Storage & Organizing the Holiday Stuff


Several of you have asked me my methods for staying organized and storing the Christmas decor, as well as storing all the other things that come along with keeping a house and changing things out with the seasons.  So, I’ll attempt to explain what I do, in hopes that it might help you too.  I’ve always been pretty organized, that comes fairly naturally to me, but I’ve had to work at getting better organized for Christmas, as my collection has grown over the years.

Just about 5 years ago, I threw away my cardboard boxes and started using those plastic bins for storage and that has been a lifesaver.  These plastic bins are so versatile and I love those snap-on lids that keep things safe and sound up in the attic. IMG_8165_2

I’ve also been working on labeling those plastic boxes, so that the next year, it’s so much easier to find what I need.  I’ve found that keeping things together that go in one room really helps a lot.  So, my method has been to put everything from the mantel in one box, everything from the kitchen in another, and so on and so on.  That’s something I just started last year and this year streamlined it even more. IMG_8167_1

These are small little storage boxes and I use them to keep my small ornaments and things that I want protected. Then, these little boxes go inside the larger boxes for even more safety. IMG_8168_1

I can add small glass ornaments in here and just layer some paper in between.  I’ve never had a problem with any of them breaking like this. IMG_8169_1

I took all the ornaments off my white and gold tree in the foyer and put everything in this one bin and labeled it.  Now,  next year, I’ll know exactly where all of this is just by a glance at the label.IMG_8170

I will try to keep the original boxes for some items, just to further keep it safe.  Then I pack everything inside the storage bins as tightly as possible. IMG_8171

These divided bins for ornaments have been great for my breakable glass pieces.  I’ve been using these for a few years and they are just perfect.  Never had any break using these.  I have 2 of them to hold all the glass from my tree. IMG_8172_1

Another small box for the kitchen small items.IMG_8174

All labeled and ready to go to the attic.  We do not have a basement, so the attic is it.  Luckily it’s big.


Now, here’s the pull-down ladder which goes up to our spacious attic. I was so thrilled to have this since my last house attic was so small and there was not a drop-down ladder.  This makes it easy for me to scamper up and down to put things away.  All I do is flip on the light and climb.  My hubby hands up all the bins to me and I stack them away.  Do you  have a pull-down, walk up attic?? I am SO thankful to have this.  IMG_8181

It was already outfitted with plywood all across, sort of long and narrow, but plenty of space for all our storage needs.  I keep a path open to walk and stack all the boxes as high as I can next to the rafters. I still have my large tree box, but instead of cramming that tree back in there, I just lay all 3 pieces on the plywood floor and cover it with a big old tablecloth.  IMG_8178

Bins are stacked for the year.  I have about a dozen bins for the Christmas decor. IMG_8177

Easy to get to if I need too, not that I will until next year.  It does get hot up here, so I don’t leave anything in the boxes that can melt, like candles.  Ask me how I know that?! IMG_8182This is the other side of the attic and I have a few boxes stored up here that I’m not using right now, but want to keep.  So, we are very fortunate to have this much usable attic space for storage and I’m grateful for it.  We will keep our printer or computer boxes up here for awhile, just in case we might need them again. IMG_8195

I use every piece of furniture that I have with doors and drawers for storage too.   And I’ve got several pieces that hide a multitude of crap and junk decorative accessories. IMG_8198

Down in the foyer, this piece has 2 doors on either end (as well as 3 middle drawers) and I store my candles and candleholders in here when I’m not using them. That way, they are easily accessible for the occasions I do need them.  I wish I could say that all my drawers get cleaned out regularly and stay very neat and tidy, but well, that would just be a lie.  They don’t.  I struggle with that just like everyone else does.

Now, let’s move on to my own little storage room, that space under the stairs that is ALL mine. 🙂 My hubby hardly ever even looks in here. IMG_8209

It’s right at the bottom of the stairs that goes into our den and has it’s own door, so closes away, thank goodness.  Now, I’m not claiming to have storage all figured out at all.  Just the opposite in fact, I tend to be a pack rat, so you might feel better about yourself after you see my closet.  I’ve managed to outfit it with all sorts of mismatched storage pieces, that mostly all came from yardsales.  But, it works to keep things somewhat in order and I can mostly find things when I need them.  I have to periodically clean this room out about twice a year, as it gets the overflow of pieces that I’m getting rid of and need to move out.  IMG_8210

There’s a small file cabinet in here and on top of that is a box with old photos, and on top of that is a plastic drawer unit that I found yardsaling.  It holds all my extra fringe and trims and other misc. stuff.  My goal in this room is to utilize every inch of space, so I’ve gone up high as much as possible.  That little wicker piece I trash-picked in my neighborhood and didn’t have anywhere to use it, so it works great on top of my boxes to add even more height for storage of candlesticks and other things.


You can see how tall it goes and all the extras here, like bunnies, candlesticks, and white pumpkins.  These are all things I get out during the year at different seasons, so I keep them all here in this room and handy to grab.IMG_8212

You can also see some silver piece here too.  These were used at Christmas, but I won’t need them again for awhile.IMG_8213

Think about wall space in an area like this too.  I added nails to the wall here and that top bag has my ornament wreath inside to keep it safe and it’s hanging from the shopping bag handle on the nail.  And I hang up all my wall pockets for my front door that I also change out for the seasons.  I can redo these whenever the mood strikes. IMG_8214

I’ve definitely got this room crammed full, but at least I can walk in here now.  That’s a bag full of pillows that I just can’t quite get rid of yet. I’m holding onto them for now and might use them again later.  That big basket holds my large collection of craft paints and to the left you can see a dried flower arrangement that I took apart and kept the remains for later use.  Those top boxes are holding gift bags that I’ve collected over the years. I’ll probably never use them all. IMG_8215

These boxes are all stored on a yardsale bookcase .  All those mismatched pieces work great in an area like this.  It doesn’t have to be pretty and you can see that it certainly isn’t.   Extension cords are in that plastic bin that I’ve had way too long, as you can tell by the mauve color.  🙂  Photo bins and albums are also stored in here. IMG_8216

An old mirror that I can’t get rid of, along with other pieces are sitting in here that I use periodically too along with some other faux forsythia that I’ve used during Spring.   Moss bunnies too as well as some remnants of beadboard wallpaper that I just might use somewhere.  Can’t throw that away. IMG_8217

There’s a small window in here that is fair game to sit things on the ledge.  I found that cute striped shade at a yardsale for 50 cents and here it sits.


The bookcase is the larges piece in here and it holds all my crafty stuff, things I’m not using at the moment, but might need.  Like the glue gun, spray paint, Rub N Buff, Mod Podge, all of that is on the shelves.IMG_8219

Again, I went up here to the ceiling and added those stacking plastic things for even more height.  Games and other things are up there. That wall pocket that I use on my front door is out of the way & up high on a nail.IMG_8220

More plastic drawers come in handy for small items and here’s all my birds and nests and all sorts of things.IMG_8221

Old yearbooks and Beth Moore study books are in here too. IMG_8222

And this last piece, is an old bakers rack I found for $5 at a yardsale and it was a good addition to this small space too.  I tend to hang on to fabric remnants and they are all here.   Oh, and bags.  I have a thing for bags.  If I get a nice shopping bag with those handy fabric handles, I will keep the bag for who knows how long. You never know when you might need a nice sturdy bag with fabric handles.  They can carry all sorts of things.  So, the bags get dumped in here too.   And at least I can hang them from this bakers rack, to get them up off the floor.IMG_8223

More books and more bags.  The Chicos bag holds all my paint decks and paint chips.

So, as you can see, I do NOT have this storage thing figured out completely.   This is just how I do it, so if you gained any inkling of new ideas for yourself, then I’m happy to share.  If you looked at my spaces and said, oh that poor thing, she is just drowning in clutter, then I totally understand.  It seems to be a constant struggle, trying to control the clutter.    I’ve gotten much better about giving things away and have to say, I’ve very rarely ever regretted giving anything away OR selling it in a yardsale.  There’s always something else to take the place of what goes out the door.  We all have way too much stuff as it is, myself included.  My clothes closet is a constant struggle too and that area is one I have to reorganize about 2 times a year.  It’s in dire need right now, so that will probably happen this month too.

Hope you weren’t too bored with this, since some asked how I store things and what I do to control the clutter.  This is it, nothing too exciting at all and probably very much what ya’ll do at your house.

Do you have any special tips to share about organizing the clutter?  We’d all benefit from hearing them if you do, so feel free to share away!

- Rhoda


  1. Great attic storage! Wish we had a pull down ladder for ours, I bet that makes storage a snap! 🙂

  2. Ooooh…I like the divider idea. I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks for sharing. I added your link to the sidebar of my blog. I could read your blog all day! 🙂

  3. We have great attic storage at our new house, so PRAISE BE THE LORD! 🙂 I love that you just put the tree up there NOT in the box with the sheet over it.

    You’re so brave to show your closets and such. That’s still what our entire house looks like right now since moving. Ha!

    I’m still deciding on whether I’m coming to Atlanta next weekend for Scott’s. We need a few things for our new space, but I don’t know if I want to make the drive by myself! Convince me to come!!! 🙂

  4. Rhoda,

    Thanks for sharing your tips. My organization tip? If I haven’t looked at it or for it in the last six months, I get rid of it. Of course the exception here is seasonal decorations which I box much like you do.


  5. We have talked about getting one of those pull-down ladders for our attic opening in the garage. The ceiling is too tall for us to reach on a regular ladder. And so, we don’t use it. Love your attic!

  6. I would absolutely love a spare little closet like that! What a wonderful place to store all those odd things that don’t have a home. Wonderful!!!


  7. Quick question – I love how your Christmas tree was displayed in an urn. How did you get the tree to stay in the urn without it falling over?

  8. Becky in SC says:

    Thank you Rhoda for sharing your secret little closet. I wish I had a secret little closet……I wish I had an attic for that matter!! We have a two-story cape cod…so no attic space for me. Oh well, what’s a girl to do??
    Thanks again!!

  9. We have pull-down stairs for our attic too. We have a second HVAC in our attic though, and it takes up a TON of our storage space. Getting my Christmas stuff up and down can be a chore, climbing over and under and around that big metal machine thing.

    I use white trash bags to cover my small artificial trees and wreaths before I store them in the attic. Never had any problems doing that. 🙂

  10. Wow! What a post! Thank you. I have a Christmas closet in the house for things I don’t want to go into storage..such as my grandparents’ vintage ornaments. The closet appears to be completely full…but each year, I somehow manage to get more and more into it! For the most part, I’ve changed out cardboard boxes for plastic bins too. I also try to store small things in all of the nooks and crannies of cookie jars and their boxes, etc…

    Happy New Year! Happy organizing, everyone!

    : )

    Julie M.

  11. One tip I’d like to suggest for storing the extension cords, cables, etc. is securing each with a cable tie. It keeps each of them in a nice little bundle. Good way to consolidate them.

  12. I think it takes a pack rat (and I am the leader of the pack) to work hard on organizing. We have to hide the ugly truth!!! lol! I love all of your ideas, Rhoda. I’d like to find the plastic bin with the dividers~The Container Store?? I so worry about fragile ornaments.

    Your attic is amazing. Nice and clean. i have never been in ours. We store everything in the basement.

    Thank you for all of your help, kind lady!!


  13. I think the best way to tell if your organizing and storage is a success is if you know where everything is and I think you do, Rhoda! I have a small attic space that I can hunch over and enter from our large master bedroom closet. It definitely has to be gone through, but holds a good amount of storage {mostly the kids things that they wanted to keep from when they were little and luggage}. We have a small basement for storage and the mechanicals that we had put in when we added a room onto the house {otherwise no basement} and hubby put metal shelving all along 3 walls down there. I have two whole sections for the Christmas decor and some of my interior decorating stuff.

  14. Great post. I love getting ideas for better storage and organizing. Putting things in storage bins by room, genious! Just wish I hadn’t put all my stuff away yesterday. I’ll have to remember that idea for next year. I put all my ornaments in storage bins by color, we’ll see how that works out next year. Love reading your blog, thanks for all the great ideas!
    Happy New Year!

  15. I couldn’t make it without my wonderful attic and large walk-in storage closet. Those are the first things I looked for when we bought 20 years ago.

  16. I too store my ornaments in totes – pretty much by room. One advantage is that I do the bedrooms/bathrooms first so I can simply pull the totes with the linens out and get started. We usually make an annual trip to Bronner’s – a HUGE Christmas store in Michigan…..

  17. We had a walk up in our last home….then we ripped off the roof, went up and added a MBR suite. Never missed the storage!

    Here, we have pull down stairs in the garage to the bonus room. Only thing we store up there are the Christmas decorations for the main gate.

    Lucky for me, we have a lower garage for DH storage of tools, Christmas trees, dog crates, etc. Under our front veranda is a “safe room” and/or more DH storage. For myself, I have a room under our DR we call the DISH room (satellite equipment is in there too, hence the name). I have 6 Rubbermaid shelf units (taller than they come, I add to them) we brought from our last home/basement. I love those! Very sturdy. We have another storage/DH laundry room on that level. No shelving in there, but extra furniture. My under the stairs room is huge. 4 Rubbermaid shelves in there – holiday, the girls dolls, their keep boxes, etc are stored there. The thing I like about the storage rooms downstairs is they all have HVAC.

    I love the plastic organizers too and have a few, various sizes.

  18. ButterYum, the bottom tier of my branches sat on the edge of the urn and I added 2 BIG rocks in the bottom of it to keep it steadier. Once I got it decorated, it stayed up fine. It slid a few times while I was working around it, but after that, no problem. I will be using it from now on.

    Jane, those divided ornament boxes can be found just about anywhere that sells plastic bins after Christmas. Look at Target or Walmart even. I can’t remember exactly where I found my 2, but the dividers are just cardboard and are removable. Love them!

  19. Hi Rhoda. I really enjoyed reading this post. I too have alot to store and those plastic storage bins save my things from breaking. I kind of categorize all of my things. I’ve been told that I have OCD. *blush* Anyway, I place all of my glass ornaments back into their box and then they go into a storage container with the lid….green with red lid. lol I place all the Christmas picks together in another container, and so on. Just like I organize everything when I take them out of their boxes and decorate, I also organize them as I put them back into the boxes. lol I think it make severything easier. at least for me. We do have an attic and should get hubby to check if there is enough room for all of my boxes. I’ve never even looked in there. LOL I store them all against an area in the garage. We should look into the attic idea. Thank you for sharing with us your tips. Love’em!
    Have a wonderful new year full of blessings.

  20. Rhoda, I realize this is totally off the subject of today’s post but I wondered if you happened to know how to make your own mercury glass??? A friend gave me a copy of Martha Stewart’s “Living” magazine and I saw the article in there. I haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t attest to how well it works. If you aren’t familiar with this and would like to know I’d be happy to pass along the info. Happy New Year!


  21. Great post Rhoda! I’m comforted to know that I am not the only one with LOTS of Christmas bins! I like your idea of packing thing away by rooms. I still have my tree up but when I take everything down, I’m going to do this! It’s time for me to sort and get rid of stuff I haven’t used/looked at in several years too!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. My heart is going pitter pat!! 🙂

  23. Oh how neat a new post, we are in the midst of a snow storm…. (oh my Rhoda I think it is going to be one long Winter), this post is right up my alley.

    I did the same thing 2 years ago…I got all orange plastic boxes for my Fall stuff and clear plastic with red tops for my Christmas…I love them. I was told ahead of time not to put candles inside YIKES I am so thankful I was, I would have put them right in there!! Yes we have the pull downstairs a God send I tell you….we do have a basement too which is good for other things. On the honey do list is to reorganize our garage….we have a lot of space out there and I want to take advantage of it.

    I put my stuff away very much like you… by rooms….I did keep one big box for all my fake garland.

    I also keep my tree skirt and things I don’t want to yellow in my hope chest…again another thing on the honey do list a cedar closet in the basement for those type things….I don’t think we’ll live long enough, truth be told for all the things I would like to have done,…lol

    Thanks for the tips Rhoda….have a nice night…I taped the Dream Home from HGTV and am going to watch it now, I have to say I don’t really care for it, well the clips I’ve seen. It would be my luck to win cuz i don’t care for it. There have been a couple in the post that I would have given my right arm for !!!

    All the best,
    Kathy 🙂

  24. Rhoda you’ re fantastic! I need help desperately! I am not a reality t.v. kinda gal but I see commercials for a show called “Hoarder’s”! I hope I never get to that point! LOL! I am so excited for all these organizing ideas! God Bless all of you gals out there giving me a helping hand! You are the best Rhoda! Remember one thing, cardboard boxes attract spiders & mice & other pests! I am getting into the habit of using the great plastic bins. I also find using a standard spiral notebook helps me tremendously when I do have things in storage. I write them down, including the contents and color of box or lid and label them and I have a very good idea about what is where! I just date the notebook and update as needed. You are all motivating me to get busy and get organized in 2010! Thanks bunches!

  25. ps my package came from England….I can’t wait to put up some plates….

    Thank you…
    Kathy 🙂

  26. I love my attic with the pull down ladder. I store so much in it and sometimes forget what I have up there. It’s nice to “shop” in your own house sometimes. I too have a space under my stair case that I use for storage. I used an old shower curtain rod that you twist to adjust and put it under the stairs too and use it to hang random things. I also use the different sized screw in hooks on the wall to hold wreaths that I use throughout the year.

  27. Rhoda, oh what great ideas! I am semi organized with the Christmas decor..and i do have orange bins for fall and halloween..we moved here in June and its still a jumble of boxes. Unfortunately I live in CA and most homes do not have much attic space OR basements so storage is always a huge issue for us, not just seasonal storage but everything..oh my.

    Kathy, I will take that dream house off your hands if you win, lol.

    I have seen the divided containers at home depot, etc. I just sent away for some wreath storage containers, I have several expensive wreaths and i dont want them in my old age I am getting better.

    Happy New Year and I just love you and your blog Rhoda!

  28. I blogged about this, too! I love organizational ideas, and hope to learn some more tips as well.

  29. Love your honesty in your pictures, that keeps it real for all of us! I noticed that you wrote the rooms on your bins. One thing I did this year that you might want to add next year, is I take a picture of where I put my decorations and printed them out and taped them to the outside of the bins. It hopefully will come in handy next year! I am going to take a picture and put it on my blog, I am pretty proud:)

  30. Rhoda, I worry about things getting too hot in the attic here in Florida. Do you put your most fragile ornaments up there, too? I put the tree and greens up there in garbage bags, and then I put the ornaments in boxes in the spare closet. I’m running out of room, though. LOL! Maybe I should reconsider the attic for all of it. 😉



  31. Love those plastic storage bins myself. Altho, I really need to update what’s in them. Happy New Year. cheers, -susan

  32. Hi Rhonda, I’m new to blogging and wanted you to know that I love your blog! You along with others in blogland have inspired me to show my before & afters of remodels & projects. (i’m in the process of getting my pictures together so I can share).

    From one southern girl to another!


  33. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You never let me down. This is EXACTLY what I wanted to know, especially about the items you use throughout the year. I also live in CA and storage is extremely minimal… no basements and attic space is hard to come by.

    You are amazing.

    Thank you again!!

  34. Thanks for sharing your organizing ideas. I think a lot of people are eager to see different ideas for storing their decorations. I wrote a little post about it on my blog too.

  35. Everything looks so clean organized Rhoda! Love the plastic storage bins as well. They are truly a lifesaver for Holiday decor’. Everything stays intact.

    Happy New Year! ~Melissa 🙂

  36. Hi Rhoda – I just re-did my laundry room and used parts of your sister’s as my inspiration and gave you a shou out on my blog – just wanted to let you know I linked back to you! I’ve studied your LR and her’s for a while now and finally did it!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  37. Thanks, Rhoda! It makes me feel so much better to see your organization system because mine looks much the same. I like to organize my Christmas stuff by which way we’re decorating that year. I have bins for Ice Christmas, another for Jesus tree, and another with ordinary Christmas stuff. I really like your boxes with dividers!

    I’m fortunate both to have a decent sized basement and pull down attic stairs. Honesty, though, since I have so much room in the basement I’ve never even looked at my attic. Hubby has been up there, but I forget that I have one.

  38. Hi Rhoda,

    This is my first visit to your beautiful blog. Nice to meet you!

    I use the same large storage bin for our Christmas decorations. But since we live in Florida, we don’t store items in our attic, which becomes ferociously hot. Instead, my husband installed hanging shelves on the ceiling of our garage, and all our Christmas stuff goes there.

    Happy New Year!

  39. I liked the behind the scenes post very much. While we have attic space in our house, we don’t use it. I don’t keep much. At all times, I have a box for Goodwill. I donate, and then I shop. Once in a while I regret giving things away, but not often.

  40. Thank you for all the great tips! You always have something interesting and useful for me to learn.

  41. Hi Rhoda,
    Nice to hear from you! It’s been a long time! I organize my Christmas decor very similar to you! And every year I weed down a little and of course add a little more. 🙂 There is a high end shop here in town that I NEVER shop full price in, but their after Christmas sale is TDF! A tradition for me every year after Christmas!

  42. Channeling the Wizard of Oz: “Don’t look behind that curtain!”

    I wish I had significant hidden storage in my tiny townhouse. My husband built a ring of shelves around the top of our garage – that’s it for me! It’s made me pare down to only my most favorite stuff. If something new comes in, something else has got to go out.

  43. I read your post and felt like I was at my house. We store our decorations in the same totes in our attic, which looks exactly like yours.


  44. Funny…my Beth Moore study books are right beside my yearbooks too. This year I added a wall of large 3M hooks in my basement for wreathes, garlands, bags of floral stuff, etc. Love your blog.

  45. Love your storage, Rhoda. Very similar to ours. I should send you photos of all the storage my hsuband built into our attic and garage and laundry room. He’s the king of packing and storage, or at least I think he is. I thought I was organized until I met him. He admits to being a little persnikity about it. But I think I’d rather have that trait in him than the opposite.

    So glad you share so much of the “real” stuff and thanks for carrying on with your wonderful blog in 2010!

  46. Rhoda..after 50 yrs of gathering Christmas decorations I added another step to boxing them up for the attic. Number the boxes in order that I need them for the tree. Box #1 is for all the lights, star which I put on the tree first and when finish with that it goes back up to the attic out of the way. Box #2 is next, all the ornaments,beginning with large ones for the bottom of tree and smaller items for the top of tree any ropes,chains etc and include extra hangers. All empty bulb boxes, cotton and tissue for protecting old things go back in bin and up the steps. Box #3- all items for under the tree- I used an old sheet to catch the needle which fall while decorating and that is why I decorate under the tree last. I use a old sheet with newspaper that is wadded up under the sheet to look like hills and valley topped with cotton batting to look like snow then fix my village with mini lights, That box goes back up too. I have found smaller bin boxes are not as heavy and go up the folding stairs quicker. Caution: the spray can snow can damage your ornaments. When I was teen-ager it was my job to fix the tree. I used “Ivory Flakes” soap which came in a box , mixed with water into a paste to spread on the tree limbs to look like snow. Then, snow in a can was made, but I really like the Ivory Flakes better. We always had a “real” tree and to this day when I smell the evergreen, it says ‘Christmas’ to me. This year we did not put up a tree….we have a cat who would climb every inch of it!A week ago we found her on top of the house. Happy New Year to you and Peter

  47. Rhoda, Thanks for stopping by. It was so nice to hear that you’ve had good results with spraying ceiling fans. Now…I think I’m ready to try it…I’ve had the time, I’ve just been lacking the courage. 🙂

  48. Oh I have to admit I do feel better seeing this post now. I’ve been thinking that organizing the boxes according to the room they decorate would be a good idea. Now I know, I should do it. One of my projects for this year is to organize my storage room for Christmas decorations.

    I need some design advice. If you have time, would you be so kind to stop by my blog and check out my 2010 todo’s post. Thank you.

  49. I am so glad to see your storage areas look just like mine! Except I have a basement. I have plastic drawers in the basement for some of my seasonal stuff. I have Easter and Fall in bins just like Christmas, just in different places down there. I have stuff to rotate for seasons in my foyer furniture and all my candles in the kitchen in a low cupboard. It is so NICE to know where you put something isn’t it??

  50. I, too, do something very similar. I have plastice bins and all are labeled 25A, 25B, 25C and so on. I have a 3 x 5 index card for each bin and on it I write the contents. For instance, 25A has all my kitchen items in it:

    Kitchen Garland
    Gingerbread Ornaments
    Gingerbread Cookie Jar

    and so on. From year to year the contents change and keeping the contents written on a 3 x 5 card saves me from marking the outside of the bin. I’d love to take credit for this system but I learned it at an Emily Barnes workshop I went to many years ago. It makes decorating for the holidays so much more organized, I can tell my husband that I need 25A from storage and I/we don’t have to go through all the bins looking for items. Thank you Emily!

    Deanna Forrest

  51. Boy…am I glad that I am not the only one with storage look like you have much more than I do…but it is always a problem,….thanks for posting about it…BJM

  52. That painted cabinet in your foyer is beautiful! Could you post more pictures of it?



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