Planting Those Containers for Summer

It’s that time of year again, when I get outside and get those containers planted for the summer months. It’s still nice right now and not too hot, but that will change quickly.  I love adding colorful annuals to my white planter boxes and it adds such beauty to the patio outside in my backyard.  I can’t imagine my summer and outdoors without having some colorful summer plants added to my spaces, can you?

This year, I’m partnering with Ecoscraps® once again and they are sponsoring my containers this season.  I introduced you to them last year and love their concept.  I looked at their website and really liked what I saw.  Two college students noticed how much food was being wasted when they went out to eat and decided to do something about it….by turning it into gardening products. 

Since 2010, EcoScraps has been working to be a part of the solution by reusing this waste and keeping it out of the landfills. They want to educate and make sustainability something that’s part of mainstream America.  I personally throw way too much stuff away that I can’t eat before it goes bad. That’s the hazards of cooking for one or 2, it’s so hard sometimes to eat it all and use it all before it starts to go to waste.  Ecoscraps takes that food waste and makes wonderfully rich garden soil with it.

Sold at Walmart, I would love for you to check out their product line.

So what’s so different about THIS dirt?

The Ecoscraps founders saw a better way to make soil which in turn is better for our gardens and planet.  Bad food transformed into rich, organic soils does a lot of good for all of us as families and for the environment.

Instead of all that wasted food going to landfills, it’s going into this rich dirt to organically grow plants and food.  that’s a win-win for all!

OK, so why not support a company who does all of this?

Take a look at their video on the process of turning waste into soil!

Getting my 2 big bags of Ecoscraps potting soil from Walmart, I was ready to start planting.  Filling up my big containers is a good sized job, but this soil is rich and will hold water and minerals to help support my plants.  I’ll share more about my plants in another post, but for now watch me plant them!

I’m adding these pretty colors to 2 other planters out there too.

So, this is how those big containers end up at the end of the season. It all dies back and the plants just sit there after their growing season comes to an end.  We all have these sitting around, don’t we, just begging for new plants to be added. But, you have to have new soil added to get the season kicked off with new plants.

Once I take the old mass of roots and dirt out of the container, it all comes out in one big (and heavy) clump.  I drug this clump to the edge of my yard in the trees and bushes and eventually it will decay. You simply can’t reuse dirt when the roots are this thick, plus for new plants to thrive it needs rich new dirt in the container.

In goes the new Ecoscraps soil with its rich blackness which will nourish my new plants and they will be ready for growing and putting on lots of new blooms.  Yippee for that!  I love my blooms!

I added four plants in here for now and may have room for one more, but they do grow and spread out pretty fast, so these will be really gorgeous in a few weeks after they grow and get taller and fuller.  I always try to use something tall in the middle, something spilling on one side, and definitely a couple that add lots of color and blooms to the mix.  I’ll keep you posted later on how they do this summer!

In the meantime, I’ve got a gift card giveaway for all of you!  Ecoscraps is giving away a $50 Walmart gift card so you can try out their potting soil too. I love being able to give away great stuff to all my readers, so this is a win-win for all of us.

All you have to do to win the $50 Walmart card is leave your name and email address on the Rafflecopter widget and answer this question in the comments below…

Have you planted your summer flowers yet and where are your main planting areas? Containers or garden beds? Let’s talk about flowers today!

Note: This post is sponsored by Ecoscraps, but my love of container gardening is all my own!

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- Rhoda


  1. Tracy Gibson says:

    My main planting is containers, LOVE THEM.

  2. Eva Beaule says:

    Containers and the ground. Wherever I can stick a plant.

  3. I’m hoping to do some planting this weekend. We plant in containers and in the ground.

  4. Sheila says:

    I definitely need to get started on the planters – yours came out lovely.

  5. Michele says:

    I wish we could start planting outside! It’s currently 37 degrees here in Rochester NY!

  6. I love container gardening. We are hoping to move sometime this summer and the plants will ust come with us.

  7. Leslie says:

    I’ve planted 10 new hostas in my shade garden. Can’t wait for them to pop up.

  8. Monica says:

    I will definitely try that! I love your containers!

  9. I planted mine in March. I like containers as you can move there around.

  10. Rose C says:

    I planted flowers in the flower bed and hanging baskets for the porch.

  11. I have a lot of perennials in the ground and then I fill in with annuals. But I also have several large pots and a few small pots that I plant annuals in. I have most of mine planted now. I have 2 or 3 pots that I need to plant and then I can sit back and enjoy it all. I love springtime and all the newness it brings.

  12. Jean from Georgia says:

    I have noticed this new planting medium in Walmart and will purchase a bag for my next container. Great idea to recycle food into “DIRT”.

  13. Adecia Walker says:

    I have planted some in the ground and some in containers, but still have a few more left to plant. Glad to know about this product, I will certainly give it a try.

  14. Yes, I plant a lot of containers, 4 on the deck, 2 out front and 2 in front of the garage. I also plant some annuals in the beds in the front of the house. It is a lot of work as you know but I love all the color and texture the plants bring to the house. I will definitely try the EcoScraps.
    Thanks for this post!

  15. sylvia clark says:

    Rhoda, please refresh my memory and tell me where you purchased your white garden containers!!!!

    • Hi, Sylvia, those came from Wayfair. They are huge and they also have a compartment at the bottom that holds extra water so you don’t have to water quite as often. They are made of some kind of vinyl.

  16. Containers on my deck and front porch. One is shady the other gets full sun!

  17. I use both containers & garden bed. Don’t have much of a green thumb, but I try!!

  18. Thank you Rhoda for the great gardening tips. I now do more container planting since downsizing.
    Sounds like a wonderful product you introduced, and I look forward to giving it a try.

  19. Rachel Howell says:

    Container gardening on my deck…..deer will eat the rest!

  20. Carrie says:

    I LOVE the spring because of all the beautiful flowers I get to plant! My containers aren’t finished, but I’m working on them.

  21. I haven’t planted anything yet. Hope to get to it this weekend. I usually do a lot of containers and a little bit in my flower beds. Thanks for a great give away!

  22. Most of my flowerbeds have perennials so I don’t have to do a lot to them. I am still working on filling my pots this year. Love the colors that you have selected!

  23. Elizabeth says:

    I live in upstate NY so I can’t get my plants in until closer to the end of May because of a chance of frost. But I am itching to get my plants into the ground. I have a flower bed that wraps around my porch that I have a mix of perineals and annuals. I also do a large vegetable garden (I love seeing your dads).

    I’ve already started tilling and getting the land ready. I usually get my plants in a little closer to Memorial Day.

  24. I love don’t have a lot of space, so container gardening is perfect for me! Yours are going to look beautiful! And I love the concept behind the Ecoscraps company.

  25. Phyllis says:

    I have containers and a small garden . Desperately need help in my flower garden. Would love to try this new soil.

  26. Roxanne says:

    I love container gardening. It is instant gratification, and I don’t have to dig in our hard red clay!

  27. Kim Nations says:

    I have planters and a large walkway that I plant flowers in.. Each year I plant something different

  28. The last frost date for my area is May 15. I took next week off work to start getting things planted and potted.

  29. Debbie B. says:

    Already did all of my planting and enjoying the beautiful color!!!

  30. Sharon Person says:

    We have a few weeks to go before we can safely plant here in Minnesota but I can’t wait! Our summers seem so short here – you have to enjoy every minute of it!

  31. KittyLuvr says:

    I have only planted two ferns in containers on either side of my front door. I still have to fill planters down the side of my front steps.

  32. Didn’t know about this product. Immediately, I had to know where it was conceived.

    My neighbor, 6th generation dairy farmer, closed as of last year, was going to diversify with cheeses. He wanted to take food waste and spread on the pastures, tilling in. He had been in Utah helping a dairy farm and saw many varied things they were doing, hence his food waste idea.

    Georgia has a law, food wastes must go to landfills. A law. Politics.

    Within the past 2 weeks Trump mentioned Wisconsin dairy farmers in trouble. Yep. They’re already beyond the trouble phase in Georgia. Industrial milk will survive. Multitudes of small family dairy farms, not.

    Sad days on my property, next to the dairy farm, watching various buyers take away the dairy cows. My neighbor now works for Georgia Power, the property/pastures empty, untended, unproductive.

    Wendell Berry has been writing about the death of family farms and small rural towns since the 60’s.


    Great, great, great, to learn about this product.

    Garden & Be Well, XOT

    • Hey, Tara, thanks for stopping by. I know that all distresses you so much to have your neighbor going out of business. So so sad!!

  33. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

    What an amazing idea! I’ll definitely support this company when buying my potting soil/garden dirt. I’ve actually planted my courtyard in the ground already. Once things grow and fill in I’ll know where I need to pop a pot or two around and about. I’ll head straight to Walmart and get some Ecoscraps! Love this time of year! Thx for sharing this company with us.

  34. My main gardening area is a gardening bed in the back of our house. We planted 120 Vincas this past weekend! They look beautiful!

  35. Judy Jaggers says:

    I’ve just started planting my plants. Hope I didn’t get them out to early.

  36. Susanne says:

    Good morning – I live in the Midwest so really annual plants are not suppose to be safe in gardens and containers until after Mothers Day but I will start the process this weekend and be careful and watch the night time temperatures. I have one large flower bed which I have lots of perennials and then I add annuals for colors. Lots of container/pot planting all around our home. I will be trying Ecoscraps for my containers and have passed this information on to my gardening friends. Love the blog today and look forward to hearing more….

  37. sandi uhlman says:

    I have already done containers for the year.I live n a condo so I cant plant in ground. The containers are fun and look great already! What a huge pop of color for summer!!

    • Monica Dillard says:

      Since we live in Texas, our beds get planted pretty early! But this weekend, I plan to fill my patio pots with petunias and ferns. I love your white containers!

  38. Kari Cox says:

    My main planting area has always been all the containers (vintage and other) on our wrap-around porch. I will continue to use them because I love the pops of color in all the areas and nooks. This past fall, however, we had two huge stone beds put in on two sides of our house and planted with a variety of perennials. I have been adding some annuals in for more color and am absolutely loving the combinations of colors and textures. So in answer to your question, I guess I do it all and love it!!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  39. Tara H says:

    I just ordered new pots today and look forward to planting them next week.

  40. Debbie w says:

    I enjoy planting containers on my patio…love looking out my window and seeing the pretty pots of color!

  41. Sharon Avinger says:

    Containers on my deck and front porch, new foxgloves in two beds in back yard. Love those flowers! I tried some new flowers this year and made sure they could tolerate our SC heat. We’ll see what happens!

  42. Nicolle says:

    I haven’t done it yet. I’m slacking this season! I plant everything in containers…can’t seem to keep things alive in the ground

  43. Bonnie E says:

    I planted the front flower bed the other day & still have the mail box area to do. I have flowers (geraniums in red) at the front door in a big huge pretty pot but still have the two at the entrance of the garage. Love to plant flowers n the Spring! Yours turned out great!

  44. Great giveaway!

  45. Tomasina Grubbs says:

    I have not planted yet. I have more flowers in the beds. I like to plant ferns along with annuals in two big urns on the front stoop.

  46. Carolyn Smith says:

    I have window boxes and containers which I love to plant bright summer annuals in. Makes me happy and smile. Definitely will look for the potting soil. I serve on the Green Team where I am employed and promote recycle. repurpose so definitely will look for this potting soil.

  47. Delores Clark says:

    I have done both container plants and some in my small garden.

  48. Regina S. says:

    I plant in pots on the deck and in various beds. I have to try this potting soil. Thanks for the info!

  49. I love it all! Hanging plants, potted plants, and in the ground. A riot of color outside my sunroom windows is such a joy in the summer.

  50. Barb W. says:

    We plant annuals mainly in containers and have a variety of perennials in the ground. It’s still too cold in NW PA to plant annuals; we usually plant in late May.

  51. Cheryl Palmer says:

    I have a narrow backyard and the problem is any planting makes it narrower so I have decided to use containers. I can keep the plants limited to the size of the container and the yard will not feel overwhelmed.

  52. Patti Osmus says:

    I have beds and containers. Gardening is my therapy! I love to see the fruits of my labor! My 4 o’clocks are coming up as well as my Mexican heather, salvia, and my love grass. Oklahoma is a challenge for gardening but I’m slowly figuring it out.

  53. Jennifer Thompson says:

    I do mostly containers, but I’m trying to do more perennials in beds this year – the challenge is outsmarting the deer though!

  54. Jackie McCarty says:

    Thanks for this post it gives me some new ideas. After living in our house in Conyers for 19 years we are getting rid of our concrete slab patio and finally having a wooden deck installed. You can trust that I will be at Walmart to pick up some Ecoscraps to repot all of the perennials from last year and new Dahlias, Jasmine and more. We have 3 dogs so container planting is essential!!

  55. I have completely replanted my front flower beds (including shrubs) with roses and perennials. I’ve planted three containers. My husband asked me if there was any money left in our bank account, so I guess he wants me to stop. I do this every spring – just love płants!

  56. I’m outside every day it’s not raining after I come home from work.
    I plant in the ground and in pots. I have mainly perennials and I supplement with annuals. I haven’t done any planting yet. It’s still too cold in NY, my rule is to start after Mothers Day.

  57. Tracie Cooper says:

    I love planting containers and will be planting lots of veggies!

  58. Isaida Veale says:

    I have two flower beds I’ve planted. One with over 60 gladiolus bulbs and another with sunflowers. I have planters I need to fill now 🙂

  59. I love container gardening on my deck.

  60. I’ve done lots of planting and more to do! Still working on landscaping our fixer upper home so planted more perennials – hosta, hydrangeas, daylillys and lime green sunshine Ligustrum bushes. Then I did annuals and ferns in pots for the porches and around the pool. :). Always love seeing your plants, Rhoda- I’m a flower and plant lover too!

  61. Jill Jones says:

    I have pots on my patio and flowerbeds in the yard. This year, I am adding a new pot for the patio (colorful flowers) and I love the idea of this potting soil that uses recycled food scraps! Thanks for the introduction to this product, Rhoda. I will certainly check it out at my local Walmart.

  62. Cynthia StAmand says:

    I use containers. Sometimes I use packing peanuts for good drainage for my lavender (in ground). I have a large urn placed so that we can see it through the back deck door, when walking through the hallway, and this year I’ll fill it with bright red Calibrachoa!

  63. Carol Griffin says:

    I plant in containers as well as in the ground. Once the pollen season is over, I cannot wait to get my containers planted and placed on our covered porch and deck. We live on the South Carolina coast and use our outdoor spaces a lot enjoying our views out onto the Inlet, therefore, my containers filled with colorful plants as well as herbs add so much to our outdoor spaces. Love them!

  64. BamaCarol says:

    Right now I have containers on the front porch and some on the back deck. I’m hoping when I retire next year that I will have a couple of raised beds in addition to that for some vegetables and cutting flowers.

  65. Helena Dias says:

    Simple but so beautiful.

  66. Terrie Cox says:

    So excited to start planting in my containers this year! Still alittle too cold.

  67. I really enjoy your blog. I love your outdoor spaces. I do mostly container gardens. I am going to try this soil. Thanks for telling us about it.

  68. Donna Ingalls says:

    I live in the south so my planters are done. My tomatoes, basis, lemon balm, oregano and peppers are going crazy too. Most of our flowers are planted in flower beds along the fence as it gets full sun. Sunflowers ? are sprouting already too. Love this time of year.

  69. I use mostly perennials in my garden beds and annuals in my containers (and I have a LOT of containers), so I need to replant them every year! I would love to try this soil!!

  70. Kathryn says:

    We are moving into our new house this weekend so we have a lot of yard to plant! Can’t wait

  71. Phyllis Poole says:

    I love container gardening!

  72. I love containers!!! But I do plant a few in the ground. I am ready to get started!!!

  73. Jessica Wilson says:

    I do some containers, but mostly in ground. Well actually above ground…I have red clay aka brick soil, so I have added tons of good top soil to all my gardening areas. Why fight the clay, it is just easier to add berms and such. Every year for my birthday, my granddaughter and I go to the plant store and she helps pick out plants. At the age of 4 she knows what symbols to look for whether they can be in full sun or in shade. Such a smarty! This past April 15th, I made a comment on how many plants she was buying and she said Papa said ‘I could buy all I wanted!’ lol I have NEVER heard that from his lips.

  74. I am getting ready to plant after the cold snap moves through WV this weekend! I do mainly pots with annuals for color. We have a lot of landscape and I have been preparing that for summer first. The mulch comes next week then it will look beautiful! Can’t wait!

  75. Becca P says:

    I plan to get mine out this weekend! I spent last weekend weeding and edging to get the beds ready so this weekend it’s on to the containers! Great giveaway for a great product!

  76. I love the idea of Ecoscraps!

  77. I haven’t seen this product before. I’ll have to check it out!

  78. I do window boxes and containers. I love when they’re full and flowy!

  79. Karen in Texas says:

    I love flowers !! Already have planted some but would love to plant more !!

  80. Planting an replanting on my deck has “commenced” …. lolol… But just this week !!! Here in Florida I should have started weeks ago !!!! 🙂

  81. kathy wallace says:

    We love to pot plants and set them around the deck. I love Spring!

  82. I bought this same brand for my herb container. I bought s large player in legs and filled it up with this pretty dirt. I’m working on the rest of my raised garden beds too.

  83. marjorie lavender says:

    I plant in containers and in a bed in the front yard (the only sunny spot). I like to move the containers around.

  84. I plant mostly in containers now and have just started. I would love to use this dirt as it says that it helps contain the moister in the soil. Once I start it is hard to stop. I love flowers!

  85. Stephanie Henry says:

    I plant both containers and flower beds. In fact, I just planted my first containers today!!

  86. I plan on planting beautiful plants in my pots and containers next week! ?

  87. I plant both containers and beds. Have just started experimenting with shade plants in containers….

  88. I have planters by the garage and on the front porch and flower beds in the front yard. Can’t wait to see it all blooming!

  89. Treasia Stepp says:

    I started the planting a few weeks ago but still have more to go. I have planters and two window boxes left I am working on. This would be awesome to help me get finished on them.

  90. Laura McCants says:

    I haven’t planted all of my patio containers yet. Also still need to plant my front porch flower boxes. I would love to win the gift card–it would definitely help me finish my spring planting!

  91. angela says:

    I have planted some but need to get more. I have both containers and garden beds but have more garden beds.

  92. Just a few containers so far…..

  93. Amalia says:

    What an awesome company! I spent all last weekend sprucing up the herb garden, planting some gorgeous Calibrachoa in my deck planters and weeding, weeding, weeding!

  94. Beautiful! I got a few planters done in early April, but it’s time to go back and do the rest!

  95. Teresa K says:

    What a great idea to use food waste — I’m going to try it! I’ve been working in my garden beds dividing and moving perennials around but haven’t done my containers yet. I have five pots on my front porch that I fill with annuals and I do the same thing: something tall, a filler and a spiller and my containers always look great. I have seven pots on my back patio that I fill with herbs. Happy gardening 🙂

  96. Did some veggie planting. We had such a mild winter we don’t need to replant our impatiens, they volunteered to come back! Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway

  97. Melanie says:

    I have flowers in pots on the front porch and pots in the back yard. I am really excited about gardening this summer. Did not even mind the weeding I did a few days ago!

  98. Connie says:

    I haven’t planted yet. I want to put two planters on my front porch but haven’t quite decided which planters I want to use or exactly what I want to put in them. I may use a Purple Pixie® Loropetalum which is a dwarf, weeping variety and only gets about one or two feet tall. Since it is weeping, if put in a tall pot, or one on a pedestal of some kind, it hangs over the edge of the pot and looks gorgeous. In addition, a variety of grass might be good put I haven’t decided on the “thriller” yet.

  99. Karenann says:

    I love planting in both containers and in my garden beds. As soon as Mother’s Day comes, I start planting. Here in New York, we still get very cold nights up till Memorial Day, but it is safe to start planting around Mother’s Day. I usually plant fancy containers for my porch, patio and pool and plant in all my beds on my property. It’s my Springtime and Summertime hobby!

  100. Rachel says:

    I haven’t planted my summer flowers yet. When I do plant them I plan on planting them in decorative pots.

  101. DeAnna Williams says:

    My main planting area is around our in-ground pool. We have large containers and hanging planters there. I love all flowers, all colors!!

  102. I have planted about half of my beds (very shady yard), so am always on the lookout for new plants that can handle the lack of sun.

  103. Roberta May says:

    We’re having a chilly, overcast Spring, (frost last night) so I’m still in the planning stages. I have been able to plant out greens and peas in the vegetable garden though.

  104. I’ve only done two containers for my small front porch thus far, but I’d love to put more out on my deck of both flowers and veggies.

  105. Lee in KY says:

    Haven’t planted much yet as frost is predicted for this weekend. Most of my plantings are in containers but I do have several raised garden beds too.

  106. I usually plant annuals in my containers on my front porch, and several hanging baskets around our house. I love pops of color. I will also separate some of my perrinials throughout my yard and even share them with neighbors.

  107. I plant annuals in containers for a pop of color and only have perennials in my yard.

  108. melrose says:

    My pots will be planted this weekend…can’t wait to get my fingers in the dirt!

  109. I do both containers & flower beds. I read something about this potting soil a couple of days ago & made a note to check it out wasn’t sure where it was sold, glad to find out walmart has it. Will pick up some tomorrow. Thanks

  110. Jamie Baker says:

    I have planted several containers but have a few more to go!

  111. michel says:

    we haven’t yet

  112. Container….’cuz I love to change things up! Petunias, pansies, and a few palms (Cali you know 🙂
    All done for now but I continue to add as the days go on!

  113. Thanks you so much for this information about this potting soil. I need to get more to finish my repotting also. We are a throw away nation , we rate first in the whole world for creating trash and junk. Large part can be recycled. I am so, so glad to learn about a product that’s helping the environment.

  114. Joan Moore says:

    I have downsized this past year, so it is all container plantings for me this year. Just started getting them potted up, looking forward to pretty pots in my new and smaller yard!!!

  115. Barb Ockomon says:

    Can’t wait to plant, if it ever stops raining!

  116. Melissa Lamb says:

    We do container and ground/border plans.

  117. would love to win.

  118. Well, I live in Minnesota, and we just had snow 4 days ago, so the nurseries have not yet opened.

  119. We plant our flowers in the flower beds up against our house, as well as flower beds along our fence and beside our walkways.

  120. Cheryl Channell says:

    I’m ready to plant flowers but the weather has not been cooperating very well. I like putting them in pots as well as in the landscape. Would love to try this potting soil. As always I enjoy your blog so very much.

  121. Kim Johnson says:

    I have planted some of mine – mostly containers around my front door. I still have my side porch to complete. Would love to try their potting soil!


  122. MARTHAIA says:

    We plant mostly containers but also add some wild flowers & daisies & black eye susan’s in the yard also.Thanks

  123. Although I plant both container and garden, I’m continually planting. Yes, I have already started, but I’m definitely not finished!

  124. Deborah says:

    I started planting early to get the grounds ready for my daughters wedding last weekend, Bu I will not finish until after Mother’s Day. It’s still cold here in New York! I love beds as well as containers.

  125. Thanks for the incentive! I’m going to go wash out my flower containers now and get ready for some planting!

    Have a great weekend!

  126. Mary Cloud says:

    We have a couple of flower beds in front of our house but we haven’t planted anything in them yet.

  127. Can’t wait to add more color and containers for upcoming graduation party!

  128. Kim Stearns says:

    I have planted flowers in some of my containers with plans to finish up next week.

  129. Dinelle says:

    No I haven’t started yet. I am trying to move to more containers.

  130. Yvonne says:

    Like you I do mostly containers. Haven’t gotten a chance to get outside yet. Wacky weather-still!

  131. we haven’t planted yet but we plant mostly with containers

  132. cathy claus says:

    It’s been non stop raining here in the northeast! and very cold! I’m shooting for next weekend for planting! I like to do both – container and ground.

  133. I plant both in the ground and in containers, but most of my annuals go into containers. I plant mostly perennials in the ground. I have to admit I reuse my dirt from year to year – you may make me rethink that! I saw the ecoscraps soil at Walmart. I will give it a try!

  134. I tried to submit my entry after commenting, but keep getting the message “Aw, shucks. We didn’t get your entry. Plz try again.” I tried in both Firefox and Internet Explorer. Kim

  135. Barbi Pate says:

    I love planting in containers. It brings color to my porch and deck.

  136. we haven’t yet but we’re hoping to start everything soon! 🙂

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