Pop of Color on the Front Door!

This month’s challenge with Lowes was front door makeover and pop of color, so my project fit both of those. I’m so happy with how the house is turning out and can’t wait to share it all with y’all!

I’m going to be back tomorrow to show you the whole house exterior makeover with new paint, but today I wanted to share the front door color.  I did Annie Sloan chalk paint Florence color mixed in Valspar at Lowes.  I then added Webster’s chalk powder to make it a chalky finish.  Some were wondering why I did that, when I posted the progress on my Facebook page.  I just know how well chalk paint sticks and I wanted something with sticking power on my metal front door, so that’s what I did.

Front Porch Before

Just as a reminder of where I started on this house, I had to throw this BEFORE shot in.  The transformation is truly amazing and I can hardly believe it myself at times.  When I drive up to my house now, I can’t help but admire it all over again.

This was a poor excuse for a front porch, that’s for sure!


The turquoise is the same as what I used on the inside of my front door and it’s hard to tell how vibrant it really is behind the glass storm door, but it really is a beautiful color.


I love how the turquoise contrasts with my new gray and white paint on the whole house.  The ceiling is painted a light blue and I’ll get into all those details in tomorrow’s post, as well as the new lighting, which just got installed.  For now, enjoy my beautiful turquoise front door makeover.  I absolutely love it!


front door after

Here’s a late afternoon shot of the front door with the sun heading down in the West.  Lovely, don’t you think?

Some of you were asking for the paint formula to match the Annie Sloan Florence, so here’s the Valspar paint and primer code:

I used Valspar, Ultra Paint and Primer, Flat, Base C:  BsC-391034, 102-46.5, 107-19, 113-39, 203-39

That’s the numbers on the label, so hopefully if you want to copy this color, they will know how to do it with those code numbers.  And if you want to order Webster’s Chalk powder, my friend Debbie, in Birmingham is now selling it.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the whole house exterior paint reveal!  Can you imagine how much I love it?  Yes, I do!


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- Rhoda


  1. Carol D. says:

    What a great surprise to see your front door in a teal mixture! We painted our front door the same color during last summer’s “great paint out”…and we love it! I have had so many compliments and now everyone in our neighborhood has a colorful front door in other colors…it looks beautiful with your new outside paint scheme!

  2. Phyllis says:

    Beautiful ! I can’t believe the transformation!!! So pretty!!

  3. I really love it! Can not wait to see the rest. I was lucky enough to come to your open house and the transformation on the outside is amazing! The exterior is quickly catching up with the beautiful inside.

  4. I love this so much! Turquoise is my favorite color – that door is stunning!

  5. Oh, Rhoda, I’m so happy for you! It looks beautiful, and it’s such a welcoming front porch now. I absolutely love the color and that wonderful welcome mat. I can’t wait to see the rest!

  6. So pretty! And I love your excitement over something maybe seemingly simple…but it’s the first thing someone see’s when they walk up to the front door!

  7. Turquoise is my favorite color too! I love it, Rhoda! I can’t wait to see the rest!

  8. Jean from Georgia says:

    What a transformation. Love the color, the door and the railings, all so pretty.

  9. Norma Jean says:

    Beautiful! Question. Does using the chalk paint leave the door with a chalky finish?

    • Hi, Norma Jean, yes the paint does feel a bit chalky (dry), but I’m going to add a satin poly to top it off.

  10. Simply stunning!

  11. Barbara says:

    That pop of color is simply beautiful! Love it.

  12. I love it! I need a little porch like that at my front door – looks awesome.

  13. It looks fantastic! I love it!

  14. I love the door! Do you have any suggestions for me…..I have a metal door that was painted in a body shop. Could I change to a regular paint? I really like the durability of the paint…but tired of white.

  15. Carole Christman Beseler says:

    I painted my door turquoise two years ago along with the toe-stops?? on my stairs. Love the color!! It brightens up your/my house!!!

  16. I totally agree with everyone that the transformation is amazing! And I am loving the exterior colors!

  17. Nancy Carroll says:

    Love it!! I’ve been trying to talk my son into painting his front door this color. I’ll have to show him your pics to convince him : )

  18. Julia G. says:

    Rhoda – your front door is so inviting! Love the transformation!

  19. Rhoda~ what a beautiful transformation of your porch! Love the new door color and the covered area, as well as the new lantern. I know you are loving it! GREAT door color~ so happy and fresh!

  20. Love the new entrance! The new porch/cover, the front door color & the house color. It all looks amazing! It is such an exciting transformation! Happy for you!

  21. Lovely!!!! My front door needs a coat of paint….leaning toward black because our brick is so red!

  22. The porch and the front door are perfect!!

  23. Wonderful transformation, Rhoda – everything from the porch to the door!!

  24. kathy w says:

    I think it looks amazing and has that pop effect. Can you tell me how you determined the color you wanted for your door? I want to have the same effect with our front door too!

    • HI, Kathy, since I had already used the same color inside my front door, I just knew it would look great with the new gray and white paint outside and it does. It was an easy decision.

  25. Kathy Tolleson says:


  26. Deborah J says:

    Hi Rhoda
    Long time lurker from Australia.
    I love your new door and porch but I’m interested in the glass door.
    We often have screen doors in front of our doors here both as security doors and to screen insects.
    Are glass doors common in your area? Is it a security door?
    Best wishes, and I’ve just loved all your renovations!

    • Hi, Deborah, welcome from Australia, thank you for coming out and saying hello! Those glass doors are called storm doors and they really are used to keep rain off the main door and protect front doors from lots of rain. It also has a lock and acts as a security screen too when opening the front door to anyone. I keep it locked all the time and often open my front door and it’s nice to see outside through the locked storm door. it’s very common here to have a glass storm door.

  27. diane c says:

    Beautiful job on your front door Rhoda. I really like it! I can’t wait until you do your landscaping…it’s going to be just awesome, I know!!!

  28. Beautiful door, love the transformation. I’m just curious why you didn’t use Annie Sloane Chalk Paint in Florence in lieu of doing the mixing and adding of websters? Do you have to wax when using websters?
    I’ve been wanting to try the websters but I’m so comfortable with ASCP I’m nervous about trying it.
    Your thoughts would be great,y appreciated.

    • Hi, Cathy, I was doing this project as part of my Lowes collaboration, so I wanted to buy paint from them and I already knew a chalk finish worked well on the inside, so I opted to just colormatch the Annie Sloan at Lowes and add the chalk paint powder since I already had it too. A quart of paint from Lowes is less than 1/2 the cost of Annie Sloan. Even though I’ve done trade outs with vendors before on Annie Sloan paint, I just took the other route and bought from Lowes. I do really like Websters too, the finish on both sides of my door are equally pretty and you can’t tell which is which. I used Annie Sloan on the inside of my door. I’m just going to add a Satin poly on top of the exterior to give it a little sheen. I don’t plan to wax the door at all, it wouldn’t be a good idea because of all the sun it gets.

  29. It looks fabulous, is it me or did you change the wood to spindles on either side of the porch? It has all come together wonderfully, you must be so very proud.

    Lee 🙂

  30. BEAUTIFUL JOB! Did you add Chalk Powder to the Valspar paint?

  31. I remember falling in love with my little cape cottage after I had the siding installed ( aluminum wad damaged in huge hail storm). I got a new mailbox and light fixture and just fell in love all over again!

  32. Rhoda, love, love your outside transformation ! And yes, I’ve not been receiving your blog postings, now I understand why!!

  33. I love it! It looks absolutely gorgeous and really makes the architectural details on the rest of your house pop!

  34. Cathy Hitt says:

    Love the door and I LOVE your Blog!! I cant wait to meet you one day! We bought a Lake house this past August, needless to say we have Lots of DIY projects! Can you tell me if the Numbers are for a gallon or a quart of paint?

    Thanks for all your hard work, You inspire me in more ways than DIY!
    Shelby, AL

  35. Love the welcome mat! Where did you find it?

  36. Hi, Rhoda! Is the light fixture also from Lowes?

  37. Love the door color! You have done a great job with the new look of your house. I have lived in your neighborhood for 30 years and you have inspired quite a few of us to do some changes to our homes too.

  38. Miranda Engelken says:

    Would you mind telling me what color siding you choose and what company it is. It look very close to something we are considering on our home from Certainteed.

  39. Jerica Marie says:


    So I would like to use Napoleonic Blue to paint my front door and shutters. That way I can bring the color in to my home as well. I feel confused about your process. Did you literally have your chalk paint mixed in to paint at Lowe’s? Or did you just select a complimentary color?


    • Hi, Jerica, so when I did that door, I wanted to match the Annie Sloan color with Valspar paint. I could have just bought Annie Sloan paint in the Florence color, but I was working with Lowes at the time, so bought their paint. They color matched the AS color in their paint. Then I added in Webster’s chalk powder to the Lowes paint to make it like chalky paint, so it would stick really well to my metal door. That was the reason I did these steps. Make sense?

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