Shopping Scott’s Antiques Market

If you haven’t heard about Scott’s Antiques Market and you live in Atlanta, you are missing out on a treasure trove of fun. It’s about the best antiques market that is still left in Atlanta that I know of (waahhhh, I still miss the OLD Lakewood Market at the Fairgrounds) and I have found some of my favorite furniture pieces at Scott’s.

It is always full of eye-candy, one of a kind finds, and is purely fun for browsing. There are 2 huge warehouses full of great stuff, as well as plenty outside as well. This trip, I didn’t even make it to the 2nd building, but saw plenty to photograph just in the South Building.  It’s held the 2nd weekend of every month.

Maybe I will hit it again this weekend, who knows?

I met up again in May with new blog friend, Sherry Hart, who’s house was featured in the May 2011 issue of Better Homes & Gardens. If you haven’t checked that out yet, go and take a peek a her beautiful home.  She has promised I will get to see it in person soon and I’m holding her to it! 🙂  Sherry is a wonderful designer and has been at it for a long, long time.   We weren’t really interested in these dusty pink chairs, it was simply a photo op. 🙂

So, enjoy the stroll through Scott’s Antiques Market.  I’m not going to narrate every pic, but you will get the idea on how much fun it is.  If you’re looking for something special, chances are you will find it at Scott’s.
And I hope you enjoy LOTS of pics, cause I took a ton of pics.  Seems I don’t know when to stop snappin’. 🙂

Loads of old shutters, wouldn’t these be fun to play with?

Furniture galore as far as you can see.  All styles, all years.

Beautiful wood pieces and you’ll find plenty of painted things too.bunny rabbit fabric Braemore

Look what I spied?!  Do you remember my sweet red bunny fabric that I had for so long?  There it is, still going strong on this cute pillow.  Awww….

Loved everything in this pic, especially the mercury glass and that horse head.   You will find all sorts of one of a kind things at Scott’s. 

Antique rugs

Frenchy chairs galore.  Have they been reading blogs, do you think?

A slew of original oils.

Vintage dough bowl.

Stacks and stacks of fabric remnants, a dream for those who love fabrics (I do!).

Great sentiment on this pillow. 😉

These guys out of Alabama had some neat old doors made into hall trees. I thought these were so unique and stopped to chat with them a bit.  They are Jeff & Donna Lee out of Alabama (I think down near Montgomery).  Called LeGAllee Antiques and Faux Finishes, you can reach them at 334-451-0212 if interested in checking out their wares further.  They are here every month at Scott’s in space J-8, South Building.

I told them I’m a blogger and would give them a shout-out.  Nice guys! And I loved their stuff.

Now, who does this piece remind you of?  Yep, Miss Mustard Seed herself.  Gorgeous painted piece.  Looks like that could be some famous Annie Sloan chalk paint, which I have yet to use, but have heard so much about.

Love these pillows!

Beautiful prints and vintage art.

Check out these chairs!  Didn’t check the price, but they are pretty.

Big fat French armoires always get my attention.

Old and rustic are the words at Scott’s. So many beautiful things to take in.  It’s impossible to see it all.

Furniture galore.

Loved! this old lantern.

Chairs, oh yeah, check out the chairs.

This piece was very unique, with a real butcher block top.

Loved this table.

If I had room, I’d get a dozen of these old glass floats.

They are just beautiful to me.

Pretty pottery.

Loved it all.

Spot anything you’d like to bring home?  Yeah, me too!

These old architectural pieces were fab!

As was this old mirror.

Didn’t you love Scott’s?  I know, it’s a treasure trove.  If you haven’t been before, you simply MUST!

- Rhoda


  1. I am going in July. I have never been before and it looks awesome!

  2. Your Scott’s is soooooo cool. We have Scott’s here in Columbus, Ohio in the fall and winter months, but it is nothing like yours. Our stuff looks like junk compared to what you have there. We don’t have fabric or a fraction of the furniture you are showing. The November show here is supposed to be in two buildings, so maybe it will be better, but now I’ll forever be disappointed with our Scott’s after seeing yours. I refinish furniture to resell and never find nice pieces at our Scott’s like you are showing. I am so envious, but love all your pictures. Thanks for sharing and making me drool.

  3. That place looks AMAZING! Loved seeing your trip and thanks for sharing…I would go bananas there and likely drive my husband nuts!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  4. Well that settles it! I’ll be headed back there next month… love that place and it’s been waaaayyyy too long. Thanks, Rhoda!

  5. I’ve never been, but now I must go! What a way to start my morning, I’ll be daydreaming of this all day! Maybe the next time I head to Lake Martin, I’ll plan a swing through Atlanta! Thanks so much for confirming my suspicions!

  6. Rhoda, did you just go? I love that old lantern you showed a pic of. So much cool stuff and I just wish I had oodles of money for those cool things. Not sure if I will go this weekend or not.

  7. Thanks for sharing Rhoda. I could spend days in there. I am thinking of trying the chalk paint too!
    Hope you are enjoying the “redo” sun porch.


  8. Oh my goodness! I’m so jealous that you have such a place to browse. It’s like Disneyland! Those glass floats are great! Thanks for all of the pics.

  9. I had better avoid that place Rhoda!!:) Thanks for sharing all the eye candy!

  10. WOW! wish I was closer to that market! You found some amazing things in your photos!!

  11. Hi Rhoda, just stopping by to say “hello”. I think I’ll head on over to Scott’s this weekend.

  12. I’ve heard about Scott’s for years, but I’ve never been. It’s been on my To-Do list for a very long time; this inspires me. Now I must go ~ soon!

  13. I came over here to read this post because I knew it was going to be filled with great pics! And you didn’t disappoint! I’ve been to Scott’s once and whew, I couldn’t afford ANYTHING I liked! Maybe I was on the wrong side!

    I think I may take a trip this weekend;)

  14. Love the shutters and the pillows!

  15. Wow! What an incredible way to spend a day. So many terrific finds! Thanks for sharing.

  16. I got most everything at Scott when I redecorated my house last year. Even found a fantastic bolt of Colefax & Fowler fabric for $25/yd that I packaged up and sent by UPS to Baker to use on a new chair because we could not find what we wanted in any of their choices. Sometimes the stars just align perfectly! I’m still having “wish I woulda bought it” remorse over an antique wine tasting table that I passed on….someday.

    Hopefully when I get another kid out of college, I can start on all the accessories…definitely a treasure trove for that! When you’re looking for the big pieces, it’s hard not to get distracted by all the cool stuff.

    Are you going this month? It’s root day on Friday, so doesn’t look like I’ll make it….sniff.

  17. This place would be nothing but trouble for me!! I can hardly stand seeing all the goodness…fun! Janell

  18. Wow… Looks like I need to visit Atlanta with a moving van! I’d be curious to know the prices of some of the pieces as I’m very clueless about buying vintage furniture.

  19. I love going to Scott Market and try to time going to Atlanta around that weekend. I’ve posted about Scott’s before and always take a camera. So much eye candy. It is worth going just for inspiration. Sometimes prices are outrageously crazy and sometimes they are about full retail. I’ve purchased fabulous items there but never got a true bargain nor a steal or a diamond in the rough. Mostly I pay way tooooo much because I love the item and don’t want to leave without it. All in all, I go everytime I get the opportunity.

  20. Their plant vendors are great too.

    And I always have lunch from the Greek food vendor.

    Thanks for reminding me it’s this weekend !! Will go.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  21. One of each, please! And I’ll be in Atlanta this weekend and won’t be able to go!

  22. The next time I visit my son in Roswell … I’m going to time it in order to visit this place! I was in heaven looking at your photos.

  23. I just LOVE Scott’s! The stuff outside is also great and cheaper! I get so many ideas when I go! And isn’t Sherry a blast? LOVE her! So glad you two could meet up! Birds of a feather 🙂 Wait, I wasn’t there!

    Hope you are having a great week!

    Lou Cinda 😉

  24. Love the shutters, pottery and pillows. Let’s see, it’s about an 8 hour drive to ATL from here. Hmmmmm….

  25. Oh my Rhoda! I am drooling over here! What an amazing place. Seriously thinking I need a moving van and head up there. Never mapped Texas to Atlanta. But it would sooo be worth it!

  26. hmmmm … about 6 hours from here in Fl to ATL….. Couldn’t stop looking at the shutters, and the painted pottery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my goodness this is an amazing place!!!!! Terri

  27. This is yet another great post of yours, Rhoda!

    Have a great day!


    Luciane at

  28. Awesome place! I’ll have to check it out sometime. =)

  29. I have been to the Scott’s market many times. But from you’re pictures it looks like there is more and more new stuff. That is sad, as I think the antique market is growing smaller and smaller. seems like anything that sells well in the world, is copied very fast in the new world. Can’t say that I blame them. So many people today do not care if it is old or not, they just want a look. I would say the old ones are cheaper. If the whole market looks like these pictures I would say, buyer beware and ask what you are buying. If you don’t care, looks like a wonderful place to shop. Thanks for sharing. Richard at My Old Historic House

  30. Rhoda, So many wonderful picts. My fav is of you and sherry, Oh how I would love to hang out with the two of you!!! What really caught my eye in the picts was all the old doors and shutters. I love them!!! Kathysue

  31. I need to get a U-Haul and head to Atlanta! This place is awesome… Never even heard of it before your blog..

    Thanks for the info and check out my blog

    Wendy- The Southern Newlywed

  32. WOW, I could drool for hours. So many goodies.. wonder how the prices are cause I loved about 10 things… dangerous place! LOL

  33. OH, MY…. I would be in heaven there! What great items and great pictures, thanks for sharing!


  34. One of each please!!!!!

  35. melesa garrison says:

    Rhoda, I was frothing over the shudders, tables, pottery, furniture…ok, I was frothing over everything 😉 I would love to visit this with a huge purse full of money and a big ole truck waiting outside! Lol

    Can you tell me what glass floats are for??? I love them, but don’t know the purpose. I’m glad you told us about the vintage dough bowl. I saw some of these at a local store and loved them, but wondered what they were used for.

    I’m one of those crazy people that has to have reasoning for everything. I was probably one of those two year olds that constantly asked WHY???

    Thanks for sharing 😉

  36. Rhoda, I have always wanted to visit Scott’s, but I have never made it there…Thanks so much for posting these amazing photos. I *really* want to go now!

  37. Eddie Ross says:

    Scott’s is amazing! One of our favorite places for antiquing! We love the vintage dough bowl you found! So fun!
    xo E + J

  38. Rhoda this look soooooo cool. I love it when you share your shopping adventures with us!!! I’m pretty sure this is what heaven looks like, tons of fun antiques, etc. for browsing and inspiration!! Love it!

  39. Rhoda,
    Now that is my kind of place! I’ll have to remember to stop in next time I’m in Atlanta. How were the prices?

    Thanks for sharing your trip.


  40. Karen Rawlins says:

    First time commentor!
    Since you used to live in Bham/Alabaster (I live in Helena) where were your favorite places to shop here? I still want to check out the place you blogged about in Cullman. I will wait a little longer til Cullman has time to recover. Thanks Karen

  41. You have made my day with another spectacular entry! Thank you! I look forward to visiting my family in Atl this summer. I’ll have to schedule my visit around the 2nd weekend of either Jul or Aug. Take care, Rhoda! ~Lynn

  42. I. want. to. go. shopping. there. !!!!!

    We actually drove past the exit for Scott’s (saw the billboard) when we were traveling home from vacation a couple of weeks ago – it was not “the right weekend” so, I’ll have to come back another time. But, at least I know how to get there! 🙂

    Why, yes… I do remember your sweet red bunny fabric you had for so long! It’s going strong in my dining room right now (as I type this comment)! Still love it – thanks again for selling it to me!! 🙂

  43. Hey, girls! Several asked about prices. I can’t say that Scott’s is cheap at all, but they do have some great one of a kind things. I did find my fave 2 pieces of furniture here. definitely worth looking!

  44. Rhoda!! Do they have antique bibs? Because I am drooling over that place! Holy cats! How are the prices?

  45. Wow, now I really want to go! I started pinning items to Pinterest and wanted to pin the whole page! 🙂

    thanks for sharing!

  46. Thanks for the tour. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  47. Rhoda I had no idea they had fabric. I had planned to go this weekend but a business trip got in the way. July is not looking good either, so my plan is to be there in August. I can’t wait!

  48. the freckled minx says:

    A wonderful post Rhoda and what a treasure trove of lovely goodies.

  49. We have a Scott’s that is at ONE building on the fairgrounds only during the winter months. So a much smaller scale. I would say that the vendors are not the same though. I think we get more of the rustic antique stuff up here and I know I have never seen a frenchy chair at one of the shows. I only go once or twice during the winter because it kills me to pay the prices there when I know it would be 1/2 the price elsewhere, but of course I do pay the price because I don’t want to lose out on a cool find. Must be part of their marketing concept :).

  50. Rhoda,
    You found decor heaven. This is where all the good little decor must go! I always knew that heaven would let all the good little decor pieces in!
    I could do so much damage there!

  51. Oh my! This place looks just incredible. I am definitely going to have to stop by next time I’m in Atlanta.

  52. Rhoda, you always make everything look like such fun. Wish I could go with you. I have a feeling we’d have fun together. You always take so many pics and make it feel like I’m there too. Hoping you enjoy your weekend.

  53. Lesli Messinger says:

    When I lived in Ohio I sold at the Scott’s Show regularly in Columbus, OH (1980s thru early 1990s). The Scott’s are wonderful people and they have a reputation for having excellent antique shows.

  54. I went to Scott’s once and it was great! Maybe I need to take another trip to Atlanta! BTW, is the Scott’s Antique Market in Destin that you profiled related to this one?

    • Hi, Vicki, the one in Destin was called Holiday and Smith’s was the other one, so no Scott’s in FL that I know of.

  55. Rhoda I’m so bummed we don’t have one here. I saw a ton of things I want…basically one of everything. Hope you are well.

  56. Oooh! I want those Free Range Children Pillows!! Awesome! 🙂

  57. Rhoda….I am just now coming up for air after a crazy month. Have hardly had time to read post but saw this and wanted to say thanks for the shout! I want to get together soon……I should be almost caught up by next week so I will call you! Hope you are doing well.

  58. Beverly Pease says:

    Rhoda: Love the photos…thanks. What a place! Do you know if they buy gold and silver jewelry for melting? Looks like only furniture but thought I’d ask. And if I could pick your brain: Do you know a good place to sell old gold and silver jewelry in Atlanta for its melt value? ?

    Beverly Pease

  59. How much were the shutters? And I love Scots!


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