Screened Porch Plans and Progress

It’s been a little slow going around here on the porch progress, since Spring can’t seem to decide if she wants to join us this year or not. What a cold and wet Spring we are having so far!  It’s been raining so much and the backyard is just soggy wet from all of it, causing us to have to deal with the damp and cold. We’ve had a few days of sunshine and blue skies, but they have been few and far between. We have managed to make a little bit of progress on the porch eaves and I’m happy to say, they are done.


This was one of those rare blue sky sunshine days, so we took advantage of the good weather. Dad built a scaffold on this end, to be able to get up to the high parts and work.  He did a little more climbing on the ladder while I was there holding it, but we were really careful.  I know, he doesn’t need to be on any more ladders and we are done with that now, so no more climbing.  You try telling him NOT to get on a ladder.  He doesn’t listen to me, he just does it.

porch and scaffold

At least the scaffold was sturdy and he could climb through from the porch to get to it too.  We worked on the left eaves first and got them boxed in.  You can see the open rafters of the porch. Our goal is to box in the eaves and make them finished. They will all be painted out later.

porch and mess

See all those rafters showing all the way around. They are all covered now.


I’ve got plenty of mess going on in the backyard and will probably have to get another Bagster to get rid of this mess when we are finished. I’ll be glad when the day comes when no more debris is being generated.

under eaves

So, here’s the left side of the porch, eaves covered.  The metal roof hangs out over this, so it should stay relatively dry.  We used pressure treated wood on all of this, except those underneath plywood pieces.  He used some that we had already and after it’s painted, it should be fine in the elements.

rafters under porch

We round the corner and keep going, nailing up plywood and boxing this in.


Unfinished and waiting.

left eaves

It’s definitely not a perfect job, but I’m good with it. I’ll get up there and caulk some of the seams and after it’s painted, it should be pretty.

table saw

We used the table saw to rip out the pieces needed.

dad nailing

And the nailgun came in real handy for this job, we could hold each end and pop some nails in there to keep it in place.

nailgun time

I was like a monkey swinging from the railings and as dad held one end in place, I leaned out with the nailgun and nailed my end of the boards in and then switched sides until it was all done. This helped in not having to get on the ladder as much.

dad nailing2

We got it done.

holding boards

Me holding the board and waiting to nail.

last corner

One last job at the corner of the roof, dad trimmed off some excess wood.

right side eaves

And then we were done. No more ladder for him.

eaves all finished

As I said, it’s definitely not perfect and probably wouldn’t pass a carpenter’s inspection, but it will be fine with me. I’ll be more particular about the inside of the porch than the outside.

eaves done

It’s nice to get the eaves boxed in and looking better already.  Next, we’ll work on the lattice around the bottom of the porch and we are adding a big door for storage under there, so that should come in handy.

Then, we’ll move to the inside!  This porch should be ready well before June, I hope and I’ll be sipping lemonade out there before I know it.

- Rhoda


  1. Bless your dad’s sweet heart! I’ll bet all this remodeling is keeping him young. Nothing like a project to make anyone want to get up in the mornings. Your back porch is going to be fantastic. One thing certain in the South … a screened in porch is a must! Can’t wait to see the end result.

  2. We must shop at the same store since I have the exact same pants as you! 🙂

    I feel your pain with the weather! Last year it was in the 80’s and this year it is rainy, cool, and dreary. I am looking forward to seeing the finished results. I know it will be amazing. I wonder, though, did the original owners of your house build it themselves and then just leave projects unfinished? Your dad and you are creating a “haven” for sure!

    • Jeanne, since I didn’t know the previous owners, I can only guess that the screened porch was built at some point during the last 30 years, but it was never finished out. Nothing was ever boxed in, but it was evident that screening was up at one time, cause I tore out the old stuff when we started working on it. Now it will get a proper finish and paint job!

  3. Great progress on your porch! Can’t wait to see the finished project. I hate that “eye sore” of a neighbor’s house so close to yours. Any plans for a fence or planting a hedge for privacy? I know you have plenty of other projects that probably take precedence.

    • All of that will have to wait until later, but hopefully I can do something for screening. I may not screen my yard, but I do have some old bifold doors I took out and I’m going to hinge those together for screens on the porch.

      • This comment struck me as funny. I had to go back and look because the neighbor’s house didn’t seem that close to me. Guess I have lived in town way too long when that distance seems pretty generous between houses. 🙂

        • As i was reading this post i was also thinking what a positively huuuuge back yard you have and a decent amount of space between neighbors. Where i live in reach out and touch your neighbor house land you have to pay enormous amounts of money for that much space.

          You must be very fit and agile looking at you perched on that ledge!

          • Louise, I try to stay in shape by going to the gym and getting out and walking, but I have my aches and pains too.

        • hah! I had to go back and look, too! I didn’t see an “eyesore”…just a house…and where I live I have houses much closer to me on both sides. Guess it all depends on perspective. 🙂

        • YOu’re right, Betsy, it’s not so bad at all. And really, I wouldn’t exactly call it an eyesore either. I’ve seen lots worse!

      • I know you will! I’ve been kinda looking around for a “fixer-upper” myself, but find that’s an issue I may have to deal with. So, I will keep looking. I would LOVE to find an incredible deal like you did around Bham. You’ll be able to enjoy your porch this summer.

        How are Rhonda and her “dog-child” settling in?

        • Rhonda and Cody are doing great! I love having them here and we are all getting along well. Good luck with your house hunt too!

  4. Cindy Hancock says:

    Rhoda, It’s looking great! Your Daddy never ceases to amaze me! Like I said, I think he’s Superman in disguise! 🙂 I know you just can’t wait to get in there and make it all pretty! Can’t wait to see the end result!

  5. Of course, we love your dad 🙂 We have added a screened porch onto our remodeling list, too. I know you will enjoy yours so much. I’m loving following the progress.

  6. Like Father like Daughter! They taught you well, Rhoda girl monkey! It is going to be lovely!

  7. Great to read about your screen porch project! I too am doing one but my Daddy (who was a great carpenter/craftsman) is long gone – how I do miss him reading about you and your Daddy – so I have had to hire someone. I live not very far from you – we should have a porch tour when we are both done.

    Are you painting your ceiling “haint blue”? I am in the process of picking my blue – gotta be sure the spiders/insects and haints don’t come in you know!

    Here’s to screen porches and lemonade!

    • Hey, Elaine, I am going to paint my ceiling blue, haven’t figured out which color, but it will be a light blue for sure.

  8. Hey girl, it looks good to me! I cant believe your Dad was up on that ladder! You must have been a nervous wreck!

  9. Glad to see someone else knows about haint blue. Unfortunately, my ceiling is white so spiders everywhere! You will enjoy that porch. Mine has the swing from the porch my parents had in the house they finally bought.

  10. you guys are working hard! you are getting so much done – great job!

  11. Great job!!! And it will all look better with paint and caulk!

    We started our porch this weekend; we replaced the support posts, and then we loaded up a rented trunk with the kitchen debris for a trip to the dump.

    What a job it is! You will be so happy when the porch is done.

  12. All done bar the beautifying now, then! Can’t wait to see the finished results Rhoda, and keep your Dad away from heights now. x ….. and by the way, I have given you a “Sunshine Award”

  13. It makes me smile when I see your Dad in these pictures! God bless him!!

  14. Yay for progress! I’m so OVER this cold damp blustery weather — ready to get outside to some fun projects. 🙂 The porch is looking good, Rhoda!
    xo Heidi

  15. Looks great to me! And much fun to be building with your dad.
    I like the awning at the backdoor as well.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished porch. Have a nice day.

  16. Rhoda,
    Your Dad is an amazing man, remarkable to be able to do this work at his age! You must get you work ethic from your parents, you are so blessed to have them. Try to keep him off those ladders now. I have been wanting to see porch decorated, but know you have to work on structure first. I know you will have many new ideas for us to copy in our homes. Enjoy your blog each day. God bless you and parents!

  17. Rhoda,
    You and your dad truly amaze me! Y’all make quite a team. You will be sitting on that porch before you know it, except I have a hard time visualizing you sitting still for very long!

  18. Rhoda,
    Glad to see your dad off the ladder. Looks like he did a great job. I just wish all we had here in Indiana was rain. We have 10 inches of snow so far this morning and are under a winter storm warning. It is supposed to continue to snow all day. My poor dogs are sick of snow and so am I.

  19. Hi Rhoda,

    Don’t you love it when you finally get to work on a project that you visualize in your head? Even though I’ve lived in the several houses in the south, I’ve never had a porch. They dont seem to be common here in Texas, but I wish they were. I’m so envious, since I’ve seen lovely porches in blogland. Anyway, I have a question. On one of your photos I see that there is a gap between one of the support posts and the wall of the house. How will you guys block that off to keep the Mosquitos out? Will you staple the screening material onto the house itself or fill the gap with some other material?

    • Hi, Edith, I had to go back and look, but the small gaps between the post and the siding of the house may be able to be covered with a corner piece of trim molding of some kind. I know bugs can get in small spaces, but I probably won’t be too concerned about every tiny hole and hope for the best, but we’ll try to plug them all up as best we can.

  20. It is so fun to watch your progress and to see you create your beautiful home with your mom and dad! I have watched from the start and can’t wait to see your finished product!! You so deserve it!! Bless you!

  21. Great progress being made. I love seeing your dad doing all of this, it is good for him, it keeps him young. Can’t wait for the big finish.


  22. Great job on getting that porch up to speed. God bless your dad- he does jobs right the first time. I need to e-mail you some ideas on screening neighbor views. I’m considering the same in my own yard. Can’t wait to see how this sweet spot comes together for you.

  23. Oh Rhoda, tell your sweet Daddy to be really careful. My dear husband fell down the steps of his workshop from the attic (8 ft.) last year and broke his back. I know you don’t want any injuries with the redo of your house. I’ve been following the entire renovation and love all your posts. I just had to delurk to get on my soap box. Love your blog!

  24. I hope the weather holds out for you it’s snowing here in NJ today…will Spring ever get here!

  25. Rhoda, your daddy sooo reminds me of mine. At 82, he was still topping trees in his backyard. He cut a big limb that knocked the ladder when it fell, causing him to fall and crack his pelvis. He laid under that tree and refused the ambulance that my sister summoned. He said he’d be able to get up in a bit and would travel to the hospital via her car. And that’s exactly what he did, cracked pelvis and all! Crazy!!! He’s gone now and I miss him sooo much. Treasure this time with your parents because someday they’ll be gone.

  26. Rhoda, your daddy is my hero! That determination is what keeps him young! I can see my hubby doing the same thing in 20 years and I’ll be down below yelling at him to be careful!

    The porch is looking great, and I’d think any carpenter would be impressed!

  27. A screened porch is one of my dreams, we know that when you touch it, it will be wonderful. LOVE that daddy, I have missed seeing him!

  28. Reading the stories of your dad helping with your house projects makes me miss my dad. He has been gone almost 12 years. Before we lost him, my sister and I knew we could always call Daddy and he could fix or build ANYTHING for us. Bless his heart. And, bless your dad’s heart!

  29. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says:

    G R E A T P R O G R E S S………….cant wait to see the decorating part, all that hard work will be the icing on the project…your Dad is a trooper to say the least…Love & Blessings…

  30. I bet your porch will turn out great! This project requires patience and a whole lot of love from you! Be sure to post more pictures about how your porch will turn out when everything has been cleaned and decorated.

  31. Love what you are doing but love even more that you are doing it with your dad. What a wonderful memory for you two to cherish and look forward to when you can be sipping your drinks enjoying your new porch together.

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