Outdoor Fall Decor

My sister’s neighbor, Marc is a decorator and I’ve watched the outside of his house for the longest time.  He is always doing some beautiful things on his porch and front yard.  You can definitely tell that someone lives there who loves design and beautiful things.

So, when we saw that he had his porch all decked out for Fall, we strolled over to take a look and she checked in with him to make sure it was OK for me to share with all of you.  He said yes!


So, come along for a look at Marc’s pretty Southern front porch and all the Fall decor he has added to welcome guests.


Pretty potted trees and some pumpkins to bring in the season.


Very cute and festive!


Love those containers with the trees, don’t you?


They have a nice long porch, with plenty of room for rocking chairs.


Pretty orange cushions make for a beautiful place to sit.


They even have room for a table and chairs.


How cozy is that?


This is one beautiful and welcoming front porch, don’t you agree?!

Thanks, Marc, for letting me show off your festive Fall porch, all ready for the Autumn season!  And guess what?  I got to see the inside of Marc’s house and it is definitely swoon-worthy.  He said I could come back and take photos soon so I’ll be sharing all of that with you too.  You’re gonna be so inspired, trust me!

Today is the last Fall party for my friends and I, so hop on over to Sarah’s and check out her outdoor ideas, along with all the links.

You are sure to be SO inspired to get yourself ready for Fall if you haven’t already! 

Today I’m in Birmingham for a couple of days, catching up with friends, but this morning at 9 a.m. CST will be in court for my divorce.  I’d love some prayers, please!  I am hoping this ordeal will be over soon.

- Rhoda


  1. So pretty! I also can’t wait to see pics of the inside.

  2. Hi Rhoda,
    Thank you for sharing Marc’s front porch with us, put me right in the mood do to a little fall sprucing up here in this temporary home of ours.
    Fall is in the air and we had rainfall the past two days, gotta get that new roof on fast!
    You are in my thoughts today, hold your head high and keep breathing and you will get through the hard parts, then you can focus on the parts of your life that bring you joy.

  3. I hope things went smoothly today. You are in my prayers.

  4. Love your front porch and love the fall decor! I could sit and have a nice glass of white wine or even a hot cider in one of those rockers! 🙂

  5. VERY VERY pretty Rhoda! I LOVE how he has it all fixed up! That’s what I was doing today all day long was cleaning off my patios and carport trying to declutter it and fix it nice. I’ll have to post a pic of a plant I sit at my back door. Not fall but moved it there so it would be closer to the door when it freezes I can move it inside. lol It’s a large pot! I’ve been wanting to paint our back door a darker color and I see everyone is going to these black or almost black doors and it makes the wreaths and things pop! I love it!
    I’m sorry I am just now getting to take a look at your blog but hoping the court day was an awesome one for you and that it is all over now for you!! I wish I’d known sooner so I could have been praying but I’m sure some of your followers that checked earlier were praying!

  6. Thanks my friend for including me on your fantastic blog! And thanks everyone for the kind comments on my porch! I just love changing out the decor for each season. If you get a chance check out the two stores that I am the decorator for,they are both great furniture consignment stores. Encore Fine Furnishings in Roswell, Georgia and Woodstock Market in Woodstock, Georgia. Beautiful home furnishings and accessories and great deals!

    • Marc is a wonderful decorator and designer with a fantastic eye for detail! His front porch is just a small taste of all the beautiful things inside! So glad you were able to include him in your blog. We are so happy he’s part of our Woodstock Market family!

  7. Very festive and welcoming, indeed, Rhoda! Thanks to you and Marc for sharing!



  8. Thanks girls! Good to be family!

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