Quick & Easy Decoupage

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad the weekend is here and I’m ready to see this week in the rear view mirror. 🙂 And I want to thank SO many of you who sent me wonderful, positive emails! That made my day totally, so thank you so much for that.

I’m adding this post to Wendy at The Shabby Nest’s Frugal Friday party!

Magazine holder before

You know how I love to decoupage things. I really was on a kick several years ago and stopped for awhile, but there’s just so much you can do with the stuff. Found these cardboard magazine holders at a yardsale, 50 cents for all. Have you priced these lately? You can hardly find a plain one for less than $8 or so. I have a couple of them that I’ve painted to match my office, but I can always use more for my magazine hoarding enjoyment.


So, first thing I did was give them a quick spray paint coat of black on the insides making sure to hit the edges too since that would show.


Then I went to Hobby Lobby and bought scrapbook paper to match my office and it was 1/2 off that week. That’s always a plus!


I simply laid the paper on each side, creasing the paper to fit the cardboard and cut it all out with scissors, then glued it on with my Mod Podge. I didn’t even coat the top of the paper, just underneath.


And when they were finished, they looked like this and now I have all this extra magazine storage. These are plenty sturdy for my needs.


And they’re mostly filled up already. I really have to get rid of some of these.

Do you ever actually go back and read old magazines?

I hardly ever do, so I don’t have a legitimate excuse to keep holding onto all of them. What I need to do is cut out the articles and pics I really love and get rid of the rest. I just can’t seem to part with my magazines. Can you?

- Rhoda


  1. Good morning Rhoda!
    LOVE what you’ve done with these magazine holders! I have stacks of magazines sitting around right now!
    I do (eventually) go through them and cut out ideas/photos I like. Then I donate them to my office for our patients to read. Now I need an idea for sorting and saving all of those pages I’ve cut out! Hope you have a nice weekend!

  2. TheWritersPorch says:

    Rhoda you are one creative woman!
    I love what you’ve done here, they are gorgeous!

  3. Rhoda, your boxes are amazing.

    I had so many mags around in drawers, cabinets, baskets,etc. that I finally started tearing out my favorite pages. I now have an inspiration notebook. It will lead to many more because there are so many pages I just love!!

  4. I tried to save the articles I liked and found that I was saving most of a magazine.

    Now I (carefully) tear out the ads and parts I DON’T want and save the magazine.

    At least this way my magazine files are lighter but I still have too many of them!

    Lovin’ your blog.

  5. These absolutely look “high-end”! This gives all kinds of ideas. Also, just wanted to say I admire your courage.

  6. Amber Schmidt says:

    Those match my new kitchen!!!!!!!!! LOVE EM!

  7. THey are beautiful! I love to decoupage too! I need to do something like that in my office! Thanks for the idea!

  8. Tales From My Empty Nest says:

    Those are beautiful. I will file that idea for future use. Thanks for sharing. Yes, I too, can't bear to part with lots of my old magazines. I save all my quilting magazines and I have all my Paula Deen magazines, but magazines like Southern Living and Woman's Day, etc. I try to go through them and cut out articles. Then I put them in plastic sleeves and keep them in notebooks by subject. (Crafts, decorating, recipes, etc.) If I leave the items in the magazines, I forget which magazines they are in. Senioritis, I guess!!! I have been cleaning this week and right now I have a stack of magazines in my guest room to go through and clip things out. Never enough hours in the day, is there? I have an item that I made for Easter that is along the same lines as your decoupage, but I used napkins, instead of paper. I will have to post that one to share. Love & blessings from NC!

  9. Pat@Back Porch Musings says:

    This is a great idea. They turned out beautifully!

    I have looked at the magazine holders and never bought any.

    Everytime I’m sitting in a waiting room at the doctors, I vow to donate a few magazines. There is nothing much to read at our cardiologist. J’s other doctor has lots of sports magazines. I usually carry along a book or magazine. I should really donate a few from home.
    The idea to tear out inspiration pages is a good one, too. I have far too many magazines!!!!

  10. Stacey @ The Blessed Nest says:

    What a pretty addition to your office! They look like they would have come from a cute little boutique! You did great, girl!!

    I used to hold onto all of my magazines, but now I don't. After a month or two in my mag holder, I go through the stacks and any page that's been folded down as I've read through them until that point is torn out and put (eventually!) in my labelled inspiration folders! I have a folder for each room of the house, plus: Christmas, Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter, Entertaining, & Gift Ideas. Then those old magazines go into the recycling bin! I'll admit that there are a select few that I keep the whole magazine (Southern Lady, Beautiful Life, and a few "special" issues) because I'd have to tear apart the whole issue anyway! 🙂

  11. Love it, they are beautiful!! Because magazine holders are expensive and I have my fair share of magazines, I used cereal boxes that I decoupaged. Not quite as sturdy, but that’s where treasures and bookends came in for me. I also have started an Idea Book and clipping out my favorite inspirations, but some magazines just had to stay intact!! Baby steps…Hence the need for the boxes.

  12. The Bloom Girls says:

    Hi Rhoda,
    Magazine storage boxes are expensive. How clever to cover yours with scapbook paper…very cute.
    A few years back I started a file basket with folders and went through all my mags and clipped out photos and articles and filed them. It has been so useful and I’ve referred back often. However, keeping up with it is the issue for me as I sit here eyeing two stacks to go through. I will usually keep the Christmas and fall issues of my favorites. But, to answer your question, no, I hardly ever go back through them.

    I fear, we are not going to have any to go through; they are dropping like flies. I just got my May/June issue of Southern Accents and it is quite skimpy. I hate that, mag. day at the mailbox is like Christmas to me.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    The Bloom Girls
    Nashville, TN

  13. Living With Lindsay says:

    They look great! I like the papers you chose.

    I never read old magazines, either, although I HAVE to keep them. I’m always worried that I might want to look at them later.

  14. Love the cardboard magazine holders!

    I have old magazines and every once in awhile I will go back through them and remove the articles, recipes, etc. I want to keep and get rid of the rest.

    My grandmother has Reader’s Digest from the 50’s! I know that is where I get my habit from.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  15. They look very pretty. I have some old boxes around here that could be used – if only they looked nicer. You’ve given me a great idea!

  16. These are so pretty! Thanks for the ideas. (I’m sure I won’t find that many for fifty cents, though. ;-))

    My mags are piling up in my husband’s messy office room and are in plastic milk crates. Time to purge for sure! I don’t even initially open half of them, because I forget they are there. So, yes, i am a secret hoarder. Can’t throw them out…just yet…

  17. Mabry's gamma says:

    What a great idea and how attractive they look in your office. Now I do keep my Taste of Home Magazines and have went back to them occasionally, the decorating magazines I just tear out what I like and those are put into a binder. I guess we just each have to find our nitch.

  18. the rusty cupboard says:

    Put the old ones in your camp trailer they come in handy when the hubby is fishing or hunting and you have nothing else to do but read.

  19. Becky K. says:


    I love you choices in paper. Fun but classy.

  20. rosechicfriends says:

    Those turned out darling!!! Love your color choices so chic!!! What an inspiration!

    I DO read or go back over ALL the magazines that I keep. A dear friend and I pass magazines we don’t keep back/forth to each other. She has 4 sisters so they get well read. ME..I have so many Romantic Homes and other home decor mags I just can’t bear to part with and read them over and over for ideas!

    Thanks so much for your sweet words the other day on my Post!


  21. Those are beautiful. I love green and black together! I just finished going through 2 YEARS of Martha Stewart Living and BH&G! Like others, I keep an idea binder, organized by subject, with the articles in plastic sleeves. Hobby Lobby sells the 8 and a half by 11 sleeves in a box of 100. When they put them half off, they are only $3.50!

  22. They turned out so colorful and pretty! Great job, and now I want to decoupage too!

  23. KMfamily ;-) says:

    oh my gosh..dont gasp but i cut mine up into little pieces. I save the photos i want or could be inspired from for more art work.

    I then toss my magazine like its a dirty rag.

    I dont feel too guilty because i get an inspiration board out of it.

    PS..love the modge podge

  24. That paper is perfect! I actually have the same paper–no where to use it, but I love to look at it! 🙂 I can’t believe the deal you got on the holders! They look beautiful!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Love! Love! Love! Now I just have to find garage and yard sales like yours!

    Have a great weekend. IT IS GOING TO BE 70 degrees here near Cleveland! Nancy from OHIO

  26. Jennifer says:

    Such a great find! If only I could find such great things!

    Love that you did them with the scrapbooking paper. I am curious, did you use 12×12 sheets? If so, how many per container?

    I love going thru your blog. I am going to do the framing around our bathroom mirrors this summer! I got the idea from your blog! Thank you!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    I completely understand about throwing out magazines. My problem though is I do go through them again! I have a huge bookshelve (floor to ceiling) full of magazines. My husband LOVES (hates) it! 🙂 But since they have no more room they have venture into plastic bins so I’ve been planning on pulling out what I love and tossing the rest. Ouch!!

  28. The scrapbook papers that you chose are perfect. I love how they look on the bookcase.

    Yes, I do go back and read my collection of Romantic Homes. The pictures are soothing for times when I am stressed, and can’t concentrate on new reading material.

  29. Margaret says:

    Hi Rhoda,

    Remember my large bookcase? Well….all of the storage underneath is FULL of magazines. Yes, I am a magazine horder! I hate to part with my Traditional Home, Southern Accents, Southern Living, BH&G, Renovation Style, etc. I really should plan some time this winter to edit my stash! I LOVE what you have done to stylishly (is that a word?) store your magazines. Love it! Great job!

    It's beautiful here in Virginia. Hope the sun is shining in AL.


  30. ou canpick up some of these cheap at IKEA. I too take out what I like from the magazine and file it away.
    Thanks for sharing!

  31. Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick says:

    LOVE it! The colors are beautiful too. I really need to do this, I have so many old mags.

  32. This is such a great and easy project! I have hoards of magazines, too. I have started ripping out articles and inspirational photos and keeping them in clear pockets in a 3-ring binder. I also have it sectioned off for decorating, landscaping, cleaning, holidays…The only problem is I need to get another binder. So, I have stacks of dog-eared mags waiting to have pages ripped out of them. I probably need to get on that.

    Thanks for a great post. Pam

  33. Great idea Rhoda, thanks for sharing. I will be lifting this idea.


  34. I LOVE what you did here! and I also cannot bear to part with my magazines…much to my husband’s chagrin =)

  35. Just me~ Bobbie Jo says:

    What a cool idea! That would look great on the kitchen counter for kid paperwork.

  36. These are so pretty! I will be on the look out for some…now if I could just find a deal like you did. :)Lisa

  37. You are wonderful how you share how tos and what a great idea! Gorgeous paper you chose too. I see you keep the same mags i do…Is it traditional home and Southern Accents. I do go back and poor over them. I have S.A. from 1991. I am throwing out my town and country though. no staying power.

  38. What a transformation. I love it!
    I started tearing out the pictures and articles from magazines I like then toss the rest in the recycle bin. Amazing how much space I freed up. Although now my inspirations binder is getting too full!

  39. Dream Mom says:

    They turned out beautiful! I love the colors!

    I keep some magazines and I do look through them. I have a limited space for them though so when they reach that limit, I have to toss some out. I do pull out pages I like, and keep them in two inspiration notebooks sorted by rooms. I look at those often.

    Great job!

    P.S. I love the tea party the other day but you closed off the comments by the time I checked my feed. I agree 100%-too much spending!

  40. Christine says:

    What a great project. I have some that I’ve been *meaning* to cover! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Oh, and don’t let this week’s ickiness get you down! You’re such a doll and a blessing to me and many others. Thanks for all you do to share your creativity and vision with us! Much love 🙂

  41. Flowersnfelines says:

    Love the magazine holders, I guess I need some too. I have magazines that are 3-4 years old that I keep in a cabinet, and I look at them all the time.

  42. Leave it to Miss Rhoda to come up with something so adorable! Now, I will have to add one more project to my list…neaver ending list! I have so many projects to do and have the stuff to do them..I just can’t get myself in gear! LOL 😉 Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Nancy

  43. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says:

    Hi, girls! I know all of you have the same problem with magazines that I have. All of us home girls love the magazines & it's a constant problem.

    Now, I'm with ya on tearing out pics & putting them in clear sleeves. Got them, did that, but the problem is…I just can't seem to stay caught up on that little project either!

  44. Sa-Sea Boutique says:


  45. Great ieda, you know i love them. Mishelle

  46. You can get these at IKEA- in white and a little smaller- for the low low price of $2.99 for 5 of them!

  47. What a great idea! I’ve seen those little containers but never bought any. Now I will definitely get some and spruce them up a bit! Thanks for the tutorial!

  48. They look great. Such a nice way to really match your themes in a room. Ikea does have them pretty cheap. As for the magazines. I have stacks and stacks but I also tear out stuff and have stacks of that too. I am just a stacker I guess.

  49. I try to “sort through” old mags and clip the parts I really like, but somehow, they just accumulate, so! I have to say, though, the house pics I have collected over the years have helped while building our new house.

  50. midnight macaroons says:

    What a fabulous idea! I love it! My hubby works for a hospital development company and has all sorts of boxes from medical reps. I’ve been throwing away a ton but now I’m going to go crazy and make storage boxes for my office. Thanks for the tip. Your the best!!!

  51. Wow!! Those look fantastic!! Such a clever idea, Rhoda!

  52. Linda/"Mom" says:

    * I think you just SAVED MY STUDY my study from decidedly "total ruination" (by being OVERCOME w/ dec mags, MANY of which I STILL haven't even had the time to read… in WEEKS n' WEEKS, and even MORE weeks, Rhoda!!!)… I can't BELIEEEEVE something so "SMART" is so easily "doable" & charming to boot!!! MY problem is, I WANT to DO this, but I fear coming home with tens of NEW ones, ALREADY DECORATED (and certainly won't find them "raw" at the price YOU did!!!) ~~~~~~" BUUUT, I'm ON IT, RHO!!!"~~~~~~

    BTW, I HAVE been tearing out pics for YEARS, & all I have to SHOW for it are "lots of stacks n' stacks" of "torn out pics"(SOME already separated by folders, but, in all honesty, NOT MANY!)~~~ I DO tear out/cut out neatly, tho, & don't keep many pics from ANY mag, so I DO give them ALL to charity when I get to a batch of an empty 50 or more…)~

    YES, once again Rhoda dear, "YER THE MARY"!!!

    Linda *

  53. Darlene - Our Creative Life says:

    That is such a great idea!! I too have a ton of decorating magazines. Mine are in a basket, but I love how you have them!!

  54. Melissa Wertz says:

    Thanks for posting this great idea Rhoda. I have a bunch of old ugly cardboard ones and I like matchy matchy. Never even thought about spray painting. Love the decoupage even better! And I do love to decoupage.

  55. Leigh of Bloggeritaville says:

    Looks great! I actually do go back and reread magazines. I love to use them for inspiration.

  56. Hey Rhoda, I understand completely. I love my magazines, and I do read and look at them all over again. I love what you did with the magazine holders. I’ll have to try that one. Debbie

  57. Welcome! says:

    I love what you did with the magazine holders! They look great!

  58. I love what you did with the boxes. My husband just asked me what I was going to do with all my magazines. So yes, I have quite a few laying around. Eventually, I go through them and donate some to elementary school for art/craft project.

    Thanks for sharing!

  59. Did you spray paint the insides? Look great. The biggest mistake I made in getting rid of magazines was when we moved from Tx to NC and I got rid of most of my Victoria magazines. I never dreamed that they would stop publishing for years…and I still kick myself sometimes. I do find myself going back through them periodically…oddly enough.

  60. An Accomplished Woman says:

    I need to find some of these magazine holders at yard sales. You always make everything so pretty.


  61. Hi Rhoda. I love these! I love the colors and the paper patterns you chose. How fun and so simple. Thanks for sharing. I do look back through old magazines but I mostly pull out the pages I want to keep and put them in an inspiration binder in clear sleeves. I love paging through that when I ned a little push.

  62. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    Beautiful! I went through my old magazines recently and tore out all the recipes and design ideas. I gave the rest of the mags to Freecycle people. I hold onto my scrapbooking magazines, and that’s about it now….

  63. Susan Lang @ Designing Your Dream Home says:

    Rhoda, your post really touched my heart… my mother who passed away almost twenty-five years ago at the age of 54, she was too young to die and I was too young to lose my mother… anyway, there was a period in her life when she and her friend started decoupaging. I can remember how much pleasure it brought her and how proud she was of each piece. Thanks for triggering those fond memories.

  64. The Barnett Family says:

    LOVE THEM!!!! Makes me want to do some….like right now!!!

    I always tear out the good stuff from my magazines and sort it into file folders. I have a scrapbook of my dreamhome, of course. When I am finished with a magaizine, I recycle it. Doing my part to make Planet Earth a better place for my kids. 🙂

  65. Arleen @ Seasons for All at Home says:

    Hi Rhoda. Wow, very cool idea and I love the geometric patterns you chose! Hope you’re doing well and Happy Spring. ~Arleen

  66. amybluestar says:

    These are great! Since you like Mod Podge I think you would enjoy my blog


    Love what you did!

  67. Sarah@VintageChic says:

    These look great! What a sweet garage sale find!

    I usually clip my favs of every magazine and file it. I have a fun file that's just for my crafts, decorating, etc. I do hold on to scrapbooking magazines & Family Fun.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Ooh, I love magazines, too! I try to tear out the articles, recipes and ideas I like, then I take the magazines to recycling if I’ve torn out too much to donate to either: our hospital waiting room, the ferry terminal (for people to take along on their trip), the jury room at the court building (some of those magazines are 10 years old the last time I served on jury duty!) and even the second hand store. Love your site – all the way from Alaska! LE

  69. Very cute!! Wonderful idea!!!

  70. They turned out so cute! I would need to find WAY too many in order to fit all my magazines. Yep, I admit it. I keep a lot of them. I eventually go through them and cut out specific things and file in either folders or binders. It depends on which stage they are in. 😉 First to folders and then the ideas I REALLY love to into a binder. Whew. I obviously need to deal with this addiction.

  71. Southern Fried Gal says:

    Looks great! I love the bright green with black and white and especially all the mixed patterns.

  72. Oooh, I love it.
    Now I am going to have to pull out all my magazine boxes and make them gorgeous too. Thanks for the idea!!

  73. These look wonderful! I love what you’ve done. Your blog is so nice. Kathi

  74. Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful says:

    Hey Ms. Rhoda. sorry I’ve been in hiding for so long…life has been pretty crazy around here. With a family of 6 I never know what’s gonna happen from day to day. Anyhoo…just wanted to say hi and tell you that I LOVE this idea. I have mod podged many things in my day, but why have I never done this? I have 48,000 of those magazine things laying around not being used because they don’t match my decor anymore. Now I know just what to do with them.

    thanks ~ Amanda

  75. As soon as I saw the title of this post, I had to read it cuz I know you are the queen of creativity when it comes to decoupage. And you didn’t disappoint; your holders turned out just beautifully! I tear out the articles I like and throw out the magazines as soon as I’ve read them. I’m allergic to paper, especially brown paper, cardboard and old paper. I get really nasty hives and my eyeballs get really itchy. So I minimize it as best I can by just cutting out the occasional article. I have a file for inspirational articles and notebook with dividers for decorating inspiration pics. Makes it so easy to find anything I want.

    I’m thinking you might want to keep some of those magazines, though; they could be collectors’ items in the future with so many mags closing.

  76. SoBella Creations says:

    What a great makeover for magazine storage.

    I don’t go back and read my magazines either. I do keep my cooks illustrated. Any of my cooking mags I write the page number on the cover of the recipes I would like to try.

    Other magazines I just rip out the pages that interest me.

  77. Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks says:

    Those are brilliant! I love what you created from almost nothing.

    I have a magazine problem, especially decorating and food magazines. There should be a magazine version of AA.

    I keep special magazines (the few old Victoria’s I own and other favorites) in two vintage suitcases stacked in my family room.

  78. Room Service ~ Decorating 101 says:

    These are wonderful. I sent this to my daughter the school teacher, she loved them too and will be making a few for herself. thanks

  79. Hi Rhoda~

    This is a great idea & they are adorable. I actually do go back & read magazines for inspiration~ but since my collection got out of control I've been tearing out the pages and putting them in my 'inspiration' binder.

    I'll be back for a visit soon~ Your blog is amazing!


  80. I’ve been enthralled by the decoupage technique for some time now and all I have to say is that it gives one a number of possibilities when it comes to creating or decorating things.

    Your magazine holders are a great idea! I just hope I am able to find cardboard ones…

  81. Anonymous says:

    What a great idea , Rhoda! You know you & Donna were the ones that got me started with decoupage some years ago. That is a fabulous idea & thrify too. Thanks for sharing!

  82. Blushing hostess says:

    Yes, absolutely I do – for inspiration and I never fail to find something I had not noticed. Be well, The Hostess

  83. Beaufort Belle says:

    LOVE this idea and they look fabulous Rhoda!! Match your office perfectly!!

    I wish I could find some plain cardboard ones. Do you know where I can get some?

  84. I am SO going to do this when I get my office painted and moved!


  85. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says:

    Hey, girls! I'm so glad you all want to try this one too. An inexpensive way to store magazines, for sure. Several mentioned that Ikea has these & I remember seeing them when I visited the ATL store last year, so that's one option. I found one online too from Fellowes, for a 6 pack, not too bad, lowest price just over $12:


  86. Caroline says:

    Those look great, they look like the ones you by in target only they do not cost $12 each.

  87. Michelle@Fromhousetohome says:

    They look great! I love the paper you chose. I do look through my old magazines constantly. Right now I have them all in bins and boxes but I would like some pretty storage for them all. When I’m needing some inspiration, I sit with stacks all around me on the couch. It’s very relaxing for me.

  88. Misti of Studio M Designs says:

    I love my magazines so much! Tearing out pages is VERY hard for me. The OCD kicks in big time! I have to make myself take mags to the recycling center. I do love your paper treatment! I have been looking for a deal on the holders. When ever I do find a deal, there is only 1 or 2 and I need several!

    I am having my first linky party on Thursday all about our childhood bedrooms. It will be like a big slumberparty! If you can come up with something please bring it on!


  89. Simply Susan says:

    I love the magazine holders…you did an absolute great job with them.

  90. Karen at Nittany Inspirations says:

    I have a blog in draft of making the magazine holders. May I link to your blog? Your decorations for the mag. holders are great.

  91. I do keep magazines, but eventually go through them to toss. Now I try to dog ear a page I like so I don’t have to pore over a bunch at once to cut out my favs. I love your magazine holders. I just have no place to put the holders, let alone the magazines!

  92. Wow, I think your blog is one of the prettiest that I visit. I really LOVE to see what you have posted.

  93. Becky from Tennessee says:

    Hi Rhoda,
    I don’t believe I’ve visited you
    before but I was at Cherry Hill
    Cottage and thought I would visit.
    You are so clever! I love what
    you did with the plain cardboard
    holders. Wish I could find some
    that cheap. You are right, even
    the cheapest ones are too expensive
    for me. Yours look great…I love
    the papers you used. I have been
    going through my thousands (well,
    maybe that is a slight exaggeration) 🙂 but I’ve cut out
    articles, pictures and recipes and
    have put them into 3-ring binders.
    I hated cutting up my magazines
    but needed to get rid of them…
    some I’ve had for a very looooong
    time. Anyway, I love your idea
    and am going to be on the lookout
    for plain holders so I can copy
    your idea.

  94. I love this! What a great way to dress up my boring office bookcase. I can’t wait to get started on this project, thanks so much for the great idea!

    Laura in Charlotte

  95. The blog of MBW says:

    I have been interested in decoupage. Thanks for the step-by-step instructions. Have a nice day!

  96. Pixeltrash says:

    So pretty! I love how you made the contrasting patterns side-by-side. Good job!

  97. Awesome idea! I can get these at IKEA for a pretty good price, but they are usually ugly! This is one I may do this weekend!

  98. I have the boring white ones from ikea- they won’t be boring anymore though! I am totally doing this- TODAY!

  99. Stephanie says:

    WOW! I love them, I am just venturing into the world of mod podge so I appreciate the tutorial. 🙂

  100. I absolutely LOVE this Rhoda! It just proves that function doesn’t have to be utilitarian.


  101. They are gorgeous!!! I have some plain wooden ones I bought at IKEA years ago sitting in my garage waiting for this type of inspiration. Thank you!

  102. Bahama Shores Mama says:

    I need a way to keep these magazines stored and your’s is sooo pretty~ thanks!

  103. Tiffany @ happy day says:

    Oh, my goodness. I LOVE these! They look fantastic! I have been looking for some new ones. I never seem to go back and read my magazines either but you just never know when you might need them so it is safer to keep them! : )

  104. I love it! You are so creative!

    I used to keep magazines, but I ran out of room. Now, I just pull out the pages I want and put them in a binder.

  105. Rachel@oneprettything.com says:

    WAY pretty! I so need to do this! I’ll be linking.

  106. I have been wanting to make these for a long time!
    Thank you for sharing!

  107. Lenora Ziobro says:

    You can use magazines for so many things.Please before you throw them out,donate them to a hospital or nursing home.Everyone hates waiting and picking up a magazine can alleviate so much stress!You can also give them to schools for art projects.

  108. These look great! Hmmm….I have a couple of heavy duty boxes out in the garage…wonder how they would look done this way? Will have to try….would look nice on a shelf with craft items stored in them….oh boy, can’t wait to try it…thanks for posting this!!!

  109. <3 your blog!!! Thank you for the great ideas!


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