx/Marshalls!  I’m a fan for life!}

- Rhoda


  1. Ashley White says:

    I love the home decor section in both stores so a new picture frame or a decorative pillow would be great!

  2. Undies would be a great choice for me as well but this (if I win ) is going to a niece! she may like undies too!

  3. I think I would purchase some cute picture frames or some other nice home decor! I love Marshalls!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  4. Judy Clark says:


    I am laughing out loud this morning. This is the best. I buy stuff from TJ and Marshalls all the time. Nice Undies, and yes I have some XYZ undies in my drawer. They need to be tossed.

  5. I would get tableclothes and tea towels. I love the linens!

  6. I always cruise through the home decor area to see what they might have, even though I’m a Willow House rep. I’ve learned to buy something when you see it, because when it’s gone, it’s gone! And I always check for my favorite Vanity Fair undies – they’re $9.50 retail, but they’re only $2.49 at Marshall’s/TJ Maxx. Also, they have the pricey brand-name clothes that my teenagers love!

  7. Hi, Love your blog, don’t comment much – well, I too shop at these stores all the time – great deals! Right now I would probably look at the bed linens. Thanks!

  8. My undies could use a little sprucing up, but I’d probably spend the $25 on something cute to wear for kickboxing class.

    Thanks for the chance!

  9. Margaret Stewart says:

    I love both stores!!! I need some new towels!!! But who knows what might strike my fancy!!!!

  10. If I were the lucky winner I would go and buy new socks for myself at TJ Maxx. We live in Michigan and are about to get 6-12 inches of snow, boo! So dressing warm in the winter is a must! After buying Christmas gifts for kids there isn’t always extra money to buy for myself. We wear out socks due to having to wear them many months out of the year. I am tired of my toes poking out of the end!

  11. Sherry@Ties2ThePast says:

    I’d probably go to the home decor area & browse, then to the SHOES!!!

  12. Rhoda – you got my attention with the discussion of new undies. I too have a drawer full of undies with holes and all stretched out because they stopped making a style that I liked! I’d love to get some new ones to try out! Thanks for the chance!

  13. Great giveaway to my favorite places to shop!! Hope I get lucky and win!! I’ll probably look for something in the houseware section to brighten up the house for spring.

  14. I would love to win a gift card from TJM/Marshalls.I would look at all the clearance merchandise and I am sure I would gather up quite a few treaures from there.

  15. Actually underwear sounds great! I love TJ Maxx!!


  16. I really need some new shoes for work, so if I won, I’d probably check those out first. Then frames, I can always use some new frames! 🙂

  17. I would use it to buy something for my bathroom. I am re-doing it right now.

  18. I would love to buy a new pair of sunglasses and maybe a pillow for my couch.

    • Wanda Styrsky says:

      I love both stores and am now on the hunt for Spode Chistmas Tree china. I have wanted to collect it for hers, but by the time I had extra $ this year, it was all gone!
      This would help me get started!

      What a great idea from both stores and you! Thank you!


  19. I would buy a new outfit for my baby girl who will be here in February 😉

  20. Lynn Rechsteiner says:

    I have long been a TJMaXX fan since they had the first one located in an old building on the corner of Cobb Parkway and Terrill Mill Road. Things went straight uphill. Love both stores. I would go for the wares section. I just love the table ware, cookware and dishes. They have settings that you can’t find just anywhere. Very unique, trending colors that will get me in the Spring state of mind; especially since I love to cook and plan to remodel my kitchen soon.

  21. TJ MAXX is my favorite store…hands down! I would purchase towels/candles/wine glasses or anything else that catches my eye!

  22. I would use the giftcard to freshen things up–either my winter wardrobe or my post-Christmas living room which looks a little bare minus the tree and decorations.

  23. Wow!! TJ Maxx/Marshall’s has got to be on of my most favorite places to shop! I have gotten so many great things there over the years. I was just at Marshall’s and got the most beautiful pillow. If I was to win this GREAT giveaway I’d probably get another pillow or a really neat lamp…..they have the best lamps. I tend to buy lamps and pillows when I should be buying undies! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  24. would definitely hit the kitchen section and pick up new utinsils! They are so affordable there and so many cute colors! Mine are needing to be tossed, just haven’t gotten myself to do it yet-a $25 gift card to TJMaxx would definitely get me started! 🙂

  25. Carol Carrasco says:

    Great post! If I win, I’d buy the 2-pack blue pillows I found at TJ Maxx on Monday for $25. I love their home decor section…my first stop when I’m looking for something new!

  26. I am in the process of redoing my LR and I need art and/or a mirror.

  27. Who doesn’t love TJ Maxx and Marshalls? I always find something! I would probably get a new pair of sunglasses and check out the home decor. Their clearance sections in home decor is awesome! You can really find some deals.

  28. I need some baskets for storage in my closet….they always have such cute ones at TJ Maxx. And I would love a $25 card at TJ Maxx/Marshalls. I can make $25 go a long way there!!

  29. Unmentionables are certainly on the need list- want list could be anything! TJ Maxx has fabulous finds!

  30. Beach girl Mil says:

    I love T J Maxx, Marshals and T J Maxx home stores. If I win, I will most likely look for new drinking glasses or clothes for my son.

  31. I love it all! Marshalls and T J Maxx have lots of eye candy. Right now, I am looking for a couple of scarves to carry me through until spring. The snow is Missouri today makes we want something bright and cheery!

  32. Beth Nolen says:

    Oh my…. I bet that is a first in the blog world…. pictures of new undies!
    I really need a new wallet…. mine is falling apart…. not as exciting as undies but needed! I bet I would even have some money left over for some pretty little “sit about” too.

  33. Love your blogging courage:: I posted pics of my hubs boxers for a Hanes review one time! But never
    My own:)
    I tend to buy specialty teas/coffees and vinegars at tx and
    There. It’s a small gourmet grocery store too!

  34. On the hunt for some large black picture frames. Love to shop in their home decor section but always check out the throw pillows & rugs. My most awesome purchase from Marshall’s is my summer bedding…, love, love it. Your right, $25 can go a long way in my favorite stores. Thanks for the giveaway.

  35. I would probably buy a shirt or tie for my hubby. My next choice would be something out of the home decor section. I big fat heart TJ Maxx and Marshalls!

  36. Carolyn S. says:

    This is easy! I am getting ready to put my house on the market and I need some items to stage my home. I have already hit my local TJ Maxx—I am a Maxxinista!

  37. If I had a $25.00 TJMaxx /Marshall’s gift card I would look for bath towels, first. They usually have Ralph Lauren towels at such a great price, when I can find them, and then I would look for socks for my son and husband. They have really good prices on them, as well.

  38. I love their candles and beauty products. It would be so easy to find something there.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. I would splurge on some home accessories…they
    have such a great selection.

  40. I would look for a new set of mixing bowls in red to match my kitchne.

  41. How did you know we needed undies? Yes, that’s what I would buy too! Thanks for the giveaway, Di

  42. I love Marshalls and TJ Maxx!! I am expecting my first grandchild any second and I would use every cent of the gift card buying pink goodies for Adrienne Merritt ( don’t you love her name?) But if there would happen to be any money left, I could use a few pairs of those step ins, myself!!:)

  43. I love both stores, and we have the best Marshall’s store ever here in town. I found a pair of Cole Haan flats there for $29.99! I’d be hitting up the shoe department for sure!
    I love that you showed us your drawers – too funny!

  44. Hey Rhoda! 🙂 I <3 TJ Maxx and Marshalls… favorite stores of all time! I would take my $25 and just go wander the aisles (like I do SO often) until I found something that called out my name. Two weeks ago, it was a beautiful, pale pink throw with soft twisty roses all over it. Oh so pretty! 🙂

  45. Carol Bennett says:

    I’d stop in the pj section as I need new winter pajamas. I love TJ Maxx and Marshalls!!

  46. Elizabeth H says:

    Love this post because I too love TJMaxx and Marshalls and new undies would be nice. My underwear drawer is not a pretty sight right now.

  47. Truthfully, I usually make a bee line to the housewares department looking for that special bargain. But I really think that this time, I would head toward the shoe department. I just finished purging my shoes in my closet, so definitely could use a new pair…You know, out with the old, in with the new! Great giveaway!

  48. What I would buy with my $25 gift card is a new bedspread. I’ve been using something that is close to 20 years old…not working makes it hard to justify buying extras for the home. ….or maybe a new lamp to replace the 1980’s one I use….hmmm….. 🙂

  49. I would definitely hit the sale aisles and pick up candles, a little night table lamp and a pretty little bowl to hold the remote and other tabletop items.

  50. Just don’t know until I get there what I might use the card for! I love going there and seeing what has just come in!

  51. Never know until I get there and hit the awesome clearance areas!

  52. kelly mann says:

    I would buy something for my new Bathroom. We just completely redid my guest bathroom and I would get accessories for it.

  53. Jennifer B says:

    I would buy some new pants; I have recently lost weight and need some new ones; Belting these up just ain’t gonna cut it!

  54. I just bought 5 new pairs of undies when Lane Bryant had their sale (theirs last forever.. still have some i bought 5 yrs ago) but I’m a jammie junkie so pj’s for me is what I would buy…

  55. I love their home decor. What I really need is a new hamper since our puppy decided ours was a chew toy. Realistically, I’d leave with a pair of shoes and maybe a new purse 🙂

  56. SOCKS SOCKS and more SOCKS!

  57. TJ and Marshall’s are on my regular rounds of places to stop. And now that Home Goods is coming to town I’ll have another stop to add to my list. Always get my Herbs of Provence at TJ and French soap that comes in boxes that are just as good as the soap.

  58. I love Marshalls/TJ Maxx, I’m there at least 3 times a month spending my hard earned cash 😉 I love the home decor items but would probably spend it on my kids..they always need something! Or maybe some nice smelling lotion or holiday decor 🙂
    PS Go girl, in your new sassy panties!

  59. While underwear would be the practical choice, I’m sure I’d spend the $25 and then some in the HG section… pillow, lamp, frame, mirror… endless possibilities! But, your underwear is very nice, too 🙂

  60. Cute undies !!! I should buy new undies too, but knowing me, I always head straight to the home decorating section. I ALWAYS find too many things there ! Thanks for the chance to win

  61. I love TJ Maxx and Marshall’s! Not sure what I would buy. I always check out their clothes. I would probably browse through the home goods section and I know I would find some great buys!

  62. I would probably buy a new frying pan or a new lamp or a birthday gift for my daughter. There is so much to chose from. I can’t wait to hear who wins.

  63. I would cruise the clearance aisles if I won a gift card. I just love a bargain.

  64. I always find the cutest gifts for my grandkids at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Seriously I have scored fantastic books, toys and outfits! (That’s when I’m not finding lovely home goods) Thanks for offering the giveaway – good luck everyone!

  65. I love to shop in those two stores! I love to check out everything but will probably buy some clothes. Thank you for this opportunity!

  66. I love the housewares department! I would probably pick up some pretty new Easter pieces or some new iced tea glasses. I’m still giggling about you showing off your panties!

  67. It’s so hard to say what my favorites are-there are so many! I like the home decor, the handbags, the pajamas, the linens, the kitchen items-I could go on and on!

  68. I just arrived in AZ….where one of the first places I go..after getting groceries, of course, so my guys can eat… the Home Goods / TJ Max store! I live 10 miles from a grocerie store in NE….. You know there “just might be” something there that a person just couldn’t live without…and each visit is an adventure itself. There is always something new..or that one little thing someone was trying to hide so they could think about it, and hope it is still there when they go and wonder why they didn’t just grab it while they were there…it was such a deal, you know!!…
    I always enjoy your posts, Rhoda, and feel as if I have known you personally for these past years! Keep up the great work, and have a beautiful and happy new year!!

  69. I was just in there the other day and found a cake plate that I want! This would be perfect!

  70. I need several small lamps for my bedroom. They have the best lamps, so that’s what I would get. Or some pretty mercury glass for my bathroom. Or some tchotchkes for my mantel. Or a new outfit for my toddler son who seems to outgrow something every time I turn around. 😉

  71. You are hilarious, Rhoda! I’m with you. I’ll buy anything for the house before I’ll buy unmentionables. But at some point we just have to do it! And a little gift card would give us the nudge!

  72. Jennifer Barbour says:

    I woul be looking for a new purse, something for spring!

  73. My sock drawer sounds a lot like your undies drawer. Holes in almost every pair! Why do we as women let that happen to two extremely important pieces of our wardrobe? I often hear myself telling my son to change his socks if I see that there’s a hole yet I’ll twist and turn my sock to the perfect position to maximize coverage around the hole. So, for me the answer is new socks.

  74. I’m not sure what I would buy. I would go with the intention of buying something for my master bedroom (I’m in the middle of a redo) but you never know what you’ll find there (that’s the fun part!).

  75. HAHAA! Thank you for sharing?
    I’m thinking home decor, not only because I’m in a new home recently, but to try to replicate some of your fab ideas you’ve shown!
    Thank you!!

  76. I LOVE, LOVE Marshalls! I always find something I “need” when I stop by. I am now on the hunt for pretty glass bowl to put fruit in. My mantra for 2012 is OUT WITH THE CLUTTER…SIMPLIFY!! Thanks for the opportunity enter the contest. Actually I’m a Marshall & TJ Max fan for life !! Happy New Year !

  77. Love the TJ Maxx….I’m with you on the Warner’s panties and I love their bras. If I were to win the $25 gift card, I would put it toward a new pair of jeans that I really need.

  78. I would get some decorative items. Maybe they have Mardi Gras decorations here in Nola…I could use a few more of them. 🙂

  79. Rhoda! I think it’s hilarious that you posted your undies on here- believe me, I’ve seen much worse on facebook for all the world to see! Marshalls and TJMaxx are 2 of my favorite stores- I usually end up in the home decor section, so I’d probably use the giftcard for a pillow or candle or dishes or….
    Oh, and thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  80. I was in TJ on Tuesday and I would def buy a great sweater (or 2) . Good buys!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  81. I always enjoy shopping at those stores! I’d probably look at the shoes. I need some more. I would cruise around the home section too and see what they have. They have such good deals with that stuff.

  82. My daughter is getting married….I would buy the never ending hostess gifts!!

  83. I would probably buy new sleepwear. Mine is getting pretty ragged. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway.

  84. I also love me some TJ (we are on a first name basis!), Marshalls and Homegoods! While I also could use some new undies, I would probably head to the clothing. I have lost a few pounds and could use a couple of new “smaller sized” tops to make me look smaller and encourage me to lose even more! I would LOVE to win your giveaway gift card!!!

  85. A new lamp! TJMaxx & Marshalls have the best prices on lamps. I would definitely put the $25 toward the beautiful “mercury glass” lamp I’ve had my eye on!

  86. I absolutely adore TJ Maxx/Marshalls! And I adore your courage posting your unmentionables as well. I know the wear them to their worn out story all too well. If I head 25. to spend I’d have to buy a new gown or something though…. Hubby is reclaiming his t-shirts leaving me nothing to wear at night! =)

  87. I have to confess that I frequent my local TJMaxx so much that friends and family don’t ask where I get ANYTHING anymore because they all know the answer 🙂 TJ’s is my go-to store for everything from undies to bath towels! And speaking of bath towels…that is exactly what I would stock up on if it turns out that I’m the lucky winner. With prices starting as low as $3.99 for good quality, absorbent towels, I can’t wait until you notify me that I am the lucky recipient. Thanks!

  88. Thirkellgirl says:

    I need a new nonstick skillet, and I could probably be convinced to pick up a bag of Lindt truffles, too.

  89. TJMaxx is absolutely my favorite store! They always have the best brands at the best prices. With a $25 gift card, I would go straight to the bath towels. I am determined to replace my old ones this month!

  90. I was at Marshall’s just yesterday. Love their dishes, platters, pots, etc., at unbelieveable prices. TJMaxx has the best priced jewelry. Would love to win the gift card.

  91. I’m right there with you! I would souse this on some new undies too, mine are very sad. Thanks for a chance to win.

  92. With a homegoods store at this TJ Maxx here thats hard either something from there or use toward a new jacket finally. 🙂

  93. We need new socks! With a family a 5, socks are such a hot commodity and right now we all need new ones!

  94. I am going on a cruise soon and need some new cute clothes. I think a new shirt or pair of shorts is exactly what I need.

  95. LOL Rhoda!!! Cute undies!!! It would be a hard choice on what to buy at TJMaxx or Marshalls! I think I would check out the purses, shoes or in the homegoods area. Great giveaway!

  96. Frilly, pink feminine things! My new granddaughter, Cosette Lillianna, entered the world yesterday at 2:48 p.m., joining her five year old twin cousins, Cayden and Campbell. I’ve been buying blue masculine things for 5 and a half years. I would spend my $25 gift card on the pinkest, frilliest, tiniest baby things I could find! I am fortunate enough to live close to a T.J. Maxx, a HomeGoods, and a Marshalls and they are all wonderful sources of children and baby things, so I can shop, shop, shop. I welcome my sweet granddaughter, another generation of TJ Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods shoppers. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  97. Tona Haggermaker says:

    Oh, I hear ya, girlfriend! I needed some “draws” and was lucky enough to get to go to VF outlet, so I stocked up. I am in dire need of some new bath towels. I have some that we got at our wedding shower (27 years ago). I guess that makes them antiques, now. But those worn out, thread bearing ones are my favs for wrapping up this head of hair right out of the shower. I would purchase some huge, big, soft towels with the $25 TJ Maxx gift card, if I was chosen 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity for a chance to win it. I love your blog..wish I were your neighbor. I like all the same things you do. Thanks, again! Tona in Bama 🙂

  98. Wow…I was just at TJ yesterday. I spied a Ralph Lauren lamp that I would love to purchase. The $25 gift card would cover more than half of the cost!

  99. I’m not sure what I would buy at T.J. Maxx, but I’m sure something would strike my fancy! Love the store!

  100. I would either use it for dishes because you can never have too many plates, or something zebra for my teen daughter.

  101. We have TJ Maxx…and I like their home items. But I have also bought jewelry at a reasonable price, and a fun jacket…and many gifts there.
    Whoever wins will have fun shopping with their 25.00 gift card. (:>)

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  102. We don’t have a Homegoods locally, but we have TJ Maxx. I love their home section. I currently have my eye on a pair of pillow shams that will cost $25…. so winning this card would be perfect!

  103. No one can ever claim you don’t keep it real, Rhoda! No. One. I have a hard time spending lots of money on my undies too. Love me some Marshalls and TJs!

  104. I am wanting a new set of sheets for my guest room – with a high quality thread count! If I can’t find sheets…then SHOES!

  105. Rhoda, I usually buy all my undies at once and they always wear out at the same time.

    25$ would be a great amount for shopping for some Valentines Day accesories and both stores carry a nice selection. That’s what I would use it for if I was lucky enough to win.

    When you bought that gorgeous lamp for Lauren I haunted all 3 stores, HG, TJ and Marshalls looking for it. Never brought home the lamp but bought all sorts of things I “had” to have.

    Hopefully when you get your next home they give you a higher budget so you can work your magic and have the followers like me heading to the stores to buy what you bought!! Mary

  106. I am screaming at seeing unmentionables. You’re brave! I’m looking for lamps for my living room, so I’d put my card toward that!

  107. lol, you never know what you will find on blogs! I have my eyes on some pillows that are at Marshalls. I would def buy those with the gift card!


  108. Ooh, your timing is great! I need some new table linens, and am on the hunt for a new bedside lamp.

    Thanks Rhoda!


  109. Good buy Rhoda & thanks for keeping it real :). I love to buy my name brand hair care products at TJ & Marshall’s for half the price.

  110. Wendy Gerdes says:

    I love to shop in their home decor section. They ALWAYS have fabulous items at great prices! If I win the $25 gift card, I’ll probably spend $100! hahaha!

  111. I would probably hit up the home section. They have a great selection of home goods.

  112. I would get home decor or something for my grand-daughter who I just love to buy for there!

  113. Rhoda, you are awesome! Thanks for being true and for me? Momma needs new undies too!

  114. Oh too cute! I love TJ Maxx! Drop by at least once per week! What to buy? Looking for spring accessories now that Christmas season is over! I’m lucky to live in an area that TJ Maxx, HG, & Marshalls are within driving distance!! Love it!!

  115. Your post really made me smile. I always buy underwear and socks for the whole family in TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. I was there on Monday and saw a wonderful teapot, some frames, and a great couch throw all for under $25. They also had great liquid soaps and body lotions. The only problem with both of these stores is that the items are at such great prices if you don’t snap them up as soon as you see them, someone else will.

  116. lynne taylor says:

    I am in the same boat as your were, a drawer full of stretched out, faded out undies. So that is what I would get too. I love Warner panties too!

  117. OMgosh Rhoda… how funny… you have guts girl! How many of us are totally one with you on the unmentionables story, but wouldn’t dare to post it!! Have been sitting admiring your courage, but also laughing. Since, of course, many of the rest of us don’t have the courage to “bare” the truth about what we probably would use the $25 for, let’s find another answer! Ok, first, I have repeatedly fractured my left ankle over the last few months, and am still in a splint.. so my first priority is actually a stylist, low wedge pair of closed toe shoes that will allow my stretch ankle splint. Everything in my closet is either flip flop, open toe sandals, or high wedge summer shoes.( living in the south has its shoe advantages, doesn’t it??!) Dr said I must find some lower wedge type closed toe shoes for now… of course, the only pair with a 1 1/2 “cork wedge is a coral pair!!! not exactly condusive to black clothes, or white & aqua etc etc.. so if I win, it would be a nice pair of much needed shoes…( and maybe an “unmentionable or two”! ;>}
    Cathy B*****y pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  118. Love the story!!!!!!!! 🙂 New jewelry of course.. Thanks for the giveaway..

  119. I Love me some Marshall’s and TJ Maxx….great merchandise at great prices. I shop there on a biweekly basis and sometimes more often. I would love to have an extra $25 to spend…perhaps some new Bra’s???
    Gmama Jane

  120. Some new decor for my boring fireplace mantle. It looks so boring after the holidays!

  121. I’d hit up the Christmas clearance section — buy all of next years gift boxes and wrapping paper. But I’d probably also get distracted by something shiny elsewhere in the store and end up spending way too much money — happens every time!! Love TJX!!

  122. I would never have a problem finding something fantastic at TJ Maxx! Pillows are ususally my number 1 stop.

  123. Oh, new underwear is definitely a possibility. I’m not even going to tell you how long I’ve been wearing mine or the shape they are in now!

  124. I love to shop TJ Maxx for active wear…tennis, yoga, etc.

  125. What a cute post! And a great way to spend $25. Not sure what I’d buy….. maybe sunglasses, or a great scarf, or jammies …….. or undies!

  126. girl you are cracking me up!! and it is true that you can stretch your $$$ at TJMaxx & Marshalls. I’ve bought make-up, lotions,bath soaps and even pantyhose and yes undies too! 🙂

  127. I love their home goods but I have to say UNDIES!

  128. Oh boy, some of my socks are in pretty sad shape. I also need a new pair of slippers to keep my feet warm this winter. Love TJ Maxx!

  129. Janis Covington Stufflebean says:

    Ooohhhh! What I would buy is beautiful new bath towels!!

  130. I actually need new bras! lol SO this gift card would come in handy and we have a Marshalls where I live and I LOVE It! I recently went and found tons of GORGEOUS lamps I wanted to buy them all!

  131. I don’t do much shopping at Marshall’s because it just isn’t convenient for me but I always find stuff at TJ Maxx. I think I’d probably buy photo albums. I always find nice ones there for a great price & I’m in need of some new ones!!

  132. Marshalls..TJ Maxx & Homegoods!! I have all 3 nearby. What fun places to visit! I’m sure I could spend that $25 giftcard and then some more $$!
    Right now it’s time for new towels.

  133. I’m lucky enough to have a TJ Maxx, Marshalls AND a HomeGoods all in one town! And our entry way could use a spiffy new rug to wipe your feet when you come in from the cold.

  134. I shop often at TJ Maxx and Marshalls, too! And a 25$ boost in a gift card would be so welcomed. I would like some new undergarments, too, but I think if I could find a dutch oven that would be my first choice. Thanks for posting and enjoy your blog.

  135. I would buy a ocean/beach themed shower curtain for my daughters bathroom that i am currently re-doing. Thanks!

  136. Diane Hutchings says:

    I would buy hair products and some new bath towels!

  137. I’m afraid I’d have to check out the shoes for some cute spring shoes.

  138. I’m glad you’re not too proud or prissy to show off your new panties:) I would love to splurge on a new bedroom rug.

  139. I always go to the ‘collectible’ section for Christmas or other holiday trinkets. And also I love their ‘pj’s especially at Marshalls. The Aria brand is very soft and feminine.

  140. TJs/Marshalls is my FAVE! I’d use it to go toward a rug. Or a lamp. Or some bedding… or some shoes… 🙂

  141. I LOVE TJ/Marshall’s. If I win the $25 gift card I plan to buy one of those warm fleece blankets for my king size bed. They run about $24.99 in those stores.

  142. I would shop first in the home section and if nothing there caught my eye, I’d head on over to the underwear. Thank you!

  143. I would love a new throw for our sofa. That giftcard would definitely come in handy.

    P.S. I think it is hilarious that you posted pics of your panties. 🙂

  144. whoooo hooooooo… know i will put that $25 to good use, cute rhoda! redoing my shipping area of the miss lucy’s studio, and i LOVEEEEE tj maxx and marshalls for those one of a kind decorative items! HUGS !!

  145. Sheets from their fabulous home clearance section of course!

  146. Love…Love…Love your blog!!! Do not know what I would spend it on, it would just be nice to go in TJ’s with an extra $25.00 in hand! Hope you have a very blessed day!

  147. My husband and I have been working on a foreclosed house to call our own in a few short weeks, and I need all the help I can get to furnish and decorate it! I would you this for bedding or home accessories 🙂

  148. My first choice of purchases would be SHOES. I always find great bargains at Marshall’s and T J Maxx. Second would be home accessories.

  149. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Well a girls got to have good undies! But I think I’d head to the home decor section. I never leave these stores empty-handed!

  150. I am LOL @ your post Rhoda! But Hey, we all need new undies and kudos to you for keeping it real! 🙂 If I won the $25 giftcard I would buy a new purse! TJ Maxx & Marshalls always have a great selection of designer purses. I don’t change purses with every outfit & I tend to carry black purses since they go with everything so my purse is getting kinda like your underwear ….time for a new! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  151. I love the dishes at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Can not go into the store without coming out with at least one dish for someone…usually myself! LOL

  152. Good for you for finding a fabulous deal on undies! I adore TJ Maxx and would most likely put the Gift Card towards some new sheets or home item. Thanks for the great give-away, fingers crossed!


  153. You are too funny! Oh I can always use new undies or maybe socks but I would probably use it on a new perfume. I can never bring myself to pay retail for perfume, it is so expensive! TJMaxx is my go to for almost everything any more. If I can’t find it there I probably didn’t need it in the first place. Thanks for the giveaway!

  154. I love their pajama/underwear section as you can’t beat those prices and they’re always getting fun new stuff. I’d probably buy myself some winter workout clothes as I don’t own much to keep me warm while I’m out running around.

  155. Laurie McClure says:

    We have a TJ Maxx Homegoods store here and it’s one of my favorite places to shop. If I win, I will buy a new swimsuit for my trip to the beach in June.

  156. Wow! I need undies also but would probably spend it on something for my house!

  157. Our sheets tend to get dingy looking and need to be replaced!

  158. Oooh, I might look for clothes or shoes, but I would probably head for the home stuff first 🙂

  159. Franiingeorgia says:

    Two of my favorite places to shop! I want to redo my bedroom, this would help get me started (although, I could use underwear too).

  160. Actually, I’m good in the undie dept. right now. I could use a new longer length sweater for my skinnies and boots.
    Thanks for posting and hosting the giveaway!

  161. I can think of so many things that I could find to spend that gift card on at my local Marshall’s. Love, love, love that store.

  162. Who doesnt’ love TJ Maxx! I was just there yesterday. Things I would have liked to buy but didn’t included a Laura Ashley ironing board cover and a pair of black Puma sneakers with a dark pink stripe. All new undies sound good too!

    P.S. Since I’m a fashion novice, may I ask about the style of those panties. Are they bikinis? Do they show a “pantyline?” (As you can guess, I don’t have any sisters to ask about these things.) They look very comfortable. I love all the different colors you bought.

  163. Barbara Fiero says:

    Love the post!I would hit the home section,but end up with shoes.

  164. suburban prep says:

    I need a few things for the kitchen and I also need a winter coat since winter has decided that it is finally going to come.

  165. I want to get a new mirror and/or lamp for my foyer and $25 would help with getting one!

  166. its going toward some clothes for me. It seems these days that clothing for me is WAY far down on the priority list when it comes to spending. So I think I’d treat myself to a couple cute tops!

  167. I LOVE Marshall’s and TJ Maxx! What a fabulous giveaway! I think something new for the house is in order. I haven’t splurged in a very long time!

  168. I’ve been thinking about sprucing up my bed with new pillows and shams– the $25 gift card to TJMAXX would do the trick~!

  169. TJ Maxx is one of my favorite stores. I snagged a VERA WANG dress there for $80 bucks!!!

    If I won this gift card, I’d head over to home goods section and pick up some apothecary jars. 🙂

  170. Oh, Rhoda what a great give-a-way! I am a long time Marshall’s/TJ Maxx shopper and would be thrilled to win a gift card.

    We are going to remodel our bedroom, so I would put it towards a new bedspread and pillows. We are slowly making our way room by room. This would sure come in handy.


  171. Love TJ Maxx and Marshall’s! I would look for a new sheet set or curtains. But, if all else fails shoes or a purse would do nicely, I believe!

  172. I love these stores! And I can think of a ton of things I could get if I won! Thanks for the great giveaway!!!


  173. Tis the season for resolutions, right? I’d love to stock up on some new yoga/workout apparel and Marshalls/TJ Maxx always has a great selection at very reasonable prices. Nothing motivates me to get moving like a new pair of yoga pants 😉

  174. Deborah Gillies says:

    What would I do with a $25 TJ Max gift card? Spend it within 24 hours of receiving it of course! That store is a treasure hunt. Love it.

  175. Hey, I never am a snob over any amount on a gift card.
    Make me down for something new on the bedding end,
    sheets, pillows, lush mattress covers – yum. It’s like candy to me!
    Hugs (and a proper Happy 2012 to you!),

  176. I saw a hole in my bed sheet the other day, this we be so helpful!

  177. Sharon Avinger says:

    OH, my! This giveaway comes just in time. I’ll be shopping for some new accessories for my home — something spring-like to give me a boost for these dreary winter months. Thank you, Rhoda!

  178. Holly Edwards says:

    I would like to buy a pair of shoes. They have the cutest shoes and great prices!

  179. I would buy a small cast iron pot that I have wanted for a while!

  180. ooh, i love marshalls/tj maxx too!! i got my husband a fantastic columbia jacket there last week for only $32! if i won, i would buy a new lamp! love their selection.

  181. Stephanie C says:

    Great post! I’d use the giftcard to buy some sheets.

  182. I love Marshall’s. I love browsing their jeans isle and the kitchen goods. I would either buy me a pair of jeans or something for my kitchen. 🙂

    Thank you for a chance to win!

  183. Felicia Woodward says:

    I love both these stores and I would browse the home section for some cute decorations for my living room!

  184. I LOVE your post . . . no you are NOT alone! I just purchased some new undies so I wouldn’t embarrass my Mother either IF I were in an accident!
    We have a TJ Maxx store and I can always find something I like in their home decor section! That would probably be where I could put $25 to use in quick order!! OR buying some fun accessory item or shoes as a “splurge” for myself! (I must confess I have a bit of a shoe addiction!) Either way it would be great fun to win!! Thanks Rhoda!! Happy New Year!!

  185. There’s plenty that I could think of but it will either go towards a little chair for the master bedroom or some new linens!

  186. Jacquie Bollinger says:

    WOW! Like you, I love these stores . . . but unlike you, I admire how you stayed focused on one thing . . . . undies!!!! lol! There is sooooooo many things I could use right now . . . . . it would b a blast to have $25 to apply towards that . . . . . a purse, nightgown, small side table, bra (have loss weight and the oldies aren’t fitting well . . . lol!).
    Have a wonderful day! And thank you for the chance to win.

  187. I always find cute shirts there. Now that you mention it though I could use some new undies myself.

  188. I’d love to win and pick up one of those cute Pottery Barn-esque charging stations for the desk area in my kitchen. I need a stylish place to collect and charge the iphones, ipods, etc.!

  189. Tracy Ellis says:

    love TJ Max!!!

  190. I would go straight to the clearence section, because you never know! Then I would make my rounds through the dishes, cooking, and kids stuff. Then over to toys, and end up at the shoes. That’s how I roll!

  191. I would find many, many, many things to buy w/ $25!! BTW, I also purchase my unmentionables at TJMaxx!!

  192. Deborah Whaley says:

    Marshall’s is my go to place whenever I need a new “something” I have found so many treasures there that I simply can not list them all! I love TJ Max too in fact a pair of boots I am wearing this winter are from there. What would I buy if I won the $25 gift card? Sleep Pillows! I know that sound dumb but a good nights sleep is everything! 😉

  193. Jane Ellen Beasley says:

    I’m searching for a pair of jeggings that look like jeans! I found some at Belk’s, but don’t want to pay the price. Keep waiting for them to go on sale, but no luck so far. If I win that is what I would look for first… but second, third, etc, it wouldn’t be hard to find a new treasure!

  194. I love Marshalls and TJMaxx! There are so many different things I could use right now and $25 would sure make a difference! I would probably start with a new pair of work shoes. My main pair right now are worn out! I wear them at least 4 days a week for at least 2 years now!

  195. Christine H. says:

    I would buy new sheets for my son’s bed!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  196. Can you believe we have both of the stores locally but that I have never been? A $25 gift card would be a perfect excuse to pay them a visit and since I’m a sucker for home accessories that’s probably what I would spend the card on.

  197. You are so funny with your underwear…lol. I think it’s cute you posted the pictures. Those are exactly the kind of underwear I like. So if I were to win, I would get a new purse. I love the one I have, it’s from JC Penneys in a Salmon color, but it’s super heavy and Salmon doesn’t exactly go with everything!

  198. I love TJMaxx & Marshalls also. Would love to get a new cake pedestal with a $25 gift card.

  199. I get most of my Yankee Candles from TJ Maxx, so I’d like head to the home goods section. Also, I scored an awesome Christmas subway art piece at TJ Maxx and have my *fingers crossed* I can find a Family subway art piece there soon! 🙂

  200. Julie Smith says:

    I would love to apply that $25.00 to some new bedding. I love their sheets, comforters, etc. I hope I win!!

  201. I think I would get accessories. I love their mercury glass and other accessories. Or new pillows. So many options!!

  202. Too funny! You are a brave brave woman! We NEED a new rug in our family room! Too many oopsies by us and the pooch=gross old rug! Thank for the opp to win! Best of luck to everyone!

  203. I would love to get my daughter and son some new spring clothes. They are young so they are still growing like a weed, and I like TJMaxx and Marshall’s for the quality and price for clothes and home decor too!

  204. I see London, I see France, I see Rhoda’s underpants. haha I couldn’t resist.

    You can definitely get a lot at TJMaxx or Marshalls with $25. I’m working on putting together items for my bedroom makeover, so I’d be likely to spend the $25 on that, but also need new undies too. Hmmm, dilemma.

  205. Well, I recently found out I’m pregnant – so I’m thinking baby stuff 🙂

  206. TJMaxx is my favorite store on earth. I write so many checks to them my husband says he hopes I’m buying stock in them because I spend so much money there!

  207. Rhoda, I could use some undies too! However, I think I’ll look over the shoes. I’ve found some great bargains in that area!

  208. Rhoda, you are definitely the Real Deal…and that’s why we all love you so! 🙂

    Well, it’s been 2 years since we bought the “house in Hooterville” and some rooms are still lacking art and accessories so a gift card could help move things along. I could also use a new set of king-sized sheets for our bed. I love TJM and Marshalls and since I haven’t had time to go since way before Christmas, during my trip to “town” (Brandon) today, I actually plan to stop in both stores to check out what’s new.

  209. I just love TJ’s and Marshall’s ! They are beautiful stores.

    My linen cabinet could use some fresh towels.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  210. Wow, this post reminded me, I need a new strapless bra! I can’t believe I just admitted that to the internet 🙂 But I might also put the money towards a new lamp for my living room.

  211. Something for my bathroom…:)

  212. Nope, can’t believe you posted about the undies! Put in the drawing–I love TJ Maxx–I think I would get something cool for my home….but then again I like their clothes and have often found stuff for way under the 25!

  213. Bra!!

  214. I can find lots of things for under 25.00
    -new family room sofa pillows
    -new bath rug and towel
    -shirt or sweater for me
    -new decoration for my mantle
    ……I can go on and on….Marshalls is a great place to shop. Go there often!

  215. You made me laugh because I am on my way to Marshall’s today to buy…..some undies! Seriously, mine are wearing out and I desperately need some! TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are my favorite stores and would never move to a city that didn’t have one!

  216. This may sound silly, but I would totally buy my 90 lb American Bulldog a stylish bed…so I dont feel sooo guilty kicking him off my bed. Im 4 months pregnant and as much as I love sharing my bed with not only my dog, my 2 year old son and my husband that is twice my size, I dont think I can handle all 3 of them much longer! My poor dog goes into the closet and sleeps underneath my hanging clothes to use as a blanket or climbs into our dirty clothes basket for comfort….poor guy! Im going to have to break down and buy him something to use!

  217. Something to inspire a bedroom makeover………….

  218. Thanks for the chance to win. Agree completely about keeping worn out undies wayyyyyy to long. And, in spite of the fact that I do that to, I’d buy a Spode Christmas Tree dinner plate. Every time I buy another, there’s another person who can be invited to dinner!

  219. Would love new undies. Thanks for the chance to win.

  220. I would love to win the $25! Is it good at Home Goods? I think it’s part of Marshalls too. I love to shop there.

  221. Jenny Luttrell says:

    Good Morning!

    Lucky you!  I love love love TJ Maxx and Marshall’s!

    If I was to be the lucky person who won the gift card, I would spend it in the lotions/ bath products area.  Then donate it to a charity I support called Children’s Harbor. My husband and I, as well as both our daughters volunteer for this great place!  It is a non-profit organization based at Lake Martin, Alabama (near Auburn) with a huge camp on the lake and a family center at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham.  The camp offers its facility free of charge to groups that need to use it for children who are dealing with major illnesses, transplants, burns, etc.  One of the camps is a family camp for the entire family of kids who have had organ transplants to come and relax. Activities are tailored to the family members; dads go out for wings and bowling, moms get pedicures and have art classes, kids get to do ropes courses and go boating.  Those lotions would be a nice addition to the moms’  rooms to let them know just how special they are!

    Thanks for considering this!
    Jenny Luttrell

    • Jenny,

      As I was reading your reply, I wanted to send you an quick email. Children’s Harbor sounds like a great place! I would like to talk with you more about how I could help provide support for Children’s Harbor. Could you give me a call if you have a moment, 770-856-6462. Thank you! Christy

  222. Diana Altman says:

    I am looking for buffet lamps. $25 would buy one of them at least! Thanks for offering it to all of us!

  223. I love TJMaxx and Marshalls. I’ve bought so many things there. I especially love to get shoes there though. It’s the first place I look when I need (or just get in a mood for) new shoes!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  224. Work out shoes! I need a new pair badly – flip flops are not cutting it! of course, I could get new underwear too~ goes a long way at Marshalls!

  225. New undies are always fun!! I hope I win 🙂

  226. Woo Hoo! I received 2 gift cards from these fave stores for Christmas and am looking for new pillows for the living room. Guess what my $25 giveaway will go toward if I win!

  227. I am in the process of making over my living room. I’d love to get some new throw pillows!

  228. I would love to shop in their home goods department – they always have so many unusual and really nice items.

  229. Funny that you wrote this post today because I was just thinking this morning that I needed some new undies! I always find good prices at TJ Maxx. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  230. i get those huge bottles of shampoo that are usually very expensive. this gift card would definitely go towards that.

  231. ha – can’t believe you posted pictures of your new undies – you are brave!! 🙂

    I have bought underwear there before and I do agree their prices and selection are great. 🙂

    If I was to win the gift card, I seriously need some new undies too 🙂 so I might buy some of those. Although the home decor aisles are much more exciting and fun so I might have to browse those aisles too.

  232. OMG hilarious Rhoda, well if I win you showed me your drawers so I’ll show you mine…..could use some myself…..!!!!

    Kathy 🙂

  233. Love those stores! As unglamorous as it sounds, my guy and I both need new socks. Thanks for the opportunity to get some for free!

  234. Ive been needing work out gear and they have lots to choose from!

  235. Tammy Lawrence says:

    I was in TJMaxx & Marshalls last weekend and both stores had some really cute lamps, and I have been seriously needing some new ones for my living room…… so I think I would apply the $25 to help pay for 2 new lamps!!!!! But I would be sooooo tempted to buy a new purse LOL!!!

  236. I always get new undies for Christmas and for the first time I didn’t get any! I might put that $25 towards that or hold onto it for a cute pair of spring/summer sandals!

  237. I don’t know what I would choose. I’d probably wander the store looking for the biggest bargain I could find and then delight in making that purchase. 🙂 I love me a good bargain.

  238. Love this and you for posting your undies purchase. I might be headed in that same direction if I win this giftcard.

  239. Love those stores! I would use the $25 toward a mattress cover, or a nightie, or something for the grandkids!

  240. I’m sure this is true for many TJ Maxx shoppers. I may go in with a certain something in mind, but I always leave with something else! So with $25, I’ll just see what floats my boat!

  241. Love this post! Of course, you’re reminding me that I’m still wearing underwear from when I was pregnant with my now 1 1/2 year old daughter. Just imagine the shape those are in. But if I had an extra $25 to TJ Maxx/Marshall’s I’d probably spend it on something for my master bedroom. After living together for 8 years, my husband and I finally have bought real adult furniture for our bedroom and are working on making it more on an oasis than a dumping ground!

  242. Thanks for the chance to win! I need undies too!

  243. I have been looking for a comforter for over a year. Thanks for the chance to win!

  244. I would get me a new sweater thanks

  245. Wow, $25 is just great for buying a new (or a couple) of sweaters or that special table cloth for my dining room table. Spring is around the corner and my dining room needs a good snap of color.

  246. I love those stores! I would love to have a gift card to buy a new pair of Karen Neuburger pj’s. I’d probably have enough to get new panties too! LOL Thanks for hosting the giveaway, Rhoda.

  247. I’d get some home decor.

  248. Oh I would get wall decor for my little boys room. I’m going for a sports theme!!!

  249. I love TJ Maxx! I would for sure go get my 4 month old some new outfits!! He’s growing like a little weed. Already in 6-9 month clothes. Sheesh!! 🙂
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  250. We don’t have a Marshall’s, but I love TJ Maxx! I’d use $25 for workout clothes.

  251. I am searching for new throw pillows for my den couch! That would be my purchase!!

  252. I would get a new blouse, I am so in need of several wardrobe pieces. I love TJ Maxx and Marshall’s and usually visit each one a couple of times a week.

    Mary l

  253. I love TJ Maxx and Marshalls! I need washcloths and PJs.

  254. I just redid my bathroom with your beautiful beadboard and re-painted in a gorgeous BM classic green. I would put the giftcard toward new towels to match the new paint and spa atmosphere. Thanks Rhoda! Love your blog-have been following since the beginning!! Maureen

  255. I probably would look for unusual dishes because I’m a dish-a-holic!


  256. Husband needs new jammies, thanks for the chance.

  257. LOL! I love the fact that your willing to show your undies…very brave of ya. Ummm…I’d probably get some home accessories. I’ve been wanting something to put on the wall in my living room.

  258. After reading your blog, I feel like I need to clear out my undies drawer too! Fingers crossed that I win!

  259. I love their reasonably priced luxury bath items! That’s where my $25 would go!

  260. Maryann Fabian says:

    You are a gutsy woman! Love your blog, all the home tours, makeovers, and now this. (Does it qualify as a “make under”?) Yes, I am a Maxxinista. Here’s the score-and-swoon from my last $25 purchase there: After combing the universe for drawer pulls to complete my bathroom makeover, I found 8 ceramic floral-shaped ones in the most gorgeous shade of turquoise for $12.99 at TJ Maxx! And I got a terrific burlap pillow with French handwritten script for $12 that I embellished with a photo transfer of a childhood pic and gave to my mom for Christmas. $25 definitely goes far and has so many possibilities. If I win, I would have fun combing through the treasure trove to see what other imaginative things I could come up with!
    All the best,

  261. I don’t NEED anything. But, I’d like to find something to brighten up the house during these drab winter days! I’m sure I could find SOMETHING at TJ MAXX! 🙂

  262. Storage containers. Mine get stained, and I have containers without lids and lids without containers, and I find them in odd places inside and outside the house….. I would like new ones.

  263. I would love to spend it on a new pair of jeans!

  264. Luke's GiGi says:

    I need to get some new towels because some of mine have seen better days!

  265. I’d like to get some tshirts for kids.

  266. I love going there to find clothes for my kids (ages 1 and almost 4). I also always check out their toys and books for my kids or any birthdays coming up, as well as gifts for teachers and friends. Would love the extra $25 to spend (maybe on myself!). All I need now is someone to watch my busy 1 year old boy so I can do some browsing instead of running through the store as fast as I can hoping he doesn’t break anything :o)

  267. I desperately need new bed pillows!

  268. I would love a new purse! I really enjoy your site. Thanks for the opportunity.

  269. I love love TJ Maxx. It is my store. My friends laugh at me because my heart beats a little faster when I know I am going to get to shop there. I love their home section and I love picking up their bargains in their china section. You never know what treasure you might find.

  270. Angela Vaughan says:

    Well, you need undies. I need bras. So that’s what I would spend my money on. LOL!

  271. Velvet Hodgez says:

    If I were to win your fabulous gift card I’d probably use it for something in the kitchen, but at those stores you never know what you’ll find!!!!

  272. I’m laughing over here 🙂

    Well, I know that lots of people love those stores for clothes – I really like them for housewares. I could use a new wall shelf or two. And, who knows what else.

    I once heard a comedian joke about not wearing clean undies, since when you are about to be in an accident, “First you say it, then you do it!”

    But, seriously…

    Luckily, in my accident, I saw the car coming. The Lord I cried out for, was there for me.

  273. Christy Tyldesley says:

    I love your Blog!!! I love even more that you are so down to earth to even post pics of you undies LOL! There are many different directions I could go about spending the GC should I win, likely decor or window treatments for the house would be my choice! Thank you for the opportunity-have a great day!

  274. Rhoda – you are the coolest!! You’re the only blogger that could write a post about undies & do it so stylishly!

    LOVE both Marshall’s & TJM… & I’m totally excited that we’re FINALLY getting a Home Goods (although it’s fun to visit the one Brentwood) – YAYYYYYYY!!

    I would spend that GC on a new rug for my front entry: mine has seen better days!

  275. My son needs new jeans!
    kcoud33 at gmail dot com

  276. I’d buy some new clothes for my kiddos!

  277. I would buy a pair of new pillows for my bed!

  278. Gosh, I could use some new pillows. Mine look like theyv’e been run over by a road machine. FLAT. I just found your site back in Dec. and now its be come one of my favs to visit daily… and now today’s post….I’m still lafin bout ur drawers….funny lady lol

  279. i would get a jewelry organizer!

  280. I have a slight pillow obsession and can always find unique pillows at HomeGoods. I would definitely spend my gift card on a new pillow for my living room couch!

  281. Anissa Gooch says:

    A new comforter for my daughter’s room

  282. Actually, I need a new bra!

  283. I love your post..too funny and very brave woman you are! My best friend and I love Marshall’s and TJ Max..what a great place to make us all smile! Hope I win the gift card…I can always find a something I need or a gift for someone else! Happy Thursday!
    BTW can’t wait for part 3 of your blog post!

  284. I would love to apply this $25 gift card toward a new area rug for my living room! I LOVE TJ Maxx!

  285. I was at TJ the other day and also stocked up on undies so a gift card would likely be spent in the housewares department! There is always an inch of space for a new kitchen gadget!

  286. I’m on the search for a new purse, not too wintry but more spring-y.

  287. Anita Rudzinski says:

    Oh my gosh!!! These are two of my favorite stores. I would love this $25 gift card. I buy most of my stuff there. Thx so much.
    Anita L Rudzinski

  288. I buy EVERYTHING from either TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Homegoods! It’s the trifecta of shopping for me! Right now I could use some bedding fro our new California King sized bed! New undies would be nice too.

  289. oooohhh…a new small floral rug for my laundry room!

  290. Everyone in my house needs a new pillow so that’s what I would buy!!

  291. I think I would spend it on something for my master bedroom redo! I love shopping there.

  292. I need some new lamps! I am tired of the harsh light your overhead light gives off and want some softer light given off by some beautiful blue lamps!

  293. I would look for a pretty decorative pitcher or platter to add to the top of my kitchen cabinets.

  294. I would use that gift card to buy items for my shoeboxes that I do each year through Operation Christmas Child. I could pick up a lot of little hair accessories, small toys, and such at great prices! Hope I win!

  295. I need a new winter coat.

  296. thank you for this givaway! I would love to get some new bedding, or a decor piece—I love browsing through their home decor department!

  297. I would love a new pair of boots! I am a huge fan of both Marshalls and TJ Maxx!

  298. Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage says:

    I love TJ Maxx….LOVE……I desperately need some new bath matts/rugs for our master bath…the ones I have I love and actually bought at TJ Maxx a couple of years ago……so if I was the lucky one….I would head to TJ Maxx and head for the bath isle…if I can make it past the purses, jewelry and clothes!!!!!!

  299. I have a lonely bare spot on my mantle since Christmas, and I just know I could find something to brighten it up. That or a new pair of shoes!

  300. You crack me up. lol I would take any gift card for any amount. I think I must have bought all my panties at the same time years ago, because, now I throw at least one pair a week out. It’s getting to be slim pickins’.
    Take care and God Bless you Paula

  301. For me, it would be jewelry and accessories. A girl can never have too many pieces!!!

  302. We can always use more underwear, socks, tights, and leggings around my house.

  303. I need new pillows for our living room.

  304. Oh I always seem to want a new purse so I might look for one if I was lucky enough to win $25 to spend at TJ Maxx but then again, I might just have to buy one anyway!

  305. Elaine McGrath says:

    I can’t believe you showed us your undies!! That’s awesome. I would buy shoes or leggings. Thanks for making me smile today!

  306. I love TJ Maxx and Marshalls! I would either put it towards a new bag (been wanting a crossbody one) or new clothes. I always find the cutest shirts/blouses there.

  307. If I won the giftcard the money would go towards some new home furnishings. I’m looking to update my bedside lamp in my bedroom.

  308. I love the aisles that have all the coffee, chocolates, sauces and such. Can’t seem to get out of there without buying something in that aisle!
    So for me, gourmet food 🙂

  309. Terri Shawver Burton says:

    I would buy candles to get through the dark and cold winter:) Undies can wait…..

  310. I would look for a new pair of shoes for my son’s wedding.

  311. I would love to purchase a couple of new bath and hand towels for the bathroom that we just repainted. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  312. hubby and I could use some new pillows,

  313. My favorite pair of undies came from TJ Maxx several years ago. They are Calvin Klein, and I’ve looked and looked for more just like them, but to no avail…boo hoo. So, I would spend the gift card on new undies or a new coverlet for our bed. Thank you for the opportunity, Rhoda!

  314. I have an abundance of undies, but do love some of the high-end handbags in the stores. A $25 gift card would make the price even more reasonable. I am always able to find a bargain in the housewares section, too.

  315. You’re so funny! Don’t even get me started on underwear. I think most of us are in the same boat with our disgraceful unmentionables. Once again your blog, refreshing honesty and sense of humor have brightened my day … thanks for the smile!

  316. I am a ‘lil southern school teacher so I probably tights….I love tights. Bright color tights to make the kidos smile on a cold dreary day. Or storage……or jewelry…..naaaa, I’d buy tights!! 🙂

  317. Hand towels! I need a few cute ones for the guest bath.

  318. I love TJ Maxx and Marshalls. My son is getting married in April, so I would probably use the gift card to help with new outfits and accessories for parties and wedding showers!

  319. Sweet Deal! I love the fun clothes and Homegoods!!

  320. How fun, my favorite store! And you are so right, $25 goes a long way. I would love a fun new accessory for my work in progress living room.

  321. Plz add me to the drawing I just purchased new undies but could really use new bras and ya I will post them on my blog if I win!!!

  322. Carolyn Simpson says:

    I love TJMaxx and Marshalls and would either buy hair products or undies…$25 would be fun to spend there.

  323. New underwear sounds good,.but I could use a blanket for my bed too

  324. Would love to put the gift card toward new towels!

  325. I will combine with a gift card I got for christmas and buy a new quilt for my guest bedroom.

  326. I like to go in to the stores just to see what they have-it is always a treat to come home with something unexpected!

  327. Gisele Chapman says:

    I love T.J. Maxx and Marshalls. There is a Mega Marshalls in Osage Beach, MO that is totally awesome. Love the home goods!!!! Rhoda, thanks for an awesome blog!!!!

  328. Francis C. Moore says:

    I would love to buy something new for my home.

  329. kathy adams says:

    Love your blog and love the giveaway! I would get something to decorate my home with! Thanks kathy

  330. Love your undies!!! I would SO buy something totally for me-myself-I!

  331. Oh, I would love to win this. I need new sheets sooo bad. Mine are Stretched out elastic, droopy fallin’ apart, ole’ worn out!

  332. I need some new cookie sheets and some Valentine decor.

  333. Christine LM says:

    I would use the $25 on something completely frivolous….like Valentines or Easter decor!

  334. I shop there constantly, so I could spend it on anything. Probably would spend it on hand towels right now for my bathroom, they desperately needs some sprucing up!

  335. I would buy something frivolous, too. Maybe more kitchen stuff or a cute apron like I saw just before Christmas at my local TJ.

  336. I love that you posted your new undies on your blog. I’m a sharer, too!

    If I won the card, I’d buy baskets and/or boxes for my new pantry closet re-do that I’m about to begin.

  337. Those undies look great, but I got several pairs for Christmas, so I would buy some stretchy pants to wear to the gym. I usually change at my office before I leave work, and my current pair of pants have holes in the crotch. Does my sharing that make you feel better, Rhoda?

  338. Beth huffstutler says:

    I would get a few outfits for my daughter. They have great sets for little girls!

  339. I need some new accessories to go in my home!! Basically ANYTHING. Bedding, picture frames, decor, towels …….. 🙂

  340. I love getting new undies! I don’t need any right now, so I would look for something else to spend my $25.00 on. I have been searching for a decorative tray for my console, so I would try to find one. If not, I can always find something. If I’ve got money to spend, I’ll find something to buy.

  341. LOVE TJMaxx /Marshalls!!!

  342. Yep I need underwear, bras and pj’s. But I really need socks, all the ones I have are all holey
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  343. id use it to buy some new socks! Mine are grody.

  344. TJ Maxx/Marshalls are two of my favorite stores! I could spend $25 on some cute new clothes for my sweet baby boy, new picture frames for pictures of my sweet baby boy, some fun decor pieces for baby boy’s first birthday party in feb….can you tell I’m a little obsessed with shopping for my baby?

  345. I love the jewelry department at TJ Maxx. I need a new statement piece.

  346. Yep…new undies for me too. However, I won’t be doing a photo shoot!

  347. Ha-so funny!!! Boy-that $ 25 went a long way-great job! I need a few
    new dishes-wonder what all I could find? 😉 Good Luck all and Thanks so much

  348. Lisa Sheets says:

    socks-socks-and more socks

  349. Well, I might like to think I’d buy something like underwear or socks, the truth is I would go straight to the DISHES with that gift card. 🙂

  350. I desperatley need undies and socks. I have bought mine at both places for years… would love the gift card… thanks

  351. Oh my I would have a hard time deciding what to buy w a GC. Something for me? the kitchen? the kids? the bathroom…love those stores. Um, yeah, you’re not alone on the panty thing, hubby recently told me I needed new ones, now that’s embarassing. LOL

  352. I would scan all clearance sections and buy the best deal. With 6 kids someone always needs something! 🙂

  353. Mary Catherine says:

    I would absolutely love to win! I’m about to move into my first apartment and the list of things that I want/need is huge. Plus, I’m in lurve with HomeGoods and I believe they’re part of the TJMaxx/Marshall’s family as well.

    I just splurged on a brand new bed and I’d love to get some gorgeous sheets for it. Or I’m really looking for a large white vase to use for some decorative branches a friend gave me. I also love the throw pillows that my local TJ Maxx has right now but I definitely can’t justify buying them instead of other necessities. Also, oven mitts, hand towels, lamps, cute kitchen stuff. I think I could probably spend way more than $25 but TJ Maxx has such good deals that I know I could get a lot of good stuff.

  354. I’ve got to say, this post did make me laugh. That takes some nerve to post your new drawers for the entire world to see. lol! They are my favorite stores, second to Home Goods. The rinky-dink town I live in is finally getting a Home Goods, PTL!

  355. Hi Rhoda, Happy New Year!
    I’d have to say that I’d buy a nice new comfy pair of pj’s. I have a tendency to wear them out until they’re ratty.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  356. First of all, I am laughing (totally with, not at you) that you posted your new undies on your blog…but that’s probably what I would buy too!

    Thanks for the (shop)portunity!

  357. i was thinking the same thing about my undie drawer. I am down to the strange colored ones that I got somewhere. I would have to find a store though. Hopefully, there is one in Athens. Not much in Mt.Airy.

  358. Courtney Mac says:

    Panties would be good, but looking to score some lamps that I can paint in red to go with my new dresser/buffet (when it’s done, lol)


  359. I would buy some new home accessories. Thanks for sharing!

  360. Ooooh! Clothes would be nice, but I’d probably go with something for the house. (Or knowing myself, something for the kids!)

  361. elizabeth normandin says:

    Marshalls and TJs are my two favorite stores! I buy everything there! Great find on the undies!! Thanks for another fun giveaway! Beth N.

  362. I love those stores!!! And I get my undies there too!! LOL!
    How would I spend my $25? Either on some of their specialty foods or some new face cloths or maybe some new pillows. So much fun! Thanks!

  363. I could find so many things to buy there it’s ridiculous! I love those stores….Need a new pair of slacks for work!

  364. I would like to browse the home decor section for some new accesories!

  365. I didn’t even think a silly thought about the undies. Heck, if anything you inspired me to think of doing a spruce up in my own pantie dept. Ha!
    If I won, I’d love to put it towards new boots! I really wanted some for Christmas but didn’t find what I was looking for. I could find “something” at TJ MAXX! Love that place!

  366. I would put it toward a new purse. I love Marshalls!

  367. I am working on improving my kitchen so I would use my $25 on either a knife set, cooking spoons set, pillows, or a mat.

  368. What a genuine person you are! I am too am a TJ Maxx /Marshall’s shopper…been one for years! I don’t really know what I would put the card towards…but it would be fun trying to decide! Thanks for such a great blog…your spirit shines through every word!

  369. I’d love to buy some cute little accesories for my living room. I <3 Marshall's and TJMaxx!

  370. I LOVE TJMAXX!!! I would get some more decor items for our Master Bedroom. I need some wall art… 🙂

  371. Great minds, Rhoda, great minds…I always think to replace my underwear (bras, too) in January! I could use that gift card!

  372. i commend you for sharing your *clean* laundry with the blogosphere! i just stocked up too. with the $25 to TJMaxx/Marshall’s, I’d buy a new wallet.

  373. Laughing here. Last count I saw was 373 comments for a $25.00 gift card! I guess we all “need” something, and at least 374 of us would love to have $25 to spend at TJMaxx or Marshalls! Loved your story, most of us won’t admit to stretched out elastic on our panties!!

  374. I need photo frames for my grandkids christmas pictures! I love TJ’s!

  375. I’ve been looking for a pretty new blanket or throw for my bed – this would be a great place to buy it!

  376. I would use the gift card to buy food. I would buy bags of my favorite granola Erin Bakers fruit and nut homestyle granola and jars of Dave’s Gourmet pasta sauce. They are wonderful products that are sold for so much less here than in a market. I’ve also found gourmet pancake mixes and other goodies at TJ Maxx/Marshalls.

  377. Renate Hardie says:

    I would buy new yoga pants and a top, thanks.

  378. I love TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. I would buy some home decor items for my family room! Thanks for the opportunity to win……

  379. My dog needs one of their adorable dog beds 🙂

  380. You must have been peeking in my undies drawer ~ I’m in the same sad shape as you were. Love your newest unmentionables, but if I were lucky enough to win the gift card, I”d run to HG and Marshalls and buy up some glittery Valentine/Easter decorations. Last year I got an awesome BIG glittered house for Easter at Marshalls for a song!!!

  381. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh I would have to get socks! My new dog that I adopted on Halloween from our petstores rescue adoption days likes to chew my socks. LOL….So, I think I would get some new ones without holes. 🙂

  382. I would love to get some new dress/work pants at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Thanks for the giveaway.

  383. dragongirl says:

    The Midwest is getting SNOW now and I NEED tall, warm socks and desperately need a new purse. The handle on mine broke but since I liked it so much I glued it. No luck tho, just keeps breaking and always at the wrong times. Undies? Naaaa…bought some just before Christmas – little gift for me and my little butt. hahaha You’re just too funny today.

  384. Dena Shealy says:

    I love Marshalls and TJ Maxx! If I won the gift card, I would probably buy myself a new stock pot because my pots and pans look terrible! Love your blog and thanks for the giveaway!

  385. a pair of boots

  386. I just found your blog on a Pinterest linky and what do I find? A Marshalls giveaway. SCORE!
    I am right in the middle of a living room remodel, so lamps, art, tchochkes, you name it, $25 goes a long way at my favorite store!

  387. New set of sheets for the bed. My flat sheet is ripped down the middle.

  388. OK I am building a house and I need everything!! Even toilet bowl scrubbers! (since we seem to be on that subject!) ha!

  389. I LOVE picture frames and wall art from TJMaxx and Marshalls!…Thanks, for the giveaway!….jlk

  390. I would browse and see what strikes my fancy — but I could sure use some new undies too!

  391. anne harris says:

    hm!!! panties sound good!! or i’d get towels, can never have too many!

  392. Tracy Delgado says:

    I would buy jewelry, baskets, clothes, kitchen stuff…. The list goes on. Thanks for the chance to win. I love shopping here too.

  393. Being a practical girl, and one tired of “picking my seat” so to speak, I would have to concur with you Rhonda and splurge on some brand spanking new undies in all the colors of the rainbow!

  394. I LOVE Marshalls/TJMaxx!!! I’d be shopping for something in the kitchen-tableware section. Or maybe in shoes, can’t go wrong there. Or maybe….. the underwear!!! It’s all good!!

  395. Liz Harvey says:

    I would buy some decor for my house. My fiance and I are in the process of finalizing the sale of our house, so this would be such great help! I am thinking either a mirror or something to put on a table in the entry way. I just love the prices Marshall’s and TJ Maxx offer!

  396. I would put it towards some wall art or a new clock for my living room. Thanks for the chance!

    linda h.

  397. Gwen Callahan says:

    I always find bargains at both places!!! Dishes being one of my all time fav’s !!! Pick me! Pick me!!!!

  398. kallen1105 says:

    You’ve inspired me… I think I’d buy some undies too. My drawer is in pretty sad shape. Love ya blog… thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  399. April was in CT now CA says:

    LOL Rhoda, you’re hilarious! Love that you shared with us all. I’d probably pick out a pair of sunglasses and now that you mention it I definitely DO need some new undies so I’d get a few pair of those too!

  400. I love TJ Maxx and Marshalls for so many things. I would buy some new towels…..why is it we never replenish the basic necessities like towels and undies LOL!

  401. I love TJ Maxx for dresses…especially for themed parties (Roaring 20s) as I can always find something cute but within budget.

  402. I would buy some new, soft, warm fuzzy pj’s. I love having warm pj’s in the winter. It is freezing cold here tonight 19 degrees.

  403. I love TJ Maxx and Marshalls! I’d buy some body wash and body spray and maybe even a jar of salt or sugar scrub.

  404. I need some new house shoes.

  405. clearance clothes for me!!

  406. Melinda Wilson says:

    I love checking out all the goodies in Marshalls & TJMaxx! I need some new kitchen towels and a 10″ skillet so that’s how I would spend my $25.

  407. That is so funny that you mentioned your undies – I have got to get some new bras to hold those girls up!

  408. Ohhhhh, I would be replacing too…….bathroom throw rugs!

  409. I would buy something for my son’s first apartment.

  410. I think I’d buy new bath towels. Or whatever else might catch my fancy!

  411. I too have a ratty undies drawer… But I’d also check out their dresses and shoes. I broke my favorite heels on NYE so those also need replacing. How fun to see someone else who gets excited about new undies! 🙂 I hope this giveaway isnt already over!

  412. I love TJ Maxx and Marshalls! I could stretch a $25 gift card for quite a while. I like to buy my flavored coffee there, as well as home decor accents on clearance, lingerie, bath products and lotion. The possibilities are endless!

  413. Im due to have baby #3 so I would probably buy something for me to wear that fits post baby.

  414. I would definitely look for something fresh to add to my work wardrobe, like a new sweater or some cute shoes.

  415. I would buy pj’s or socks or anything else that caught my eye. . . .Luv these stores!!

  416. I know EXACTLY what I would buy… our store is in the middle of markdown madness and there is the most beautiful wooden bench that is just about $25.00. We need a seat for taking off winter apparel and this would do the trick perfectly!

  417. Prior to reading your post I was thinking about how dismal my underwear collection looks!! i would definitely snag some new undies with the gift card!

  418. Yes, I absolutely do wear them until they are worn out, Rhoda! Undies and socks! That’s what I’d probably get.

  419. Yes, $25 buys a lot at either store. I would head straight for the home section and check out the Victoria Taylor gourmet spices to replenish my spice cabinet and then to the clearance aisle to check out the super bargains! I always manage to find something I need. Thanks for the opportunity, Rhoda!

  420. I’d definitely buy something decorative for my house! I haven’t been able to shop for the house in any way for a long time! With the past 15 months being filled with unemployment and severe financial difficulties it has been almost two years since I have set foot in either our TJ Maxx or our Marshalls! I have felt a serious let down to not be able to go even look. In the good old days I went about once a month just for some window shopping and occasionally would find something perfect either for the house, me, or my grandson! I have great luck in finding clothes there for myself!

  421. I would put it towards a new coverlet for my bed!

  422. So many things I could do, right now I am looking for a cute new pair of flats!

  423. I buy my undies there too and always have, but there are a myriad of things I could use $25.00 on, home decorative assessories, linens, clothing, etc. Would just be thrilled to win.!!!

  424. I will buy some home decor

  425. I would buy my daughter some panties since she just potty trained!

  426. A smidge under TMI – however, I do love underthings and TJ Maxx/Marshalls so if I win, I will also post my skivvies for all to see!

  427. Love TJ Maxx!!!

  428. I love TJs and Marshalls! They have great purses, shoes, sweaters, dresses, stuff for the kids, for the house. I just love it there and can always spend at least an hour roaming the aisles. Thanks for the contest! Jean

  429. Sharon in Chicago says:

    I was just explaining to my sis that half the fun of TJMaxx and Marshalls is the surprise of finding the unexpected. I’m always heading to the homegoods area to see what catches my eye!

  430. Hello Rhoda and Happy Bloggiversary!

    I just LOVE TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. Hmmm, I don’t need new undies but could always use cute socks, philosophy bubble bath, gourmet foods or fun stuff to cook with 🙂

    Thank you for entering me in your generous giveaway and thank you TJ Maxx.


  431. I like your idea – underwear!! We’ve got vacation coming up and that’s reason enough. 🙂

  432. Carol Adams says:

    I love their bathroom stuff!! Nice undies tho’!!

  433. Patricia Smith says:

    now that you mention it I could use some nice warm socks!

  434. I need an iron skillet and a kitchen timer,,,new shoes and purse would be good too

  435. karen davis says:

    I would probably use it towards new bed linens, thru the years, I have found very nice bed spreads, sheets, and towels, great quality and great prices! Thanks Rhoda!

  436. I need a new handbag

  437. Love your blog on the new undies! I too have done exactly that recently. Worrying that I would be in an accident and I would be the talk of the hospital staff with the state of my underpants – if my mother only knew!!! I have bought some really pretty ones in flesh color with pretty lace, black with lace, etc. all at reasonable prices. I won’t pay exorbitant prices when TJMaxx has them so reasonable. Now I need to start shopping for some new bras!

  438. I love those stores. I would probably buy some clearance item clothes.

  439. I love the housewares dept. at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I’d be on the prowl.

  440. I would shop the home section @ Marshalls…always find a treasure ot two!

  441. I love, love, love me some TJ Maxx & Marshalls!!! I can stretch a dollar further there than anywhere else 🙂

    If I were lucky enough to win this $25 gift card, I think I’d go for some new accessories… They have THE best selection of wraps/scarfs and handbags, tights, etc.

  442. I need some new socks!

  443. hmmmmm…. I don’t know… but I do know that I’m sure to find something at TJ Maxx…

  444. I need some new bras.. so I think I’d start looking there.

  445. I would buy my son some cute polo shirts! I always find great deals on baby designer clothes!

  446. Oh my! I’d probably scope our purses and pillows. But ultimately, I think I would go for a lamp. For our guest bedroom? Hubbie’s office? I can’t be for sure but whatever I chose, I would be most grateful!

    Thanks for a great give away.

  447. I am redoing my 4 kiddos bedrooms and could use some new lamps and linens.

  448. I love TJMaxx & Marshals! I would buy gym clothes. This is where I always go for my yoga pants.

  449. A new fragrance would be great!

  450. Ya never know in stores like that. There is ALWAYS something you can’t leave w/ out!! ALWAYS!

  451. TJMaxx is my all time favorite store to shop in and since there’s only right around the corner from me, I’m there all the time and always leave with something wonderful. Their pillow are the best.

  452. I would buy a new hat and gloves.

  453. I love to hit the clearance shelves in the home decor area….you can stretch $25 a reeeealy long way there 🙂

  454. I’d buy pillows for my new sofa.

  455. Love the housewares!!!!

  456. I would buy one (or two!!) of those really soft blanket/throws to keep in my den and wrap up with when I’m feeling chilly!!

  457. I just love that you put a picture of your underwear score on here! I could use a pair of jeans that actually fits, myself.

    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  458. Love TJ Maxx & Marshall’s… would love to get new towels!

  459. Love to get some new undies!

  460. Peggy in TN says:

    I love the Maxx! It’s my go to store for everything! I saw some sheets I want the other day there and may use the $25.00 towards those if I win.

  461. A nice lined storage basket for my new closet!

  462. New Undies!

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