Southern Lady Celebration & Giveaway

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A wonderful women’s event is coming this fall to Savannah, GA and I am happy to partner with Southern Lady magazine and Hoffman Media to help spread the word.

What would be more fun than having a girlfriend weekend in Savannah?


HGTV’s Erica Glasener, TLC’s Laurie Hickson-Smith and Sister Schubert Headline Weekend

  • EVENT: Southern lifestyle magazine, Southern Lady, will bring the pages of the magazine to life with the seventh annual Southern Lady Celebration weekend in Savannah, Georgia.
  • The event will feature a weekend of inspirational speakers, delicious food, how-to demonstrations, a shopping tour of Savannah, on-site shopping boutique and fabulous entertaining ideas and tips from the editorial staff of Southern Lady.
  • PRESENTERS: Celebrity presenters will include the popular interior designer and co-host of TLC’s Trading Spaces, Laurie Hickson-Smith, HGTV’s Erica Glasener and Patricia Barnes, better known as Sister Schubert. Additional speakers will include artist Diana Hansen of White Flowers designs, devotional speaker Lael Melville, Southern humorist Bobbie Staten and the Editor-in-Chief of Southern Lady magazine, Phyllis Norton Hoffman.
  • DATE AND TIME: Friday, October 9-Sunday, October 11, 2009
  • LOCATION: The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort and Spa

One Resort Drive
Savannah, GA 31421
The Grand Ballroom

  • REGISTRATION: The $429.00 registration fee includes four meals, all speaking programs and presentations, how-to demonstrations, access to the Celebration boutique and a shopping tour of Savannah. For more information or to register, visit Southern Lady magazine.

Gracious Cover

And to help foster some excitement for this event, I’ve been given the privilege to give away some fun goodies. So, even if you can’t make the event (I don’t think I’ll be able to go, but it sure does sound like so much fun!), you can at least enjoy some of the eye candy. We can’t give away a ticket to the event, BUT…..

One of my readers will win 4 books from the featured speakers, as well as some extra special little Southern goodies that will be added to the giveaway:

Gracious Spaces, by Hoffman Media CEO, Phyllis Hoffman. This is a visually beautiful book on entertaining and has some wonderful pics.

Honey All About Shoes

You might remember that we all had fun with the book review I did recently on the above book, Honey It’s All in the Shoes. This one will be included too.

Discovering Home with Laurie Smith

Remember Laurie Hickson-Smith, from Trading Spaces? She has a beautiful design book out too, Discovering Home.

Cookbook Cover Picture

And last but not least, Sister Schubert’s cookbook, Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters. Do you love Sister Schubert’s rolls and do you have them in your grocery store? We sure do love her products. She’s an Alabama girl and has wonderful breads right in the frozen food section of your grocery store and they are all yummy.

I’m fortunate to be getting copies of all of these books for my home too and cannot wait to read them all.

So, all you have to do to win is leave a comment right here on this post! Tell me about your girlfriends and what you enjoy doing with them when you get the chance.

One of you will win all these wonderful books AND if any of you have the time and opportunity to attend this fun event with your girlfriends, I know you will thoroughly enjoy it.

Please leave a comment and you just might win those wonderful books!  I’m going to leave this giveaway open all next week (until Sat., the 19th) and when I return, I’ll pick a winner!


  1. What a great selection of Southern books! Our favorite Sister Schubert’s are the sausage rolls. Perfect for a brunch or a kids sleepover!

  2. I have been a fan of Southern lady magazine since its very first issue over 10 years ago now… hubby brought it to me to read after delivering our second baby. I always look forward to reading each issue, and now the special issues Phyllis Hoffman publishes throughout the year. Going to the weekend in Savannah would be a wonderful time, but the kiddos have too much going on! So instead I enjoy time with the girls here in town. We love to get together for lunch once a week, and often we plan our shooping trips around each others schedules so that we can shop together as well. Each December I host a girlfriend’s cookie swap, and we have also done a meal swap before as well.
    Thanks for hosting the give-away. It’s a good one!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. I love books! And… our favorite Sister Schubert goodies are the cinnamon and blueberry rolls… yummmm! Thanks!

  4. Oh wow what great books. I definitely can’t get there as I live in Australia. If you are accepting International girls into the giveaway then count me in. If not then Good Luck to the rest of you girls.

  5. I wish I could go to this. I have been a fan of Laurie’s for a long time! And of course , who doesn’t love Sister Schubert?

  6. My girlfriends and I like to shop – especially Goodwill, and Home Goods. I am a huge fan of Laurie Smith. I love her style. All these books look wonderful.


  7. oh my gosh, i LOVE Laurie!! These books would be SO.GREAT!

  8. I am a self-proclaimed bibliophile AND a southern girl, so what could be better than to win this giveaway? My girlfriends and I just like to get together at someone’s house and sit around visiting and relaxing. What could be better?!

  9. I have never seen that magazine! It looks fantastic- Virginia claims to be southern, but they have nothing like the south. 🙂

  10. My girlfriends and I go out to dinner every Wednesday night. We have been friends since the 7th grade!!!! We have stayed close all these years. We call ourselves the Ya Ya’s!! Our children and grandchildren have 5 mothers and grandmothers!!!!! Our kids are close to all their mothers! And yes, we realize how wonderful it is to have lifelong friends!

  11. I absolutely love Laurie Smith! She is beautiful, elegant, graceful and such a fabulous decorator! When I used to watch Trading Spaces it just made my day when she was one of the decorators! The other books look great, too. oh, I could just live in a library. Have a great vacation!

  12. Didn’t know Sister Shubert had a cookbook! What a great giveaway!!

    We call ourselves The Beach Buddies! There are five of us. It all started 25 years ago with a beach trip. We haven’t missed a year yet going to the beach and we get together monthly to eat, talk and share. We pray for each other daily and have been through lots together in those 25 years. They mean the world to me.

  13. Oh wow!!! That would be so cool to win!! I just love to read (and when I go thrifting, I ALWAYS buy at least a couple of books… in french and english!)
    I used to LOVE Laurie on TS!!

  14. I so wish I could go to this. What a great giveaway, and such a great collection of books. Thanks for the opportunity to win them.

  15. Hey, you know what my girlfriends and I love…going to yard sales!

  16. Right now I am missing my girlfriends as we recently moved! I love to chat,shop, chat, have lunch and chat when we get together. As a northern transplant to the south I would welcome these goodies! Also thinking of recruiting one of my northern friends for this great southern get away!

  17. I love this giveaway!! My girlfriends love a good night of watching trashly reality TV {The Bachelor} and eating take-out Chinese! =)

  18. These books look great!

  19. Would love to win! My girlfriends and I usually like to have a long lingering lunch or meet for dinner and wine. It’s great and I must admit, we don’t do it near enough!

  20. I wish I could attend this event! I had a neighbor who brought me a package of Sister Shubert’s Dinner Rolls as a housewarming gift when we moved in. She said I know this is an unusual way to welcome a new neighbor with something you can find in the supermarket but they are just so wonderful I want you to try them! She was so nice and we loved the dinner rolls and still buy them. Excited to see the real person behind them and that she has a cookbook out now. Can’t wait to see it!

  21. What a lovely giveaway Rhoda! Thanx! Look forward to hearing the winner.

  22. I’ve had Laurie Smith’s book for a while. It’s quite good. Whenever I get together with girlfriends, including my mom and sister, we do what all good Southern girls do – we SHOP! We’ve also been known to have margaritas or a glass of wine, accompanied by much gabbing, on the back porch.

  23. Would love to win any of these wonderful books. Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. Such beautiful books! I’ve recently started making bread…it’s a wonderful way to reconnect with your kitchen! As far as time with friends, we certainly enjoy coffee breaks, girls’ nights and helping out with our kids’ schools together. I love the new ideas you can get when you just take the time to ask and listen…priceless!

  25. Oh, all of them look wonderful. 🙂

  26. I love Laurie Smith!

    It sounds like a lot of fun – I wish I could go. I’d love to be entered in the giveaway.

    Thanks Rhoda 🙂


  27. sharon driggers says:

    Love the books! Southern Lady magazine is a favorite of mine! It is great to be a southern lady!

  28. I may live in the North (PA) but I’m a southern girl at heart. I subscribe to Southern Living AND Southern Lady, love them! I’ve had my eye on these books too but as yet have not ordered any, winning them would be sweet! 😉 My best girlfriend and I try to get away for a day of shopping and lunch (must include lunch!) a couple times a year.

  29. What great books and what a super event for Southern lady to organize in one of the best cities in the South. I would love to add these great books to my collection of cooking, decorating books. Good luck to all and best wishes for a great time in Savannah!

  30. I love your website, visit every day, and have learned so much from it. I also love everything that Phyllis Hoffman does. I treasure Southern Lady and I really love the CELEBRATE mags that she has put out over the last year, have read them almost to pieces. What an inspiration this conference would be, but, alas, life intervenes. Thank you, Rhoda, for the chance to win and experience it vicariously.

  31. What a wonderful giveaway! The books look terrific, and we love Sister Shubert’s rolls!

  32. Summer Caldwell says:

    I love southern hospitality! Rhoda you have great decorating ideas for those of us on a budget!! I love Laurie Smith since she is a MS girl like me!

  33. Jessica Young says:

    Those are all great books! I’d love to win! Thanks for the generous give-a-way!

  34. Such nice books. I’ve never seen Southern Lady and we live in Va! But, I have seen Sister Schubert’s rolls at the grocery store, but haven’t tried them…I guess I will have to do that now! 😉

  35. Allyson Blackwood says:

    How fun! What a great giveaway!

  36. I just love Southern Lady and everythin Phyllis Hofffman puts out. Put my name in the hat!

  37. When my friends and I get together we usually are working on a scrapbooking project…we love trading supplies that we no longer need…I have one particular friend that is a super duper thrifty shopper…we love to see who can find the “better” deal on whatever it is that we need…I’ve learned a lot about “thriftiness” from her…I’d love to be entered into this contest to win these beautiful books…Thank you for this giveaway…Because of Calvary, Robyn

  38. I love so many of Hoffman Media magazines, and love Southern lady. I love to host my girlfriends for
    parties or meet them for lunch. I get lots of ideas from Southern Lady and other mags that they do. I would
    love to win these books!!

  39. My mother grew up in the South. She is full of Southern Pride. She instilled in her 7 children the graciousness that one can find in the south. She want to help her 10 grandchildren (who are literally all over the world) some of the South in them.

  40. I would love to win these books!!! Nothing better than cooking, decorating, and eating!

  41. Oh how fun is this giveaway! I didn’t grow up down in the south, but I have always been enchanted with the culture and longed for a house with a beautiful sweeping front porch! My family and I live in a neighborhood called “Savannah” which is modeled after Savannah, GA. While it has captured some of the charm and architecture of Savannah, it still keeps me longing for those lazy afternoons amongst all of the beautiful old trees that I have always pictured. I have a feeling that these books might just keep me longing for more of that wonderful southern charm!

  42. I love Laurie Smith. I love Sister Schubert rolls. I love free stuff. I love friends. I don’t really do anything special with friends. it is usually a church women’s event we are attending like a ladies night out. I hope it is just the season of my life right now.

  43. Beautiful!

    My girlfriends and I? We simply enjoy “being.” We support each other, cry, cook, gossip, pray, empty bottles of wine, and giggle about the time when we’ll be old ladies in rocking chairs, doing the very same thing.

    Being a southern lady — one of life’s greatest pleasures.

  44. Ahh, two of my favorites. Sister Schubert’s rolls are a must have for any holiday or special occasion dinner (or when you just want to treat yourself!). And I’ve loved Laurie Smith since her Trading Spaces days. She always had the best taste out of everyone on the show. I wish I could go to the event, but it won’t be possible. Sounds like so much fun! Girlfriends are so important! My best friend, Polly, and I set out last weekend for a girl’s day out, and before day’s end, we’d been to 3 states…. Tennessee to Virginia to North Carolina and back to Tennessee. Whew….plumb wore out, but we had such a good time. There’s lots of definitions of a “friend”, but one of the signs of a true friend is when you can make up silly songs about the billboards and signs you see along the way, and your friend joins in with you. 😉 It’s good to let your hair down and laugh until your belly hurts!

  45. What a great giveaway! I actually have to only put a few of Sister Schubert’s rolls in the oven at a time… otherwise, my husband DEVOURS THEM ALL!!! He has absolutely no self control with those great rolls or P-I-A-B’s. Mmmmmm, so good.

  46. The books look so beautiful! I bet they’re filled with all kinds of goodies!!!

  47. I may be a Northerner, but I love the style of the south. These books look like lots of fun reading!

  48. Wow, am I a fan of those infamous Schubert rolls! Love em. All of the books look wonderful. What a great giveaway!

  49. Books!!! I would love to win! My children are grown and I’m enjoying lots of back to basics like reading, sewing, and bread baking. But ohmygosh … my baking is nothing compared to Sister Schubert’s rolls! My son still opens the oven door and proclaims “Mmmmmm” when he sees that little pan of rolls! Heart your blog! *smile*

  50. I’d love to win, even though I’m only southern in my heart…LOL

  51. I’m so glad I happened upon your website. I’m a born New Yorker but a Southern Lady lives in my soul. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  52. These books look wonderful!!!! What a great giveaway!!

  53. What wonderful books from 3 fabulous ladies! I would be delighted to win this! Thanks

  54. Awesome giveaway! Thanks!

  55. I love you website. I am not familiar with the Souther Lady Magazine and unfortunate will be unable to make it to Savanah but I enloy Laurie Smith and always thought her rooms were the best. As for Sister Schubert’s breads there are none any better, we have them for our Sunday Lunchs all the time and her cinamon rolls are great for a fast breakfast.

    Thanks for having this giveaway.

  56. Each book sounds like a feast for the eyes and filled with great ideas. I’m crossing my fingers!

  57. I can’t tell you how much I just love visiting the website. There are so many wonderful ideas and pictures. I can’t wait to try some of these things out. What I really love the most is the yard sale and thrift store trips. I started this hobby when my husband was stationed in Virginia with the military. There was so many thrift shops, that I started collecting clear glass and cut glass. I would love to have one of the wonderful books that you are giving away!! Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful ideas and talents.

  58. I love spending time with my girlfriends and the best way that I can think of is our morning walks. I love that we can talk about anything and everything. But most of the time we talk about nothing! That’s what good girlfriends are for.

    Wonderful giveaway! I would love to have something new to read. I’ve recently been put on bed rest for the next 2 months.

  59. I enjoy having a movie/dinner night with my girlfriends. I would love to do a trip some day.

  60. Love your blog, love Southern Lady magazine.

  61. Enter me please, what a wonderful collection of books!

  62. My very best friend and I have been together since kindergarten! We’ve both moved away from our hometown & currently live 3 hours apart. We keep each other sane through telephone calls & visits.
    Every Thanksgiving either she & her family come here or I & my family go to her. We usually get together in December for a day and bake like crazy to get all of our Christmas cookies done. We’ve been camping together, painted our homes together, raised our kids together.
    Her daughter got married this summer and I helped my friend choose her Mother-of-the-bride dress, and I was honored to get to sit by her side to watch the ceremony.

  63. hi! i come back everyday! 😀 thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment. i am posting up a before and after pic of my chair redo. pretty proud of it. thanks from the motivation i get from you and centsational girl 😀 stop by my blog more often k?!

  64. Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  65. Lovely prizes. I’d love to win.

  66. My best FF and I love to sit on the back porch and swing have some ice tea or wine. We have
    a blast just taking.

  67. I would love to win those books. Unfortunately, I do not live close enough to make it, but I would love the books. My favorite thing that I have done in the past with my girl friends was to go to a Ladies Retreat in a wilderness campgrounds with a big log sanctuary and log dining hall. We stayed in our trailers on the grounds and just enjoyed having coffee in the morning under the pines (we even had special mugs for that time). And we worshiped the Lord together. I have so many great memories that were made there. Unfortunately, where my dh and I have recently moved to I don’t have any GF’s to do anything with. Perhaps in time I will. Thank you for the chance to win these books. Hugs, Cindy S.

  68. I’d love to win one of the books!

  69. I am a native Californian and probably will always live here, but….my grandmother used to call me her “little southern bell” and that has stuck with me for many years. She has passed away, but since I have moved into my “new” house I feel like all of her little quirky comments have come back to me and now I find myself hosting “porch parties” with my girlfriends, I am constantly calling my daughter Gracie-lou, and YOUR sight is a staple of my every day blog perusing. I am just sayin’ that being “southern” just might be genetic….LOL…in my book anyway.

  70. Marlyn Erskine says:

    Oh my! Those wonderful books just might be the thing to get me through a LONG Midwest Winter!

  71. Oh I love Laurie Smith! I would love to see her book. I would also love to go to Savannah one day. I hear it is beautiful.

  72. As a busy mom, carving out time for friends is oh, so difficult. I am so fortunate that many of my friends are in a Beth Moore Bible study, so not only do we get to spend time together, but also studying God’s word – what a bonus!

    These books look fabulous, even to a Midwest girl!

  73. Wow, I could do some damage after reading those books, how fun! My girlfriends and I love to get together at our local coffee shop and drink coffee for hours and talk. talk. talk. It’s so great.

  74. Love, love, love your website! So much inspiration is found here.

  75. What a great giveaway?!? Thanks!

  76. sounds like a marvelous event – wish I could be there but already have my calender full – would love to read and touch and feel the books – look beautiful – and your blog is a daily read for me – love all the inspiration and motivation you give

  77. I already have purchased my ticket for this conference and am anxiously awaiting to attend. I attended a few years ago when it was held in Nashville, Tn. and had a great time. I know that this year will be so exciting and I hope that many blog friends will be able to attend. Rhoda, please try to come to the celebration, I would love to meet you. I certainly enjoy your blog and would love to buy you a cup of coffee and sit and chat. Hope to see you at the conference. Have a blessed day.

  78. Debbie Watts Rice says:

    What a great idea. Can I bring more than one girlfriend, it always takes at least 3 to carry fabrics and furniture when we are out shopping. I like to find remnant fabrics, combining several and covering chairs and love seats. I’m requesting to win all the books, it would be hard to pick just one as a favorite. Well OK my friends and I are always decorating and painting something so I would love love the DISCOVERING HOME. Thanks for sharing your life with us, it would be my pleasure to meet you one day. Debbie Watts Rice

  79. Rhoda,
    This looks like a fantastic event. I live up North, but recently stumbled upon Southern Lady at a local book store and brought it home with me! It has a lovely, gracious sensibility and I throughly enjoyed reading it.

  80. My girlfriends & I plan a girls only weekend away every year. This year we’re off to the lovely city of Kingston, Ontario, Canada to celebrate our 17th getaway. For our 20th anniversary we’re planning a trip to a Carribean island somewhere providing they can convince me to get on the plane!!

    These books all look like such great reads and I would be pleased as punch to win them. Thanks for the chance! Sheila

  81. I do remember watching that show and Laurie Smith was a favorite of mine! Look at them now ~ Vern, Genevieve.

  82. Sounds like fantastic event! I haven’t seen this mag here in So Cal (but I’ll look harder!) but I’ll gladly settle for this chance to win a fun prize. I love Laurie Smith’s style and would be happy to add her book to my library. Thanks Rhoda!!

  83. Holly Edwards says:

    I love your blog. It’s very inspiring and gives me great decorating ideas!

  84. Too funny, we were just talking about southern cooking and Mrs. Schuberts rolls came up, along with pigs-in-blanket, remember those? Wish we could get them in London and Boston! A retreat in Savanah sounds wonderful!

  85. would just love to win one or all of the above books-loved it when Laurie as on TLC-she always had “Workable” ideas ,I thought.

  86. Wish I could go to the event….but I would be just as happy to get the books!! I do love Southern Lady Magazine!

  87. Hi Rhoda, I happened upon your blog a few months ago while searching for some pictures of burlap window treatments, and found your “burlap party.”

    Since then, I have visited often and have enjoyed the how-to’s, photos, and other decorating ideas, as well as discovering some other thrifting and decorating blogs. Thank you for all of your ideas, projects, and for your keen decorators’ eye.

    Oh, and I’m from Marietta!! (currently living in E. TN)

    These books sound great, so this is my first foray into a blog giveaway!

  88. Hi Rhoda…What a great giveaway. I live in Ohio, so alas, I will not be able to make it to Savannah next month. My girlfriends and I seem to just be busy all of the time, so we like to meet for a bite to eat about once a month. It’s a great way to catch up.
    Also, our daughters are competitive cheerleaders & dancers, so about 4-5 times per year we have to spend the weekend in another city. This is great girl time. We get adjoining rooms at the hotels and all the mom and our teenage girls get a girls’ weekend away. We love it!!

  89. I am a “displaced” Southern Lady, my family hails from Georgia and Texas, I was born in Arizona. My sisters, who are my best girlfriends, recreate our upbringing by cooking a traditional Southern family dinner once a month down to sweetened ice tea and a fabulous cobbler or pie for desert. We also take one Saturday a month to have a girls day out where we thrift shop, yard sale and have lunch before heading home. Passing the tradition down to our daughters as well.

    I would love, LOVE to win these books to share with my sisters and nieces. Just another piece of the South here in Arizona!

  90. Oh, I find these Southern Ladies so inspiring. I’ve always wanted to be a southern belle since I read Gone With The Wind when I was 12. I think these books will take me one step closer…. 🙂

  91. What a fabulous giveaway! My grandmother, mother, sister, and I all love to visit a few fancy boutique’s in town and then hop overt to a rumage store and see how we can replicate on the cheap! It so much fun and we laugh and laugh!

  92. What lovely books! I love your website! Thank you for sharing so many wonderful thrifty finds and decorating ideas with us!

  93. I love your blog and I love Southern Lady magazine!!!! My girlfriends and I love to shop ~ especially at Canton Trade Days. It’s a flea market in Texas that sets up once a month. WHAT FUN!!! I’d love to win this giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  94. Wow – we used to live in Troy, Al and I actually went to church with Sister Schubert! And yes, her rolls were always a hit at potluck dinners.

  95. Hi Rhoda! Have a wonderful trip! Please put my name in the hat for the give away! I wish I could have a little get-away to Savannah! Beautiful city! Thanks…Debbie

  96. Wow — what a great giveaway!! My girlfriends and I like to plan a “mom’s evening out” every now and then so that we can recharge. And, of course, we also like to shop!


  97. dianne arnold says:

    Hi Rhonda,
    You are so very talented. I love reading your blog. I have been reading Southern Lady for a few years. I love it.
    The articles and photography are awesome. I love all of the decorating ideas. I would certainly love to win these books.

    Be Blessed,

  98. What a fun giveaway! You are always having such a blast, Rhoda! I wish I could make the event, but my hubby and I are going to Maine that weekend. Maybe I’ll win a book to make up for it!

  99. Looks like a really fun event! My hubby is military so for now that means my favorite girlfriends all live in other states! Quite unfortunate, but when we do get to see each other we have a good time no matter what we’re doing.

    Thank you for the give away!

  100. I have long loved Southern Lady, and have saved many copies of past issues. I would love to go to Savannah, but already have something scheduled that weekend. Hope to win this giveaway. I would enjoy those books! Thanks for the chance!

  101. I gather with college girlfriends every Oct and we stay in a house at a ski resort. Fall has just settled and the mountains are awash with every autumn color, it almost is magical. We put on our pj’s when we arrive and for the next 48 hours all we do is eat, maybe have a glass of wine, laugh, and cry. No makeup, no TV,no hubbies, no kids, just girls. It is wonderful.

  102. I love your blog and I am Southern through and through. 😉 What a great giveaway…got my fingers crossed. I would love to have a big get together with all of my good friends, but being military some of them are not even in the same country. LOL


  103. My best girlfriend and I have babies around the same age, and we’ve been friends since we were 9 (that’s 30 years and counting). So we’ve been through the note-passing in math class stage, the alt-rock, dyed-hair stage, and all the rest. Now? We meet up with the kids and drink coffee, trade recipes, and enjoy just being together. Not as intense as dying each other’s hair, but still loads of fun!

  104. Oh Rhoda, I wish I could go. We hope to move to Sanvannah in the next couple of years.(We have actually been in contact with our real estate agent this week) It is one of our favorite cities and we will be back in April 2010. I subscribe to Southern Lady and look forward to each one. What an opportunity to enjoy both at the same time. Anyone who attends will have so much fun.
    Thanks for the giveaway too. Laurie Smith is a favorite too-always uses such gorgeous fabrics in her designs.
    Hope you will have time to go.

  105. Sounds cool!

  106. oh, they are the best…….we are church friends and we love to shop, to eat, to have coffee, some of us like to go to thrift stores, some don’t, but we always have fun!


  107. I love decorating and I love eating, what a combination of books. Count me in. When me and my girlfriends get together, of course there is food involved, and our favorite store is Lowes…ha. These books would be awesome to have. Thanks for the giveaway. Debbie

  108. Oh, my!!! I’m a Southern girl, I just happen to live in the Southwest! My family is from Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma… how I love to visit. My heart yearns for a porch to sit on with green grass, lush trees and flowers blooming all around. I want to invite my neighbor over to have some fresh tomatoes out of my garden and we will sit on the porch and drink sweet tea and talk about what to do with all of our zucchini! She might even show me how to “put up some peaches.” MMMmmmm. BUT since I don’t live in the gracious South, I live my life vicariously through the many beautiful southern blogs (Rhoda, yours is the first place I visit in the morning to get my Southern fix for the day) southern magazines and my memories! I scour these places to try to bring a little Southern Hospitality to the hot dry desert! I am happy to know there is a Southern Lady magazine….I feel an overwhelming urge to subscribe. I would love to have the books to read and set on my coffee table to encourage my desert friends in “Southern Ways” Sorry for this lengthy tome but the Southern way of life is dear to my heart……Donna

  109. I love this! I would love to attend the event, it sounds like a lot of fun. However, it is definitely NOT in the budget !

    My best girlfriends and I love to get together atleast once a month to scrapbook. We either meet at each other’s home or go to one of the nearby stores and attempt to make some pages. Usually, we end up chatting and laughing more than actually working but it is a good time and I look forward to it very much!

    I would love the books.I think they are all so beautiful and I think I could be inspired by each of them!

  110. My best girlfriend lives about 2 hours away and when we get together it’s all about garage sales, cooking, shopping and remembering the “good ‘ole days” and all the laughs we’ve shared over the years and making new laughs with each experience our girl weekend brings. The stories just keep on coming and we have had so many memorable moments together. It’s like a reunion everytime. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway.

  111. My girlfriends and I meet once a month for “book club.” Loosely translated that means eating, catching up with each other’s lives and at least mentioning the title of the book. They keep me sane and have rescued me many times.

  112. Oh! I couldn’t miss this opportunity to have my name included in this wonderful drawing, Rhoda. How fun! And oh, how I would love to go to Savannah any day of the week! My girlfriend and I have more fun just going “junkin”. Of course we have fun together no matter what we are doing. And by the way, we do get Southern Lady magazine here in the midwest! 🙂

  113. We have a Ladies Day Out each year. It’s usually in the fall of the year. We spend the whole day shopping at fall festivals, antiques stores, etc. as well as eating lunch together. We have moms, daughters and now granddaughters who get together to have fun and share memories of past Ladies’ Day Out days!

  114. What an AWESOME giveaway, Rhoda! 🙂 I am so excited. Most of my closest girlfriends are ladies I’ve met through my Mothers of Preschoolers group. As busy young moms, it’s hard to find extra time away from our families, but I believe that spending some “serenity” time with girlfriends really helps me to feel refreshed so I can be a BETTER mom when I go home. 🙂 We meet at the gym for classes, we do crafty stuff together, play dates, shopping, coffee (!), and I started a Chick Flick club…we go out to a chick flick once a month. Sometimes we grab dessert or dinner beforehand. I’ve learned that I can’t just sit around and wait to be invited to events…I have to start planning them for myself. These books would give me a leg up. 😉

  115. We have a monthly girls nite at my house …. food, adult beverages, fun and lots of girl talk. It gets us thru the good and the bad times!

  116. This is a great giveaway! My girlfriends and I usually get together monthly. Sometimes it’s a wine night to just catch up with each other. We have been in painting classes with a local artist lately. We live in a small Alabama town but seem to find ways to get together.

  117. Rhoda, what a lovely giveaway, I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Savannah sounds awesome, will have to think about it. Marla

  118. Loving this giveaway!!

  119. I would love to be in on this giveaway and oh, please pick me. I would give the Sister Shubert one to my Nanny who introduced the rolls to me last Easter. She would love it. I promise I won’t be stingy.

    I recently went to Savannah (you can read about it on my blog), might use this as the perfect reason to go back.

    By the way, flattery is everything, I do love your blog and come visit it at least once a week. Not big dog enough to join in just yet but soon perhaps…

  120. Sharon Avinger says:

    My girlfriends and I like to shop, eat lunch together and go to special events, such as local festivals. Thanks for sharing the news about the Southern lady event!

  121. Carrie Mizell says:

    Oh, you don’t even know how bad I want to go!!! I swear if it was not Allie Claire’s 1st birthday party I would be there if I had to walk to Savannah. (My husband is rolling his eyes over this, no doubt!)

  122. Heather Woosley says:

    Savannah — a great place for a girls’ weekend. Wonderful give-aways, too! :o)

  123. I’m not familiar with her. The only southern lady I “know” is you. 🙂 But, I’ll check it out. Thanks!

    Rhoda – stop over and see me today. I mention you in my most recent post – I won the lemonade clock from Hudson Goods during your feature at houzz. I love it! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  124. My best friend is my daughter, Allison. She’s also the mother of my soon to be 2yr old grandson. So, our most fun times are spent with him. They live in Houston, TX and I live in Jackson, MS, so we don’t get to see each other as often as we would like to.
    All these books look wonderful. What a fun give away!

  125. Oh, what wonderful books!! Being a born and bred Southern gal myself, Savannah sounds awesome!! Thanks for the opportunity:) So much fun to get together w/ girlfriends!!

  126. Being a farm chick stuck on the Ponderosa in the middle nowhere in the Ozarks I need a good read every once in awhile. With just me and the cows spending the day together I need to get in touch with my diva within. I would love, love ,love to be the grand owner of some new reads. God bless and ya’ll have a great day!!!

  127. Great books! I’d love to win them!

  128. Hey great giveaway! I would love to attend and would love to go to Savannah but considering I live in NW ohio it would make traveling there a little diffucult! But would love to win the books!


  129. Hi! I love your blog!! You always have such great ideas. I live near Philadelphia but we love love love going to the south. One of our most favorite vacations was in Savannah!

  130. Great giveaway! That’s one place I would like to go especially with my girlfriends. My Circle of Friends recently had our girlfriends getaway in Clearwater Fla. We had such a great time.

  131. This sounds like HEAVEN for Southern girls!! I may just have to see if I can swing a trip to Savannah!!

  132. Oh my goodness, that first book is certainly eye-catching! I graduated from college just two years ago, and since then, most of the time spent with my girlfriends is usually centered around generally chaotic events – a wedding or the arrival of a baby. The BEST times we have together, however, are those times that we actually don’t have anything we HAVE to do – but we get to sit together, eat some homemade food, talk about our new homes and families and catch up on life. Whether it’s in a cramped apartment in a city, the front porch of a mountain home, or anywhere inbetween, those are the times we enjoy the most – making time slow down for just a moment and just BEING together.

  133. Love your blog! Im a Bama Belle myself, and love all things Southern. Keeping my fingers crossed. Keep up the fantastic blog.

  134. I’m a southern girl through and through. I would love to win these books. Thanks for the opportunity, Miss Rhoda!

  135. I have wanted to go to the SL Celebration for YEARS now, and there always seems to be a reason I cant! I am hoping next year is my year… maybe I’ll win these great books, as that would be a great consolation prize!!! 🙂

  136. I always loved Laurie Smith’s designs on Trading Spaces. Fabric can make such a difference in a room and I always appreciated her use of it. The weekend sounds like fun, but I live north of the Mason Dixon line, now, so I won’t be able to make it. My family is from Virginia, so I’m a Southern Girl at heart.

  137. My girlfriends and I love renting sappy movies, drinking wine and gossiping all night. We all have kids and enjoy the mini-vacation we get once in a blue moon.

  138. blahblahblah I just wanna win!!LOL

  139. My best friend is my sister and this winter we went to the Tucson Bead and Gem Show together. We had a ball!

    Too bad our eyes were bigger than our wallets.

  140. Fabulous give away 🙂 My best friends are my sisters (both living in England) and a BFF who lives in Tucson, I rarely see any of them. I’ve been blessed these past 2 years to have moved next door to a wonderful girl and her mom and dad just live 2 doors away. I feel like I have found ‘family’. We get together often (her sisters inc.) and enjoy wine and cheese tasting parties. It’s so much fun. We love sharing decorating ideas with each other too.

  141. Oh how you have captured my heart with this Southern giveaway! I’m a displaced Southerner living in Arizona and I would just be delighted beyond measure to win these Southern books!! 🙂 Maybe they would help me get my southern accent back!! 🙂

  142. Terrific giveaway – what a combination! Eating and decorating – my favorite things! Thanks so much, Rhoda. Your website is the best; just started reading it yesterday and stayed up way too late last night…

  143. Oh Rhoda,how I would love to attend but alas will not be able to attend.What a great group of speakers. I would love to have even one of these books to add to my library, please submit my name in the drawing, Thank you Kathysue

  144. Those books look absolutely lovely! Can I enter even if I don’t live in the USA?

    One of my best friends had a baby girl back in November last year. I love visiting with them and grab every chance I get to cuddle little Rebecca.

    Another good friend and I usually meet in the USA (though both of us live in Germany *g*) when we share a room at the annual Romance Writers of America National Conference. This is always great fun. On the first day we typically go sightseeing and/or shopping, and during the conference proper, we squee over our book finds, share the latest gossip, go to parties together and generally giggle a lot. 🙂 Going to RWA National with my friend always makes me feel as if I were 16 again and we were on a school excursion …

  145. I am trying to be a Southern lady! My only regret is not moving sooner. I miss my best friend, but she has promised to visit in the winter. She wants to go to Ballard Designs, which is a fun store, and only thirty minutes away.

  146. Food, fun, and cute shoes! What more could a southern girl want! Count me in this great giveaway. Thanks!

  147. Count me in!! I love all things southern, and I use every opportunity possible to teach my daughter the ways of a Southern Belle. Thanks for the fun giveaway.

  148. Great Giveaway Rhoda!! I live in the South so I need those books! LOL

  149. What a fabulous giveaway, I would love to win 🙂

  150. Last fall a group of girls went to Gatlinburg for the weekend and had so much fun! We are doing it again in early November and I can hardly wait. Thanks for reminding us that it is good to take care of ourselves…. as well as our families!

  151. I enjoy catching up with friends, and it’s usually around good food – whether at a restaurant, coffee shop, or one of our kitchens 🙂 What a great giveaway!!!!!

  152. Love your blog ! I wish I could go..please include me in your giveaway! I’d love one of the books!
    🙂 Jan

  153. Greetings from the Northwest. The trip sounds fabulous. Although I have visited a lot of the South, I have never seen Savannah. My friends and I spend time together thrifting, trading plants for our gardens, beach trips and tea parties. We have to travel 180-miles round trip to experience the best high tea in Oregon, but it makes a nice day trip and we go once a year at least. I’ll bet that is not a problem in Savannah. I feel blessed that a couple of my friends like to do their own high teas and we all look forward to them.
    P.S. I have only recently discovered your blog and enjoy it very much.

  154. A busy schedule limits the time I have to spend with girl friends but no matter the length of time when we get together be it a week, a month or even a year the conversation alsways starts with “now where were we” as if we had neer even parted – such a wonderful feeling. Please include me in the give-a-way. Winning the books will be a great subject to share with my girl friends!

  155. Oh, I am drooling at the thought of going to Savannah……but, it’s not in the cards for me this year! I love doing many things with my girlfriends and topping the list is shopping for antique and vintage treasures…..followed by lunch, of course! I can get lost in a wonderful store full of treasures for hours and have a couple of friends who enjoy it, too! I can just imagine the wonderful places to stroll through in Savannah…….someday!
    Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your giveaway. The books look so interesting and I’d love to add them all to my personal library!

    Georgia Mallory
    Grandma G’s

  156. I was raised in Savannah and it’s a beautiful city, full of charm and wonderful sights. Wish I could go to the event, but already have plans for that weekend. I know all those who attend will enjoy the visit and festivities. Love Southern Lady and Phyllis Hoffman. Her “Southern Lady Gracious Tables” is my favorite book! Rhoda, love your blog. It’s so inspiring and I feel so welcome here. Thank you for sharing your talents!

  157. Unfortunately, the distance to the event is a bit too far – Minnesota to Georgia? Although in the middle of January, Georgia would be a great place to get away from the Frozen Tundra. Please include me in the give-away! Thank you, Rhoda.

  158. Marie Martin says:

    I really love Southern Lady magazine. It always give me a special feeling–like this is the way things are supposed to be. My daughter and a friend went last year, and said it was a fantastic time. My friends and I enjoy going to tea–dressing up with our hats and feeling like we live in another time when life seemed much simpler. We always explore new flavors and share with each other. It is so fun just getting together.

  159. kathy hanson says:

    I can’t make the event, but I’d love to entered in the drawing for the books. Thanks!

  160. I dont get to go out much, but my favorite thing to do with friends is probably shop!

  161. This sounds like a fabulous event!

    My girlfriend and I like to take trips together where we can shop, eat, sightsee (we especially love touring historical homes/sites), and relax.

  162. You never fail to get my hot button, and I’m try excited about the possibility of these books by people I’m truly interested in. What a great partnership–Southern Lady is a great publication along with everything Hoffman Media produces.

    Kathie Martin

  163. Briana Ethington says:

    I love to get together with my gals and just catch up, it doesn’t even matter what we are doing!

  164. I don’t really get much time with my “girlfriends” lately, but when we do, I love to go eat somewhere yummy and just catch up on everything!

  165. I love Southern Lady magazine! I can’t wait each month to get mine in the mail. I would love to go to the Southern Lady Celebration in Savannah. I would also LOVE to win the books!

  166. Nicole Miller says:

    Love, Love LOVE your blog! The magazine too.

  167. A weekend in Savannah!!!! With girlfriends!!! Oh if I only had a couple extra travel dollars laying around. But I could read a Southern decorating book, on my porch, sipping a mint julep and pretending to be in Savannah, as I look out at the Wasatch mountains! oooh, pick me!

  168. Sue Brown (cinderyela) says:

    I love your blog…I think I was a Southern Belle in my former life…even though I am a born a breed Okie…keep up the good blogg’

  169. I am so lucky to have a wonderful group of women friends. We are all in our early 40’s and most of us have the same number of children, 3. These ladies are the ones I can call if I ever just need words of encouragement or a buddy to shop with for the afternoon. Our differences compliment each other, but we have enough in common that we can easily empathize with each other. I look forward to many years of their friendship…

  170. What a great giveaway and blog. I feel like we are decorating soul sisters because we have so many of the same items in our homes. Your blog and all of your great ideas always brightens my day. Thank you.

  171. What a beautiful book, thanks for sharing.

  172. I love catching up with how their life is going – fixing some good food, some drinks and playing some kind of game and having a good time. 🙂

  173. I really want to go to Savannah, but can’t just now. I’m a “Southern Lady” subscriper & love the magazine…even if I live a little more north in Indiana. Would love to have one of the books. And I love your blog & check it frequently!

  174. We have Southern Lady magazines in the stores in California! They are beautiful! I’m going out to breakfast with a group of old high school girlfriends tomorrow! Should be a lot of fun!!!

  175. I love to get together with friends and go out to eat.

  176. What I enjoy most with my girlfriends is sipping a good cup of tea, eating something wonderfully sweet and talking about life! I live in Savannah, and I’ll keep this event on my radar… 🙂 Silke

  177. Dana Crowell says:

    Dear Rhoda:

    As always, love your BLOG love your giveaways…! These special books would give me such wonderful comfort in the tumultuous days of the economy and the hard times shared by so many these days! I know there is no special reason why I would deserve these wonderful gifts, any more than any of all of your other lady friends… just wanted to be included in the give away drawing! Keep up the many blessings you give to so many of us out there!
    God Bless You, Rhoda!

  178. What do I and my girlfriend LOVE to do? Two words — SHOE SHOPPING!

  179. Thanks so much for the chance to win these great books! LOVE your blog! I have been reading it for a month or so now and so look forward to your new posts and ideas!

    Have a wonderful day!

  180. Margaret Kearns says:

    Mr friend Ann and I went to a Calendar Girls Club on Wednesday. It was our first time and lots of fun. The speaker was a Natural Way nutritionist who spoke on healthy eating and we enjoyed champagne, orange juice and really delicious chocolates made with organic cocoa, coconut oil, honery, dates & macadamia nuts (very yummy), also humous and a really easy pesto sauce with avo. Would love to attend the event, but I live 10 000km away! Enjoy

  181. I just like to BE with my friends…doesn’t matter what we do. Later this month my friends Patricia and Tisha & I are having a sleepover at Tisha’s home. We’re going to eat, craft, shop a little, eat some more and just share in sweet fellowship! We’re spending two nights there while her hubby is out of town. We can’t wait!! It’s going to be such fun…don’t you think?!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win these great books!

  182. carolyn white says:

    Love love your blog, look forward to reading it each day. Hope to win!

  183. I would love a chance to win the Gracious Spaces book. Thanks!

  184. Hi Rhoda
    I’d love to win one of those sbooks. Count me in!

  185. Wow – I can’t think of anything I would rather win more!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved Laurie on “Trading Spaces” and Sister Schubert’s rolls are my favorite! I would love to be in Savannah for the conference.

  186. I really like Laurie, wish I could attend too!!! I have 4 girlfriends from college and we try to have a get-away each year for a long weekend. We pick a different city each year and have lots of fun hanging out, eating, shopping and laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  187. Oohh enter me!! I love Southern Lady magazine, they are always gorgeous and have great ideas and recipes. Wish I could attend the event.

  188. Wowza is all I can say!! How generous of you! I would be tickled pink to get this great package of goodies! Please include me and I am adding this giveaway to my post on 9/11 an dgiveaways. Hope you don’t mind since it may bring you more traffic. Love your style girl!

  189. Rhoda – I absolutely love your blog! I’ve gotten some great ideas and great recipes from you. We’ve been to Savannah twice and feel that if I chose to move far away from friends and family (in Kansas) it would be to Savannah. Please enter me in the giveaway. Thanks!


  190. Found my way here via Sarah. Fantastic giveaway! Have fun at the event and thanks for entering me.

  191. This giveaway is exciting! I have always enjoyed watching Laurie Smith on Trading Spaces and always felt her designs were so well put together and classical. What a powerful combination of books! Too bad I won’t be able to go to the conference, it sounds wonderful!

  192. What a fun trip that would be! Would love to go but getting the books would be the next best thing! I love to catch up with the girls by going to lunch at a local tea room, going out for dinner for good laughs, and going to concerts to see our favorite performers!

  193. Southern Lady!!!! What an awesome giveaway for us ladies!!!!!
    Thanks for sponsoring with them…..

  194. What a dreamy gathering!! I’d LOVE to go, but….ah well, I’d love to be entered in the lovely give-a-way. Thanks!

  195. What a wonderful giveaway. Winning a book would be wonderful!

  196. Oh Rhoda, enter me in the giveaway, these all sound like such great books. When we all get together, first of all we have lunch, then shop and all the while laugh a LOT. Those are always the best days.
    Also, I would love to join your Fall Decor party on Oct. 1st. Do you have a button. If so, I will post it on my blog and let everyone know. Hugs, Marty

  197. Nothing better than getting together with girlfriends to chat, gossip and give each other the moral support to make our lives richer. My friends are my priest, confidant, shrink, sister and good time buddy. Whatever you end up doing it is always better with girlfriends! Hitting the beach, shopping, having breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks are all made better with special friends.

  198. While I would love to go to this conference, living in So. Cal (and with economics), I unfortunately can’t. But winning these lovely books would certainly be the next best thing.


  199. Mary Jo Griffin says:

    At eighty years I still get excited over finding that “treasure” at a yardsale, or the fun of sharing a day out “junking” with friends or just sitting and reading all your fun blogs. Am reminded everyday that “the world is so full of wonderful things that we should all be happy as kings.” Wasn’t Phyllis Hoffman a long-time editor of Victoria? And Sister Shubert is resident of my beloved Covington County, AL.

  200. Rhoda – LOVE your blog! You are so talented & creative & inspiring! Your dining room redo looks great! Love it as well as all your creative doings! You inspired me to buy some Whole Wheat paint & am looking forward to using it. Could you come to Texas & help me redo my home to look like yours? Please keep up the inspiring blogs.

  201. I can’t attend the conference, but I would love to win the books!


  202. I think any of these books would be a great read!

  203. Wow, I have always loved Southern Lady magazine!! And, these books are absolutely wonderful—please enter me in the drawing! I would so enjoy all of these!

  204. If only it was in Iowa I would be there! Thanks for the giveaway though!

  205. Martha Fouraker says:

    Laurie was a great inspiration on Trading Spaces…loved her use of fabrics! She is a true Southern Lady 🙂

  206. What fun!!! I wish I could attend the Southern Lady Celebration. Each of the speakers has something wonderful to share. I’ve LOVE to have any and all of their books!

  207. NICE!! I would love every single one of these books! 🙂

  208. What a great event. Wish I could go. I love Southern Living. From the magazines to the Southern Living products. Having more design books would be heaven! One can never have enough!!!!

  209. I would LOVE to have these beautiful books!! I cannot attend the conference, but it sure looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  210. I just bought my first issue of Southern Lady last week! It is a lovely magazine. Thank you for posting about it and allowing us a chance to enter for the giveaway!

  211. What a great give-a-way! I wish I could attend the conference but the timing is not good. What fabulous books – I would absolutely enjoy each one of them! One of my best friends is a woman I have known for 23 years and although we no longer live close to one another, we still try to get together at least once or twice a year. When we do get together we sometimes go antiquing and junking to find new/old treasures for our homes, find unique places to have lunch or dinner and sometimes we pamper ourselves and get full manicures, pedicures, etc. No matter what we do, we always have a fantastic time!

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter this great give-a-way!

    ~ Tracy

  212. I adore Southern Lady Magazine & wish that I could attend the event! Winning these books would provide a weekend of reading & enjoying my own Southern Lady Celebration. Thanks for the great give-a-way.


  213. These look like great books! Thanks for the chance to win them.

  214. Sounds wonderful. I would love those books. Thank you for the giveaway.

  215. What a wonderful prize! I just love to get together with my best friend, and we have a blast no matter what we do or where we go!

  216. When me and my girlfriends get the chance to hang out we head over to someones backyard and sit around talking and checking up with drinks.

  217. One of the favorite places I like to go with my sisters, Mom and gal pals is a wonderful tea room “Josephine’s” in Godfrey, IL
    The food is to die for especially the desserts. They also have a boutique with great classy clothes and costume jewelry and of course another shop with gorgeous home decorating items. Now that I’m talking about it I realize I’m long overdue for a day there! I’ll have to change that!!

  218. Because I will have to work until I am 101 years old, I cannot attend the conference…but Lordy, I would love to…The next best thing would be to win one of the lovely, wonderful books! I have been a member of a Birthday Club with dear, old (gasp!) friends for many, many years…we have been through divorces, deaths, weddings…the whole nine yards. We love to drink wine and gossip over dinner once a month!

  219. I’d love to win these books. Thanks for the opportunity.

  220. I am a G.R.I.T.S. (Girl Raised In The South) gal, but I now live up north with my family. Which is just too bad; I’m a little home sick for Tenessee. I enjoy spending time with my girlfriends looking for “junk” oh I mean things to make beautiful for our homes. Drinking sweet tea and catching up on every detail of their lives.

    I love your posts and would love to read anything that makes me a better homemaker. I would share the joy of a Southern Lady with my Northern friends.

  221. I love ‘junking,’ going to flea markets, tag sales, and refurbishing. Luscious!
    Thank you for the giveaway…came over from beachy cottage.

+Rhoda Southern Hospitality