Snowy Sundays: The Christmas Tree

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Happy Sunday and hope you’re having a great weekend!  It’s so fun to have the whole month ahead of us and looking forward to all the festivities that go with this season of the year.  I just love Christmas, don’t you?  It’s a happy and joyous time of celebrating with family and friends and also a time to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Today, I’m joining Tree Classics and several other bloggers for a Snowy Sundays Christmas tree sharing as we have all decorated our trees and enjoy sharing them with all of you.  I have a Snowy Aspen Spruce from Tree Classics and it’s a 7 1/2′ tall tree, lightly flocked and very beautiful.  It’s a little bit wide at the base and so we had to move around the furniture in our smallish living room to accomodate it, but it sure is pretty!

Come on in and join the party!  We don’t have snow here in Georgia, but we can still celebrate Winter and this beautiful time of year. We have very balmy weather right now and we never know what we’ll get in December from year to year, but typically it’s been pretty warm.

The sofa got moved and the chairs are out for now, but it makes for cozy seating in front of the tree. I can see some hot chocolate sipping going on right here.

The Snowy Spruce is really a beautiful tree, lightly flocked and very full and lush.  I was going to go with all cranberry/gold this year and had some new ornaments from Tree Classics in those colors. I did use all of those too, along with many of my own gold and cranberry ornaments that I’ve had for many years.  But, once I saw all the Shiny Brites that Mark had in his collection, along with my own Shiny Brite collection, I decided I just had to go all colorful and add them all!

And I’m so glad I did!  We all grew up with very colorful ornaments on the tree, so I’m going back to that tradition for our tree and I think this will be our new look from now on.

A colorful tree makes me so happy and truly brings back childhood memories with all those beautiful and colorful Shiny Brite ornaments that we had on our tree.  My mom passed along what was left of our childhood collection to me several years ago and I cherish and treasure them.

Mark has quite a few too so it only made sense to just use them all.  I added his on the front right side of the tree and mine towards the back on the left side. You can see these pretty burgandy and gold ornaments from Tree Classics too if you looks closely.

This Merry Christmas ornament is one of my favorites from his collection.

I’ve got some beautiful and fragile ornaments from my childhood on the tree and we are going to have to be very careful with them, since they are paper thin now. I have several of the faceted ornaments that were so popular back then.  I’ve also collected a few other boxes of vintage ornaments from antique stores along the way.

These two from my childhood are faves too, that pink and silver swirled one at the top right and this striped pink and yellow one in the middle. These were both hanging on our family tree growing up and I love them so much.

Vintage Shiny Brite Ornaments

Vintage Shiny Brite Ornaments from my childhood

I used a neutral black and cream ribbon with sparkles that I found last year since neutral ribbon works with anything. I just love the addition of these colorful ornaments from both of our childhoods hanging on the tree. We are going to look for additional vintage style ornaments to add to our tree next year, since new vintage style Shiny Brites are being made now too. I’m so glad they’ve made a comeback!  Oh the nostalgia they create!

My pretty Fitz and Floyd nativity set has been with me for about 25 years now and I treasure it too. My grandmother’s side table was a perfect spot to show it off.

The tree really makes a statement in the living room and we sure do love it.

I hope you don’t mind, but I took at lot of pics of the tree at different times of the day.  I wanted the colors to really be shown off and without the lights on, the colors really shine.

It feels like our vintage trees from the past and I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s not a fancy designer style tree, but we love it.

This bell was a favorite from my childhood tree.

And the Merry Christmas ornament from Mark’s childhood again, I just love it along with the swirled one and the one above with all that gorgeous color.

There are many beautiful ornaments to capture our attention and I know we’ll be staring at this tree a lot during the Christmas season.  The pretty cranberry and gold Christmas tree skirt is also from Tree Classics.

I’m so happy to be sharing our tree with all of you today and I hope you enjoy the Snowy Sundays tour!

You can see a peek into the kitchen and I’ve got a special surprise in there to share with you, so that will be next week.  It’s feeling so festive around here!

I’ve got several more spaces to share, so I’ll be breaking it all up into several posts in the next couple of weeks, but it sure is looking like Christmas around here!

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- Rhoda


  1. Beautiful tree! I,too, went back to tradition and my 7 year old grandson is so glad to have tons of color! I still have hand-made ornaments from my Mom that go on each year, and each year we each buy a new one. I am going to need a bigger tree!

  2. Donna Zoltanski says

    I love your new tradition and all the pretty vintage ornaments. Have a merry Christmas and enjoy these precious memories you are making together.

  3. It is perfect in that room and I love the old ornaments that you both share now, that makes it extra specia!! Very pretty!

  4. Andrea Corley says

    Your tree is beautiful. I love those old ornaments. They take me back to my childhood as well. Unfortunately I don’t think mom kept any of ours… makes me sad, but happy to see yours!

    What great memories. Again, so happy you are happy!!!

  5. The tree and house look beautiful Rho! I am so happy for you and I love that Mark adds his family memories to your
    tree. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  6. Donna Harris says

    I love decorating for Christmas and spend lots of time looking at the pix in Christmas magazines and on blogs. This is ,by far, the prettiest tree I’ve seen this season (maybe ever). I love Shiy Brites, too. Thank you, for the inspiration you are to so many of us!

    • Wow, Donna, that sure makes my day! I often feel so out of the mainstream with my Christmas decor and the way I decorate, so I’m happy to hear you love it too.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! It does look like a designer tree just like anything you put your hand to! The colorful Shiny Brites accent the blue rug in your living room. Perfect! Your’s and Mark’s ornaments hanging together on this beautiful tree in your beautiful home…how romantic!!! Merry First Christmas to you both!

  8. Rhoda,
    Your tree is breathtaking! I would love to know the source for your stair greenery. I love the magnolia in it!
    Thought I’d let this little cat out of the bag–do you know that Goodwill has a bidding website like eBay that often has Shiny Brite ornaments? Goodwills from all over the country put their collectibles and valuables on there. You can find the most unique items–lots of housewares and amazingly cheap purses too:)
    Merry Christmas!

    • THank you, Grace, I’ll be sharing my staircase garland soon, it’s from Tree Classics, but I added that magnolia in there myself. We have a magnolia tree in the woods behind our new house so I went back there and got some magnolia leaves to add a bit to my decor. So easy to use this time of year. I did know about that Goodwill site, but forgot about it! I’ll have to check it out, I would definitely buy more vintage Shiny Brites for the right price. Thanks!

  9. Ooooo my, that is one beautiful Christmas tree! Love it, Rhoda. I hope Parker and Iris get to see it…I can imagine how magical that tree would seem to a child.

    • THank you, Jane, hopefully they can come by and see my Christmas decorations while they are in town.

  10. Beautiful tree Rhoda, I will have to check them out for next year. I love the vintage ornaments too. I have many from my mother also.

  11. Your tree is super-gorgeous!! All of the colors work so well together and are anchored by that beautiful rug! I would sip hot chocolate right along with you on that sofa and stare are your tree. Shiny Brites are so nostalgic and fun! Merry Christmas to you and Mark in your new home! It’s beautiful and I look forward to more pictures.

    • Ahhh, thank you, Susan, we sure are loving it this time of year and our first Christmas together in our new house.

  12. Oh, Rhoda! My mouth is just hanging open. Your tree looks magnificent!!

    Those Shiny Brite ornaments just capture my heart. You will have to be very careful with the vintage ones; they really are so thin, but they’re so gorgeous it’s worth the trouble.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your first Christmas with Mark in this lovely new home you’re creating together!

  13. I love your blog and I am so happy for you and Mark. I also love your tree. Even though I love looking at the Christmas decorations of all the blogs I follow, which mostly have themes in neutral colors, I prefer yours. My tree is very traditional with eclectic ornaments I inherited or collected for the last 34 years of my marriage. I also have some that my kids made that bring a smile to me every time I look at them.

  14. Merry Christmas Rhoda! I also have many antique ornaments some of them were from when my mom was a child, they are at least 80-90 years old and so very precious to me. I was terribly afraid to put them on a tree so I have placed them in several large glass containers with glass lids and added some small strings of lights that are battery operated. When the season is over, I just store them in the jars tucked away in a closet until next year.

    • Carol, I love that too and do enjoy piled up ornaments in a bowl or jar. So pretty with those twinkle lights. I’m going to be extra careful with our vintage ornaments!

  15. Your tree is beautiful in your gorgeous new place! I know you are so excited to be spending time decorating in your new home – enjoy Rhoda!

  16. Beautiful! What happened to your white tree?

  17. Marilyn Canaday says

    I love your tree and the sentimental ornaments are the best! I have a bell that was on my dad’s first tree in 1919. He passed in 1977 and my grandmother gave it to me. I lost my husband of 40 years in July of 2010. I really didn’t feel like putting up a tree that year or most years since then. But knowing that little bell had been on a tree every year helps me to put up my tree each year. It has been on one of our family members trees every year for 98 years! I also have very fragile, paper thin ornaments of my grandparents in a large brandy snifter. They were from their first tree in 1918, the year they were married. These ornaments are priceless to me. Your home is beautiful and I look forward to each blog, Merry Christmas!

    • HI, Marilyn, oh that is so special to have an ornament that’s been on your family trees for 98 years! Such wonderful memories to have.

  18. I have been so glad to see the Shiny Bright ornaments make a comeback too! I have a few in my collection, but my family didn’t take very good care of them before they were passed to me so I’d like to get some of the new ones that have come out. They’ve always been my favorite! Thanks for sharing! Love to see the trees!

  19. Rhoda, wow, how beautiful and fun your colorful tree looks!! I love a tree that’s really loaded up and I admire the patience it takes to decorate in such detail. Enjoy a wonderful holiday with your very happy tree!!


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