Painted Porch Cabinet for Storage

Today, I’m sharing a project that my sister and I just completed at her house.  And this post is featuring Maison Blanche paint, one of those chalk paints that I like to use and am partnering with them on this project.  I’ve done a few projects with their paint and shared them with you and this is one more to inspire you to paint up an old piece of furniture.

My sister and brother-in-law have a really nice covered porch and this is where Bruce grills with his Big Green egg and portable grills.  He built a nice wooden holder for his Big Green egg and with all the things necessary for grilling, Renee looked for a storage piece that she could use out there to keep things out of sight, but handy.

Enter Craigslist, her favorite method of shopping.  She found a storage cabinet with doors on the top and bottom, perfect for storing their extra gas canisters and other things for grilling.


Just one of those brown nondescript pieces that you see everywhere.  Probably part of a desk set up at one time but a good size for what they needed it for.


It’s been beautiful weather for painting, so I went over there a couple of days and we got it done.  It took 2 coats of chalk paint and she picked a pretty turquoise color, called Colette.  Great color to energize a tired old piece.


After one coat, it’s still splotchy.


I always let things dry well overnight and then on to the 2nd coat.


We did 3 coats on the piece and then added a top of of Maison Blanche Satin varnish, which gives it some protection.  It’s not perfect, but fine for the porch!


It looks a little splotchy here, but I think that’s the way the light is shining in on the back piece. She will go back and touch up where needed, but for the most part, it’s done.  Great place to store a gas canister and charcoal for the Big Green Egg.  That’s a Weber Q on top, a portable grill that Bruce uses sometimes that they used to taking camping.


It’s in close proximity to Bruce’s Big Green Egg grill station that he built from scratch.  He’s an engineer and all around handy guy and came up with this plan for his Green Egg and I think it’s brilliant.  He has a stone underneath the egg on the bottom shelf to keep it all stable.  And it’s on wheels so it can be moved around.


He just happened to be grilling some pork today and doesn’t that look yummy!


Bruce is an excellent grill master and loves his Big Green Egg. Now the cabinet will be a fun colorful addition on the porch to keep it all organized.  They love this outdoor space and we have used it many times as a family over the years.  It’s always nice to sit out here and eat.


These pics are 2 years old and they’ve changed the rock walls even more since this, but you can see what a backyard paradise they have.


With a fish pond and waterfall, it’s a beautiful outdoor living space.

Hope you enjoyed this post all about updating an old piece of furniture with Maison Blanche paint.  I’ve enjoyed using their colors and products and they have a lot to choose from if you’re into painting furniture. Check them out for yourself!  They are coming out with new products too, so lots of neat things to try out.

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Note:  This post is sponsored by Maison Blanche but all post ideas and projects are all my own.  I enjoy using these paints! 


- Rhoda


  1. Love the color and it looks like the perfect piece for storage! That pork looks delicious. Pam @ Everyday Living

  2. We have a Big Green Egg too! We also built are own cabinet because the ones they sell are crazy expensive. My partner built ours out of an old granite tabletop that had cracked….he used to be a marble and granite builder. I love the idea of having a small tabletop grill. We love our Egg, but sometimes it’s a pain when you just want to grill some chicken breasts.

  3. Good job and oh so pretty! I have never used chalk paint before but was wondering if you prefer to use
    primer before painting with chalk paint do you have to use a special kind?

  4. Rhoda, I am waaaay behind in reading my emails, but I just have to tell you how much I loved this post! The turquoise is such a great color for any porch, and the fish pond garden is so lovely!!!!! However, pork on the egg makes me hungry – – SO, buh byeeee!
    Hugggggs, cat


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