Nashville’s Opryland Hotel

During my recent visit to Nashville, we had the pleasure of staying across the street from the Opryland Hotel…OK, so staying inside the Opryland would have been better, but this will have to do. So we walked over there during the day & at night to take in this wonderful place. If you’ve never been there (like I had not), you will be awed! This is one magnificent hotel…it’s a hotel, amusement park, & mall all wrapped up in one beautiful package & you will walk around with your mouth hanging open. I sure did! I took lots of pics, so go on a tour with me. You’ll love it as much as I did.
This is outside going into the front entrance.
The lobby.

When you enter the hotel, you walk through corridors & come out into this large atrium. The walkways just wind around and through the hotel and this is the scenery that’s all around you.
There are many places to sit, eat & enjoy the views. Here is some sort of outdoor cafe. You can see all the hotel rooms in the background. This is all glass enclosed…a huge atrium.
Looking down from a walkway above.
A waterfall surrounding the cafe, with a beautiful pond.

More of the waterfall.
More outdoor garden.
Isn’t this beautiful? My mouth was agape the whole time.
I truly have never seen anything like this, ever. I’m sure it’s a treat to stay here.

More restaurants & outdoor eating in the atrium.
I think this was another restaurant. Looks like a plantation from the old South.
Pavillion…we heard that there are lots of weddings here.

A beautiful fountain…I got a nice shot of this fountain at night too, down below.
More gardens & fountains. There are even gondola rides on a canal winding through this hotel.
More levels to Convention Center.
This area looks just like the French Quarter in New Orleans.
One of the shops that’s there.
This is my friend, Debbie (R) and her daughter Tiffany (L), shopping for some bling. They were my roomies on this trip. And here’s the fountain at night. I hear that the Opryland Hotel is not to be missed at Christmas. I can just imagine what a wonderland it must be all decked out for the Holidays. I’d love to see that! Hope you enjoyed the little tour of Opryland. Maybe we can all go for a visit one day!
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- Rhoda


  1. I can tell you had way toooo much fun. Well, I guess it’s never too much….what a lush indoor garden. wow!


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