More House Progress

Still not ready for the after shots completely, but I will show you what we’ve been up to the last week and yes, there’s some pretty involved too!  There were still a lot of little projects to be done to get finished with the tools and I’m happy to say, we are done with those for now!  I have had to switch back and forth between project mode and decorating mode and I really want to be done with the projects.  Slowly but surely, we are getting there (except for touch up painting, don’t know when that will happen!).  I still want to get the laundry room ready to do laundry in, but it’s not there yet either.  I’m just going to have to go for it soon.

We completely finished up the drop ceiling tiles, installing the 2 vents and cut new holes for the light fixtures.  It wasn’t a completely trouble free job, but we got it done in a couple of hours and the ceiling really looks wonderful. I’m so happy I went ahead and tackled this one, it makes a huge difference in the feel of the room.

Messy Garage

In the meantime, there’s still a lot of this going on, getting rid of boxes and trying to whip this place into shape.  It’s going slower than I would like, but progress is happening.

Dad cutting wood

Dad came over and we tackled getting up the vent covers and moving the light fixtures to the new ceiling tiles.


Dad measured and added some wood around the box so that we could screw  in the vent covers after cutting a hole in the new ceiling tile.


We got the vent covers installed and that was a happy day, then we moved on to cutting a hole for the light fixtures.


It was nice to see every single one of those yellowed old tiles come down and nice new ones go up.


And now they are 100% DONE.  Yippee, no more working on this ceiling.


I can now live with this indefinitely, it’s nice and bright and feels so much cleaner.  We then had a few more little chores to finish up. You can see we split the tile where the vents are, it was nearly impossible to get a whole tile in there after cutting the hole for the vent and sliding it into place. It was such a tight fit that it had to be split in 2 parts and we added an extra bar there, but I’m fine with how it came out.

Dad and cabinet

Like that shabby cabinet my dad loves so much.  He helped me get it upstairs in my tiny bathroom and we found the studs and screwed it into place.  We leveled it and it really makes a difference in my small space.  I love the character it adds.

Shabby Cabinet

Sitting on top of the beadboard, this bathroom is a little jewel box now.  We added two chunky 6” wood pieces on the top of the beadboard wallpaper to finish it off and this room is officially done now too (with the exception of some touch up painting).

vintage cabinet

I had fun shopping my store and bringing some pretty things in here to display and I know looking at this everyday will make me smile.


It definitely has a beachy vibe and adding some seashells and sea inspired things is the perfect complement.

shabby cabinet shelves

Love it!  I have to tell you what my dad said about the “oh, my Lord” cabinet after it was all up and done.  We had lunch later that day and I overheard him tell my mom and sister that he wouldn’t hang that thing in a barn.  That’s my dad! Smile

kitchen shelves

I did get my kitchen shelves somewhat styled, but this is all subject to change as I go along.  I’m trying to get things in place, but nothing is final yet.  It might be a work in progress for awhile. We did get the microwave down and back to Ikea, exchanged for a new one and got it back in place, so now I’m back in business with a microwave again.  Amazing how you can miss a microwave, but I sure did.

glass float from Scott

Forgot to show you what I bought at Scott’s.  These antique glass fishing floats caught my eye a long time ago and I got 2 of them.  They may or may not stay here.  $15 each, not bad.

Ready to see the office?  This is still not finished and still very much a work in progress, but I’m happy with it so far.

new office

The office is really coming along.  I got the Ballards shelves up in place and the Ikea drapes hung, so it’s feeling pretty homey now.  Life is Beauty Full pillow came from Joss and Main and that about sums it up for me these days.  Clock also from Joss and Main.

office shelves

Those botanicals I framed awhile back look really good in here and the addition of some family pics makes it complete.  I love, love my new office space and it’s so nice to spread out and have even  more room now.


The right side of the room holds my black bookcase and zebra bulletin board, both of which are yardsale finds and projects I’ve done on the blog in year’s past.  Just like my old office nook, which I loved as well, it’s so cozy in here and I know I’m really going to enjoy having even more room in my office.

Ikea Expedit box

While at Ikea, I picked up a glossy white Expedit bookcase for inside my office closet.  That glossy white is going to look so good with the turquoise paint in there and I also got some really cool storage bins to go with it. I’ll be putting this together soon and getting my closet space all nice and organized.  That will feel so good!  I will have room for craft supplies, paint and more in the bins.


And this spot is quickly becoming one of my faves. I love having a reading chair in my bedroom, all cozy-like in the corner with a throw, side table and lamp.  Having a spot like this is heaven to me.  Thankful, why yes I am!


- Rhoda


  1. Loving that bath cabinet and your office! Wow Rhoda, you are really coming along 🙂 Did you post your kitchen yet? I looked real quick but didn’t see it. Love those shelves. Great pic of you at the end of the post with the dog 🙂 So pretty!

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