Shopping Cashiers: Rusticks

It seems I get further and further behind on sharing all of my outings and my trip to NC had several fun stops, which I haven’t gotten around to sharing yet. So today, I will share another great decor shop in Cashiers, NC, Rusticks.

Another beautiful shop, you will love the way they put it all together. Casual, elegant, rustic, mountain goodness. Enjoy!  I’m not going to talk, just enjoy the pretty pics.

Lovely North Carolina, one of my favorite states.

My friend, Renae and me.  I had to take a little break.  Shopping wears me out these days. Did I ever mention that I have lower back problems?  Yep, I do and am going to a chiropractor to try to get myself aligned properly and ease some pain.  I think it is hereditary, since my Dad had back surgery several years ago.

Hope you enjoyed this stop along the way in Cashiers.  I still haven’t share Tobacco Barn and the Screen Door and they are fabulous!

I will as soon as I can, I promise!  When you are reading this, I am on my way to San Francisco!

- Rhoda


  1. Thanks for sharing, Rhoda! I love the whitewashed wood walls and ceilings — they really showcase all their beautiful products! This place would be a budget buster for me…good thing it’s in NC and not ATL!!

  2. I want 2 of everything!!!!!

  3. Good Morning Rhoda,

    Ok…I feel much better now….I won’t be the only middle-aged young lady with a bad lower back at Haven!! I feel for you girl.

    So I am drooling over this place….those chandy’s!!!!!! I want to live there.

    Thanks so much for bring us along on your fab shopping trip. Enjoy your visit with Kate and please say “Hello” to her for me!

    Travel safe my friend
    Janet xox

  4. How lovely! The building itself its so cozy and rustic. Loved all the pictures. Thank you for sharing and I will have to stop over there when we go on vacation the next time.
    Pray your back is better.


  5. Hi Rhoda, I remember telling Lori, when she shared her pics, I wanted to move in to this place! So beautiful! Can’t wait to see the others!

  6. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. We are re-decorating our dining room and this has given me some great ideas for coordinating different styles to make a modern setting. Wow! Enjoy San Franciso! Now, that’s one of my favorite cities.

  7. Swoon~swoon~swoon! Gorgeousness galore! Thank u so much for sharing w us, esp at the expense of ur poor back (feel better!).

  8. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. Now I want to go!

  9. Light fixture heaven! What a gorgeous spot.

  10. great shopping trip, thanks for the take-along. and thanks for the two pillow ideas to make: the linen look square ruffle and the red ticking stripe bolster, both to be made for the living room. couldn’t do it w/o ya, thanks!

  11. OOOO, AHHHHH. My kind of place.

  12. Hi Rhoda-

    What a great store. I am glad it is far away from me as I think I would buy one of everything!

    My sister’s and I have inherited bad “lower” backs from my dad, too. I can feel your pain. Pilates on a Reformer have kept my problems at bay. If I start feeling any discomfort – I head right to my Reformer and do a few moves. It works like a charm. I hope you can get some relief soon.

    My best- Diane

  13. Hi Rhoda,
    What a fantastic shop. EVERYTHING looks beautiful. Wish it was closer to my home in the north. But that would definitely be dangerous for the budget 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing.

  14. Rhoda, thanks for the lovely eye candy! I love going to NC and am always looking for new places to visit. This is goin on my list.
    So sorry to hear you are having back issues. As a long-time back sufferer (I have spinal stenosis) I have a couple of suggestions. 1)get rid of the flip flops and get good supportive shoes. You can find cute shoes and sandals that do this. My chiropractor insists on shoes that keep the feet from sliding about as flip flops do.
    2) any exercise that strengthens your core. I love pilates for this.
    3) you love scouting out bargains as much as I do. Whether you are driving or walking, make sure to take breaks and do some stretching. Walking slowly hurts more than brisk and who does brisk while thrifting? Hope these tips help!

  15. I don’t know where to post this to you so today it is!…I can’t tell you how much you inspire me and keep me strong each day. I follow you daily even though I have only commented a couple times. I like your story, your tale of life, and am happy to hear that you are willing to share little-by-little bits and pieces of your journey. I follow writers who are genuine and are willing to expose their tender selves with us knowns. We do learn from you! I loved the pictures in this post. It reminds me of one of my all time favorite places in southern RI and for a second I thought that is where you were! Such similarities! Anyway, thank you for being you and being an inspiration to the rest of us!

    • Laurie, I follow Rhonda for the same reasone you have mentioned and you are right, hers is an uplifting example. I love coming here for the decor advice too, of course. And, did you think this was Little Compton,or “south”on the other side of the bay?

  16. Lovely pictures. What is the china pattern of those quail dishes, I NEED them.

  17. What a fantastic shopping trip this would be!

  18. Wow that store is amazing! Wish I lived closer

  19. Add me to the list of folks who want to live in this little store!

  20. Love this store, every picture had me drooling over something! Hope your back is feeling better soon.

  21. Isn’t Cashiers the BEST place!!!!!????? I just LOVE it and want to go back! Love this store, didn’t see a single thing I didn’t like! Thanks for taking us along, Rhoda! XO, Pinky


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