Redneck Recycling

Since I grew up in Georgia and live in Alabama, I guess I can make fun of the South a bit. I know Southerners are constantly stereotyped as country bumpkins, tasteless, redneck, and just plain uncouth, which is completely untrue. But, looking at this pic, I’d have to say we resemble that remark occasionally. My friend Judy, from Atlanta sent this to me recently and it is supposedly an actual picture taken in the Birmingham metro area (I won’t name the actual city), shopping at a flea market outside a Walmart.

Look very closely at the pic and then you’ll get it…..the caption that came with the email was so good, that I’m passing that on too. I didn’t write it, but I’m sharin’.

Hanes top

Now I ask you….

Who stands and looks at a pair of men’s briefs and says hummmm …I can make me a nice summer top from these!!

On the other hand … $6 for a three pack is a good price!! But what if they weren’t bought new? That’s redneck recycling at its best. Don’t throw out yer feller’s drawers when the skidmarks don’t wash out no more. Just cut the crotch out and wear ’em.

How very Green!

I just had to share this one. If someone here locally knows this girl, I don’t think I want to know that. 🙂

Monday, I’m going to start a Today’s Thrifty Treasures party and every Monday we can share our yardsale/thrifty finds from the weekend (for a few Mondays anyway). So, come back on Monday and we’ll get that started. See if you have something you can share with us and add it to Mr. Linky!

The giveaway from Engraved Euniques in the post below will end Sunday night and the winner will be announced Monday a.m. There’s still time to sign up!

- Rhoda


  1. DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ says:

    That gal wins the award for creativity!
    I wouldn’t wear it but it’s workin for her.

  2. that is just so disturbing on soooo many levels- ewwww! but I am excited about the Thrifty Treasures party! woo-hoo! I went today & got a nice brass lamp that is screaming for some spray paint. but I have to admit Im at a loss of what color- black with a cream shade? cream with a black shade? cream with with a toile shade- oh the possibilities!

  3. Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe says:

    Rhoda~ how’d you get that picture of me at the March of Dimes walk-a-thon today?

    Just kidding~ I’ll go with you next weekend… if you promise NOT to wear your fruit-of-the-looms!

  4. I think I’ve seen it all now! Just proves that taste is a relative thing!

  5. Hmmm…how creative! Hahaha! Being from the South, I can laugh at this one! Hilarious!

  6. Well, we must give her a ribbon or something for being the most creative of the unusual one! lol
    Those must have been some big ole undies, don’t you think?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  7. Oh my gosh! I’m speechless. Just speechless.

    I’ll be sharing this one with my hubby.


  8. Now if this was in Hollywood and not the South it would become all the rage and ladies we would have to do it to. If Victoria Beckham said so it would be fashion law.

  9. How could that possibly hold up her ta-tas as she’s running? Ouch! Creative, but not pleasant. Personally, I think of southerners as being gracious, generous, a bit “fancier” in decor and dress. Maybe the runner is from out of state? Hee!

  10. Haha, that made me laugh so much, Rhoda! Thank you for sharing the photo and the caption… Now I’m amused!

  11. the rusty cupboard says:

    that gave up a good laugh.

  12. It took me a minute to realize that you weren’t commenting on that poor woman’s sun damaged skin.

    Because I almost never wear sleeveless tops, preferring not to share my jiggly arms with the world, my husband was surprised when I recently brought home not only a sleeveless blouse, but a dress. I am now going to show him the photo, telling him that will be a new clothing item for both our 16 year old, and me. I can’t wait to see if he believes me.

  13. Heehee! Love it–and I’ll bet it’s comfy, too!

  14. Anonymous says:

    hummmm, that puts a new light on the remark, Get you head out of your ass. Hahaha!

    Wait, is that a man or a woman?

    ~ PattiLynn

  15. That is hilarious! I am relieved that you did not have a front picture! LOL!

  16. Sandi McBride says:

    Oh how funny, Rhoda! I hate the phony southern accents you hear in movies and on tv, do you? Home from the Hospital now and catching up with all of you…I don’t know that young lady, if I did I’d tell her how swell I think she looks and ask her if she’s a Jersey girl…lol!

  17. KMfamily ;-) says:

    this is hysterical!!!

    I dont think I have ever seen that in my life.
    Yeah, it boarders on Crafty & trashy!
    Still dont know which yet..lolol

  18. Fine Linen says:

    I was raised in the GA, and have family in Alabama. So I can laugh right along with that picture. LOL!!
    I just found your blog recently and love it. My husband and I are building a home in the midwest on a very tight budget, and am excited at some of the wonderful thrifty ideas you share. I look forward to the Today’s Thrifty Treasures party.
    Peace and Grace to you and yours.

  19. PamperingBeki says:


    I’m all for going green, handmade items, and saving a few bucks but this is pushing it…

  20. It's Always Something Around Here says:

    oh that is just wrong on so many levels. I just hope they were new and not previously worn….ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

  21. paintergal says:


  22. OMG! Now I live in GA, but I’ve never seen anything like that. Ha! I know we’re in a recession, but I didn’t know that people were that deperate for clothes to wear. Maybe someone should tell her that there is a Goodwill somewhere in her area that probably could sell her perfectly good tops for cheap and they wouldn’t attract the stares that this one does!

  23. Diane@A Picture is Worth.... says:

    I’ve seen it all now! LOL

    She is actually pretty smart. Don’t think using the briefs like that would ever have occurred to me.

    🙂 Diane

  24. Thank you for sharing. I think.

  25. Darlene - Our Creative Life says:

    That’s just wrong!! LOL

  26. That’s extreme green!

  27. Oh that is too funny and too green for me. Thanks for giving us a laugh. That could have been in Arkansas, ha ha ha.

  28. cityfarmer says:

    just pe’ed in my pants…..

  29. Amber Schmidt says:

    OMG… that is a hoot!

  30. Oh man, that is hilarious!! And oh-so-nasty!

  31. Denise K. says:

    Oh that is a riot!!!! How funny, I too will need to share this with my husband! 🙂

    Rhoda, I laughed when you said how people tend to stereotype southerners…my stereotype is just the opposite of what you described…having never been to the south, and having a fascination with it, I picture southern women as very hospitable, polite to a tee, classy, warm, and welcoming. I picture southerners living in beautiful plantation homes, and sipping sweet tea on big wrap around porches, with lush hundred year old trees around their homes… I can’t wait to one day come to the south and see for myself!

    BTW, I think you are that classy elegant southerner I described! Love your blog, love you! 🙂

  32. Robin's Nesting Place says:

    Thankfully I’ve never seen anything like that in person, I sure wouldn’t want too. Hopefully it won’t catch on!

  33. This is dire indeed- this lady most likely has a driver’s license and is a registered voter!

  34. That is TOO funny! I love it! Nope, even in the South, I never evah would’ve thought about underwear as a tank top. Thank you so much for the laugh!

  35. midnight macaroons says:

    That’s hilarious. Thanks for the good laugh. Love it!!!

  36. Katie @ says:

    haha! I have to share this with my southern friends.

    No garage sales for me. We just moved back to the US for the summer, and I’m already concerned that I won’t have enough space in my suitcase for everything. So good luck to everyone on the treasure hunts!

  37. Rebecca@Harmony and Home says:

    That is too funny! The next thing you know, a man will recycle a bra to hold up his ….. oh wait…. I’m not going there! Thanks for the laugh!

  38. Eclectic Pink Rose says:

    Oh my my my, toooo funny!! And isn't it funny that all redneckedness (lol) usually occurs near (1)a flea market and (2)in or around Wal-Mart!!! LOL!! I honestly saw a purse one time made out of those!!! at a FLEAMARKET!! (We southerners can make fun of ourselves don't ya know?) LOL Thanks for the great post, happy day!
    ♥ Teresa

  39. Well, I am impressed! To see the possibilities and to use a blue pair instead of the “whitey titeys” shows some great creativity on the part of this redneck mama!

  40. Love Being a Nonny says:

    He probably lives right here in NC near me! I love being a Southern girl….but there are a few drawbacks!!

  41. FOR THE SAKE OF TIME says:

    I am laughing so loud I woke my husband. How funny – yet true even here in Missouri. We are the “Show Me” state and sometimes we see way too much. LOL. Thank you for the laugh today.


  42. Rona's Home Page says:

    Who knows, maybe she’s onto a new fashion trend.

  43. Suzann @ Lavender and Roses says:

    I don’t know whether I should laugh or be grossed out. LOL.

  44. Life with Kaishon says:

    Oh my goodness. This is so very funny. And terribly sad : ). I feel like that brings thriftiness to a whole new level… : )

  45. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry Southerners. There are plenty of people in the rest of the country that would wear that too. And yes, they too seem to “have driver’s licenses and are registered to vote.” Too funny.

  46. well, that is something

    not my style though – hee hee

  47. Mama Freemans' cafe' says:

    a very creative eye discovered that huhn?! One mans trash is truly one mans treasure!

  48. Linda at Lime in the Coconut! says:

    Eeeeewwwww. I’m gagging just a little.

  49. Sofia Striffler says:

    Ok Rhoda this is really funny. Yes who would think of wearing men’s undies for a summer top. To each his own as they say. Thanks for sharing and giving us a laugh

  50. I live in Illinois and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to this kind of, um…attire, show up here! Rednecks are definitely not exclusive to the South! 😉 Soooo funny in a sad and yucky kind of way!

  51. I can’t stop laughing. I can’t believe this! I am all about REPURPOSING, and reusing, and finding new ways to look at the everyday…

    But THIS is ridiculous!! LOL!!

  52. And, I thought I had seen it all. Too funny!!!

  53. julie & joe says:

    That is too funny! I lived in Arkansas for quite a while and I think that is more of an Arkansas thing (or extreme southwest Missouri, some of the places I work in this would not shock me to see).

  54. I got that e-mail a few weeks ago and laughed so hard! What a fitting picture to include in your post since in the great state of Alabama, and in the great town of Talladega, it is race weekend! That would be a perfect tip for those attending the race this weekend looking to get a little sunshine!

    Have a great week!

  55. Michelle@Fromhousetohome says:

    Oh my goodness, that is TOO funny!!!

  56. Believe me, I know. I live in Texas. Was born in Arkansas. Grew up in Oklahoma. I know.

  57. Julie H. Schaal says:

    Funniest thing. Ever.

  58. Oh my gosh! Yes I am also a southern lady but I NEVER could or would wear something like this! I was howling in laughter. I laughed sooo hard at all the comments to!!!! Especially the green ones! hee hee
    Rhoda you are a hoot!!!!

  59. Mermaids of the Lake says:

    Oh, my! That was hillarious!

    Mermaid Debbie

  60. amybluestar says:

    OMG. I’m only guessing what it looks like in the front. Terrifying!

  61. Unfortunately it’s true! I used to live in Texas! Miss it too!

  62. I called my hubby in to see that one. We laughed so hard we cried.
    He kept saying, They are in public, can you believe they would wear that in public.
    Too funny

  63. I think after seeing that I can truly say, “I think I’ve seen it all!”

  64. LOL Rhoda…what a pretty shade of blue huh, wonder if she dyed them to HIDE the skidmarks ???

    Thanks for the laugh,
    Kathy 🙂

  65. Leanne Helums says:

    OH my, that one takes the cake. That is the funniest and worst thing ever. Thanks for the laugh.

  66. pamelaknits says:

    THANKS,RHODA…..for sharing that. You made my day! I tell that is one thing you would never catch this 55 yr. old doing.I made vow years ago that I would never make my children dust the furniture with their dads worn out underwear…It was like the dreaded chore growing up having to pick up my dads’ old undies still all in one piece and dust the furniture with pledge – something about that generation in how they would recycle things. And, heavens to betsy that girls top takes the cake!!!

  67. Gross….butt funny!!!

  68. So…I wonder how much “up front” the lady had, as it was all in the butt of the underwear. No, I take that back, I don’t wonder & I don’t want to see a picture of the other side…with my luck it will have a deep V cutout.

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