Our Newly Painted House Exterior

We had a few projects we wanted to get completed right off the bat in our new home and painting the exterior was one that was at the top of the list, along with a few other interior projects.  Mark really didn’t love the existing paint color. I didn’t hate it. But we both agreed that another color would totally enhance the house and make it look visually even more appealing for better curb appeal.

We settled on a painter who was recommended by a good friend of mine (friend recommendations are always the best, you know you can trust them!) and we got an estimate for the interior and exterior painting.  They usually give a discount if you are getting both done at the same time and our painter offered $500 off for booking both interior and exterior painting jobs. So glad we went ahead and got it all done!  It’s going to be nice to move into a freshly painted house and it feels brand new now.

Our painter’s name is Alberto (his company name is Nicholas Romero) and you can reach him at 770/900-6740 if you are here locally in the Atlanta area.  He gave us a very fair price for painting the interior, exterior, and spraying the kitchen cabinets.  I’ll share what we paid for the exterior in case some of you in the area want to use Alberto too.  I told him I’d be sharing his name and contact info, so I do not hesitate to recommend him after the great job he did for us!  Our exterior painting labor cost was $3,125.00 total and that included pressure washing, caulking, small wood repairs on window sills and all the painting.  I’ll give you the interior breakdown when I get to that post.  Again, he gave us a $500 discount for booking the whole job, interior and exterior.

Again, the paint color that was there was very nice and the house captured our attention the first time we saw it in the real estate listings online.  It was nice, but we visualized bringing out the gray tones in the brick that would also complement the roof better.

We were super excited to partner with Sherwin Williams on this project as a sponsor. We used their top of the line exterior paint, working together on this project and they sent us 15 gallons of paint for the siding at no charge. Huge blessing!  We did pay for the trim paint, but it was really nice to get help with the main paint color.  Our painters did a fantastic job with the house and we couldn’t be happier with them.

We used their top of the line Emerald paint for the exterior and got Satin for the siding and Semi-gloss for the trim.

Paint Colors:

Siding:  Backdrop by Sherwin Williams

Trim:  Simple White by Sherwin Williams

It’s nerve wracking to pick a paint color, squinting next to the brick and roof to try to determine which color is the best.  We got several samples and Backdrop won out for both of us.  It’s the 2nd from the bottom paint color. The top one was a contender too, but I think Backdrop has a little more brown undertone, which we needed with the brick.  We liked the richness of the darker shades and we are so happy with the outcome!

It’s amazing what a new paint color can do!  We love the changes and it totally enhances the look of our house even more, we think. We went lighter with the trim color too.


And After!

Backdrop is a taupe/gray shade and we love it with our brick.  We went with Simple White to bring out more of the white tones of the brick. The yellow based trim color before was a little drab for us and we like the crispness of the lighter white.







We just love the new color and how fresh and clean it makes the house.  So, so excited to get in here and make it our own. Those are some shadows on the siding from the late afternoon sun, it’s not all splotchy as it looks in this pic.  We are going to paint out the white boards that step down to blend in with the siding color.

That’s our big project for this week! It’s been so exciting to see all the changes happening over the last few weeks, inside and out.  I’ll have more to share next week, thank you all for stopping by!

Note: Big huge thanks to Sherwin Williams for providing the siding paint for us. It’s a beautiful paint and we know it will last for years to come.






- Rhoda


  1. Judy Clark says:

    Beautiful! I love that paint color. Can’t wait to see what you do you on the inside.

  2. Andrea G Corley says:

    I love the color. Good choice and great price.

  3. Michelle says:

    Beautiful! Love your home and the exterior layout with the garage on the side.

  4. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

    What a difference! Great choice – love it!

  5. Great choice! Smart to get it done before you move in…

  6. Bonnie E says:


  7. Nice! love the color choices. Amazing how paint can make such a difference : ))) I agree, it is tough making paint choices… ya’ll did great : )

  8. Joan Moore says:

    Love the new paint color. I see “pink undertones” in the old color when compared to the new color. Very nice improvement. Picking paint colors is so nerve racking, you did good!!!?

  9. Becky Drake says:

    WOW! The new color totally changed the color of your brick and roof. The brick appeared yellow in the before pictures, and the roof grey. After photos everything appears to blend really well! I loved that you painted your gutters to match the siding and they just disappear.
    Great choices and great work!

  10. Wow!! Big difference. So clean and sharp now. Great job, as usual!!

  11. Guerrina says:

    The new colors make a huge difference! Love your choices!

  12. It looks so much better! You and Mark chose well!!

  13. Love the new color! Sherwin Williams paint is the best. I recently did a kitchen remodel and Backdrop was the color I used for my cabinets. You will love it for a long time.

  14. Wow, I looks great! I see a big difference. The power of paint! Congrats on everything. I love seeing you so happy and excited.

  15. It looks fantastic! Wish I lived near you and could use your painter! You got a great price! We recently had our home painted. Didn’t have a recommendation. It hasn’t been a pleasant experience unfortunately. They didn’t paint 4 windows on our lower floor, stepped in paint then, tracked it on our deck and washed out their buckets on our washed pebble driveway,….we live on a hill so now there is a puddle of washed out paint at the bottom that will need to be pressured washed and the coverage was sloppy, they were painting our home the same color so some area seemed like the painters dry brushed over it. I got this company off of home advisors and talked with the owner… Hopefully he will correct the issues I have.

    • I feel your pain. The neighbors adult son three doors down from us “claimed” to be a professional painter. Yikes, what a mess. We were DIYing it, but needed an extra hand with being up on a ladder….slow, sloppy work, paint drips, crummy brush, and my husband wound up doing most of the work.

  16. What a huge difference! It looks so much richer and gives the home more dimension! Great color choices!

  17. Lynne cresci says:

    The white trim makes it all pop sooo much! Love this. So happy for you both. So glad your your daddy is home too!

  18. Mica Craig says:

    It’s amazing how much difference a different paint color can make. What a great way to blend in taupe with grey. I am tired of the brown/beige colors. Y’all did good!!?

  19. That looks beautiful! Great color selection. We have always used Sherwin Williams; it holds up well for years! It will be fun to see how you put the “Rhoda touch” on your front porch!

  20. So pretty! Are you in Bentwater? Looks a lot like some of the homes in my neighborhood. Have fun settling in!

  21. Your new home is beautiful. Love the paint colors you and Mark selected; they look so very nice.

  22. Love the new color! Very nice!

  23. Beautiful!!!

  24. LOVE IT!

    It looks great!

  25. Great colors choices. It really does brighten the exterior. We too used SW’s Emerald line of paint a few years back and have been super pleased with the results and how well it is holding up. It’s not cheap by any means, but you definitely get what you pay for especially with our harsh GA sun.

  26. The new paint made the house even more beautiful. I really notice the shutters now too. Great choice!

  27. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Rhoda, your home looks beautiful with the new paint! Love your choice! Now you and Mark can settle in and enjoy your gorgeous home! So happy for you both! Blessings!

  28. I thought the house was beautiful as it was before it was painted but now it’s even more beautiful. I’m so happy for you in many ways, your dad is home, you have a beautiful new house and best of all you found a good man and you’re married and happy, happy. Isn’t God good to us ❤️?

  29. Before I had my house painted the last time, I called someone who is in construction and asked if he knew a good painter. His response was “I know a lot of painters.”
    I got good recommendations for the painter I used, but he wasn’t a good painter. ? But I live close enough to use your guy next time. I’ve also decided that the best recommendations often come from realtors. And Rhoda.

  30. What a difference a little color can make! It lifted up the exterior…almost like a face lift, it looks “younger.”

  31. Montee Wellman says:

    Love, love what the paint did for this house. Oh my goodness, that is an excellent deal on getting it painted!

  32. Rhoda, those are beautiful paint choices! Your home looks new!

  33. Great color choices! The prior siding color was almost the same as our main entrance wall at the office. We are updating the decor there and I could not wait for that color to go away! 🙂 I agree with some of the other comments, it gave the house a face-lift!

    Looking forward to future post with our decor choices.

  34. Looks great & the garage doors did it for me. Love the new look! Congratulations and have fun putting your new house together.

  35. Leila Case says:

    Awesome Great change
    Keep up the updates!!

  36. Renee Harris says:

    Looks like your just added pearls to a black dress. Perfect! Hope you have a wonderful life in your beautiful home.

  37. I love the changes! It looks fabulous!

  38. Looks great! Garage doors are stunning with that little change of fresh paint.

  39. Rhoda,
    I think you will be very happy with Sherwin-Williams exterior paint. We had the exterior of our house painted over 10 years ago with Sherwin-Williams Super paint and it still looks great! We do have our house pressure washed and cleaned every year so maybe that helps as well.

    BTW….love the new color of your house….nice choice.

  40. Carol Ionata Heartfelt Whimsies says:

    I absolutely love it–amazing the difference and that whiter trim color is the icing on the cake!!!

  41. I love the color! I’m with y’all with the new colors cause it looked great before but better now and pulling out the colors in the brick and then the new trim makes it really stand out! Nice job and kudos to the contractor!

  42. So pretty, I do like the brighter trim color. We just had our little house painted. 1600 sq feet, one story above ground, very nearly zero trim, for $3400 here in Seattle. The estimates were $3200-$6000!!
    I don’t know anything about Sherwinn Williams but that’s who they use. SW was out of “contractor grade” paint so we got Emerald for the same price. Glad to read it’s good. The difference was $11/gal vs $42. I can’t even imagine $11 paint!??
    It’s so nice to have garage on the side.
    Still praying for our Daddy.

  43. This looks fantastic- the white really perks it u and the new house color looks great. You found yourself a gem!

  44. Jennifer C says:

    Good choice! Much better.

  45. I love it!! What a difference!! It was pretty to start with, but now it’s a WOW!!

  46. Ruby Berry says:

    So glad you chose the same color as our house. We love backdrop!!!!

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