Nashville Parade of Homes: Legend Homes


I’m back with another Feature Friday with yet another Nashville Parade of Homes tour from this year’s tour. This home was built by Legend Homes and is a Cape Cod inspired, shingle style home, with grey limestone, coastal influences, and striking roof lines.

I hope you enjoy this one too!

Builder:  Doug Herman, Legend Homes

Interior Design:  Marie-Joe Bouffard, JFY Designs

6,914 s.f. home (sold) at $2,450,000

I’m out of town right now so just enjoy the picture tour.  I don’t have a lot of details on the inside of these houses with furnishings and all of that, but it’s a lot of eye candy.

Hope you enjoyed this tour too!  I think I have one more to share from the Parade of Homes and then it will be on to other features.  We sure enjoyed these tours and loved seeing them all in person.




- Rhoda


  1. Rhoda, thank you for sharing these beautiful homes and yes there is a lot of eye candy! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. So beautiful…love the portico…and I can see why it is already sold! Thanks for the tour Rhoda!

  3. Melody Woyar says:

    Beautiful home. I love the wallpaper in one of the baths (black and white). Do you have the manufacturer info by any chance?

  4. I guess I will be in the minority but I am not a big fan of this particular house. I LOVE the outdoor fireplace and porch but the inside is a little cold to me. But that”s what makes the world go round, right:) Thanks for these tours. Hope you are having a great time away!

    • Becky in 'Bama says:

      Pinky: I’m with you. The outside facade of the home is quite stunning and the outdoors spaces are pretty – but the inside…meh. NOW if someone gives me a home (in the 2Mil range) I’m sure I’d take it. But for choices – this would not be it. Yes – variety is the spice of life – and it is nice to see how the ‘other’ folks live.
      Thanks for the photo tour, Rhoda.

  5. I usually don’t comment on these even though I look at practically every one.

    Is it just me or did the vintage shutters hanging on the wall not go with the rest of the house? The house was pretty – just not for me. LOL besides the price tag! Liked the bar stools. But the art work in the laundry room looked like my worst nightmare… snakes.

    Thanks for sharing though! I always love seeing houses in other states and how others live. :0

  6. Some really nice features in this home. I don’t know how you could keep all these photographs and homes straight in your mind!

  7. Pretty home design. I think the furniture and appointments in the home are somewhat garish for the overall design of the house. I would definitely have someone (RE) interior design the house for me.

  8. I thought this house had beautiful sitting areas and the artwork was stunning! Like a gallery!

  9. I’m one who loved the house!

  10. Beautiful home Rhoda, I hope your having a great weekend.

    God bless

  11. Hi Rhoda, this house is beautiful on the outside. Loved the windows in the dining room. Thank you for this series of tours. Have a safe and happy weekend.

  12. Not my favorite house….the best thing about it was the beautiful art work !

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