Fashion over 50: Patterned Pants

Good Wednesday morning!  I’m back today with a Fashion over 50 post.  Yay, it’s been awhile.  I really haven’t dressed up at all much lately because I’ve been painting, unpacking, organizing, cleaning, and all that stuff that goes into moving in a new house.  So, I’ve missed getting dressed and going somewhere.  I met up with some girlfriends this week for a dinner in and we had so much fun catching up.  It was good to see them all and that gave me a chance to wear one of my new outfits that I haven’t shared yet.

I had a company reach out to me, Lisette, out of Canada and they asked me if I’d like to try out a few of their clothing items.  I took a look and said yes, sure I’ll try them out.  So I picked out 3 pieces to try (they sent them at no charge).  All of them came in about the time we got married and headed to the beach and I never got the time to really style them all well.  But I wore one of the pants to my girl’s night out dinner and love them.  As soon as I put them on, Mark commented on how much he liked them too, so win-win.

These are black and white with a funky print and the neat this about this company is the fabric they offer.  It’s a mix of rayon, nylon, and Lycra which makes for a stretchy pant. I like stretchy pants. It’s flattering fabric that looks good and molds to the body.  And these don’t have a zipper, they just pull on but feel very good.  She did tell me to order one size down from my normal, which I did. 

They have several lengths from crops to longer and shorter. These are the 28″ crop pants.  The color here looks a little blue, but it’s white and black.

I paired the pants with a black soft tee from Tahari that I’ve had a long time and it was a fun little outfit to wear. It’s still very warm here so still wearing sandals. These are from Payless and I picked them up last year.

I got a pair of shorts too and these will be fun to style up and wear. Love the length of them and they are form fitting without being too tight.  The fabric really is great!

This is a 31″ long pair of white pants with a zipper on the side.  Always need another pair of white pants. If you like the looks of these, check out the website.  I thought they were fun enough to share.  Thanks for stopping by today for Fashion over 50!  It felt good to be dressed up again!


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