One More Week of Yardsales

Fall is actually a good time for yardsaling around here.  People are trying to get rid of things before the Holidays and it’s cooling off.  Plenty of neighborhoods gear up for their sales this month too and one of my favorites is Eagle Point.   I always try to hit that one and it was this weekend.

But, since I just decluttered (and still have some stuff to pack up to donate to the thrift stores), I’m thinking long and hard about what I bring home.  I do not want to pack my storage closet out again, but I did find a few choice things.  I spent a grand total of $3.75 at the Eagle Point sale, but found something in Cahaba Heights too. I always grab these camis when I find them cheap, these were $1 each and I can always use black and white. Two cute small picture frames were 25 cents each.  Aren’t they pretty?

This galvanized little bowl with copper handles was also 25 cents.  Will be perfect to put a live plant inside.  Iron plant stand was $3…..

With a cute dragonfly and green and white mosaic design.  Which so happens to match….

Two of these that are hanging in my laundry room.  I got these ages ago, maybe at Joann’s, can’t remember.  I’ll probably keep the plant stand out on the porch.  There was an orchid show down at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, so I went to that and on the way back stopped by an antiques yardsale sign that I saw in Cahaba Heights.  These ladies had some really nice things, but most things weren’t yardsale prices. This pretty linen lampshade was brand new, tags still on and wrapped in plastic from a pricey shop and I got it for $10.   I had sold the old floor lamp that was in this spot last week at my yardsale.  Because I had this heavy iron one stashed in the closet that I found a couple of years ago for $3.  Now it has a snazzy new shade, total cost $13 for all.  That’s a great deal! I just need to paint the finial a darker shade and it will be perfect.  And I did pick up an orchid at the orchid sale.  This one is supposed to be pretty easy to take care of, so we’ll see.  I’m sitting it on a table in the living room where I hope it will get plenty of light.  Fingers crossed that I don’t kill it! 🙂

Have you grown orchids?  Any tips for me?


Just a reminder that NEXT WEEK will be our last Thrifty Treasures for the year!  I know, I know, you love doing it, but we all need a break sometimes.  I will definitely think about bringing it back in the Spring if we all are still enjoying it.

In the meantime, I’m off to New York tomorrow, bright and early for The Nate Show on Tuesday and it’s going to be a whirlwind 3 days.  I think I’ll leave my laptop at home, because it’s going to be so busy we are not going to slow down the whole time we are there, so I will not be online and plugged in very much.  But, we will be having so much fun, I’m just jumping up and down with anticipation. 🙂

BUT, I have a couple of great giveaways going on next week while I’m gone and I think you’ll love them both.  There will be plenty going on here on the blog and I will return home on Wednesday with plenty to share (after I rest up a bit!).  It might take a few days, but I’ll get pics and posts ready then and will share all my adventures in NYC!  🙂


The giveaway winner for the Quick Cornice is:  Amanda J with Keeping up with The Jones.  Congrats, Amanda!  Send me an email and I’ll put you in touch with Quick Cornice to get your prize.

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- Rhoda


  1. Have a wonderful time with Nate. Wish I could type in green, I am so envious. While I will be sad to see this thrifty party end (with high hopes it returns in spring) I know there will be parties and events to fill in the time. (I started a list on my own blog.)
    Nice of you to remember us with some giveaways while you are schmoozing. We’ll keep your blog warm for you.

    The main flea market I hit last weekend had super high antique store prices so bought nothing there. Luckily I found a church sale on the way home. (Well, by going the wrong direction)

  2. good stuff! love the plant stand and the lamp. (your room is so pretty, love the shutters)
    thanks for hosting!

  3. Rhoda;
    Sometimes those last garage sales can be the jackpot ones! Stil smarting over missing yours!!!!
    Hope your trip is all you could hope for, and can’t wait to see you on Nate’s show.. Enjoy- Keep us posted!

  4. I love the iron plant stand and those little frames are too cute! You also got a great deal on that lamp shade. Good job this week!

  5. Love the dragonfly plate! They are a really positive symbol!

    Thanks for the great party Rho!

    love, kelee

  6. I have an orchid collection in my sunroom which is on the south side of the house. I have found that I can kill an orchid quicker by overwatering than by anything else! I usually take them to the kitchen sink and allow the water to run completely through the growing medium until it stops dripping before returning them to their home. I recently came home after being gone for just over 2 weeks to discover one of my newer orchids that I purchased last Christmas was loaded with blooms. It had NO water for more than 2 weeks and the inside temp was set on 85. Try a little orchid food as you water to encourage blooms. Good luck!

  7. Hi Rhoada…great finds.

    A few orchid tips:
    – Water it when the plant is completely dried out. I put mine in the sink, give it a good dousing with the water sprayer and then let is drain out for about 30 minutes. Orchids are very sensitive to excess water. I usually water about every 2 weeks in the fall/winter and about every week in the spring/summer, but always check the soil first.
    – To get the leaves to have a waxy look and not “water spotted”, rub a small amount of carmax lip balm or petroleum jelly on the leaves. A small amount goes a long way. With a tissue, gently rub the lip balm or jelly into the leaves until they get a nice shine. This does not hurt the plant and will make the plant really shine.
    – Keep the stems supported with a clip as they already have done when you have more come up next year. I have my orchids in a south facing window for fall/winter and move to a more eastern facing window for the hotter months. Filtered shade is best.
    – Be patient – they have long periods between blooms but enjoy them during the months they have their lovely petals on display.
    – If you really get into orchids, they always have a ton of orchids on the clearance rack at Lowe’s or Home Depot. The plants typically get relegated to this area after their blooms have already dropped off and you only have the leaves left. Many people don’t want to purchase orchids during the off season, but for 75% off you can get a lot of orchid varieties and once they bloom you get to enjoy that many more blooms. 🙂

    Hope this helps!

  8. Love your cute little plant stand…. I gave up on orchids. I always kill the. Yours is lovely.

  9. Rhoda, I just found your site and the party. It is great! i’ve just gotten back into thrifting and finding all the great thrift shops and consignment shops in my area of Atlanta. I hope you resume the party in the spring. Have a great time in NYC. Love NYC!!!

  10. Hi Rhonda, love all your yardsale finds…yardsales are such fun, especially when you find fun deals!

  11. Great finds! I never knew about the Eagle Point yard sale; Im on 280 and need to check that out!

  12. The ruler frame is too cute!



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