Presentations: A Passion for Gift Wrapping

Have you ever picked up a book or magazine that made you feel totally inadequate?? I was in the library recently & saw this new book on the shelf, Presentations: A Passion for Gift Wrapping by Carolyn Roehm. I love looking at pretty pictures, so thought I’d bring it home & browse through it. And wow, at the pretty pics inside! The packages that I wrap & give to friends have no resemblance to anything in this book, but it was fun to look at. Please tell me yours don’t either! I have to tell you that my passion for gift wrapping is missing in action. My first inclination when I have to wrap a gift is to throw it in the nearest bag that fits the present & is the right theme bag for what I need. I’d love to take the time to wrap pretty packages, but sadly, I just do not do that. These are so, so pretty & I thought y’all might like to see them too. Will it change our lives & make us turn over a new gift wrapping leaf…turning out prettily wrapped packages with unique & frilly bows that are just too gorgeous to take apart? I doubt it, but we can dream, right?!

The book is divided into seasons with Spring, Summer, Autumn, & Winter ideas & a special section for kids ideas. She has some beautiful tablescapes in here too, which are always pretty to look at. Hope you’re at least inspired!

(click to enlarge all the pics, you don’t want to miss these details!)

Weren’t those just fabulous packages & tablescapes? If you do this already, I don’t think I want to hear about it. I’m feeling terribly inept all of a sudden…the wrapping fairy did not visit my house.

- Rhoda


  1. Oh my! WHO would want to open something as lovely at those gifts? I’d want to save it and admire it… forget what’s inside, lol!


  2. justabeachkat says

    Beautiful photos in this post! Great ideas too. I’d almost hate to unwrap packages that look this good. Thanks!


  3. I love the wrapped gifts, they are so creative. I am going to a baby shower this weekend and I think I am going to try and use one of the ideas.
    Thanks : ) Bren

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