Spring Into Summer with Grove

We are easing into Summer around here, how about you?  And we are getting things spruced up inside and out at our house.  Part of getting out of Winter months and into spring and summer is getting things cleaned up and ready to use for the hotter months ahead.  We’ve been working on our patio and backyard area and I’m so ready for it!
I’ve been scrubbing everything down outside, it was in dire need after the Winter we’ve had.  Now that the pollen is gone, we’ll be spending lots more time outdoors.

I’ve introduced you before to Grove Collaborative (affiliate link) and their good products for cleaning and keeping your house in order.

They are small online company with Certified B status, meaning they meet rigorous standards for a business supporting social, environmental and community well being. In other words, they collaborate on house cleaning supplies and beauty supplies that are affordable, natural, and good for the environment.  I’m not a complete purist when it comes to cleaning supplies, but I’m trying to get better at this and Grove Collaborative helps in that they only carry products that meet their high standards of purity, so you know that what you’re getting is good stuff.

They have seasonal promotions 2 or 3 times a year and offer free products for new customers signing up.  Now, be aware that this is an auto-ship company, which sounds scary, but it’s very flexible and you can skip months or cancel anytime you want. There’s no obligation after the first order, but you will probably love the products and want to buy more.  Their prices really are good!  We all have to clean, so why not have it smell good and not be harmful to bring in the house.

Luckily for me, Grove Collaborative makes creating a healthy, beautiful home effortless and affordable. They hand-select the best natural products and deliver them (carbon offset) right to my doorstep, on my schedule. Grove has you covered for all your summer household essentials, starting with this free kit with your first order of $20:

  • Free Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap
  • Free Mrs. Meyer’s hand lotion
  • Free Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap
  • Grove Collaborative replaceable head dish brush 
  • Free Shipping & 60 Day VIP Trial

A few drops of Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap can clean tile floors, degrease grill grates, and remove grime from patio furniture. Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap is tough enough for gardeners or little hands that have been playing in the dirt.

If you’re already a customer, you’ll receive a set of free Grove walnut scrubber sponges — perfect for scrubbing pots and pans after a Sunday barbecue. We are having more and more Sunday dinners with Mark’s girls and their families, so that’s been fun. 

If you’re a new Grove customer, use my link below for your free products listed above. I’ve loved my Grove products, especially the Mrs. Meyers scents.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for Grove Collaborative here. You will receive the products above for free when you sign up!
  2. Answer 4 quick questions about your home that Grove Collaborative will then use to customize your first basket — this takes under 30 seconds!
  3. Once you’ve answered the questions, you can finalize your basket of products to suit your household needs by adding or removing items.  You don’t have to keep what they add in your basket, pick and choose your favorite products.
  4. To receive this offer, your order needs to be a minimum of $20. Choose the combination of products and scents you love and receive in your first box.
  5. You made it! Click Finish & Pay and place your order.

Please note that Grove currently does not ship to Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska.


- Rhoda


  1. Elizabeth Logan says:

    Thanks for this offer! I signed up and I’m excited to try their products!

  2. I’m a member and I love their products and prices.

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