Paint Workshop with Miss Mustard Seed

Last weekend was a fun time of spending a beautiful day in on Canton Street, a charming historic area of Roswell, GA, with shops and restaurants and bustling activity on a Spring day.  It was perfect weather for an outing and lunch outside.  My friend, Marian, also known as Miss Mustard Seed, was in town doing a paint workshop of her new line of milk paint and at least 50 people were there, soaking up all the information Marian had to share about painting furniture.  I was invited to come hang out and couldn’t turn down an opportunity to see Marian and try out her paint as well.

Founders Hall in Roswell, GA

The paint workshop was held at Founders Hall, a beautiful old historic home in Roswell that is used for events.

founders hall

Of course, I loved that part too!

inside Founders Hall

Inside, it was quaint and old like you would expect a historic home to be.

inside Founders Hall

Original floors and planked ceilings, which are all the rage again.

paint workshop

In the back was a very large room big enough to hold all the round tables for this workshop.

Rhoda and Ella

I ran into Ella, one of my niece, Lauren’s, old college friends and she recognized me right away and so I sat at the table with her and a few other ladies.  They had new cabinet doors at each place setting and this was our project for the day.  We would paint our doors with milk paint (color of our choice) and add decorative handles, making a cute tray.

Rhoda Marian

It was great to see Marian again. I’m so proud of her and how far she has come with her business, writing a book last year and coming out with her own line of milk paint.  What a dream come true for her. We both have accomplished a lot with our blogs and that has been a joy to watch so many of my friends doing so well too with their blog businesses.

milk paint cabinet doors

I didn’t do a lot with my door, but many girls heavily distressed theirs.  I did use 2 colors and layered them, with a soft aqua, Kitchen Scale, on the bottom, with Luckett’s green on top.

finished tray milk paint

And here’s how it turned out, sort of streaked with a little of both colors showing. They added the handles for us and this little cutie will go on my screened porch coffee table.

Marian at our table

Marian did a talk about her paint line and then we got started painting. She came around seeing all the progress on the painting techniques we all did. Everyone did something unique and different and it was fun seeing them all.  These ladies were sitting at my table.

Marian and Mary Ann

Marian and Mary Ann, who owns Brushstrokes on Canton Street and hosted this event and it was an honor to be invited.

historic Roswell

After we finished our trays, we broke for a 2 hour lunch and it was a positively splendid Spring day to walk down the street and eat outside.  These cottages on Canton Street, Roswell, are so cute.

cute shop in Roswell

This area has lots of adorable shops and restaurants and it was hopping with activity that day.

Roswell Canton Strett

Loved all the different types of houses on the street.

Canton Street in Roswell

Cuteness all around.

Cottage in Roswell

This little cottage especially caught my eye. I’m not sure what Campbells’ cottage is used for, but it’s so quaint.

Nine on Canton Street Roswell

Down the sidewalk at Nine Street kitchen, we opted for sidewalk seating and enjoyed our al fresco meal.

lantern outdoors

Lanterns outside

Spring day in Roswell

A beautiful blue sky Spring day, not a cloud in the sky.

our table

We all had fun chatting at our table.  The lady in pink, Robin, lives in Birmingham, so we had fun catching up.  She goes to my old church over in Birmingham and we knew some of the same people, so it’s a small world.

Kim and Rhoda

Kim from Savvy Southern Style and me.

chicken salad

Delicious chicken salad lunch.

Picnic area at Nine

Loved that this restaurant has a picnic area, they supply the chairs and blankets for a picnic on the grass. You just order food and they bring it out.  How cool is that?

Canton Street downtown Roswell

We had a few minutes to kill before the rest of the class began, so we walked over to a little antique mall and browsed.

Canton Street Antiques

I’ve been in Canton Street antiques market before, but it’s been awhile.


Cute stuff!

It was a fun day, getting to see Marian again and hearing her talk and showing us exactly how to use her milk paint.  It is really good paint, you do have to mix it up though, since it’s in powder form, but I was glad to see the consistency of how it is supposed to be.  She has some gorgeous colors, you can use it with or without the bonding agent.  The bonding agent does help it adhere to surfaces a lot better, but if you want chippy, then you don’t have to use it. You can click on Marian’s blog for info on purchasing her milk paint.

I’ve got some Luckett’s green that I will be trying out one of these days.  I really enjoyed my day at Miss Mustard Seed’s painting class!

- Rhoda


  1. Great post, great pics. Thanks.

    Btw, loved your pic and story in Folk Magazine. I’m so proud
    of you.

  2. Love Roswell, Georgia! Thanks for the memories and good to know ya’ll had a beautiful spring day! Using old cabinet doors for cute trays – great idea!

  3. It was a fun day! It was great to see you again – glad I was able to actually speak this time 🙂

  4. What a fun day that was! Really neat that you have gotten to meet so many of your blogger friends. I would love to visit Roswell and those cute shops. I’m going over to Marian’s blog next! Happy Spring! Linda

  5. How fun!

  6. Wow — I am so jealous! Looks like such a fun day.

  7. I’m so jealous I almost couldn’t open this post! I love her blog… I really should have splurged for the tickets to this. You’re tray turned out really cute! And y’all did get lucky with some Spring weather finally.

  8. So happy I finally got to meet you officially, and of course reading your blog keeps that day right up there in my memory bank.

    I think everyone had a wonderful time and of course learned so much from Marian.
    Look forward to seeing you again , and in the mean time I’ll continue to enjoy reading your fun blog!

  9. What an adorable town that is, and we must be kindred spirits because I just want to move right into Campbell’s Cottage! I love yellow houses, and put a porch in front and I’m sold!

  10. Sounds like a fun day with fun people!


  11. Looks like you had a great time Rhoda! Love all the pictures 🙂

  12. Oh, what a grand time y’all had! I really enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing Rhoda!

    Kat =^..^=

  13. Rhoda how did your tray turn out!!!!
    Looks like it was a fantastic day!
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Rhoda,
    We were so glad you could attend our special day!
    Thank you for such a nice blog post documenting the Workshop and the great town of Roswell!
    Mary anne

  15. After seeing your pictures of Campbells’ Cottage, I tried to Google it to get some info for friends of mine that are getting married. The only thing that pulled up was ironically your mention of them.

    • Ashley Strickland says

      The Campbell’s cottage was at once a attorney and law firm. Now the home is my grandparents home. It was me grandfathers law office and they renovated to be their home. My grandmother is an interior decorator and the inside is even more magnificent then the outside. They do occasionally allow weddings however this is their private residence.

  16. You got such fabulous pictures of the street and all the cute houses, shops, etc Rhoda! It was a beautiful little street and such gorgeous weather that day. What fun! I so enjoyed meeting Marian and seeing everyone else there too! (including you! 😉 )
    Made some new friends, got to play with Milk Paint & listen to Marian speak…. so it was a great day in all! 🙂

  17. Anne Boykin says

    Hi Rhoda, It was sure great to meet you! So glad that we had such a beautiful day is Roswell. I need to go back and check out more of those shops.

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