Red, White and Blue: A Patriotic Table

Summer heat is popping in Georgia and I can almost hear the firecrackers now.  The 4th of July is just around the corner and as part of our Lowes challenge for the month of June, patriotic décor was part of the plan so I took that and ran with it.  Creating a cute red, white, and blue patriotic table for a party is just the ticket for Independence Day.  Our country’s colors of red, white, and blue is that perfect combination that says Americana and this is the time of year to shout it out.

clay pots

I started with plain clay pots, which are very inexpensive.  These are easy to paint and the paint will stay on just fine as long as they are inside and not outside.  Clay pots don’t usually hold paint if they are left outdoors, from  my experience.  But, inside they are fine!

cedar edging

I also picked up this cedar edging to use as a 4th of July banner.

sprayed white

I’ll do a separate post for the pots later next week, but first I sprayed them with Rustoleum Heirloom White, my favorite creamy white spray paint.  This is a good base to mix with my red and blue.

red and blue

I then alternated spray painting the cedar edging with red and blue, using Valspar Classic Red and Oceanic spray paints.

taped for painting

I taped off the pots and will show more detail on this process later in my tutorial.  It’s not a perfect taping method on rounded objects, but it works fine for a cute and inexpensive table idea.

planting flowers

Adding in some red and white annuals, this table came out adorably cute.

patriotic tablescape

And now we’re ready for some firecrackers and celebrating on the porch.

patriotic tablescape red white and blue

Summer is one of my most favorite times of the year with lots of sunshine, eating outside and doing all those summer things we love to do.  Celebrating the 4th of July is right smack in the middle of summer and always something to look forward to.

painted pots red white and blue

Making these pots was an easy project and something you can do in a day or 2.

painted red white and blue pots

Lowes has plenty of pots to choose from, as well as flags and whirlygigs to complete a table like this.  Of course, summer includes watermelon for me and I always look forward to the first watermelon of the season.

cedar banner

The 4th of July painted edging makes a nice banner for the backdrop and I hooked it up on little nails.   I just used chalk to display my Happy 4th of July message.

table setting red white and blue

Using inexpensive paper products from Michaels, this is a table that screams Happy 4th.

lowes pillows

Lowes also has outdoor pillows in blue and white, perfect for the season.

I hope this gave you some ideas on how you can pull together a 4th of July celebration on the table.  I love decorating my porch and using my table for celebrations of the season.  Painting pots is an easy and inexpensive way to make one of a kind décor and you can change them out with every season if you wish.

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- Rhoda


  1. Cute, Rhoda, especially the little cedar banner!

  2. Navy and white are my favorite color combo. I also love red, so I have to be careful or my house starts to look like the 4th of July – which is okay this time of year, but it kind of makes the Autumn season look a bit crazy! Love your idea to paint the pots for a fun table!

  3. So cute and creative! They make a darling centerpiece for any table and it looks like you had fun making them.

  4. Cute!! How on earth did you have time to do all that with your landscaping going on? I’m loving the landscape pictures as you post them on Facebook.

  5. Cute ideas. The rehearsal dinner for our son and his fiancee’s rehearsal dinner is on the 4th of July. Jordan and I sure are having fun planning it all.

  6. Cute ideas, Rhoda! Love the terra cotta pots!

  7. That is adorable Rhoda! We are having a 4th of July party in a few weeks and something like that would be an awesome centerpiece outside. Thanks for an idea!

  8. Very cute idea!
    I was just thinking today about buying my first watermelon of the season. Soon!
    Hope you’re coming my way soon.

  9. Those pots are so creative & festive! I love them,such an awesome idea!


  10. It’s 12:30 in the morning and I have no business being up… and I’m hungry. That watermelon looks scrupulous! What cute pots! Very patriotic!

  11. This is also a table that screams creativity!

  12. Rhoda, I adore these painted pots and may have to paint a few of mine, too! And using the cedar edging to create a banner is sooooo creative! Always love your ideas and can’t wait to see your yard!

  13. Very Nice…I especially like the banner!! And I have to say I saw your landscaping sneak peek on Facebook over the weekend and I was thrilled to see the answer to your floating fireplace.!! I have always thought that fireplace was the one thing that just did not fit in on your pretty house. What a clever way to disguise it. I always learn so much from your blog Rhoda. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Diane Taylor says:

    HOW CUTE! I used those same pots last year (3 in different sizes) and one solar light, painted them black and white (with litttle doors/windows), nested/glued them together (biggest one at the bottom, smallest at the top), and ended up with one cute lighthouse! The solar light ends up at the top – it only cost me $37. So much cheaper than the painted lighthouses I’ve seen elsewhere.

    I did put it outside and the paint is peeling just a little bit. Is there anything I can do to prevent this (since I made this to go outside?)

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Diane T 🙂

    • Diane, that sounds SO cute too! From my experience, this clay is not meant to be painted long term and eventually the paint will chip/peel off if left outside. I don’t think there’s any way to get around that.

  15. Darling, I really love the banner….clever idea!

  16. Love the flower pots and the banner. Where did you find the stick on stars? Great for the 4th.

    • Jean, I’m going to do a whole how-to post next week, but I cut the stars on my Silhouette machine. I bet you could find stars at the craft stores too.

  17. Oh that cedar banner idea is SO cool, and could be used for almost any casual occasion. Real good thinking, girl!! It every bit looks fantastic, and pretty easy to put together before a cookout. Thanks for the ideas.

  18. Linda Shoemaker says:

    I am finally getting your emails again….yippee! I always kept up by going to the web,but they just all of a sudden started again. I am receiving all others again except Shirley from Housepitality Designs…….go figure. Great ideas. Thanks.

  19. Julia G. says:

    Rhoda – your ideas are cute, clever and on the cheap! Thanks.

  20. LOVE THIS! We are having our first annual 4th of July neighborhood party and I will be working on these sweet ideas soon to use at the get-together. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  21. I love these! I have family coming to the lake for the 4th – I think I’ll make some pots like this! Thanks for the ideas!

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