My Visit to Austin, TX

About two weeks ago, I headed to Austin, TX for a few days and thought y’all might enjoy my photo recap of this fun trip.  I went to Austin for a blog conference with my ad network, which was about 3 days total, but I also wanted to take a little extra time since I was going out there anyway, to catch up with a dear friend of mine.

My sweet friend, Judy, and I have been friends for 30 years, I just realized how long it’s been. She’s been there with me through thick and thin, in all my life situations and she’s one of those friends who I can count on no matter what.  Judy grew up outside Atlanta and has been here for a long time, but about a year and 1/2 ago, Judy retired and she and her hubby moved to Austin to be near their family out there.  They live in Georgetown, TX in Sun City retirement community and really love it.

I was really impressed with Sun City and all it has to offer. I know these retirement communities are built all over the US and I had not seen one in person, but Judy said there are 10,000 homes in theirs.  It’s an amazing place, with their church, workout facility, pool, wood working shop, and lots more housed on all those acres.  They love it there!

Judy picked me up from the airport and we headed to downtown Georgetown and what a cute little town this is. I was thoroughly impressed with the town and all the shops and restaurants they had.  I can see why people retire here.

We walked around the square doing a little shopping and then had lunch and it was such an enjoyable day.

We stopped in all the cute shops and looked around and it was a picture perfect spring day, with just a little bit of chill in the air.

The sky was a vivid shade of blue and I so enjoyed my visit to Georgetown.

We debated back and forth on where to eat lunch and Laurie’s Cafe won out. I am so glad we ended up here, because I had the most delicious girly lunch, which is my fave.  Tell me this doesn’t look good?  Chicken salad, broccoli salad, chopped peppers and cucumber salad, out of this world cranberry congealed salad and a tasty sweet muffin.  I was in heaven, this is my kind of lunch!

That congealed salad….SO GOOD! I wish I had the recipe.

We went back to Judy’s house in Sun City and I relaxed on the back porch on this big ole’ gorgeous swing bed that her husband, Paul, made for their porch.  This thing is incredible and I have major swing envy.  I promptly sent this pic of me to my husband, Mark, and said…..I want one of these!  I think it will happen, we have just the spot for one of these and I know my hubs can make one too. This is the most comfortable spot ever and I can imagine all the naps I could have on this swing.

My dear friend, Judy and I. She’s a sweetheart, everyone should have a Judy in their life.

The next day, we met a mutual friend, Monika, at Lake Travis.  We all used to work together here in Marietta and it had been years since I’d seen her, but it was fun catching up.  We met at the Oasis overlooking Lake Travis and boy was I in for a treat when we drove up to this place.

You can tell by this sign that it’s going to be interesting, right?  No disappointment here!

This is just outside in the parking lot. What a neat place!

Inside, the view was incredible!  I had heard about Lake Travis, but never been there. What a treat this place was.  They serve Mexican food overlooking this glorious vista.

Tiers and tiers of tables are scattered over the cliffs and I can imagine how this would be in the summer with all these tables filled up. They told me that it’s filled up in summer months with people everywhere and lots of music and fun happening.

The white around the edges of the lake is actually limestone rock, not sand as it might appear here.

You can imagine the real estate prices in this area.

It was such a neat place and I’m so glad we got to go here.  It was so windy and chilly that day so we didn’t try to sit outside, but we were by a window so still had a nice view.

And of course, walked out there for pictures.  This was pretty interesting. People leave all these locks with names and dates written on them, a tradition here at the Oasis.

It was such a neat place and one of the best views I’ve ever seen.

Judy and I from another spot on Lake Travis. The lake is such a pretty blue.

Can’t go to TX this time of year without seeing the bluebonnets in bloom! Such pretty flowers blanketing the countryside.

They took me to a great place for BBQ, which is huge in Texas as you can imagine. Rudy’s was fabulous, in a gas station with a huge place for sitting and eating.  I’ve never had dinner on a wax paper plate, have you? But it sure was delicious!

One of the signs in Rudy’s over the big sink.

The next day, Paul and Judy dropped me downtown Austin to the Omni Hotel where my conference was being held.

I met up with several blog friends who I’ve known for a few years and we all had fun catching up, walking around the downtown area and eating some more good Austin food.

We discovered Voodoo donuts a block behind the hotel and I was hooked!  I love donuts even though I don’t eat them all that often.

The maple glazed with bacon caught my appetite and I had this one morning for breakfast.

Lucky for us, the conference we attended with AdThrive also served these donuts at break the very first day we were there, so that was a big bonus too.  I loved them so much I took home two for Mark and one more for me, the Boston Creme kind. They were SO good!

Austin is a quirky city with a definite vibe all its own, with the Western influence and lots of interesting sights.  They are known for all their good restaurants too, although we had limited time to try too many of them.

One evening for dinner, we went to a spot called Moonshine and it was really good. Not too far from our hotel either.

Nearby our hotel was the Driskill Hotel and we took a peek in there one afternoon while srolling by.

Someone on my Instagram told me to eat lunch there, but we didn’t get the chance. It sure was pretty inside though!


Food trucks abound in Austin!

A colorful sight in one of the shops on S. Congress.

These pretty colorful streamer caught our eye too, as we took a break and went strolling one afternoon a few blocks from the hotel.












Blog friends me, Katie, and Beth.

The conference was full of some great classes and we all were on overload by the 3rd afternoon. Blogging isn’t for the faint of heart and all the things we have to know and keep learning are just mind boggling! All because we love blogging and want to keep doing it, it’s necessary to keep learning too, so that’s what I try to do, even though my brain wants to explode at times!

What a fun trip to Austin, such a fun time with my friend, Judy, and my blog friends as well. I know I barely scratched the surface of what Austin is all about and hopefully I’ll go back again one day   SaveSave





- Rhoda


  1. Andrea G Corley says

    A donut with bacon…. Hum …. So glad you got to see Judy. I miss her and Paul! Hope they are well. What a fun trip.

    • It was so fun to see Judy and Paul in their new home. And those donuts were delicious. THink French toast with maple syrup and bacon on the side. That was the flavor!

  2. Barbara Moore says

    I’d love to visit this great town. Especially for the donuts! Glad you got to spend time with several dear friends. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Judy Clark says

    Thank you friend! I am shedding tears here this morning at 6am. I certainly enjoyed your visit and was so blue when you went home. I hope that you will come back to visit me again very soon. You are very dear to me and always will be. Monika enjoyed seeing you too!

    I am so thankful and happy that get to share your love of family and your life with us every day. You are such a blessing!

  4. Cindy Smith says

    Do you think Judy’s husband would share directions for the swing bed? I would just LOVE to spend some summer afternoons on it!!!


    • Cindy, I’m sure I could find out the plans he used. Judy thinks it’s plans from Ana White, do you know her? She’s a blogger who does fantastic wood working projects and gives out her plans online and she lives in Alaska.

  5. I’m so glad you had a great time here in Texas! I think my hubby and I need to recreate your little visit with our own weekend trip. The places you shared are all so much fun. There’s nothing better than girlfriends you’ve had forever. That’s a very special bond, for sure.

  6. Looks like a fun trip & visiting with an old friend, even better! Love her swing bed and coverlet too. I’m always looking for comfortable travel outfits & noticed yours lying on the bed. Would you care to share the resources for gray leggings and shirt?

    • hi Penny, that top was from Costco a couple years ago & I Probably got those leggings at TJ Maxx, so can’t link to any of them now.

  7. You are right…everyone should have a Judy in their life. You and I have the same Judy and she is a true friend.! Thank you for your blog. I always enjoy reading.

  8. Wow what a neat trip. Love all the pics. Thanks for sharing a great visit!

  9. How wonderful you got to spend some time with your forever friend! I enjoyed seeing Austin through your eyes. My step-son lives in San Antonio and we were hoping we could visit with him and attend the conference but we couldn’t make it work. Hope you get your swing soon!

  10. Austin is such a great town. Georgetown as well. We loved visiting several cities while our daughter was at Baylor. Lots of great food too.

  11. Well, what an enjoyable post, now I want to go visit Austin. The pics were just gorgeous. I’ve been to one blogging conference in Dallas about 5 years ago and it was awesome! And, being with dear friends is just the all time BEST!

  12. Austin is my home town, born and raised there. Wish I still lived there often. The Oasis is great and we have had our high school reunions there many times. You really captured some great views. Thank you for the trip down memory lane!

  13. Audra Taliaferro says

    Rhoda, Looks like you had a great time in Austin! We have Rudy’s here in Houston…great bbq and I love their creamed corn!!!!

    Seeing your friend Judy’s swing bed reminds me of the beds they have at Charles Phillips Antiques outside of Mobile, AL! Your post on Charles Phillips inspired me to go a few years ago when I was visiting my mom, and those beds really caught my attention! Maybe Mark can work his woodworking magic and build one for you soon!

    • HI, Audra, loved Rudy’s! and oh yes, those swing beds are the best. I’m so glad you visited that Charles Phillips place, loved it. Their swing beds are so gorgeous. I’m pretty sure we’ll get a swing bed around here too!

  14. I’d love to know what conference you went to. I am looking for a conference to sign up for next year!!

    • Sharon, this was the first conference by my ad network, AdThrive, so it was all AdThrive bloggers who were there.

  15. My brother-in-law lives in Georgetown. I remember when that little town was just pitiful looking. Then Dell Computers came in, people moved to Georgetown and bought up the old homes to remodel. Such a cute place now! We also have friends who lived in Sun City for a while. My husband and I are in San Antonio for the Summer. He’s the head coach for the San Diego Padres’ AA team that is here. He also grew up in San Antonio, so we see family and friends. We will be here until September, then go back home to Chattanooga. Living in an apartment right now and making it as homey as possible. Thanks for sharing your visit to Austin!

  16. What a fabulous trip! Loved seeing Michael in your pics.
    I have one of those swing beds at our cabin in Blue Ridge. It’s a hit with everyone who visits. In the spring when it is cool outside you can lay on it in the afternoon with the sun warming your back. The best nap spot!

    • HI, Kim, Michael is such a nice guy! And lucky you with a swing bed, I really want one and we hope to get one on our porch one day.

  17. What a fabulous trip! I have always loved Austin , I have a sister who bought a D.R. Horton home in Georgetown TX so during the summer I pack up the kids and go spend a couple weeks there, its been one of my favorite parts of the year! I am so glad you enjoyed yourself.

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