My Soulful Home: A Year In Flowers Book

Hello friends!  I’ve met some wonderful women across the country since I’ve been blogging and so many of them have written books. I’m so happy for them and it’s always fun to see their hard work come to fruition and many of them I’ve shared here on my blog.  Today, I’m sharing another blog friend’s new book, Kelly, from My Soulful Home is a delightful lady who lives in CA.  I met her at Haven and also got to spend time with her at the Moss Mountain Farm event we both attended earlier this spring in Little Rock, AR.

Kelly is such a sweet and fun gal and she writes a beautiful blog about Her Soulful Home, a Victorian she and her husband are renovating now.  You’ll have to check out her blog if you haven’t already, I think you’ll enjoy her style.

Kelly is a garden and flower lover and when a publisher reached out to her about writing a book, Kelly knew she wanted to write a gardening book.  That’s her passion and it definitely shows.  When we were together at the Moss Mountain event, I could tell that she was in her element.  We all loved the beauty that surrounded us in that beautiful state.

I love this quote from Kelly:

“Don’t spend your life waiting for someone to send you flowers, make your own arrangements”

~ Kelly Wilkniss

With that in mind, Kelly set about writing a book all about making gorgeous floral arrangements.  She mentions that this book is for you if you are a novice flower arranger, if you love flowers, if you love stories woven in about gardening and flowers, and it you love filling your life with beauty and make arrangements easily and inexpensively.

Sound like anyone you know?

Kelly not only grows her own flowers, but she took all the photos for her book and they are gorgeous! As a side note, Kelly has gorgeous hair!

Divided into months, Kelly highlights a different arrangement for each month and each are unique and stunning.

This one is Christmas, bet you guessed that!

Such great ideas for so many styles, types, and colors of flowers, whether you buy them at the grocery store or grow your own.

It takes some knack and practice to put together beautiful arrangements, so here’s your chance to learn more.

So proud of Kelly for following her passion for flowers and writing this book.  Sharing her heart through flowers speaks to her soulful home that she enjoys giving to her readers.

The book covers all aspects of cut flowers, such as: how and when to cut; what to grow; where to buy; how to handle; her fool proof formula for design and 12 step by step tutorials.

So, if you’re in the market for a floral arranging book, Kelly’s book has you covered.  You can find it here, that’s my affiliate link below!  I’m so happy to share Kelly’s beautiful book and her heart with all of my readers.  I just know you’ll enjoy the book and what a great gift it would be for a friend or loved one.

Happy Gardening, my friends!






- Rhoda


  1. Beautiful flowers ! And I am so jealous of her gorgeous thick hair. I would give my right arm for hair like that !

    • Becky in 'Bama says:

      Ha… ha. I was thinking the same thing. Never mind the beautiful flowers – her hair is indeed enviable – and highlights her great cheek bones. AND she has a great flair for arrangements.

  2. Rhoda I am So grateful and touched by your heartfelt post about my book. I so enjoyed our time together at Moss Mountain Farm. Thank you for sharing me, my book – and my hair 🙂 – with your readers. If anyone picks up the book I hope they enjoy reading it as much as I did creating it. xx

  3. These are the kind of flower arrangements I like. Not formal and over the top but just beautiful! I love the Christmas arrangement the best.

  4. Hi Rhoda!!

    The arrangements are gorgeous!! Love the jug that a couple of pictures show as well.

    I thought about her hair right away. That’s so funny you mentioned it.

    Have a great weekend!!


  5. Oh, the hair, the hair! It’s beautiful.
    I just very well may have to purchase her book because I want to learn how to arrange effectively! I can’t grow many because I have a brown thumb but I can and do buy bouquets.

  6. Thanks Rhoda
    Looks like a beautiful book! Lovely arrangements.

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