Moving Week!

Good Tuesday morning!  By the time you read this, we will be moved in the new house. It’s seems like it’s been the longest move ever, but we made it.  I know I’m not the only one who’s moved and regretted how much stuff I have to pack up and move on, but it seems like it multiplies when you’re packing.  We stretched this move out longer than usual due to our busy summer schedule and getting some things done in the house before furniture arrived, so that’s the reason why it took us so long to move in, 2 months actually after closing.  But, it gave us time to do some things at the house (like floors, painting, etc.) and for me to get packed up from my house and over to the new house.

I know I’m not the only one too with a lot of stuff to move. Moving is so hard and always reminds me that I have collected too many things so it’s always a good time to declutter.  With moving only 8 miles from my current house, it did make the move easier but it’s still hard on the old body.  I feel it worse now than I did on my last move 5 years ago when I moved in my current house.

I borrowed my dad’s truck and did a lot of packing myself during the day so that helped a lot for moving day.  I don’t know about you, but when it comes to my breakables and fragile things, I like to handle them myself, so that’s what I did. Looking back, I don’t know if it was the best thing to do since it made a lot of work for me, but it was nice to get it all done and everything got moved without any mishaps.  I’m talking glass stuff, the entire kitchen, lamps, and all those things that are difficult to pack well.  I knew if I packed up all my breakable kitchen things they would have to be wrapped and packed really well, so this allowed me to be more loose about how I packed.  My laundry baskets pulled a lot of moving duties and really came in handy for moving so many things.

It’s so easy to procrastinate when you stretch a move out so I packed up a few boxes and then didn’t really get moving until the last 2 weeks before I scheduled the movers to come.  So by then, I was really scrambling to get things done.  I think I counted at least a dozen trips that I made in my dad’s truck getting things over there and in the basement.

A friend came in and helped me pack the kitchen and we got most of it moved in a couple of days.  I think kitchens are always the hardest to move.

All my lamps got moved this way and it was so nice to have a truck to spread out in and keep them safe.

I posted this on Instagram and Facebook and everyone got a chuckle out of this image.  I think most women can relate to taking care of their stuff and keeping it safe, right?!

It’s so nice to have a spacious unfinished basement to store things in until I start to get things done upstairs.  This way I had a place to put all the breakables and they will be out of the way while the movers moved in the furniture.

This is a terrible pic, but you get the idea.  I have 3 of these steel industrial shelves and they are great for storing things out of the way.  Once I get organized and the house put together, I’m determined to get rid of my excess things.  It’s just crazy to hang on to so much glass and accessories.  I have collected a lot of neat things over the years, but don’t need it all now, so once I know what I’m using, a moving sale will be in order for sure.

In the meantime, it’s so nice to store them here and out of the way. This will be my staging area for decorating the house and later on this will be my storage room for Christmas and everything else that overflows from upstairs.

I’ve never had a basement like this that’s big enough to store a full Christmas tree so that will be so nice.  This room will eventually be walled off with real walls and door and I can line up my shelves and get them all organized and neat.  Then it’s time to let some things go and not keep so much stuff!  Anyone relate? I know you do.  As we get older, it feels like the time to declutter and downsize with the things and I’m feeling it too.  Collecting is so fun, but then you have to figure out what to do with all those collections.  I’ve already given away lots of things to Goodwill and will definitely have a moving sale later on once we get things unpacked.  I haven’t even seen what Mark has packed up yet, so it will be interesting to see the blend of our things together and how we can make our home reflect both of our personalities.

The movers I used did a great job on Monday and I have to give them a shout out. If you are in the Atlanta area, E & L Movers did it right for me.  It took 11 hours to pack and move my entire house, including a 2nd trip back for the patio furniture.  But, so glad it’s over and now we can start figuring things out.

I’m sitting in our new house the night of the move on Monday and it’s completely overwhelming the amount of things we have to go through and sort.  Furniture that I had in my old house will not fit the same way in this house, so we are going to have to pass some things on and get others to take their place.  It’s amazing that this house is bigger than my old house, yet the furniture doesn’t fit the same at all!  I didn’t realize just how different it would be until I got my furniture in here.  Chairs I had in my living room and den are huge in our smaller family room.  The leather loveseat we were going to put in Mark’s man cave won’t go through the door.  The feet don’t come off that we can see right now.  So, that means lots of rethinking of several areas in the house will have to be mulled over.  So, we are going to take our time with this house and not try to rush the process.  That’s how moves can be.  It will be a fun challenge so I’m sure we can figure it out.  Right now, I just want to rest awhile and get organized again.  Moving is such a tough thing and I’m so glad this one is over!  I know for sure after we get things sorted out and placed here in this house, there is going to be a moving sale.  Time to get rid of things we can’t use.  The basement is so full right now it’s ridiculous, so time to pare down and simplify our lives.

It’s going to be a quiet week for me this week, but I’ll be back soon!  I’m taking a little trip up to Knoxville today to see the HGTV Urban Oasis house (not great timing, but oh well) in person so that will be fun to share with all of you.  I’ll be posting again when I can, but I may be taking a break and a few days off to get things somewhat in order. I know it’s going to take awhile to get the house looking good, so thanks for hanging in there with me!








- Rhoda


  1. I do not envy you with moving. I’d say take your time unpacking and arrangement, but there must be some pressure having a blog. Don’t wear yourself out. Enjoy your new life with Mark! I let myself get burned out in my job and housework I need to heed that advice as well. I just can’t stand a dirty house and get so passionate about helping my clients.

    Is his dog getting a different area now? I felt nervous when you said your breakables will be in the basement.

    Breathe and take time to rest and enjoy!

    • Thanks, Kristi, it will definitely take some time to get sorted and organized. I’m definitely feeling overwhelmed, but one day at a time. Mark’s dog will still be in the basement. It will be a few weeks before she is here, she’s with his parents out in the country for now. We have to get a fence up in the backyard and that will take a few weeks too, So, in the meantime we sort and unpack and she will have a place to stay.

  2. I know exactly how you feel! The first couple of weeks after we moved, we would take Advil at night and just fall in bed. It doesn’t take long though for things to start looking like you and feeling like home. 🙂

  3. Andrea G Corley says:

    Take your time!!! Enjoy getting the house set up the way you and Mark want it. 🙂 . Enjoy Chattanooga. How is your dad?

    • Hey Andrea, dad is doing well. He’s still on round 3 of the antibiotics and we have an appointment with a gastro doctor early September to find out more info on next steps. Oops, I said Chattanooga, but meant Knoxville, I changed it!

  4. I know it is hard work but how fun to be setting up and decorating a new home. What a wonderful new chapter! I am looking forward to your future posts about the house!

  5. Diane Dahl says:

    Please let us know in advance if you can, when you have your sale. I will make a trip to Georgia from Wisconsin! I know my daughter that lives in Georgia would love to go. I know whatever you do will turn out beautiful!

  6. Even though the trip seems like bad timing, it might be just what you need! Moving is definitely hard and exhausting! I am sure your home will be lovely and homey in no time at all!

    • Congratulations to you and your new life! How exciting! I too have way too much stuff. I’ve tried to scale back on my trips to Marshall’s! lol I just love to decorate but I don’t need one more thing! Ha! Can’t wait to see the new house once you do your magic! Take your time! Continuing to pray for your dad’s recovery!

  7. Our new home was ready before we sold the one we were living in but we didn’t want to move too much because we needed to keep the house staged. Finally, when we had a solid passing date we started packing. I can so relate to the back-breaking chore of packing and moving because my husband and I actually moved a 3400 square foot house chock full ourselves (with minimal help from relatives – just for the extra-heavy and bulky items!). Whether we brought furniture and accessories to the new house, consignment store, donations to Salvation Army or the dump, it meant countless trips in the pick-up truck and car. Luckily the new house was less than 5 miles away but it was exhausting! Although that was 17 months ago, it seems like yesterday so I can completely relate!! I love that you’re keeping it real – moving is hard!! I can’t wait to see what you do with the new house – I just love the look and vibe of it already! Good luck!!

    • Hi, Sandy, oh your moving story sounds awful too. Moving isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s so hard physically and emotionally. I’ve never been a good mover and I sure don’t want to move again anytime soon.

  8. Congrats on your new home- moving is hard! I know you will enjoy your new home so much. Am very glad to hear of your Dad’s progress!

  9. Our toughest move was moving 6 blocks away! We moved over a month’s period of time and did not use movers…Now we see a move in our future and while it is time and can be exciting, I dread making 2 moves! Have fun in Knoxville.!! ..I was there recently and loved what they were doing to their downtown area..lots of renovating going on. Looking forward to seeing your photos of the HGTV house! I was so thrilled to have been able to attend with fellow bloggers at the HGTV Smart House in Raleigh…it was amazing to have met all the people involved in the creation of the home. Tiffany Brooks was a treasure and so delightful to talk to! A serendipitous experience as a result of touring that HGTV house and loving the quality of the construction of the builder, was that my son later bought a house that was built by him!… Safe travels Rhoda!!!

  10. I’m so happy for you in so many ways. Your father’s health is better, your beautiful wedding, your gorgeous new home and you’re finally moved in. God is good isn’t he. Love ya girl❤️

  11. Lynn Rodgers says:

    Turn the sofa on it’s end and it will go through the door.

  12. Rhoda – so happy for you that your move is complete. Take your time getting unpacked. I can relate to your love seat dilemma – my 24 year old son had to stand the love seat on its end to get it through the door! It worked! My husband is now in Tampa getting with the movers so we can have the rest of our things, including our bed, here in Georgia.

    Enjoy your trip!

  13. Although I usually check your blog in the morning while I have my coffee I URGE you to give yourself a good week or two break from blogging. If you were to do one of the stress inventories you would be right off the charts for all that has been crammed into your life for the past two months. I will miss you but be blessing you each morning when I think of clicking on your blog. Your readers are committed followers and want the best for you and Mark! All of us have moved and remember lying in bed at night so sore and tired with brains still spinning with many decisions to make. Even hard to fall asleep! Take good care of yourselves!

    • Thank you, Hope, I will definitely take lots of breaks. If I don’t have something to blog about, then I just won’t. I’m going to try to calm it down and breathe. Thanks for that, you are so right, the stress is real!

  14. Yes, take good care of yourselves. Moving house is not for sissies! We could come and help but we’d just be in the way.

  15. Being well over 65 for both of us, I’m at the purging, pitching, ditching stage of our home. I’m finding out I’m not as emotionally attached to my stuff as I once was. That is making the difference….I want a smaller place, somewhere…that’s the goal. So I start by cleaning out…digging thru a mountain w a teaspoon! In a year, we can make a better decision of the goal.

  16. Debra Schramm says:

    I need to plan a trip to visit the grandkids in Marietta when you have your moving sale!

  17. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Our last move (two years ago) was a down-sizing move from 3400 sq. feet to 2000 sq. feet and deciding what stuff had to be eliminated was overwhelming. I still have some pieces that I’m waiting on my daughter to take (out of state) – so some day…. And YES this old body rebelled – since my husband and I moved ALL the small stuff – boxes and boxes and boxes – and lamps – and photos – and art work, and kitchenalia – etc.. (I laughed at that picture with the big green bottle wearing its seat belt.) One day I wore a pedometer – and clocked in 7 miles of up and down stairs walking/moving. All this while taking off only a couple of days from a full time job. No brag – just fact. I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Enjoy your time away and try not to dread returning to the work awaiting you. LOL

  18. Rhoda, Congratulations on your marriage and new home! You are so honest and open in your blog, and you make us, your readers, all feel like we are friends! Your new home is beautiful, and you are so right, moving is not for the faint of heart! I laughed out loud seeing your vase seat belted in your car. I look forward to seeing you decorate your new home. Enjoy the process and take your time 🙂

  19. So feel your pain….it’s both exciting and stressful. I know you will pull it all together beautifully. Can’t wait to see your new home all put together. One word Bio-freeze! LOL

  20. At least that much is over with for you! So nice to have the space downstairs to put all your things…’ll be like shopping at a store when you go down there and start picking things out for each room! I’m about a hundred miles northwest of Knoxville, in Kingsport, TN. Shout out to ya! Enjoy the break, and hope you get inspired by your tour!

  21. Carolekozak says:

    Oh my , how I can relate with all those pics. I had to chuckle. When you’ve seen your pics ?? You’ve seen my garage. We are basically finished with our home and Ted is finally getting all his big boy tools out of there so hopefully soon I can fine my creamware and dishes and everything else that is packed out there. I love your basement what a blessing. Our garage isn’t as organized as your space. It looks like downtown Beirut out there. On top of that my new Suburu (my ru ) is outside on the driveway. So I feel for you believe me. But when it is all finished and you can organize that basement with all your seasonals you will love it and it will all have been worth all this work. Take time for a glass of ice tea every now and then tho.

  22. Shelia. Massey says:

    Having moved 13 times in my married life, my last move was 5 yes. Ago this August and I am in my retirement home. It was exhausting for me this move even with movers and packers. Age really has an affect on the body. When you get settled you will enjoy your new home and be so proud of it, but it takes time. So, good luck and stay patient! It will come!!

  23. I think it’s even harder to move when you’re combining households like you are. When I got married for the second time six years ago, my new-to-me husband and I bought a house together as well. Between weeding through duplicate items and convincing him that his animal skull collection wouldn’t look great in our living room…I was exhausted! Best of luck with the new house!

  24. Well done on the big move, now for the unpacking! I am amazed that you have so much stuff! We are excited to see the decor in your new home!

  25. Thought of you yesterday knowing it was Move Day. What an awesome thing to have the space to store things until you’re ready to deal with them!

    I don’t mind the packing up and the actual move, but once moved I just want a few days to take it slow, regroup, and apprentice being in the new space … as long as kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms are set up all is good! Then I tackle one room/project at a time. I’m guessing most of us appreciate the progress shots as well as the picture perfect ones.

    Enjoy the time putting it together and time away!

  26. Oh girl. I can’t even begin to imagine packing up our house. We’ve lived here for 25 years!! However, we will be packing up the rest of my husband’s childhood home in the near future. So much work. I think it’s smart to have a staging area that is out of the way of the main living space. When we redo our floors I plan to move all the accessories and such to the basement and only bring back up what works and we truly love and use. Time to pare down.

  27. Isn’t moving a pain! I can relate to things not fitting too. In my house I had furniture mapped out for the LR and breakfast room but the DR was the place everything was too large even rugs. We tried to move something in Johnny’s office and wouldn’t go thru the doorway like you. My DR buffet is in Johnny’s office holding his tv set. Secretary got moved to master bedroom. Just on & on. My buffet in the DR now is the former upstairs balcony glass top narrow table with iron on the front. Totally nothing fits ever it seems. Take it slow & think it thru. I use to bounce ideas off Lisa walking in the mornings & talking. She helped a lot. Luckily you have a good holding spot. I saw your beadboard on the island & it was so pretty! Good luck and try to breathe!

  28. Lorraine Watkins says:

    Our move to England was paid for by my husband’s employer. It was our first professional move. I loved it. Things were packed for storage and for our English barn conversion. I think things are only things and it was easy for me to let the movers do their job. Seeing my old furniture in new rooms has been fun. Enjoy the fun of decorating your new place. It looks beautiful.

  29. We moved 3 years ago from North Georgia to Central Georgia, a distance of about 140 miles, and it does take a while to get sorted out. I’m still living with furniture that is too big in our smaller living room, and oak furniture that I once loved seems too heavy here. A pottery collection that I’ve added to over several decades doesn’t have the charm it once did. Maybe most of us eventually hit a major declutter stage? I like reading about your move and am interested in the steps you’ll take to settle in.

  30. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Rhoda, enjoy your posts so much! Now that you and Mark have all your things moved to your gorgeous new home, just take your time to get settled! Enjoy this wonderful new chapter! Blessings!

  31. I’m confused, I thought the basement was going to be your husband’s dog’s living quarters.

  32. I just moved at the beginning of the month and was drained! Hang in there and take care of yourself! It will come together soon, and you’ll have so much fun decorating!

  33. Moving is always so hard, and yet it is exciting to be in a new home! Good luck with all of your unpacking. Looking forward to when you can post again!

  34. Jean Anderson says:

    We downsized from a 4,200 sq ft house with 5 garage space to one that was 1.800 and 3 garage spaces. Our husbands mother lived with us and we had to help her go through everything. I did what I called the Purge of 2011 to get ready for it and thought I was so ahead of the game. I should have done a purge in 2012 and 2013 to get ready! It’s awful to downsize. We still have way too much and I’m trying to get that out.
    Unfortunately furniture from one house rarely works in another house.
    It’s so nice to have so much area to put things in for staging.
    I have a feeling that this is the first time you will make a home with a man who is involved and that should bring it’s own challenges and joys. Have fun, take you time and love every minute.

  35. I don’t envy the move but share your excitement for the end results! We’re just finishing up a pretty substantial reno and it’s…a process. 🙂 And your demijohn transport? BRILLIANT! Best of luck with the move in. I look forward to following your newest adventure!

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