Ripping Ugly Carpet off the Stairs

That title just about sums up this entire post.  And this one nearly made me hang up my DIY Diva toolbelt.

Not really, but this just might be my most challenging DIY project yet.

If I had any sense at all, I would never have torn the carpet off the steps, but I don’t and I did, so here we are now with something pretty spectacular, if I do say so myself.   Carpet across blogland may be flying off stairs after this one. 🙂


Picture 037

Let me remind you what the stairs looked like BEFORE, matted ugly carpet that was wrapped around those ends of the stairs on the left, like a furry little animal.  Not my favorite look.  It was impossible to refluff the middle of the stairs in the traffic pattern no matter how much I vacuumed. Picture 038

And you’ll remember these beautiful stairs, which head to our upstairs rooms, which we had finished in hardwood when we moved in here 4 years. ago.  The quote to do the downstairs set of stairs was an additional $1000, so that didn’t happen at the time.  So, my goal was NOT to match this set of stairs, but to do something that would complement them.

I proceeded to rip the nasty old carpet off that downstairs set of steps……Before2

And this is what I ended up with.  Sad, isn’t it?!  If I had any illusions that my stairs underneath were in somewhat decent shape, that was quickly put to rest as soon as I finished tearing off the final piece of dead carpet.  I had myself a really BIG project ahead of me.

Edges of stairs before

Can you believe the ugly here?

Not one to be put off by a challenge, I quickly embraced my inner-DIY Diva and set forth on this journey.  I knew my carpentry skills were sorely lacking, but that didn’t stop me either.  This pic was even after most of the hideous and evil tack strips were pulled off.  That wasn’t fun either.  But, this was what I was left with.  Notice the gaping seams on the ends and underneath each step.  There was nothing even resembling a finished set of stairs underneath that carpet.  The best thing they had going for them was a nice thick stair tread.

I’ll save the complete HOW-TO for another post, along with all the rest of the horrible pics of just how bad the BEFORE state these stairs were in, but for now, let me just show you what I’m completely proud of  at this moment.

You will NOT believe this until you see it!  I promise you….


Picture 012

I know, your jaw is hanging to the ground about now, huh?? I can hardly believe I did this either, but I really did.  With my own little nubby nailed hands.

Picture 013

I sanded, I puttied, I cut molding with  my miter box (a whole bunch of molding), I caulked and I painted and painted.  And I bought a cute little jute khaki and cream runner from Overstock (which looks totally different in the pic, but I do love it) to use down the middle.  And I could NOT be happier with the outcome.  It was totally worth the effort, the scratching my head and the nubby nails.  Picture 014

And let me just say, as with all of my projects, this one is neither perfect nor would an expert carpenter pronounce it anything but wrong, but I made it all work for me and I’m pretty much over the moon about how this looks right now.  And it did take a lot of work, but again, totally worth it. Picture 015

When I show you some of the close-ups, you’ll see nails painted over, raw wood painted over and lots of dings and staple holes.  I think that all gives them plenty of character and isn’t that what we’re after these days. 🙂  Well, these babies have plenty of character, to say the least. Picture 016

This is actually the right side of the jute runner I ordered, but when I got it in, I totally liked the smooth side better, so that’s the side I used. Picture 018

A staple gun was what I used to adhere the runner to the stairs.  Lots of 1/2″ staples.   And  I used black porch and floor paint for the stairs, so they should hold up just fine with 3 coats.

Picture 006

The staples do show a little bit but feeling particularly OCD,  I got out my craft paints and just touched them up a little bit, but for the most part, they don’t show too bad.  That I can live with.

Picture 022

Since I used the wrong side of the runner, there’s a raw seam on this side, but that didn’t bother me too much either. I just let it show at the top of the stairs. Picture 023

You can see here all the molding I had to add to the stairs to trim it out and hide ALL the gaping seams that were in these stairs.  I’ll do a complete tutorial for you soon so you can see the blood, sweat, but no tears that went into this project.  If I can do this, so can you!  I was not fortunate enough to have nice and finished stairs on this project (like Sarah did on hers, lucky girl!!).  These stairs were just about as bad as it could get.  Wait til you see the other BEFORE close-up pics I took, then you’ll appreciate even more how great they look now.

Picture 024

Here’s a glimpse of how I finished out the end of the stairs with molding.   This part was the biggest challenge of all, but I figured it out and cut all these pieces with my trusty miter box.  Molding and caulk hide the ugliest of sins. Picture 025

I’m completely, totally and deliriously happy with my new stairs!!

You can see the entire How-To on this post

And for a fun painted steps twist, check out  Donna at Funky Junk’s staircase painting.  It’s very cool and they don’t call her funky for nothin’!


Added to Shanty2Chic’s Made it Without My Hubby Party!



- Rhoda


  1. Rhoda,

    The stairs are looking beautiful! Great job!! They are so classic looking… love them!

    A Design Story

  2. So beautiful! Proof that hard work pays off and I bet that you enjoy and appreciate your stairs more than the ones you had professionally done!

  3. Great job Rhoda! You know I’ll be joining you in this before long. Now that we are painting the hand rails the carpet is really starting to scream at me! 🙂 Your stairs look just lovely and are so much more to my liking than the carpet! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. The stairs look wonderful and I am amazed at all the molding. What a wonderful job, it looks super to me. I love the runner too. Beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  5. Very nice!! I think I would have cried after I pulled the carpet off and saw what you saw.

  6. Are you kidding me??
    You’re a pro! What an awesome job. That was a job that I won’t even THINK about doing. It looks gorgeous!

  7. I LOVE them! I wouldn’t have thought to use that runner down the stairs, but it looks fantastic. You did a great job girlfriend and I know you must be feeling proud right about now!

  8. STUNNING, simply stunning. I cannot wait for the play by play. (CG sighs and glares in frustration at her own carpeted stairs). You, my dear, will be inspiring a blogland trend !!!!

  9. pat kuehn says:

    OH Rhoda, they are beautiful-I got up half way through your post and ran to dig under my carpet on my stairs to see what I found-thanks for the inspiration!!! Pat K.

  10. Great job Rhoda!!! I have to do something about our basement stairs they are so ugly with green pukey looking carpet. Then I have to pull up two rooms of carpet in the next week. Going to be lots of fun!!! Wanted to stop by and say hey!!! So hey!!

  11. You did such a GREAT job! I’m loving that runner!

  12. Amazing! So much fresher! Fantastic!

    jaithan + eddie

  13. I think the concept flows very nicely with the design of the rest of your home. It must feel completely gratifying to have completed this project. What a huge undertaking!

  14. Stunning!!! My favorite part is all the molding, of course! 😉 So worth all the work, isn’t it? You should be proud!

  15. Wonderful job!

  16. They look great!!! Fantastic job — I love em!! You ought to be PROUD!!

  17. Wow! You did such an amazing job! I love the trim along the edges. I’ve been searching for a nice runner for our stairs for a while now. Can’t wait to see more before and after pics!

  18. Your steps look outstanding.

  19. Wow! The striped runner really fancies it up! To me it looks like 1920s style, which is one of my favorites. Thanks, I may use that!

  20. I am impressed, Rhoda! You did a great job! We had removed the carpet from our stairs about 10-15 years ago and they were pretty decent underneath, but not hardwood. I would love to paint them though from the oak stain we had put on. I’m dreaming of that dark and white look myself.

  21. Absolutely and Totally Amazing!!! I can’t believe you did that all by yourself!!! Awesome!!!!!!

  22. That looks amazing! Our stairs are on my “to do” list, hope they turn out as good as yours!

    Great job!

  23. Looks great! I have hated the carpet on my stairs since the day I moved in…and it was new carpet! They used cheap padding and the steps are already worn feeling in just 2 years. (And I live alone!) This looks like a great project for me since I already know that the steps are basic builder boards. Can’t wait to hear how you did it all!

  24. Terrific job! I love the black and white look.

    We tore up our carpet a while back (no I am too embarressed to reveil) and have been living with ugly sense. The stair part isnt wood and we need to figure out how to replace it then we can stain and not be so embarressed.

  25. That is so creative and fun. I’m sure the process had you wondering sometime mid process, but like you said, the end result is totally worth it!


    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  26. Wow, Rhoda. That is unreal what you accomplished you divine tool diva. They look awesome. I don’t see any dings or bad places. Love the runner, too. They just look marvelous!!!

  27. Elizabeth H says:

    I am in awe. You are amazing and I can only imagine what Hubby thinks of his DIY’er,

  28. A@WESOME do i dare try this? i am scared. but i love yours.. mishelle

  29. Rhoda, Rhoda, Rhoda!!!! Girl they look awesome!!! Pat your sweet little southern self on the back-you did a fantastic job. I LOVE it!! Makes me want to do mine except for the fact I have those large sweeping steps on the bottom that make a half-circle. I am totally scared to even try & see whats underneath that carpet-its probably not even real wood!

    Way to go!!!

  30. Well, Ms. Rhoda … you are right about ONE thing, my jaw is practically resting on the ground. I cannot believe how this project turned out ~ you are to be congratulated (and maybe even bowed down to in a deep curtsy.)

  31. Even better than I would have guessed. It’s the rug that gives it a real kick! So fresh and new.
    Love it, You are The DIY Diva!

  32. Wow Rhoda! AMAZING!!! They are gorgeous!

    I smiled when I saw your before. They felt so at home for me as mine looked like that for YEARS. 🙂

    Thanks for the shoutout too!

    I just love the runner you added to yours. Knockout job!


  33. It looks great! I was just looking at that same rug for under my dining room table! I feared ordering a rug so large from the internet but now that I see it on your stairs I may just go get it! Is it shedding much?

  34. Oh my gosh, that turned out FABULOUS!!! You rock :)! Love the new runner, the stripes are my favorite thing.

  35. RHODA RHODA…..

    I just returned from our trip to CA and what do my eyes behold…. BEAUTY pure BEAUTY……fantastic job I LOVE them….

    I happen to be a carpet person….I KNOW shoot me now !!! But I am ripping ours up after seeing this……the honey do list just got LONGER !!!

    Great job Rho….. I salute you !!!!

    xo Kathy 🙂

  36. Girl you worked it and you worked it HARD!! Very impressive, especially your trim carpentry skills!!! I hope you do a little relaxing until the next project. I’ve been wanting to do my stairs forever, but i just get an anxiety attack everytime I think about how much work is invovled!

  37. You and your nubby nailed hands should be proud indeed!!!
    This is incredible! Is there nothing you cannot do???
    I’m lovin’ it!

  38. Great job! Give yourself a big pat on the back for a job well done.

    I am so inspired!

  39. Awesome job! They are just gorgeous now. We redid our stairs a year ago and I just love them. It makes such a big difference in the rest of the house. Very clever idea covering up the ends of the stairs too.

  40. What a great project! You should be VERY proud of yourself, it looks great! Now sit back and enjoy! *Amy

  41. Absolutely amazing! One of these days I need to rip up the carpet on the stairs in this 110 year old house and I may get the surprise of a lifetime.
    Herbal Blessings, Mandy

  42. Rhoda! This looks so good! I know it was tough ripping off that old carpet, but isn’t it such a good feeling when you look at the result! ~Andrea

  43. Hi Rhoda –
    All this staircase inspiration… My foyer staircase is going to be seeing some of this action soon as it needs a revamp BADly. What I love most about your stairs is not only the hardwork you put into it and how great they came out, but the fact that you liked the wrong side of the carpet better and went for it. I have done this many times with fabric. Thanks for the inspiration I am looking forward to your play be play of the process.

  44. Wow, those look amazing. You did a wonderful job.

  45. RAD-ICULOUS!!!!

    You ROCKED this project and I’m super impressed with your mad DIY skills!


  46. i just stumbledupon your blog (SU) for the first time and i can’t tell you how impressed i am with your design skills and carpentry skills!……amazing,….i am a fan….maureenlynne

  47. Rhoda, You are one industrious lady!! I know this had to be a very labor intensive job but you did not let that stop you. Amazing, Bravo to you Miss Rhoda, I am impressed! Kathysue

  48. Girl, All your hard work paid off! The stair transformation is amazing.

  49. I AM IN TOTAL AWE! When I started reading your post, I thought, poor Rhoda, she’s in for it now. You are an inspiration. Can I have a transfusion of your can do attitude and spirit? You have totally rocked the house with this one, girl.

  50. Great job. Love it

  51. I love how you did the stairs!! The black looks great and I really like your runner. Super job!!! Love & blessings from NC!

  52. Hi Rhoda,
    I am flabergasted by this transformation. I have been wanting to take up the carpeting in our staircase for sometime but hardwood can be so costly. I can’t wait to show hubby this post and I’ll be patiently waiting for all your before & during pics. I’m going to try & pick my jaw up off the floor now. TFS! Sheila

  53. Wow, that is incredible! I took out the carpet here all by myself (900 sf). Tack strips and staples…oh my those took a lot of time to remove! Now the hickory floors have been professionally refinished and are much easier to maintain than carpet. Your stairs look great and look at the money you saved too.

  54. Totally amazing!!!!
    I am soo impressed!!!
    OK now I have to redo the stairs to the basement.

    Thanks for the non-stop inspiration.

  55. Yeah, Rhoda! YOU ARE THE WOMAN!
    Way to turn those ugly ducklings into beautiful swans. I know that was a ton of work, but it definitely was worth it.
    Great Job! Now enjoy…

  56. Your staris look beautiful I have always wanted to do that to mine, but didn’t have the courage. I can’t wait to do mine now. Looking forward to the how tos. Great Job I love your blog.

  57. Wow! Rhoda, the stairs look so AMAZING! YOu should pat yourself on the back lots of times for this one project…….it looks like a ton of work but you pulled it off beautifully!

  58. Oh my word, Rhoda….that is incredible! How long did it take you from start to finish? The stairs are beautiful and I can’t believe you added all that trim…and all the measuring & cutting!!! Fabulous job…just fabulous! Beth

  59. All I can say is WOW! It looks incredible and I know what you mean about the traffic worn center bit of the staircase, sigh!You certainly don’t shrink from those monster jobs Rhoda………… really should have your own TV show and give we women more confidence when it comes to using tools about the house. Perhaps then we could tear up the ‘honey-do list’ and really get things done!

    BTW, I really admired your recent post on how we design our homes – you told it like it is and perhaps helped many people realize one doesn’t have to follow trends to have a comfy, pretty home. I’m just gathering the things that I love and which I enjoy looking at as I go about my day. I never shop for new these days, as I’m having so much more fun trolling the thrift shops, antiques/vintage malls, flea markets etc. The good old stuff is out there and it’s much better than the new!

    Thanks Rhoda for your kind words about my new blog.
    Hugs – Mary (A Breath of Fresh Air)

  60. I am SO impressed! It looks amazing! I can’t wait to see the step-by-step so I can get ideas for my stairs!

  61. Rhoda,

    You did a fantastic job. I have a set of stairs that I need to tackle. You are giving me some inspiration.


  62. WOW!!!!!
    I want to rip the UGLY carpet off our back stairs…but it’s about twice as big of a job…I think I’ll have to wait till the kids go to camp this summer to tackle that one!

    Great job!
    You are awesome!

  63. Wow! That was definitely a job! I tore the carpet off my stairs last year and they are still sitting there waiting to be sanded and refinished or painted. At least mine were finished at some point so they are completely raw like yours were. I am in awe of this project. Go you! The stairs look great!

  64. Amazing! I really wouldn’t think you could pull that off after seeing those nail-filled steps. Bravo!!

  65. Oh my goodness, you did a wonderful job!! I hope that you have a power miter saw. I purchased one at Big Lots several years ago for about $100 and it was money well spent. You are a very skilled woman!

  66. Fantastic job! I will be doing mine soon. I have been putting it off for so long! I am totally motivated now!

    my jaw DID drop!! these are the cutest stairs EVER!!!! EVER!!!!
    I am in shock and awe! unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. You go girl! Great job.

    Sami G.

  69. Wow…..they are gorgeous…love the colors you used!

  70. Simply stunning.

  71. Beautiful! I love the way they turned out and all your little detail is wonderful! I am quite certain it was a pain – but boy was it worth it! 🙂

  72. What a great job!!! You go girl……I wish I had some stairs too:)
    I am so impressed with all the DIY you take on, very impressive. Keep up the great work!!

  73. Jennifer says:

    I can’t wait to see all the how-to photos – I currently am in the process – and it’s going to be a long process – of painting my stairs also. We had two – yes, two – layers of ugly carpet nailed – yes, nailed – to the stairs. It’s going to be hours and hours of pulling out nails and filling holes and sanding, etc. I’m so glad to see a finished product in your pictures!

  74. OHHHH!!!! This makes me want to do our stairs to the basement NOW!!!!!!!!!! They are the same way….all worn down in the middle and no way to make them FLUFF UP!!!! I woud do ours exactly the same….LOVE the black and the runner!!!! Fortunatly my hubby is VERY skilled at mitering and molding so here’s hoping we will pull this off too!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky

  75. Wow! You did a fantastic job Rhoda! They look fabulous! It certainly looks like your hard work and nubby nails paid off! I like the colors you selected.

    ~ Tracy

  76. Holy cow, Rhoda! If I pulled the carpet off and saw that mess underneath, I would’ve covered it right back up again. I’m amazed by this transformation. Beautiful! Wish I could hire you to come and do mine now. 🙂

  77. wow, your stairs look fabulous! maybe you can find a pretty piece of trim to cover the raw seam.

  78. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. You had your thinking cap on, didn’t you? What a great creation! Congratulations!

  79. One quick visit to your blog and a peek at this project – I’ve bookmarked you, girl! I’m in the midst of trying to pretty up on the cheap myself, so I need connections with some folks not afraid to DIY.
    Those stairs are what you might call “value added”! Love them! 🙂

  80. You know, if it really bothered you, you could hot glue some really neat braided trim or something over the staples and the raw seam. You now, how upholsters often hide their work on furniture. Or better yet, upholster tacks would look good hammered in too. I think your stairs look beautiful and that you are a talented and brave woman!

  81. Wow! That’s about all I can say. You did a fabulous job and they look so great! Such a neat, clean look. I have a set of 14 stairs going from the entry to the basement that I’ve been fussing about for years. I think you’ve given me just the boost I need!

  82. Oh, Rhoda it’s stunning! Wow! I mean, WOW!! My hubby is officially mad at you for putting this idea in my little head!! I must have stairs like Rhoda’s!!

  83. I’m a new blogger and I just adore your blog! I’m a fellow southern girl, myself. I love what you did with the stairs but I especially love the fabulous green color in your laundry room. Please tell me the color and brand! =)

  84. Wow, Rhoda! I think they look better than the expensive stairs! Way more character! I’m sure there were moments when you wondered if it was worth it, and your hard work DEFINITELY paid off. An amazing transformation!

  85. I am floored (or should I say staired) by this.
    You did such a beautiful job!

  86. Awesome job!

  87. THIS is exactly what I have been looking for. I have builder grade stairs underneath my ratty brown carpet, so I am really excited to see your moulding tips!!!

  88. I love how it turned out. When I first saw the picture of the final product, I just KNEW you had great looking step underneath that carpet but WOW it was nasty! I probably should do something like that with my steps so I can’t wait to see the full “how to”!!!

  89. Rhoda!

    I just LOVE it! It looks so fabulous! I love the runner down the stairs – it just gives it the right amount of pizazz! Good Job!


  90. I love this! I would be deleriously happy too. Fab job!

  91. Hi Rhoda.
    I love your blog. I just posted to your party– #69. I cant find a way to email this so I am posting to comments.
    I have a question. I cant find the runner you said you purchased at overstock. I have two sets of stairs that I have ripped up the carpets and am in the process of refinishing (it is on my blog) but I cannot find reasonably priced runners. I did find a coir (made from coconut) for $200 each that may work though.
    Thank you,

  92. Hi Rhoda!

    I’ve been checking and checking for this. I couldn’t wait! It looks really, really nice. I love the black treads and the rug. I would’ve pulled that carpet off, took one look and probably cried because I would’ve been overwhelmed with what to do. lol Someday I’ll be tearing my carpet off and will keep this in mind.

  93. Rhoda, I’m flabbergasted at how great a job you did! They.are.gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to do the same to mine, but it’s a little low on the list right now. I’m completely inspired by your’s!

  94. WOW — I am SO impressed. Your stairs look beautiful. I figure if anyone get close enough to see a staple, then they’re looking for something to criticize. I would love to do a project like this and maybe I will in the future. An added challenge I would have is my spindles comes all the way down and are nailed into the steps. So — out with the spindles, which leads to….WROUGHT IRON spindles. I’ve mentioned this to DH, but he just keeps shaking his head and pointing to my list of 20 other items I want to do. He’s right. I will have to live with that nasty old carpet a bit longer. I think I’ll try to rent a steam cleaner and really spend the day working on them. Perhaps that will spiff them up a bit. But I regress…you did a WONDERFUL JOB!!!

  95. Rhoda,
    You are a gutsy girl….I want the carpet off of mine too but am not tackling that, especially since the ones I an concerned about go from the FR upstairs.

  96. Stephanie says:

    I just found your blog…while pondering what to do with my horrible carpeted stairs…I’m sooo doing this…at some point when I can convince my husband it’s a good idea! 🙂

  97. Rhoda – I’m late to the party…just saw this post. AMAZING!!!! I love, love, love it! I’m thinking of doing something similar with my stairs, although I’m lucky…they are already carpet-less!

  98. I’m so glad I found your blog through another this evening – No lie, I just ripped the ugly carpeting off my foyer stairs and was going to stain them but, after seeing your beautiful stairs, you have inspired me! Bring on the black paint!

  99. Oh, what kind of black paint did you use? I was wondering if you used flat or semi-gloss.

  100. You are amazing!! How did I miss this one? Half my stairs are torn up right now, we don’t know what to do…I’m on my way to your DIY part!

  101. i love how they turned out! the runner is so cute! that looks like a tough job, but it turned out great!

  102. Stephanie says:

    I love this! I am too scared to check under my carpet, but I would love to try this project. This is a great idea and looks amazing.

  103. OMG! I too have a hideously carpeted staircase (read dirty, stained, traffic path worn up the middle, can’t-stand-it-one-more-minute) I live in a house by the beach and dream of a casual, beachy, colorful painted staircase. My husband is convinced I’ve lost my mind. I’ve trolled online relentlessly looking for good how-to info and YOU ARE IT. Bring it on ugly stairs. I can do it!!!

  104. Rhonda~
    were you able to use one runner or did it take multiple?

  105. Are the details before and after pics available yet? Where can they be viewed?

  106. What color did you paint the steps? Are they black?

  107. I am currently doing the same thing as you, I am having a hard time deciding on a stain color. I am thinking the steps will be brazilian cherry (found a red chestnut minwax maybe mixed with ebony will match) . I got these read oak steps named Retrotread and they are not so expensive, and have a nice trim finish which covers a bit of the riser. I cut off the noses and sanded, now I have to finish the steps. I am painting the risers white.

  108. Fantastic! We are about to re-do carpeting upstairs and the stairs and I hate carpeted stairs! I think I would like to paint mine the same cream color as all the existing trim and then add a runner much like you did. I am ordering a custom sisal rug for my front hallway so maybe a matching sisal runner would look great? Really inspirational-thanks

  109. Hi there!

    I just came across this project today on pinterest and just love the rug! Unfortunately Overstock only has 2 left and I need 4. This is the story of my life. Anywho I was wondering if there was any manufacturer info with the rug so that I might be able to find more from another source. I appreciate any info you can give me. Thanks so much.

    • Hi, Shanna, sorry, but I don’t live there anymore. I had to leave that pretty staircase behind. Hopefully you can find something else that will work just as well if you scour the web. Thanks for stopping by!

  110. Hi! I admire your skills and motivation. I will be doing a similar project at our home soon, I’m very nervous, but excited! Anyways I was actually wondering what color you have on the walls, that nice taupe color. Also what color white you used on the stairs? Thanks!

    • Hi,Erin, thanks for stopping by. The wall paint color is Sherwin Williams Believeable Buff, a tan/gold shade. I used a fairly bright white on my trim and stairs, but don’t remember the name. Semi-gloss.

  111. How did I miss this post….glad you mentioned and linked it again. What an industrious woman you are!

  112. Thank you for the inspiration- I did it and it looks great! We used an indoor/outdoor runner rug from Ballard Designs with french script. LOVE IT! Thank you- never would’ve convinced my husband if he hadn’t seen your pictures here. thanks!

  113. Thank you so much for sharing such a great tutorial. We are planning to do this project this summer (mostly me). This is a wonderful, step by step guide, and I pinned it, so I can find it again easily! -K

  114. That looks great! I’m doing my stairs today and this served as great inspiration 🙂

  115. Hello again, Rhoda! I ripped an ugly carpet off my stairs and am thinking of painting them as you have done. The stair treads are pine, but all the floors in the house are oak, so they don’t jive. I don’t think they were meant to be seen. I’m wondering what sheen of paint you used on the treads. Also, my stairs curve. Have you ever put a runner on curved stairs? Do you think a dark, espresso black/brown would look as good as black? Thanks!

    • Hi, Jennifer, I used black satin porch & floor paint. I have not done a runner on curved stairs, so I don’t know how that would work out and yes, I think a black/brown would look just as good. I might even end up with a color like that too. I used the old Ralph Lauren color, Turret Stair in my old house on bathroom cabinets & it is a wonderful black/brown.

  116. This is truly lovely and I am very much enjoying your page in general! Very inspiring- thank you!

  117. I am laughing hysterically ! I just started this very same project today and like you , I kinda didn’t really mean to totally rip everything up but, I did. I just started ripping and then I couldn’t stop ! I can’t believe how they put the carpet on the steps ! I stabbed myself at least 50 times between the nails and the staples. I am glad to see that there are others out there like me. My family seems to think that I am alone in my obsession to “get it done” ! Thanks for your inspiration.

  118. Love what you did to your stairs. I am going to paint my treads too. Could you please tell me the name of the runner brand/style and/or where you got it, if you don;t mind. i would like to use the same thing…it looks awesome. thanks for your blog, just found it this week.

    • Hi,Brad, the link to the runner from Overstock is in the post above, so just scroll up and click over. It is out of stock, however. This project was done in 2009. Thanks for stopping by!


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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by SouthernRhoda: So excited to share my painted stairs project. I think this is my best DIY challenge yet:

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  4. […] ripping carpet off the stairs and painting | Southern HospitalityApr 7, 2010 … A staple gun was what I used to adhere the runner to the stairs. Lots of 1/2″ staples. And I used black porch and floor paint for the stairs, … […]

  5. Blogging says:

    […] you see when you come in the door.  After seeing what Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick and Rhoda at Southern Hospitality did, I have found inspiration to try this myself.  If it comes out awful, I can always have them […]

  6. […] image; southernhospitalityblog […]

  7. […] up to start stripping the stairs a little at a time (I despise stripping wood) when I stumbled upon this post by Rhoda over at “Southern Hospitality” about how she repaired and completely […]

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