Speaking at the Pinner’s Conference Atlanta!

Hello to all my lovely readers!  I haven’t shared it here on my blog, but next week on Friday, April 21st, I’ll be speaking at the Pinner’s Conference here in Atlanta at the Cobb-Galleria Center.  The premise of the Pinner’s Conference is that whatever you see online on Pinterest will be fair game for a class.  What do you pin on Pinterest?  You’ll find all sorts of classes at the conference so if you’re into Pinterest, you will definitely love this conference.  Check out all the classes at the Pinner’s Conference here in Atlanta, from Fashion, to Cooking, Crafts, Decorating and more, it will be a very fun event.

My topic will be Decorating on a Budget, something that I love to share.  It will be a casual presentation and I’ll be sharing my methods for creating a home using collected finds and treasures that we all enjoy bringing home and how to get your own personal style.  I think it will be a fun class and I’d love to see some of you there. The event is 2 days here in Atlanta, but I will only be there on Friday for my class.  It starts at Noon, if you’re interested.

Oh yes, there will be booths for shopping too!  If you just want to go and shop, use code SHOPPINNERS to get a ticket for shopping only, no classes! 

For 10% off, use the code VICKERS (my name) when you purchase tickets.  I think it would be a fun event to do with your girlfriends, so if you have some free time April 21 and 22, plan to go!  They are holding these conferences in a few cities around the country and this is the first time in Atlanta.

Let me know if you think you might be there and be sure to stop by my class and say hello!  I’ll be in Room 4 at Noon on Friday with my Powerpoint presentation ready to go.

- Rhoda


  1. Andrea G Corley says

    That sounds fun!

  2. VintageBeachgirl says

    Congratulations Rhoda, I’m so glad to see more people recognizing your many talents. I know your class will be great as your readers can attest you are a wonderful teacher, I’ve learned so much from you over the years of reading your blog, thanks so much!! Wishing I could and hoping you have a wonderful time!!

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