Scott Antiques Revisted

It’s been a couple of months since I visited Scott Antiques here in Atlanta, but this month, I ventured out, meeting up with a few blog friends.  Here are a few things that I saw along the way. It’s always fun to browse for inspiration at Scott’s.  You never know what they will have.

goods at Scotts

It’s always fun to just walk the aisles at Scott’s to see what’s there. Not that I need a lot, but it’s still fun.  There are gals that come over from Alabama every month just to visit Scott’s and one of them said hello.

rustic stools

Vintage inspired rustic stools are all the rage.

pretty tables\
These round dining tables were really pretty.

oil paintings

I always love oil paintings and bunnies.  I still have some bunny paintings that are not hung on the walls yet, but I’m hoping to use them in my laundry room when it is finished.  I love garden inspired art.

one booth

More rustic goodies.  Designers are all over Scott’s too and I met up with friends Sherry and Lori that day, as well as my Alabama friend, Lucy.  It was a fun outing!

more table and chairs

More dining tables and chairs.

pretty pillows

Always lots of pretty pillows and fabrics at Scott’s.

old columns

I’m a sucker for old architectural pieces and these columns were so cool. I didn’t get the price on them, should have just to share with ya’ll.

pretty booth

We loved this booth, very nicely displayed.

painted Chippendale chairs

OK, here’s a trend alert for ya!

Do you have a whole set of cherry Queen Anne dining room furniture that you are just sick and tired of??  I know, so many people have those sets from the 80’s and 90’s.  Here’s a great way to update.  Spray paint those Chippendale chairs in a bold color, change out the fabric on the seats and you have a whole new look. I’d recommend painting that cherry table and china cabinet too. You’ll probably never fall in love with those matching sets of cherry that so many people have again, so why not PAINT it!

lovely oil painting

Loved this oil painting, all the colors really drew me in. I think it was $400+ or so, way more than what I usually spend on art, but wow, was it pretty.  Loved those bottles too.

rustic deer head

Outside in the tent, I spotted this driftwood deerhead. You never know what you’ll see at Scott’s.

vintage alphabet

Lots of rustic letters for sale. I think these were $40 for large and $25 for small, not too bad.

light fixture globes

How about a globe made into a light fixture. These were cool!  DIY alert!

more rustic letters

More cool old letters.

large china cabinet

Loved this large china cabinet.

concrete bunny

And a cute concrete bunny to end the day.

green botanicals

Here’s what I found!  There’s one booth that has tables of loose prints (these are actual book plates) all for $10 each and you can find lots of great things to frame.  These are a little too small for my existing frames, but I’m hoping I can take them to a photo place and have them enlarged to fit my frames and they will look great when I’m done.  I just love these green ferny botanicals!

frame with mat

And these are the existing frames I have in my bedroom. They are really nice with a gold beaded border inside, so I’m planning to just switch out the blue flowers (that I got on Ebay several years ago) for the new green ones for an update.  I’ll show you all that when I’m finished with them, of course!

That was my visit to Scott’s this month.  If you haven’t been, you’ll have to check it out.  Great place to get inspiration!

- Rhoda


  1. Hi Rhonda, thank you for your lovely comment on Hometalk:). This is my first time visiting, what a beautiful blog you have! Your day looks like it was so much fun, my kind of place! I have never been to Atlanta but excited to go in August, I hear it is a wonderful city! Have a great week, Jen

  2. Enjoyed the tour, are you going to be painting the frames? I have two frames that I want to change, mauve matting and mauve prints, I want to paint the matting and frames.
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with these.

  3. So glad to hear a review on Scott’s. We live over in Woodstock and I keep telling myself I need to go the next time they’re open. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love your blog and all of the inspiration!

  4. I have gotten several of those prints at Scott’s. I love the ease (and price) of instant artwork.

  5. I am a sucker for architectural items too. I have a thing for columns and corbels. I don’t know where I got it from but I love them. Great stuff, I also love the stools. Thanks for sharing this fabulous place.


  6. Oh my goodness! I think I could spend all day here! Great post. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Anna Starner says:

    WOW!!! So many wonderful things there. I wish I had the $$$ and the space for some of their greats things. I also don’t live close enough to make this a day trip (good thing). So enjoyed looking though. Anna

  8. Rhoda, I love the prints you found! I hope it works out for you to have them enlarged. Garlan said he was coming to bring your mantel in the next week or two! Maybe I will ride with him. I would love to see your house!

  9. Oh maaan! I had soooo much fun there in January!
    Thanks for sharing pictures–I do LUV that market!

  10. I’ve been told about Scott’s several times since moving to Atlanta and I keep forgetting about it! I’ve been totally missing out! I’m going to have to put it on my calendar.
    My aunt gave me two antique Queen Anne chairs as a wedding gift, and she would keel over if she ever saw them spray painted. So, there they sit in my dining room, heavily influencing the style of that room…

  11. I will have to plan my next trip home by Scott’s dates! We have one up here- but it’s NOT the same!

  12. My sister LOVES Scott Antiques! I swear they know her by name there….wish I had made it there while I lived in Atlanta area. But – hey – since your friend comes in from Alabama I can come visit from Florida! Thanks for the inside pics of Scott’s….now I know I’ll have to visit.

  13. Oh, I loved the tour. If I’m ever in Atlanta I’d love to stop in. I have a question about your photos. When you are in a store….do you need to ask if it’s OK to take photos? Thanks.

    • Penny, usually at places like this, they don’t mind people taking pics, but most of the time if I’m in a store, I will ask and they usually are fine with it. Although, one time at Scott’s I got yelled at by one of the dealers. She was a tough one.

  14. Sorry I missed you at Scott’s! It had been years since I’d been and it was so fun; I’d love to do it more often. 🙂
    Hope all is well!
    xo Heidi

  15. Wow, that store looks like a place I could spend hours in, and still have to go back to make sure I saw it all. Fun day. Blessings Paula

  16. Looks like you had great time at Scott’s … so many great things to see..loved all those vintage stools and the globe fixture is terrific…I love botanicals…great find Rhoda!..

  17. What fun!!! Looks like an amazing place to visit, I could spend all day in there looking at all those goodies, thanks for the tour!

  18. Love the pictures! They bring back such great memories of my one and only trip to Scott’s! I need to go back again!

  19. Thanks for taking us on a virtual tour. I am determined to take at least half a day extra this year when I come down for Haven to visit this mecca of antiques!

  20. Beautiful things. I’m with you on the Queen Anne chairs that are NOT antique. If I had some nice old ones I think I’d leave them as is without letting them dictate the entire room. Your new prints are sweet. Maybe you could just get a larger inner mounting and use the originals. I’m sure the actual printing is amazing. I too, love these virtual tours. such good ideas. CTD

  21. I like the seashell glass lamp, but the one they’re giving away is fab too! I would put it on my bedside table. Really need a new lamp there, and this would go great in my bedroom!

  22. Rhoda,
    I wanted to tell you about a problem I have been experiencing on your blog. When I open it from home it seems fine. When I open it from work, it opens to the same post every day, the one where you painted your door green. I try refreshing it, but it won’t. It may be a problem with my computer, but I don’t have that problem with any other blog I read from work. Just wanted to run that by you in case other people have had the same problem! Have a good night!

    • Nicki, you are not the only one. I’ve heard from about a dozen people about this same thing happening, but I have no idea how to fix it for all of you. It seems to be a handful of people this is happening for. I’d suggest following my Facebook page, because I post a new link over there every morning and that should get you over here on the right page. My tech guy is stumped too!

      • Susan from GA says:

        I emailed Rhoda with the same problem. Last night it occurred to me that I was not having a notice sent to my email daily from your blog. (I was just clicking the blog on my favorites list). So, I signed up for that feature last night. Today I got a notice in my email, clicked it and VOILA…your current post! YAY, problem solved!

  23. I love antiques and have some collection in my house. Planning to visit Scott antiques, it has wonderful collection of oil paintings, rustic stools, dining tables and chairs.

  24. Oh! Those are the stools I need! Seriously! I have GOT to get to Scott’s!

  25. Have not seen a new post since Fe. 19th. Did tech guy figure out what is wrong? I was nervous that something had happened to you or one of your family. Glad it’s just a tech problem, but miss your blog! Shelia

    • Hi, Sheila, I have been posting regularly and no, my tech guy still doens’t know why some of you can’t see my new posts. Please click Archives on the right sidebar and that should open up all the posts in February or March for you. I’m posting my links every day over on my Facebook page too, so you can always click over from there:

  26. I can’t see your new posts. I live south of Atlanta so love reading about places you visit and have actually later visited some with my friends. When I first didn’t get the new posts and read that you were having tech problems, I signed up as a subscriber. However, that only worked for a few days, being able to click to read the full post. Now it is taking me back to the Feb. 19 post again. I sure hope your tech guy can get the problem corrected as I’m not a big fan of FB and limit the time and info spent there.

    Take care. I miss you!

    • HI, Cathy, I’m so sorry, we don’t know what the problem is. He says it should be fixed, so I don’t know what else to tell you to do. I’m still hearing from a few of you that you can’t get on the current posts. But, most people are doing fine. That is really strange. Are you on Internet Explorer? I’m wondering if the browser is the problem. Please keep trying!

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