Segreto Vignettes

Happy Labor day to all of you! I hope you are enjoying a long weekend with family and friends!

Fellow blogger and decorative artist, Leslie Sinclair has released another beautiful coffee table book and she recently sent me a copy.  It weighs a ton and is truly a beautiful book that you’d be happy to display in your home. Not only that, it’s chock full of beautiful interior images designed acreated by her team of decorative painting artists and her company Segreto Finishes.

Leslie, a mother of 3 left her corporate career in 1995 and followed her passion of decorative paint techniques with Segreto Finishes, a company dedicated to creating quality plaster and decorative finishes.  This book is the third in a series that highlights the work of Leslie and showcases architects and designers styles and trends in these high-end furnishings.

SegretoVinettes Cover_frontmed

With a forward by design blogger, Joni Webb of Cote de Texas, also in Houston, you will be loving all the design inspiration in the book.

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It’s broken down into finishing trends, with many chapters on everything you need to know on paint finishes, including walls and floors and more.


Finishing fixes takes on many design elements and gives solutions to problems.


The book especially highlights Kitchens, Baths, and Bedrooms three areas that most of us need help with designing and getting it right.


Tips from the Experts covers everything from picking the right color, to selecting counters and floors to name just a few things in this section.

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There’s a Resource Directory at the back so you can see where the sources are for items in the book.

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If you love design and studying great rooms, this book would be a treasure for you.

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I love Traditional style and am continually drawn to classic and traditional spaces.  This book is definitely Traditional in leaning with Old World charm added in with decorative finishes.


The book has a beautiful white cover without the jacket, so it could be used in any decor.

Leslie is a sweet lady and asked me if I’d share her book with all of you, so of course I said yes.  There are lots of books out there and this one is just stunningly beautiful.  One to keep forever.  If you’d like to order a copy, Leslie has it available here (affiliate link). She set up an affiliate system so I get a small commission on any sales made.  No pressure at all, just wanted to pass on a beautiful decorating book to all of you who love homes and decorating as much as I do.

- Rhoda


  1. You are truly a doll!! Thank you very much for giving Segreto Vignettes such a wonderful review!!! I am so blessed to love what I do and it gives me great joy to share all the beautiful interiors that Segreto is so lucky to work in!! thanks again! xo Leslie

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