Southern Living Plants Additions

My yard has really exploded in the last year and the big reason is the Southern Living plants I was so blessed to get in my front yard. Those plants are growing like crazy now just in the first year and I can’t wait to see them in a couple more years.

Southern Living Plant collection has been so good to work with me and they asked me recently if I’d like some extra plants to use wherever I wanted at my house. I thought at first I might put them in containers, but there were a dozen of them, so I opted to plant them above my newly painted block wall.  It looks so much better with the addition of plants!

I’m still planning to add some cascading vines, probably next spring and that will really add some pizazz to that plain wall.  My sweet daddy volunteered to come over and help me plant those plants and I’m so grateful for him and his willingness to help his girl.  He will hardly let me dig anything even though I’m capable, but the two of us worked together and got them in the ground.  With all the rain we are having now, they are all looking good!

southern living plants20151017_008

He brought over some compost he had, along with fertilizer to put in the holes and we got started.

southern living plants20151017_009

I spaced them out the way I thought they would look best and we got them all in the ground in a couple of hours.

southern living plants20151017_010

Digging, fertilizer, and placing the plants.

southern living plants20151017_005

Southern Living sent me 5 varieties of plants and they all have great Fall color.  These 2 purple Love and Wishes Salvia I decided to put in my front bed, since I had some there from my original plantings that didn’t come back. I’m hoping these will make it!

southern living plants20151017_006

Lemon Lime Nandina have such a great color, with their lime green leaves.

southern living plants20151017_001

Purple Pixie Loropetalum has a deep purple leaf that is a nice complement to lime green plants.  I already have 3 purple crepe myrtles that were planted here when all my plants were planted and they are a nice anchor above the wall.

southern living plants20151017_002

These beautiful lime green grasses are Everillo Carex and I love their shape, texture, and color.

southern living plants20151017_014

I got a couple of Obsession Nandina too and spaced them out, one in this bed and one in the front yard bed. It has deep red leaves mixed with green.  I love the multi-colors on Nandinas, they are so pretty.

southern living plants20151017_015

Once we got this bed planted, I added in more pine straw.

southern living plants20151017_020

These plants will grow in and get taller and I’ll be able to see them over the wall eventually.  We still have plans to fill in the holes in the block wall with concrete to keep more rain out of there. Then I’ll plant those vines and get them growing too.

southern living plants20151017_019

In the meantime, I’ll watch these new plants grow!

southern living plants20151017_021

I also moved my cute concrete shell planters to the wall for a little accent.

southern living plants20151017_013

All planted and ready to grow!

southern living plants20151017_022

I love these shell planters that I’ve had for probably 20 years. They have moved with me from house to house.

southern living plants20151017_023

I planted this hardy sedum in them since this stuff is hard to kill. It thrives and does well even in heat and drought. That’s a stray vinca flower growing in there from summer.

southern living plants

Another look at the bed from the screened porch.  It looks SO much better than before, really happy with the additional plants down there. That white pipe you see is my AC unit water line that those guys routed away from the house.  I can cover it later with pine straw and it doesn’t show from the front of the wall.

southern living plants20151017_018

I added two Salvias to my front beds, so hoping they make it and grow like crazy too.

southern living plants20151017_016

I decided to take out my annuals from these urns and plop in the Purple Pixie to these planters for Winter.

southern living plants20151017_017

They should make it just fine and keep things looking pretty on  my front steps and I love the mix of deep purple and the lime green sedum.

Big thanks to Southern Living plants for sending me these extra plants for my yard.  I will enjoy them all for years to come, as my yard is positively exploding with growth. What a difference a year makes!

Check out Southern Living plants Fall garden ideas for beautiful containers and plant ideas!  I love all these combinations.

NOTE:  Southern Living sent me these plants to use in my yard.  


- Rhoda


  1. Perhaps creeping fig on that wall will help to camouflage it as it is quite severe looking and the cute shell planters look too small for that wall. Southern Living plants are the best.

    • Hey, Ron, the planters are small, but since there are 3 of them, I think they look nice. I do think when I get vines cascading down the wall, it will all look better.

  2. Looking fine! I have a suggestion for the holes at the top of the wall. What if you added more capstones? It looks like you already have capstones over the holes partway, at least as far as I can tell from the pictures. If you anchor them with contractor’s glue, you’d then have a nice wide surface to put large urns/planters on and still keep the rain out. Probably more pricey than cement though.

    • Jan, my dad and I have talked about adding another row of brick or block to the back since it’s 1/2 way covered now. We are pondering that, but yes, a wider base would be nice. That’s probably going to be a spring job at this point.

  3. I agree with you Rhoda – a vine on the wall will be nice. Your shell planters are adorable.

  4. Hard work does pay off, because your yard and new plants are beautiful, everything looks so nice. Your Dad is truly a hard worker. Does he ever rest? 🙂

    • Kathy, he does rest, but he likes to stay active. My mom says he goes out to his garden every morning unless it’s raining, which it’s been doing a lot of lately. He takes his share of naps too though. 🙂 He can nod off in a second.

  5. Hi, Rhoda!

    I love the leaf color of the trees you have planted above the wall. Great seeing your dad again, too!

    I have a question: Did you take your potted plants in during the ice storms Atlanta had the past two years?
    Hugs, Cat

    • Hey, Cat, no I did not take any of those plants in, but my planters made it through. I didn’t have all of them planted through the ice storms though, some of them are newer.

  6. Every time Ron posts on any blog, he is so critical and rude. When others do that, we know that they are unhappy people. Your bed looks great!

  7. Jean from Georgia says

    You will love the beautiful draping branches full of Crape Myrtle
    blooms next summer. So southern!!!!!

  8. Great time of year to plant! Gives roots such a healthy start, bet you will be so surprised come spring at your results. Can’t wait to see the finished effect. Looking to see where I can find them in the Houston area.
    Hugs always, Patti

  9. I couldn’t think of the very hardy, trailing plant in the comment above. Lantana is so hardy, and will spread from one plant. Comes in a varied colors. Check that out – can be planted now !

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