Modern Vintage Small Laundry Room Ideas

It’s all done!

The laundry room which I thought might take weeks to finish was completed in about 2 weeks and I’m more shocked than anyone, I think. It went way faster than I thought once I got everything ready to go. Today, I’m sharing this colorful small laundry room renovation using wallpaper with inspiration for organization, hanging clothes, and just an overall stylish small space for laundry chores. Something we all have to do around the house! I couldn’t be more happy with this little laundry room! It’s so cute, adorable, stylish, shabby chic, and organized all rolled into one little jewel box of a space.

I think small spaces are extra fun to decorate. You can really take them up a notch and make every little detail count in there. I wanted a space that was pretty to look at, plus organized with everything at my fingertips that I would need. In a small laundry space, you need to make every inch count and I think I’ve done that in this room.

Our house when we moved in was a lot of plain and boring rooms. A nice house, but nothing had ever been done to make each space better and the laundry room was no exception. Off white walls, beige tiles, it was just a boring little box. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to have a laundry room even if it is small. And it’s upstairs off the hallway and near our master bedroom which is really nice too.

I brought my fairly new, but nothing fancy washer and dryer in and this has been the state of the laundry room for the past year and 1/2 that we’ve been in this house. No shelves, no nothing. Bare bones!

I really thought and thought about this space before I started and looked for ideas online for small space laundry rooms. I found several, but not that many with my shape and style. Most were a lot larger or just closet laundry rooms and there is a lot you can do with both of those. I didn’t find much at all that was my size using a combination of paint and wallpaper. So many are farmhouse style too, all neutral. I haven’t seen anything like mine so far and I’m happy that I came up with this combo for this room. It really changes it all, the paint and wallpaper and of course, the final touches of the cabinet on the wall and accessories. I bought very few accessories and had all the things that ended up in the cabinet on the wall.

Be prepared because I’m really proud of this little room and took a lot of pics with all the details!  I call it a Modern Vintage laundry space. A little mix of both with a lot of feminine details. Mark likes it, but of course not as much as I do. He still doesn’t love that shabby cabinet, but he helped me hang it anyway! That’s a good man! And he hung the light fixture for me and cut down the metal rod for my hanging bar. I’ll show you all that too. Other than those things, I did this whole space myself.

Here she is in all her colorful glory! My new and improved laundry room. Photographing a small space is really challenging for me, especially with no windows and no natural light. I had to keep the light on which creates a lot of shadows, but I did the best I could. Most of these ended up being with my phone camera.

Looking in from the door, it’s hard to capture it all in one picture from one view, so I took a lot of detail shots and I hope you enjoy them all.

This Caitlin Wilson wallpaper in Citron Vert is the crowning jewel in the room and does exactly what I wanted, create a colorful and happy space! Of course, I picked one of her most expensive papers! That figures!

If you missed my previous wallpaper post about how I put up all the wallpaper in this room, including the beadboard wallpaper, go here and read that too. It was a process of paint and wallpaper to get it finished and ready to accessorize. The paper was a splurge but totally worth it.

Paint colors:

Ceiling: Rosy Outlook (Sherwin Williams)

Walls: Down Pour (Sherwin Williams)

Trim: Pure white custom mix to match our current trim in semi-gloss

Door color:  Oyster Bay (Sherwin Williams)

Beadboard Wallpaper:

Again, hard to photograph this tiny room, but I wanted to give you a look at every angle. There’s room to walk in and do laundry with no additional space.

I found this pretty rug on Wayfair (affiliate link). It might be out of stock now, but should be back in.

You’ll notice that little plastic tray that the washer sits in. Someone will probably ask about that, so I’ll go ahead and mention that is was here when we moved in. Mark wants me to keep it under the washer just in case there’s a leak sometime. Not that the tray would keep water from going all over, but it might help if it’s a small leak. I don’t love it, but it’s not so bad.

Back to the rug, it’s about 2′ x 5′ and was the perfect size and color for my laundry room. I thought about doing something to the tiles, but thought a pretty rug would be all I really need in here and I’m so happy with this cotton one. The tiles are in great shape and otherwise neutral, so I worked with them.

It looks great with the tile and the blue and white in the room.

That little painting coming in the door was a gift from a friend, Lynn, here in Marietta. I love it and this is the perfect spot to hang it permanently. Goes with the colors in here perfectly!

Let’s look at how great my old shabby cabinet looks on the wall (in spite of what Mark thinks!). I told him most of my women friends love this cabinet. He doesn’t get it! So I bought this piece at a yardsale while I was still living in Birmingham and it was in my old master bathroom in my old house until I remodeled that bathroom. But I kept it and hoped to use it again and it’s perfect in this spot! I thought I might use it for storage, but I really don’t need it, since most of my laundry supplies are left out and easy to reach, I’ll show you that too. So it got filled with pretty things that I like to look at!

I did freshen it up with a new coat of white chalk paint and I painted the back in a pretty Spring green called Organic Green, an HGTV color that I picked up at Lowes (a sample pot). It was a great color flow with the wallpaper and the navy wall.

I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up one of their blue and white knobs to really set it off and I love it! It had an old wooden knob originally. This old cabinet came from Lakewood Antiques when it was still in business here in Atlanta. I bought it from a yardsale in Birmingham and she told me that’s where she got it. I still remember the guy’s booth who sold these, I had looked at them way back when I went. Oh how we miss that market at the old Lakewood Fair grounds in Atlanta!

With the cabinet freshened up, it looks so cute up on the wall.

I added that wood stained shelf underneath along with 2 brackets from Lowes. These are called nickel, but look like antique brass to me. The wooden 5′ shelf is just a poplar board I got from Home Depot and stained it in a wood tone. I wanted it to hide the plugin and take away from the washer plugs behind and it does a good job of that, plus I can put things on it.

I picked up that basket to the left above to go on the shelf. There’s nothing in there yet, but it looks pretty. That little Florentine Italian tray was an antique store find last month and I just liked it in here.

I had these 3 plates (from Italy) hanging above the windows in my old master bedroom. I kept them because I love them and aren’t they perfect on this navy wall?

This sign, It All Comes Out in the Wash, came from a giveaway I did a few years ago. You probably remember it from my old laundry room. Her shop is called Spunky Fluff. I’m excited to see she is still in business and she created this sign with me way back then and now carries it in her shop, so you can get it directly from her in all different colors! So cute! Mine was originally a teal blue color, but I painted over it with the same green I used in the back of the cabinet.

It’s just to the left of the washer on that little wall.

Here’s a little something I came up with that I’m really loving! See those hangers between the washer and dryer. I thought that would be a great place for me to store my hangers for things coming out of the dryer.

Again at Hobby Lobby, I bought a long iron pull that I could screw up into the wood shelf and hang my hangers on it! I think that’s pretty genius if I do say so myself! They have so many knobs and iron pieces like this to choose from.

They are out of the way but handy. I added some gold Rub N Buff to the black iron pull to add a little glam to it.

It’s perfect in this location and I can grab them easily. I picked up this pack of spring green hangers at Homegoods and I’ll leave them in the laundry room. They were the perfect color for my space!

That pretty blue fringed Turkish towel came from Foutacolors a few months ago. They gave me a couple of them to mention them on Instagram. The colors were so good in here so I added it on the shelf!

Between the washer and dryer I only have enough room for a small trash can, so it sits here along with a collapsible laundry basket. I got this one on Amazon (see links at bottom of post), but they are all around. I tried to find the biggest one I could find that was about as big as my old ones. I just don’t have room for bulky laundry baskets, so this is a great solution for me and hides away between the washer and dryer. I’ll show you more of the basket later in the post.

Back to the shabby cabinet. I am loving it all over again! I love the spring green paint on the back and decided to bring in a botanical feel in here to flow with the wallpaper.

I happen to have a lot of little botanical inspired things in my stash, so topiaries along with some shells seemed to fit in here well. Those are real bookplate botanicals that I had enlarged and framed years ago and I held on to the originals. They look cute tacked up with green push pins.

I love vintage pottery and have collected a few pieces of this deep green which I love. That little piece isn’t dirty, it’s just the light glaring. And of course, blue and white is perfect in here!  Love my seashell collection too. I have plenty of seashells.

I picked up this little original watercolor painting from Etsy recently and framed it in a floating frame which I love. It looks cute in the cabinet too along with some glass things.

Over to the right on the other side of the shelf, I added a basket I found from Goodwill and another pottery piece that looks great with the wallpaper. I’ve had this bowl for years. They are perfect for holding my bleach and Mrs. Meyers bottles.

It’s out of the way on the shelf, but very accessible. I added a cute wicker tray I found at an antique store on top of the dryer.

It can stay here all the time since my dryer is front load and hold this blue and white pottery piece, which houses my laundry items like stain removers and Tide pens. I added this little real plant, but it won’t stay here since it will need some light. I’ll have to get a faux plant for this spot. I picked up that little blue and white planter at an estate sale recently.

I love the blue and white accents in here, perfect with that wallpaper. The glass bottle I picked up at Homegoods. It has a stopper on top and I’ll just refill it with my liquid laundry detergent. I just pour directly from the bottle into the washer. The big container of liquid detergent is stored in the hall closet for easy refills.

I’ve had that bottle of Grandma’s spot remover for a long time and it really does seem to work for me most of the time.

Notice that beautiful light fixture. I found it online and it’s a semi-flushmount which was really perfect in here. It also comes with a hanging chain, but I decided more flush mount would be best for this small space. We only have 8′ ceilings on this floor. I changed out these bulbs to LED’s.

I absolutely love it! Adds just a touch of glam and bling in here! I put in four 60 watt LED lightbulbs in Daylight and it really brightens up this room so much more than that dinky little fixture I had. I can actually see in there now!

The brand is Minka Lavery and I’ve added it in the links below. I found mine on Ebay for $90, but the best price I see online is about $165. It’s a beauty though!

Another look at that luscious wallpaper.

On the right side of the room, I added this pretty green and white botanical print I got from Minted a couple of years ago. I had it on my old screened porch when I redid that space. Loved it so much so put it in here! The wooden frame complements the wooden shelf I put up. I didn’t want to cover up much of that wallpaper so this is all I’m hanging over it.

Now here’s another great idea for you for a small space laundry room! We all need a place to hang damp clothes, right?! My sister did this in her laundry room and I am copying it in here. She hung hers on the wall, but after looking around my room for the best spot, I landed on above the door.

This is two plant hanging brackets. I found them online from Wayfair last year and kept them until I got to this part. The rod is an old curtain rod from Ikea I wasn’t using anymore. I cut it down to fit the brackets and added the finials back on. I’ll share a post about all that later with more details if you’re interested.

The brackets stick out 12″ from the wall, perfect for hanging clothes above the doorway. Several people asked me on Instagram how I would get around the clothes or close the door.

Well, as pretty as this space is, I probably will never close the door again! And I can get around the clothes just fine when they are hanging up. I was hanging our clothes on hangers over the doorway trim before.

I hardly ever have more than a few things to hang up at a time so it’s not hard at all to get around them.

I wanted to show the brackets at all different angles so you could see how well it works and again, I’ll share a post about this later to show the details of the rod and how I did that too. I’ve added these brackets I found on the links below too.

With clothes hanging on it. Up out of the way and not obtrusive at all. I can still close the door when it’s empty if I want to, but again why would I want to?

It’s so nice to be finished with this space and check one more project off the list. I knew when we moved in here that I wanted to fix up this small laundry space and make it my own. Now I have and it feels SO good in here!

I’d love to add crown molding in this room and it will probably happen. Mark agreed too that it would really finish it off to add crown molding, so when he gets out the power tools and we start shopping for the next molding project, we’ll probably pick up crown molding for this space and finish it off. Crown molding adds so much to a small room! For now, I’m happy to be finished with it!

Back to that collapsible laundry basket. Several people told me they have these at Bed Bath and Beyond and Costco. I paid $31 for mine on Amazon Prime and probably paid a little too much, but I didn’t feel like driving all over to find them. This is about the same size as my old laundry baskets and I love that it collapses down to about 4″ when closed.

Here’s the Amazon affiliate link if you’re interested in this one. It got good reviews and is big.

It’s going to be perfect for my small space. I hardly ever have to use two baskets and won’t have a problem just having one available. It’s a short trip to the master bedroom from our hallway laundry room. I’m so glad our laundry space is on the same floor as our bedroom. Makes it so handy!

So, that’s a look at the new and improved and colorful laundry room! I hope you enjoyed this finale as much as I did sharing it. I’m absolutely thrilled with this new space and it will definitely make doing laundry a lot more fun (if you can call it that!). I know I’ll be smiling more in there as I look at all of the pretty things in there and that wallpaper will always make it feel like Spring is here! Love!

I’d love it if you would share my post and pin it on Pinterest! I’d love to spread it around, I’m pretty proud of this one!

Total cost spent on things I didn’t already have was right under $500. Not bad for such a remarkable transformation. The most expensive thing in here is the floral wallpaper. 

Here’s a link list of all I can share in here that are the same or similar products, with affiliate links. I added 2 links for the light fixture in case one is not available, same price:

- Rhoda


  1. Hi Rhoda!
    I don’t believe I have ever seen such an adorable laundry room! And you have so many cute, useful ideas, and tied everything together with your special touches. It will definitely make a not- so -fun -sometimes -chore a lot more appealing! Very imaginative. My hubby just put old barn wood behind my w/d . We bought our house a year ago, and the drywall needed replaced after the previous owners had opened the wall for the plumbing. Cannot believe the difference, but more needs to be done, as you said, little by little! Great job, Rhoda!

    Julie S.

    • Thank you, Julie, it’s the little things that make a difference and combined with other little things make a beautiful home come together. I’m all about pretty and functional!

  2. I have gone back & looked at your laundry room several times and I think your new design makes the room look larger. It must be so nice to have had a plan and to see how beautifully it came together. I happen to have a Sherwin Williams paint pallet that our painter left with us and I looked up your colors, just for fun!

    • Thank you, Linda, I’m completely in love with this little space. I’m always such a believer in making a space as pretty as it can be and that’s what I always try to do in my home.

  3. Kelley S. says

    Rhoda, I love what you’ve done in this laundry room! There’s nothing better than a tiny room in a house to do up as you please, regardless of the rest of the décor in the house. At my old house, I painted my dark, miniscule laundry room bright cherry pink to cheer it up. I say do whatever it takes to make this space happy, and you sure did that. It’s a joyful space with lots to enjoy visually while you are doing laundry. Don’t you love having the laundry room near the master bedroom?

    • Thank you, Kelley, I am so happy to have a cheerful laundry room and it’s close to the master. The best!

  4. The space is simply magical! The wallpaper is so BEAUTIFUL and sets the tone for the entire space. Take a bow! Bravo! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  5. Diane Taylor says

    Rhoda – you outdid yourself, girl!!!! I wish I had a laundry room. If I did, I would steal a BUNCH of your ideas, lol. Tell Mark that the cabinet adds so much charm to the room!!! Laundry is such a
    boring job but I would love it if I had this cute room to use every day.

    Another huge hit – love it!!!!

    • Thank you, Diane, I appreciate all the good comments. I’ve told him how much everyone loves the laundry room and he’s been reading comments too. I told him most women love it all!

  6. Sally Silva says

    So Beautiful!!!! And you have me waiting to give my laundry room a refresh!! Thanks so much for the inspiration. One quick questions…how do you get the dryer and washer flush (lined up evenly)? With my dryer vent, I have the tube, mine aren’t even and it drives me crazy. Do you have the tube or something else?

    Thanks…LOVE your IG and Blog…long time follower 🙂

    • THank you, Sally, I appreciate all of you out there, you keep me going for so long! The dryer is well away from the wall because of the big silver vent back there going from the dryer to the wall, so I just lined up the washer to match. It helps to have that shelf now to cover some of that space behind.

  7. I just love this laundry room makeover! The blue on the walls is beautifully paired with those vintage finds! My favorite is definitely that vintage cabinet! Pinning!

  8. Love it. And since I need to update mine, you’ve given me lots of ideas. I particularly love the idea of the hanging rod above the doorway. Perfect!

  9. Kaye L Thornton says

    BEAUTIFUL! I love the wallpaper and the blue paint! Way to knock it out of the park!

  10. Wow, that pink ceiling and that wall paper and little watercolor!!! Beautiful, all of it, but I have to agree with Mark. I would like it more finished but the knob and paint colors are just great. My most favorite laundry I have ever seen.

  11. Harriett C. says

    Just found your blog and absolutely love it. Looking at your small laundry make over, I love the idea of hanging a rod above the door. I have scratches all over the top of my door frame where I hang wet clothes to dry. This is a brilliant idea I am going to copy! Thank you!

    • Thank you, Harriett, I’m so glad you found me and subscribed. I’m always up to something around here!

  12. Rhoda,
    Happy Memorial Day weekend!!!!! What a beautiful Laundry room. You really put the icing on the cake with the WALLPAPER!!!! It’s so worth it!!!! All the colors are so vibrant and make the laundry room what it is today. You can pull lots of color combinations from the wallpaper; but I love the Blue, green you used. I love, love the shabby chic cabinet!!! Leave it where it is; just too cute of an idea. You are a wonderful decorator and I love how you share everything we need to make our homes more comfortable and beautiful. Thanks so much,
    your blog friend,

  13. Meda Branwell says

    I love how you’ve done unique, practical ideas, as well as fun vintage decor! Great job! 😍👍👏🏼

  14. Lucy Irwin says

    Wow!! What an amazing transformation….for a $500 investment. Your accomplishment is one of the most sophisticated redecorating posts I have viewed. Talent beyond normal!!! Congratulations!!!

  15. Julie Curtis says

    Hi Rhoda! I just love your laundry room! I really love the moulding you used at the top of your bead board. I ordered a roll of bead board wallpaper to use in a bathroom and would like something like that versus boring moulding. Can you tell me the dimensions of the lumber? Thank you.

    • HI, Julie, in case you didn’t see this on Instagram, the wide board is a 1×6″ and the topper board is 1×2″.


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